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Looking at winter season titles...
  • Active Raid: Original, huh...
  • Ajin: CGI effects... COME AT ME I DON'T FEAR YOU!!!!
  • AssClass II: YAAAASSS, more tentacle he- I MEAN, Koro sensei ^^
  • Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Pretty art and key animation. YOU BETTER NOT DEFY ME!! I'm watching you Gonzo...
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi: Psychological, seinen, thriller, mystery, time-traveling and... A-1 PICTURES BAE!!
  • Dagashi Kashi: Feel, you guys've been doing good, plz don't.
  • Dimension W: KAH?! Another good-looking seinen!!! KAMI HAS FORSAKEN US FROM THE LAST FALL SEASON.
  • Divine Gate: People should learn not to judge an anime by its studio. Akatsuki no Yona, Baby Steps...Pierrot, I'm gambling on you!
  • Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: Eye-orgasm of the season.
  • Haruchika: Hanae Natsuki... EHEM EHEM. Promising premise, wind instrument... WHO AM I KIDDING? COME AT ME NAA-CHAN!!!!!
  • Prince of Stride: Sports? Check. Bishounen? Check. Madhouse? x1000000000 CHECK!!
  • Schwarzesmarken: Might be incredible or utterly disastrous.
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shijouu: Josei guys, how rare is this .~.
  • Gate II: Shall I? Shall I not?
  • Akagami no Shirayuki Hime II: Vanilla Ice-cream to me! **

I accidentally contacted a spirit last night! 😅 I was using my pendulum and allowing the crystal to move without my interference. I was shocked (I had never used a pendulum before) to see the crystal move nearly immediately after I asked a question.
At first, I believed the tool to be a way to divine until I asked if I was talking to a spirit, which caused the pendulum to start moving to “yes.” I was so unprepared! I had no questions prepped and couldn’t think of any 😥
But, the spirit was very friendly, and lonely. They told me they had an enjoyable life, but are lonely now. Also, apparently they’ve resided around where I live for a long while! The session was super interesting and I want to do it again (and with better questions…)! 😊

Want A Tarot Reading?

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So, yeah, check it out, it would help us both out a lot!
She’s a really awesome person, and as I said before, her accuracy is a tad startling.

Let me tell you why Yuri on Ice won’t have the standardised uke/seme bullshit

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If you look at these scenes, what do you feel? Do you think Yuri would perfectly fit the Uke role?

Let me tell you WHY that’s not the case.

One thing that always ruined the yaoi anime hype for me was that it has ALWAYS been obvious who will symbolise the feminine side. There has ALWAYS been a character that either looked rather feminine or just acted the obvious uke way. By that I mean:

- getting embarrassed or red cheeks very easily

- not taking the initiative in physical interactions (or doing it but getting overly flustered)

- usually symbolising the emotional side of the relationship

But guys, as much as we like that kind of yaoi, we know exactly that’s not how it works. In a real, healthy relationship, both sides are able to flip the switch. The uke isn’t always uke and seme isn’t always seme.


Remember the beach scene where Victor was Yuri’s emotional support? Remember Victor actually being most of Yuri’s emotional support as a coach every single time before he enters the rink?

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Look, don’t get me wrong. I agree that Victor is very dominant. I also agree that Yuri has this shy vibe on him. But you know one thing that this brilliant anime has? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. You could obviously label them at the first few episodes. Then the dynamic began to change and now you can no longer say who exactly is uke/seme. That’s because Yuri and Victor are able to take on BOTH of these roles.

 My point is, they keep surprising us as fans and each other exactly because THERE IS NO OBVIOUS UKE/SEME RELATIONSHIP HERE. 


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✌ ♡ ☆ ☮ ❁ ♬ ™ ❄️ ♪

✌ You’re awesome-  As are you!

♡ I love your blog-   Thank you!! And I love yours too, its like extremely pretty, yet raw poetry. 

☆ I relate to a lot of the same things you go through -I’m sad that you do, but as you said before it really makes me feel less alone also. 

☮ You inspire me -  Omg really!?! That’s so amazing that you think so. 

❁ You’re beautiful -   Thank you angel. And so are you! 

♬ I wish we were close -  I wish we were also. :(  I would love to know you better! 

™ You’re a cinnamon roll -  Not really , not always, sometimes I’m pretty monstrous ahaha. But thank you!! xox

❄️ I cherish you-   😭❤️ I cherish you also truly. 

♪ You’re very talented - Thank you so much, I appreciate this one immensely. 

How to Do a Shufflemancy Reading

This is a post from my old blog, @the-daily-diviner

Shufflemancy is this awesome form of divination in which you use songs/song titles as a method of divination. It is literally one of the easiest things I have ever done ,and is very good for diviners that need to divine on the fly!

Grab your  mp3 player, phone, tablet, or whatever else you’ve got with a lot of songs on it. Click on that button of yours that shuffles all the songs, and think of a good and specific question.

Now come up with the number of skips you would like to use to find the answer. Ask your question, aloud or in your head, and shuffle your songs as many times as you have planned. Once you’re finished skipping to the song, read the title and take a listen to it to find out what you should do/need to know about your problem/question :)

And that’s it.
I’ve seen it get more in depth where the diviner will listen to the song until a certain set of lyrics feels right, and goes with those as the answer, but it doesn’t have to be that precise.

It’s a nice method for beginners and avid diviners alike, a fun and fresh way to do a quick reading :)

I personally have a lot of instrumental music on my playlists, so I often will use the energy they give me/meaning they are conveying as an answer, so that’s just a small little thing you can do as well ^_^

Hope I explained everything well enough so that you guys can try it out! :D Good luck ^_^