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Greek Mythology


Aries the first sign of the greek zodiac, marking the beginning of spring and the start of a new cycle of life.

The story of Aries is linked with the myth of the Golden Ram, which saved two kids, a brother and a sister, from being sacrificed in order to appease the gods.


The next sign of the greek zodiac is the constellation of Taurus (bull), associated with the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur.

According to myth, Theseus volunteered to be one of the youths from Athens who would be offered as food to the horrible monster Minotaur (half man, half bull) who stayed in Crete, in the labyrinth. But, when he was there and with the help of Ariadne, the legendary hero managed to kill the beast and thus relieve his city Athens from the terrible punishment imposed by the Cretan king Minos.


The constellation of Gemini is the next sign of the greek zodiac. It is linked with the story of the twin brothers Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux in latin). Actually, they were not twins in the ordinary sense, since they had different fathers.

Their story starts when Zeus, king of the gods, wanted to have an affair with Leda, the lovely queen of Sparta. In order to fool her, he transformed himself into a beautiful swan.

In the course of time, Leda bore two eggs: One of them contained a baby girl named Helen (the same one who later was the cause of the Trojan War) and a boy called Pollux. These two were the divine children of Zeus.

The other egg opened up to reveal another girl and boy, Clytemnestra (who later became the wife of Agamemnon, the military leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War) and Castor. These were the mortal children of king Tyndareus, the legitimate husband of Leda.

Despite the fact that one brother was divine and the other mortal, the twins Castor and Pollux grew to be inseparable. They did everything together and they loved each other dearly.

Because they were so close, they were called by one name; the Dioscuri. As they were growing, they both loved all kinds of sport. Pollux was particularly good at boxing, while Castor was renowned for his skill and daring on horseback.


The constellation of the greek zodiac known as Cancer (Crab), is linked with the second labour of the mighty hero Hercules, when he was assigned by Eurystheus to kill Lerna Hydra, a horrible water snake with a hundred heads.

As the story goes, in the midst of Hercules’ struggle, Hera, who was the hero’s worst enemy, ordered a giant crab to go and help the Hydra by digging its claws into Hercules’ foot.

Howling with pain, the hero stamped on the crab furiously, crushing it to death.

Hera, being grateful for its support and in recognition of its attempt to help her, honoured the crab by placing its image among the stars, as the constellation of Cancer.


Leo, the fifth constellation of the greek zodiac, is linked with Hercules’ very first labour, the capture of the Nemean Lion.

According to the myth, Hercules finally managed to kill the beast by strangling it to death. Then, he skinned the lion and took its pelt to wear it. He was then quite protected from his enemies, as the skin could not be penetrated from any known weapon of the time whether made of iron, bronze or stone.

After its death, the famous lion was put on the sky by Zeus, to become the constellation of Leo.


The constellation of Virgo is associated with the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. For the ancient Greeks, the story of Demeter and Persephone helped to explain why the seasons change.


The stars that form the golden scales of Libra lie halfway around the band of the greek zodiac, between Virgo and Scorpio.

Day and night are equal when the sun passes through the constellation of Libra. The scales are a symbol of balance and equity.

More specifically, the scales were considered to be the symbol of Dike, meaning Justice, who was a minor goddess of the Underworld.

The fact that the ancient greeks gave Libra a prominent place in the sky, signifies that they considered justice, equity and balance in general, to be the moral cornerstones of an ideal way of living.


The eighth constellation of the greek zodiac is the one with the name Scorpio. The story of the scorpion is connected with different versions of stories that involve the mighty hunter Orion - a hero who is represented by another familiar group of stars.

Orion was said to be the tallest and the most handsome man of the then known world. He was often seen hunting in the woods and hills of ancient Greece with his pack of dogs. His constellation shows him striding across the heavens flourishing a gleaming sword on his bejewelled belt.

Many of the stories concerning the constellations of Orion and Scorpio reflect the annual rising and setting of their constellations, which appear to pursue each other across the sky.

One story tells how Gaia had sent the scorpion to sting Orion, in order to punish him for being too boastful, claiming that he was so mighty that he could easily rid the whole earth of all beasts and creatures.

As soon as the scorpion was released from the breast of Gaia, it immediately stung Orion and its deadly venom sent him straight to his death.

The scorpion was set up on the sky by Gaia to mark her victory, while goddess Artemis, who had loved Orion, placed his image on the sky as well, forming his own constellation. Because Orion had cared so much for his hunting dog, Artemis also put up a star for his dog: This is Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens.

There is another story about Orion and the scorpion.

One day, when Orion was out in the woods, he caught sight of seven beautiful sisters, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Orion loved them all at first sight and began to chase after them.

The sisters, however, were terrified and cried out to Zeus to save them.

Zeus heard their pleas and helped them by turning them first into doves, so they could fly away from Orion, and then into the seven stars which are now called Pleiades.

According to myth, Orion was stung by the scorpion as a punishment for chasing the seven sisters. Zeus decided that the constellations of Orion and the Pleiades were arranged in the heavens, so that it seemed that Orion was in constant pursuit of the seven sisters, without ever becoming successful, just as the Scorpio seems always to be chasing Orion, without ever touching him.


The constellation of Sagittarius (the archer),depicts a creature called centaur, which has the body and head of a man and the hindquarters of a horse.

He is named after Cheiron, the most famous and king of the centaurs. He was semi-divine, as he was the son of god Poseidon. He was taught by god Apollo and goddess Artemis, and from them he learned both wisdom and spirituality.

He dwelt in a cave high up in the rocky, snowy sides of Mount Pelion. He was the oldest and wisest of all the centaurs and very strong. In fact, he was so famous, that many kings had trusted their sons to teach them. Among the most famous of his students were Hercules, and Jason, who later became the leader of the argonauts.

As the myth goes, Cheiron was destined to suffer a gruesome death: When Hercules was returning home to Tiryns after killing the Erymanthian Boar, he had a violent encounter with some drunken centaurs, which he managed to drive away near the place where Cheiron lived.

By accident, however, one of the poisonous arrows that Hercules used to defend himself from his attackers, went astray and hit his old teacher. Cheiron, being semi-divine, would not die, having to suffer an excruciating pain, because of the poison.

He was in such an agony, that Zeus himself felt sorry for the poor centaur and permitted him to give up his divine status and give it to Prometheus, the creator of the human race. So, Cheiron finally was let to die, relieved from the intolerable pain that was inflicted on him from the wound.


The constellation of the greek zodiac by the name of Capricorn, is as strange as that of Sagittarius. It is a sea god, with the head and half the body of a goat, and the tail of a fish.

The story of Capricorn is associated with the birth of Zeus, the father of all gods.

As the story goes, when Rhea gave birth to baby Zeus, she feared that her cruel husband Cronus would devour her child, just as he did with the previous ones that she gave birth to.

So, she secretly took her child to Crete, where he was safely kept in a cave on Mount Dicte. There, he was nursed and cared for by Amaltheia, whose name means “tender”. She was a goat nymph, and she looked after baby Zeus with the greatest love and devotion, feeding him on her own rich milk and sweet lavender-scented honey.

Zeus’s golden cradle was hung high upon a tree so that Cronus would never find him in Heaven or Earth, or even in the ocean.

When Zeus later became the lord of the universe, he did not forget his goat-mother, Amaltheia, who had nursed him so lovingly. He took one of her horns and turned it into the horn of plenty, which is always filled with whatever delicious food or drink its owner may wish for, and is never empty.

Finally, in recognition of all she had done for him, she set her image among the rest of stars on the greek zodiac, as the constellation of Capricorn.


The constellation of Aquarius shows a person pouring water out of a jug. It is thought that the story behind this group of stars is that of Ganymede.

Ganymede was the son of king Tros, after whom Troy was named. The young prince was the most exquisite and handsome youth that ever lived, and was adored and admired by both gods and mortals.

Zeus, who was especially fond of beautiful people, was totally infatuated with Ganymedes’s external appearance. Thinking it would be appropriate for so handsome a mortal as Ganymede to live with the gods, the mighty god disguised himself as an enormous eagle. He then flew down to Earth, captured the handsome youth and brought him up to Olympus.

Up there on the heavenly palace, Zeus had to find a job for his young protegee. So, he decided that Ganymede should be given the special honour of being his personal cupbearer.

The position was considered to be highly distinguished, since the person who was assigned the duty of the cupbearer, was responsible for pouring into the glasses of the Olympians the divine drink called nectar. This was the special drink that bestowed on the gods their eternal youth and vigor.

Zeus was forever fond of his cupbearer. So, he honoured him by giving him a prominent position on the greek zodiac, as the constellation of Aquarius.


The image of the two fish swimming in different directions make the constellation of Pisces.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was thought to be the source of inspiration for this particular constellation being set in the stars.

After Zeus had fought his father, Cronus, he defeated the race of the giants, who were the children of Gaia, the mother earth.

In revenge for the destruction of her children, Gaia gave birth to a horrible monster, called Typhon. He was the largest and most frightening creature ever born. From the thighs down he was a mass of coiled snakes, while his arms were so long that when he spread them out he reached a hundred leagues each way.

Let loose by his mother Gaia, Typhon thundered towards the Olympian home of the gods, declaring war on all of them. The gods hurried to disguise themselves, in the hope that the horrible creature would not find them:

Zeus took the image of a ram; Hera, became a white cow; Artemis became a cat; Hermes turned into an ibis, while Ares became a wild boar.

Lastly, the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros, dived deep into the ocean and took the shape of twin fish.

When the fierce monster was finally captured by Zeus and all of the Olympians were transformed back to their original form, Aphrodite, being grateful to the fish who had lent their form to her and her son when they were in distress, put up their image on the night sky. Thus, Pisces became the last constellation of the greek zodiac.

Fuck Me - Sam

@saxxxology is such a fucking enabler. Happy birthday, bitch. Enjoy your series. Also, reader is an aurologist and Sam is a Legilimens at the specific request of the birthday girl and is a reference to her fantastical HP!AU story, which I’ll link to once it’s posted again.

Fun fact: both boys are their season 3 ages.

(And points to Saxxy for helping me pick a title)

Fandom: Supernatural & Harry Potter
Pairing: Professor!Sam x Student!Reader
Words: 2,189
Summary: A seventh year Hufflepuff finally decides to confess to her crush. He just happens to be her Divination teacher.
Warnings: Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), a cum flood, a teacher and student fucking (please don’t actually fuck your teachers/students, guys. Let me have my problematic kink, but don’t actually do it)
Other Parts: Dean - Dickchat

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send a sentence or send ✉ for a random starter. some trigger warnings apply. continued under the cut. change as needed.

  • kind of a strange guy, huh?
  • don’t be assholes. you want to hear this or not?
  • you know, i’ve seen all the different types.
  • we all fit a certain category.
  • i was just a regular-type dude with a big-ass dick.
  • a smart guy who’s steady is hard to find. 
  • i’d offer you a seat, but uh…
  • past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing.
  • this is gonna happen again. or it’s happened before.
  • you get that from one of your books?
  • listen, this is a stupid time to mention this, but you got to come to dinner.
  • there’s nothing i can do about it. maybe not today. maybe not tomorrow. 
  • i’m gonna have a drink.
  • people out here, it’s like they don’t even know the outside world exists.
  • might as well be living on the fucking moon.
  • can i ask you something? you’re a christian, yeah?
  • i believe that people shouldn’t talk about this kind of shit at work.
  • look, i’d consider myself a realist, all right, but in philosophical terms, i’m what’s called a pessimist.
  • i’m bad at parties.
  • i think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution.
  • huh. that sounds god-fucking-awful, ___.
  • i wouldn’t go around spouting that shit if i was you. 
  • people around here don’t think that way. i don’t think that way.
  • so what’s the point of getting out of bed in the morning?
  • i get a bad taste in my mouth out here.
  • i got an idea. let’s make the car a place of silent reflection from now on.
  • what should i bring for dinner?
  • when you’re at my house, i want you to chill the fuck out.
  • i’m not some kind of maniac, all right? i mean, for fuck’s sake.
  • fuck that prick.
  • we’ll lake two large long Island iced teas, please.
  • what kind of tits does she have?
  • you get pills pretty easy?
  • this place is like somebody’s memory of the town, and the memory’s fading.
  • stop saying shit like that. it’s unprofessional.
  • you get any sleep last night?
  • i don’t sleep. i just dream.
  • you believe in ghosts?
  • i’m gonna have to call a little timeout, make a beer run.
  • why is this so important to you all of a sudden?
  • she was high. fucked up.
  • what the hell? you can barely stand up.
  • i don’t drink ‘cause I’ve had trouble with it before.
  • have some more coffee and just try to make 10 minutes of conversation.
  • people change, relationships change.
  • i believe that shit leads to cancer.
  • then start asking the right fucking questions.

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Fuck Me - Dean

@saxxxology is such a fucking enabler. Happy birthday, bitch. Enjoy your series. This chapter’s for me and my fellow Dean whores.

Fun fact: both boys are their season 3 ages.

Another fun fact: I fucking hate titles so much.  All the credit to Saxxy for helping me pick a title.

Fandom: Supernatural & Harry Potter
Pairing: DADA Teacher!Dean x Student!Reader
Words: 3,671
Summary: A seventh year Hufflepuff finally decides to confess to her crush. He just happens to be her Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
Warnings: Unprotected sex, oral (male and female receiving), a teacher and student fucking (please don’t actually fuck your teachers/students, guys. Let me have my problematic kink, but don’t actually do it)
Other Parts: Sam - Dickchat

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You asked me to recommend some books for your perusal. I will do so in as few words as I can. If you like poetry let it be first rate, Milton, Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Pope (if you will though I don’t admire him), Scott, Byron, Campbell, Wordsworth, and Southey. Now Ellen don’t be started at the names of Shakespeare and Byron. Both these were great Men and their works are like themselves. You will know how to chuse the good and avoid the evil, the finest passages are always the purest, the bad are invariably revolting, you will never wish to read them over twice. Omit the Comedies of Shakespeare and the Don Juan, perhaps the Cain of Byron though the latter is a magnificent Poem, and read the rest fearlessly, that must indeed be a depraved mind which can gather evil from Henry the 8th, from Richard 3rd, from Macbeth and Hamlet and Julius Caesar. Scott’s sweet, wild, romantic Poetry can do you no harm, nor can Wordsworth’s nor Campbell’s nor Southey’s, the greatest part at least of his some is certainly exceptionable. For History, read Hume, Rollin, and the Universal History if you can (I never did). For Fiction - read Scott alone, all novels after his are worthless. For Biography, read Johnson’s lives of the Poets, Boswell’s life of Johnson, Southey’s life of Nelson, Lockhart’s life of Burns, Moore’s life of Sheridan, Moore’s life of Byron, Wolfe’s remains. For Natural History read Bewick, and Audubon, and Goldsmith and White of Selborne. For Divinity your brother Henry will advice you there.
—  Charlotte Brontë’s recommended reading list to Ellen Nussey in a letter dated 4th July 1834.
Imagine attending a dance the Volturi held.

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“You look stunning.” Demetri complimented outside the doors to the dance. “Thank you.” You said shyly.
“No worries (Y/N). No one shall be taking a bite out of you tonight.” Felix grinned. His grin wasn’t too comforting but he wasn’t known to lie.
The next you saw was Alec. He smirked twirling you. “Why look at you.”
Your interaction was very quick. Alec doesn’t really talk to humans…at all.
This was a strange encounter, maybe he was in a good mood?

You thanked your lucky stars that everyone wasn’t staring you, the only human in the entire castle except for the receptionist. You made your way through the sea of people.
You felt something prod at your ribs from behind and turned to find Chelsea Volturi grinning at you, her mate Afton lingering behind her. “You’re gorgeous! Wow, Heidi will be jealous and you’ve taken the boys breaths away.” She winked at you as you blushed slightly.
“Thank you. Are all the Covens here?”
“Yes they are! Even the Romanians.” she saw the look on your face. “I know! It’s mad! I think the Cullen’s convinced them, all is well as long as we stay out of each other’s way.” She giggled.
You nodded, scanning the place to catch eyes with Aro and Caius Volturi. You took a breath before turning back to Chelsea and Afton.

Chelsea looked in their direction. “I think the masters are coming to greet you. I’ll see you around, love.” Chelsea gave you a cheery smile before the two turned heading into the crowd. “Ah (Y/N), you came!” Aro grinned as he took your hand in his in greeting.
“Just like I promised.” You smiled.
“You look simply divine! Don’t they brothers?”
“Yes, they do.” Caius said and Marcus gave a nod.
“I’m glad, I can’t say I was entirely sure as to what to wear.” You laughed nervously and Aro chuckled lightly. “Enjoy yourself, dear one.”

You jumped when Vladimir appeared in front of you, hand outstretched. “Come dance with me.” He wore a confident smile, his smile was wicked yet enticing. So you couldn’t help but put your hand in his and follow as he lead you into the sea of vampires who danced so gracefully you couldn’t help but feel insecure.

“You look nervous, young one.”
“I am being reminded that I am a clunky human who may or may not actually be able to dance.”
“Surely you were taught…” Vladimir grinned.
“I’ve had one dance in total and that was when I was twelve. This isn’t a tradition anymore.”
Vladimir tutted as he held your waist and took your hand. “Awful, clearly you haven’t worn that before.” Vladimir nodded to your outfit that seemed to give you many compliments this evening.
“No…this is the first time, but I might have to wear it more often.” You smiled, blushing slightly making Vladimir chuckle.

He pulled you in closer to whisper. “You’re starting with moving to the right then you follow my lead.” You nodded. You fell into the routine quite quickly and was encouraged further by Vladimir.
You had never actually known this side to him, then again you never really knew him. You met him when everyone came about Renesmee. He seemed sadistic, confident, cruel was an exaggeration yet he left no doubt in your mind that he would live up to the expectation of cruelty if he were pushed to that. The Vladimir you danced with was confident, traditional, a little snarky but that was another known trait of his. What you didn’t know was how approachable he could be.

You sat on the marble bench for a breather. You admired the collage of colourful dresses. All from different era’s but all in perfect condition. Jane sat on the other side of the bench of you, brushing down her dress. You looked at her and she turned to look at you, seeming somewhat bored before looking away.
“Hello…” You said quietly.
“Hello.” She replied, giving you divided attention.
“You look beautiful. I love your dress.”
She turned to you with a small frown as though not believing you. “Thank you…”
You gave her a small smile. “It suits you. I could never pull off that style.” 
Jane seemed to relax a little. “I’ve had it for centuries, rarely do I wear it on occasions such as this.”
“That’s amazing, it’s in perfect condition.”
“You learn how to preserve them.”
“Sister.” Alec appeared kissing both of his sisters cheeks, Jane returning the gesture. He then turned to you. “Hello, (Y/N). How lovely to see you again.”
“Hi Alec.” You smiled, shyly. The twins seemed to be amused.
“Be prepared, Demetri is simply dying for a dance with you.” Alec smirked. “Though who could blame him, you even won over a Romanian.”
You blushed. “It’s the outfit. They’ll hardly remember my name after tonight.”
Alec hummed but continued to smirk.  You looked around to catch eyes with Demetri who was looking at you but talking with someone you didn’t know. It could have been a lower guard. He wore a small smirk and you blushed for what felt like the millionth time. You didn’t expect all the attention, you expected no attention at all.

On the way out the door, you never saw Felix nudge Demetri with a smirk.


Have you all seen Par 6? This was a film that featured Misha Collins. I hadn’t seen it before last night with the Book Club, and wow. So, if your life has been missing a story of a quirky family that parks their trailer in the desert where the eldest brother receives divine messages about building a golf course that is a little magical, all while some nebulous bad guys try to stop them, well, then I’ve got the movie for you. More importantly, there is Misha Collins playing a man that loves nothing more than golf and his family, and is always sweaty or shirtless. There’s a fire; he’s shirtless. There’s rain; he’s shirtless. There’s a golf course that needs building, he’s wearing a Henley and sweaty. Enjoy.

See it on YouTube for free right Here.

Titans as ancient greek deities still remain enigmatic today, their names seem to vary in ancient narrations as well as their actual number.
They sometimes manifest in pairs, male and female energies interacting, each pair connected with a planet and a specific day of the week. As patrons of the Sun (Helios) appear Theia and Hyperion, patrons of the Moon (Selene) are Phoebe and Atlas, planet Mars (Ares) is represented by the pair of Dione and Krios, planet Mercury (Hermes) corresponds to the powers of Metis and Koios, planet Jupiter to those of Themis and Eurymedon, planet Venus (Aphrodite) is associated with the Titans Tethys and Oceanus, and finally Saturn (Cronus) is represented by the holy couple, Rhea and Cronus, who are the generators of Zeus and his divine brothers and sisters.

Oceanus and Tethys roman mosaic, around 1st and 2nd century AD, Gaziantep Museum, Turkey

shittestdevils  asked:


Brother…What would you do if you knew the truth?  Would you find me pitiful? To know that the love you so wanted from them is something you shouldn’t? You want intangible things you can never have…even with me.  Some people just aren’t wired that way, you know?  Nevertheless, what I feel for you is a fondness of my own design.  To see your misery is to know my own after all.

Selfish?  It is, but aren’t we all a little?

After all it’s part of our grand design.

Part of our fate and destiny.

Fox: *ahem* My name is Fox Alistar, and I am a God. My brother by divinity, Void, and my other divine associates, Coco, Jaune, and Church, stand as Gods themselves, appointed by me.

Fox: I say this in order to uncork everyone to continue this.



04x18 “The Monster at the End of This Book”
11x09 “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”
Pick up the Pen, Dean Winchester.

And you know, the thing about this all isn’t that it can’t be unwritten. The important detail lies in the fact that it’s rewritten. Dean re-wrote the ending here when showing up with Cas and he wrote himself into the story in 5x22 “Swan Song”. That’s some big ability there. And just like he averted any prophecy made about him and his brother, I’m sure he’ll rewrite this supposedly “inevitable result” too, because just like this interaction between Sam and Lilith wasn’t love neither is the one between Dean and Amara. And that rewrite we have after all seen all throughout this season. On the big and the small scale. The rewrite of the Grand Story (of the World) and the rewrite of the characters in which they finally find themselves and undo past wrongs.


Imagine : Being Elijah’s lover when they lived in New Orlean’s, but he left you. So when he comes back, with Hayley, you make him jealous by dancing with Marcel and Klaus one night.


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You were turned into a vampire by Elijah at the same time that Niklaus had turned Marcel, who was your best friend. It also seemed to prove that the love you thought you had with Elijah, wasn’t strong enough. The moment Elijah caught word that his father was in town, him and his siblings left you and Marcel for dead, never looking back.

But the two of you survived, turning New Orleans into your city, together. He was the King, you were the Queen. You two remained best friends, although sometimes many thought you were more as you both spent countless lonely nights together, warming up each others beds.

You stopped thinking of Elijah after fifty years of him being gone. You had loved him, of course. A love like that was hard to deny. But he had left you, and you moved on. With the help of Marcel, of course, who you helped move on from Rebekah. Now, the two of you were unstoppable. The only thing that seemed to be slowing you down, was Marcel’s infatuation for the human Camille, and the fact that the Originals were back in town. 

Elijah had a new girl. A werewolf, nevertheless. 

You laid on Marcel’s bed, wearing only a bra and lacy panties as he entered. “I told you I don’t want to get involved with you while Cami’s still here,” Marcel told her. “We’ve got the rest of the eternity to have sex, Y/N. I think you can wait out her human life.”

You scoffed, sitting up. “Get over yourself. We’re going out. I need your opinion on an outfit.”

“And where are we going?” Marcel asked, sitting down on his bed as you got up, walking towards three outfits you had laid out on his desk. 

“Drinking, dancing, partying,” You shrugged. “What else would we do with our empire, Marcel?”

“That is an excellent question,” Marcel smirked. “No sex though.”

“You’ve said. Just some drinking, maybe a bit of dirty dancing. I promise I’ll keep my paws off if she’s there,” you huffed, rolling your eyes. You held up the three dresses you had, a black one, a white skimpy one, and your personal favourite, the red skimpy one that was slightly see through around the bust. Easily see through with your lace black bra. 

“The red,” Marcel said immediately. He had seen it on you on many occasions, and he knew you looked hot in it. “If you don’t want sex from me, you’re definitely targetting someone else. It’s Elijah, isn’t it?”

“No, I don’t want him,” you told Marcel honestly. It was true, you were completely over the Original. “I want blood, so human preferably, and I am in the mood for sex, but seeing as you’ve said no at least three times, I suppose the human should do fine. And, I’d like for Elijah to see what he lost.”

“You are almost more diabolic than Niklaus Mikaelson,” Marcel chuckled as she slipped on the dress. “Strike them where it hurts, right?”

“Right where it hurts,” you grinned. “Now, do I look sexy enough?’

Luck was in your favour, as Elijah, Klaus and Hayley were in the bar that night. And Camille wasn’t there. 

You threw your jacket to a nightwalker, who took it to the back room for you. They were used to you treating them like garbage, and never once complained. They had seen your temper before, and they would never dare step out of line, for they knew it meant you would rip their hearts from their chests.

“Vodka, or tequila?” You asked Marcel as the two of you approached the bar.

“How about both?” Marcel snickered, pointing to the best bottles. The bartender grabbed them, and Marcel handed you the vodka. “Something tells me you want to get smashed, and now.” “Right on,” you smirked, ripping open the bottle and chugging it right then. “Come on, hurry up. I still want to dance, and I’m not dancing with you sober, because you’re too rational then.” Marce chuckled, drinking the entire tequila bottle the way you drunk the vodka bottle, grinning at you. “Man it feels good,” he laughed. “Someone turn the music up!” The song grew louder, the bass pumping through the speakers. It was almost unbearably loud for Marcel and you, but you didn’t care. You immediately began dancing on him, swinging around. A night walker passed, and you grabbed him by the collar. “Get me another bottle of vodka,” you snapped, before releasing him. He nodded, scurrying off quickly as he did so. Elijah, Klaus and Hayley watched them, Klaus smirking, Hayley looking confused and Elijah absolutely shocked. “Would you look at that, brother,” Klaus said with an amused tone. “Your precious Y/N seems to have dropped you and went for Marcel.” Elijah didn’t say anything, only watched. He felt a certain rage and jealously bubble up. He had looked for you for nearly a hundred years, before he gave up, believing you were dead. And here you were, getting very close with Marcel. “I’m sorry, who is she?” Hayley asked, still looking confused. Klaus snickered. “One of Elijah’s old lovers. And since he has moved on, and clearly she has, I’d like to test her out myself. She looks rather divine, doesn’t she brother? Such a shame you never shared. Oh well, she can make her own decisions now.” Klaus got up, walking towards Marcel and you. “May I steal her for a dance?” He asked Marcel over the music. “Sure,” Marcel grinned. “I’ll catch up with you later, Y/N.” You simply grinned, pulling Klaus closer by his collar. “The big bad wolf has come to dance, huh?” You said in a mocking tone, your eyes watching him. “Only with you,” he smirked. “You look ravishing, darling, such a shame my brother was never into sharing.” “Well I’d say your brother doesn’t own me,” you told him. “You are sinful, Y/N,” Klaus grinned, grinding on you. “Hmm, only when I want something,” you told him in a sweet tone. “And what’s that love?” He asked, watching you while continuing to grind his hips into yours. “Showing your brother what he’s lost,” you told him plainly. “Sex, as well, and blood. Are you up for it?” “Am I ever,” Klaus grinned, pressing his lips harshly against yours. And with that, Elijah stormed out of the bar, anger and jealousy clouding his vision.

The End of an Age

Later down the line, the legendary kingdoms of the two dragon heroes were lost to history. Dion’s kingdom, which once stood on the present day Notre Sagesse, was overtaken by a clan of warriors from the East. The only surviving princess from the fallen kingdom married the clan’s lord and continued the divine bloodline. Kleo’s kingdom, although weakened by its less fortunate location, survived long enough to merge with another kingdom from the North. The twin divine swords changed hands, were reforged once more and given new names, Raijinto and Siegfried.

The pact of everlasting peace made between the divine brother and sister was also forgotten by the depths of time, only existing as a single clause in ancient texts. The humans waged greater wars on each other, and blood was shed over the land. Man on the surface took advantage of their gifts from Valla, and the descendants of Kleo and Dion abused the priestesses sent to them. Disappointed by such misconduct, Anankos recalled all his priestesses and closed off Valla from any contact, leaving humanity to its own fate. 

Although Anankos had forcibly recalled all his priestesses to return home, some refused their father and remained on the surface. In consequence, Anankos denounced them as no longer Vallites and severed his spiritual ties to them. All in an instant, all the priestesses and their related kin, children, husbands, and wives, transformed into mist and foam, according to one verse known to bards today. Nohrian scholars interpreted this line as a great plague that swept across the continent, killing almost all men and women who had inherited dragon’s blood or blessing by oath.

A father’s actions against his own children contributed to the despair that drove Anankos mad, forcing the Vallites to imprison him at the bottom chambers of the royal family’s castle. The priestesses’ oath of honor became an oath of silence in respect to Anankos’s vow to never see the surface again. His eyes and ears cut off from the rest of the world, including his own people, Anankos suffered by himself.

Haha, what if Fire Emblem had codex pages with stuff like this scattered about the maps, like in treasure chests or smth? Better get them all before some thieves run away with your world building.