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Let me tell you why Yuri on Ice won’t have the standardised uke/seme bullshit

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If you look at these scenes, what do you feel? Do you think Yuri would perfectly fit the Uke role?

Let me tell you WHY that’s not the case.

One thing that always ruined the yaoi anime hype for me was that it has ALWAYS been obvious who will symbolise the feminine side. There has ALWAYS been a character that either looked rather feminine or just acted the obvious uke way. By that I mean:

- getting embarrassed or red cheeks very easily

- not taking the initiative in physical interactions (or doing it but getting overly flustered)

- usually symbolising the emotional side of the relationship

But guys, as much as we like that kind of yaoi, we know exactly that’s not how it works. In a real, healthy relationship, both sides are able to flip the switch. The uke isn’t always uke and seme isn’t always seme.


Remember the beach scene where Victor was Yuri’s emotional support? Remember Victor actually being most of Yuri’s emotional support as a coach every single time before he enters the rink?

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Look, don’t get me wrong. I agree that Victor is very dominant. I also agree that Yuri has this shy vibe on him. But you know one thing that this brilliant anime has? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. You could obviously label them at the first few episodes. Then the dynamic began to change and now you can no longer say who exactly is uke/seme. That’s because Yuri and Victor are able to take on BOTH of these roles.

 My point is, they keep surprising us as fans and each other exactly because THERE IS NO OBVIOUS UKE/SEME RELATIONSHIP HERE. 


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Jin&Chimei C-S Support

Jin is mine

Chimei belongs to @treeclimberofhoshido

-C support-

Jin: *grunts* Stupid… Why the hell would I climb this tree in the first place… it’s too high to for me to jump…

Chimei: *walking towards the tree Jin’s in* Damn, today’s workout session was really intense. Why the hell would you tell a magic user to do 150 push ups?

Chimei: Ugh, I need a nap at my favorite tree- Oh perfect. Someone took my tree spot. And it’s the rich brat. Great.

Chimei: *looks up and speaks louder to Jin* What? Did you buy this tree as well? Leave some for us “peasants”, will ya?

Jin: Gah! *jumps in surprise and looks down at Chimei and sweats* Ha ha… You’re a sneaky one…

Jin: *frowns* And I’ll buy as many trees as I want, thank you! The view up here is beautiful, and the climb was…

Jin: ….eventful…

Chimei: And this situation made my day even more eventful.

Chimei: (This guy is stuck up there, isn’t he. What a loser.)

Chimei: Why don’t you head down already, your Highness? I’m sure you’re missing tea time.

Jin: Hm… yeah… no. I think I’ll stay here for a while. A long while.

Jin: You’ll probably get bored, so you can go ahead and leave now before you do. It’s ok, I give you permission~☆

Chimei: Nope, I’m just gonna stay here until you get down *sits next to the trunk* I’ve been waiting to sleep up there and won’t leave until I do.

Chimei: Better hurry and call your servant to get a ladder.

Jin: Ah ha,very funny… (I already tried calling them, they’re too far away.)

Jin: How about this… I’ll give you ownership of this tree if you go and take your nap elsewhere.

Chimei: Hmm. Nah, I’ll rather lead a revolt to take back this tree.

Chimei: But why are you so eager for me to leave when you say you will give me this tree? Could it be…*smirks* You’re stuck, your royal highness?

Jin: Pfft. Me? Stuck? Hardly. What would give you such an idea? I can safely climb down whenever I want. I just like my privacy is all.

Chimei: Then impress me with your noble climbing skills. I would like to see if it is any different from mine.

Chimei: If you refuse…who knows what happens? Maybe an embarrassing rumor about dear Prince Jin spreading through the army?

Jin: *sweats* Rumours?? Ah ha… You really want to watch me, don’t you? I wouldn’t think a sweet girl like you would be into such things…

Jin: …you'd… really be willing to try to ruin my reputation if I don’t leave this tree?

Chimei: *snickers* (Damn, this dude is really gullible. As if I will waste my time as a gossip.)

Chimei: Yeah, I’m fine with your reputation to be ruined. Doesn’t really affect me in a way.

Jin: It wouldn’t affect me much either… my kingdom on the other hand .. (I can’t risk it.)

Jin: *sighs* Very well, if this tree means that much to you. *hangs legs down and stares at the ground* Ah ha… Let’s see… this is a delicate process… Hmmm.

Chimei: You are sweating buckets, dude. You sure you don’t need help?

Jin: Thanks for your concern, but I’ll be fine. I just need to… get the right… angle… (just close your eyes and jump dammit) *takes a deep breathe before closing his eyes then pushing himself off the branch*

Chimei: (The hell? That was a terrible jump. This guy is gonna hurt himself!) *catches Jin in her arms*

Chimei: Real smooth, prince. If I wasn’t here, you could’ve seriously get hurt.

Chimei: *realizes she’s carrying him bridal style and then smirks* But now, you seriously embarrassed yourself.

Jin: *red face* I’m- uh… late…  *scrambles out of her arms* tea time and all. Ah ha ha ha… *runs away quickly*

Chimei: Pfft. That was hilarious. *laughs* His face was so red…and…Oh whatever. Time for snoozeland!

-Jin and Chimei gained C-Support-

-Support B-

Chimei: *sitting in a tree and painting* Hmm, this doesn’t seem the right color for the mountains.

Jin: *walks up to the tree but doesn’t see it’s already occupied* Alright this seems like an easy one for practise…

Jin: (I can’t let something that embarrassing ever happen again.) *slowly begins climbing* Going up is a lot easier than going down at least.

Chimei: *tree shakes a bit and she drops her brush* Oh, dammit. *looks down and sees Jin climbing* Make that a double dammit.

Chimei: *shouts down to Jin* Are you really that eager to embarrass yourself again?

Jin: Y-you?! You’re not supposed to be here! (Do you possess every tree like a ghost?)

Jin: *sighs* Don’t worry, I won’t be any ‘damsel in distress’ this time.

Jin: Just pretend I’m not here, and I’ll grant you the same treatment (I’m not going to let her scare me away).

Chimei: Alright, but….*points at the brush lying on the ground* While you’re at it, can you throw that up here?

Chimei: Also, don’t shake the tree too much. It’s not that stable but it has the perfect view for a landscape painting.

Chimei: Follow what I said and you’ll have a quiet time of doing….whatever you’re doing. Truce?

Jin: *smiles in relief* A truce with you sounds great. I’ll be happy to grab your brush.

Jin: (Actually, she’s very close. I want to see her painting first.) *maneuvers himself a few branches closer to her*

Jin: Ooh, you must’ve been here for a while… I like the detail.

Chimei: Whoa! *blushes and covers her painting* This wasn’t part of the deal!

Chimei: Also, you’re too close. Come any closer and you might spread your stupidity to me.

Jin: Heh, careful. You’re shaking the tree a little… (I probably should step back though…)

Jin: Hm? What the…

[Buzzing Noises]

Jin: Oh gods, I know that sound. *grabs Chimei by the waist before he jumps down the tree. When they hit the ground Jin holds her hand and begins running*

Chimei: What the hell are you doing? If you’re trying to do anything funny- *buzzing noises come closer and Chimei looks behind*

Chimei: Are those….HORNETS?! Gods, your stupidity angered them! If you just did as I said, this wouldn’t happen!

Jin: That doesn’t matter anymore, now you have to do as I say. Don’t let go of my hand and keep running as fast as you can.

 [Screen Transition]

Jin: *lightly panting for breath* Ok… we finally lost them….

Jin: You’re lucky there was this abandoned fort we can hide in. I don’t think I could have dragged you all the way to camp.

Chimei: *heavily panting for breath* Yeah, I’m real lucky. Instead of having a peaceful day painting in a tree, I get chased by hornets and end up in some creepy abandoned fort with Prince of Whatever.

Chimei: We could’ve used magic to fend them off, you know? Gods, I hate running.

Jin: No offense to your magic ability or mine, but I don’t think magic would have been effective against a swarm like that.

Jin: *sighs* I’m just glad you didn’t get hurt, that jump was a bit risky, but I have strong legs.

Jin: …which reminds me. I should… probably thank you for catching me last time.

Chimei: …Wow. Just as I thought, you suck at thanking people.

Chimei: …Strangely, it’s one thing we have in common. *blushes a bit* T-Thanks for saving me from those hornets.

Jin: It’s the least I could do after I rattled their nest. Don’t mention it. (I should be apologizing if anything…)

-Jin and Chimei gained B-Support-

A- Support

Chimei: Yo Jin. *gives a bouquet of flowers to Jin* Here.

Jin: *Accepts flowers* Thank you, are we exchanging gifts? Because I have something for you too.

Jin: I went back for your brush and canvas… they’re not in the best condition, but I thought you would want it back.

Chimei: Oh! Wow, looks like I don’t need to buy another set. Those are expensive. Thanks. Now I really have to say it huh…

Chimei: Also, the bouquet I gave you… It consists of two different kind of flowers. One symbolizes gratitude and the other symbolizes, um, regret.

Chimei: Basically, I’m here to say thanks again and to say sorry. *bows* I’ve been very rude to you, Jin.

Chimei: I know that ever since Ryoma introduced us to each other, I’ve been acting coldly and harsh to you. It’s because…I have a grudge towards nobles and royalty.

Jin: (No wonder I couldn’t figure out what I did to offend you.)

Jin: *looks down at the bouquet and smiles* These are really thoughtful, thank you again.

Jin: Whatever those nobles and royals did to you, I apologize on their behalf. We’re supposed to be raised with the responsibility of protecting those under us.

Chimei: …I don’t know if they would ever apologize. *looks away* Near my village was a luxurious city. Well guarded, decorative and rich.

Chimei: Nobles and rich people were common customers to my family’s florist shop. We were the only florist shop nearby that could sell both Hoshidan and Nohrian native flowers.

Chimei: They acted nice and friendly to me and my grandpa. Leaving tips and promising my grandpa that they’ll do whatever for him.

Chimei: When my grandpa started getting sick, our village didn’t have the right medicine to help him. I tried visiting the city, but…they called me a filthy rat. I don’t know why but they were hostile to me. Said that I’ll probably bring in germs.

Chimei: Didn’t get the medicine in the end. My grandpa died a couple weeks after that. And then when Nohrians attacked my village, the city didn’t bother to come and help us. I heard some neighbors say that they went to ask for help but the city said no.

Chimei: *sighs* …Sorry, I shouldn’t have exploded on you.

Jin: No, I like that you opened up to me… it helps me understand why you acted the way you did…

Jin: …and it helps me understand you.

Jin: I can’t undo what those Nohrians did, nor what nobles or royals should have done. But I assure you we aren’t all scum.

Jin: *smiles* I accept your initial apology. I hope this means we can start off on a fresh foot.

Chimei: … *smiles* Yeah. Just promise me that you won’t betray me.

Chimei: Heh, it’s good to know that a cute dude like you isn’t one of those pretentious jerk princes.

Chimei: Well, I gotta get going. Ryoma’s been complaining about the dishes I didn’t wash the past week. Seeya. *leaves*

Jin: *blushes* C-cute? Hey, wait. Chimei! What do you mean by that?! Come back! (I never thought I would hear that from her.)

-Jin and Chimei gained A-support-

S- Support -

Jin: *climbs up a tree a lot more skillfully, he’s obviously been practising* Ah, Chimei. I knew you’d be up here. I didn’t have to look very hard to find you~

Chimei: Heh. I see that you’ve been improving on climbing. Guess you don’t need me to catch you.

Chimei: Hey, improve more and I might dub you Prince of Tree Climbing. *snickers*

Jin: *laughs* You ‘dub’ me, huh? Does this mean you’re already the Princess of Tree Climbing? It suits you.

Jin: But that aside, I have been meaning to speak to you lately…

Chimei: Speak to me? About what? I didn’t do something wrong, did I?

Jin: No! Not at all, the opposite in fact…

Jin: Just… Despite the fact that you hated me, well, my title I suppose, I had a lot of fun with you.

Jin: And now that you don’t have any grudges against me, your company has somehow become even better.

Chimei: …I see. That makes me feel happy. Well, I was just thinking about why I expressed my grudge to you so openly.

Chimei: Even though I dislike royals, I still try to act respectful and keep it in. For example, Takumi is a pain in the ass but I still follow what he says and hardly talk to him.

Chimei: Or maybe you were different. Grandpa did say I had a habit of messing around with my crushes as a kid. One time, I punched the guy I liked because his smile was cute.

Chimei: But whatever. Maybe I’m just overthinking.

Jin: So wait, you’ve had a crush on me for that long? (No wonder you wanted to watch me so badly)

Jin: That… makes me incredibly happy to hear. But I guess that means I didn’t have to spend all that time honing my tree climbing skills for you…

Jin: *blushes* You know… now that you don’t hate me for being a royal… would you like to become one?

Chimei: *processing what she just said and what Jin just said* …!

Chimei: *turns really red and punches Jin on the shoulder* I-I DIDN’T HAD A CRUSH ON YOU…MAYBE…I-I was just speaking my thoughts aloud…!

Chimei: But… I-I think I would like to be a royal as long as I’m with you?…I don’t know… *covers her face in embarrassment*

Jin: *rubs his shoulder and laughs* Does that mean you still think I’m cute? Too bad I’m nowhere near as cute as you when you blush~

Jin: So this means you accept my proposal?


Jin: …I… didn’t really propose properly did I? Ah ha… I brought a ring with me and everything…

Jin: *Turns to Chimei to hold both of her hands and stares into her eyes* Chimei, will you marry me, and become Queen of Farban? I promise you that you’ll be protected and no one will ever harm you or anyone you love ever again.

Chimei: *is really flustered* I…uh…..*slaps Jin* Y-Yes!

Chimei: WAIT! I didn’t mean to slap you! I’m just not used to being so close to someone I like…Are you really sure you want to be a nervous wreck to be your queen?

Chimei: Oh gods, I’m a mess…

Jin: *brings his hand to his face where she slapped him, but is still grinning* Ha ha… honestly, I don’t even care. I’m just so happy you accepted!

Jin: Your nerves will calm, I’ll stay very close to you until then. Slap me as many times as you need to. *holds her hand that slapped him and kisses the palm* It just means you love me, right?

Jin: I love you too.

Chimei: *smiles* Yes…I love you, Jin.

-Jin and Chimei gained S- Support-

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Super easy read my dear friend, am I on the right path?? As always blessed be 💞💫

First of all, the only thing I could think of for like 5 minutes when I saw this was 

and I want to thank you for that 😂

Second of all, I got a very strong yes! 👍

As always, your reading is free, but if you’re feeling generous I have set up a tip jar. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU and 50% will be saved for my move to NH in May. Thank you for your question, I hope this has helped!

Gas Station Ministry

My mom is toooo funny… she has told me countless stories where God used her at gas stations. lol Like, out of all places, GAS STATIONS! She’s shared the Gospel, prayed for, and spoken truth into people’s lives there. It’s funny, and also awesome because it shows that 1) if you’re willing and ready, God can & will use you 2) God is faithful and He goes everywhere with us 3) divine appointments are awesome!
Thank you Jesus, and shoutout to my mama for being so rad. :-)

Looking at winter season titles...
  • Active Raid: Original, huh...
  • Ajin: CGI effects... COME AT ME I DON'T FEAR YOU!!!!
  • AssClass II: YAAAASSS, more tentacle he- I MEAN, Koro sensei ^^
  • Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Pretty art and key animation. YOU BETTER NOT DEFY ME!! I'm watching you Gonzo...
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi: Psychological, seinen, thriller, mystery, time-traveling and... A-1 PICTURES BAE!!
  • Dagashi Kashi: Feel, you guys've been doing good, plz don't.
  • Dimension W: KAH?! Another good-looking seinen!!! KAMI HAS FORSAKEN US FROM THE LAST FALL SEASON.
  • Divine Gate: People should learn not to judge an anime by its studio. Akatsuki no Yona, Baby Steps...Pierrot, I'm gambling on you!
  • Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: Eye-orgasm of the season.
  • Haruchika: Hanae Natsuki... EHEM EHEM. Promising premise, wind instrument... WHO AM I KIDDING? COME AT ME NAA-CHAN!!!!!
  • Prince of Stride: Sports? Check. Bishounen? Check. Madhouse? x1000000000 CHECK!!
  • Schwarzesmarken: Might be incredible or utterly disastrous.
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shijouu: Josei guys, how rare is this .~.
  • Gate II: Shall I? Shall I not?
  • Akagami no Shirayuki Hime II: Vanilla Ice-cream to me! **

Divine Intervention was Slayer´s mid 90’s attack. A really angerful album, filled with some great riffs and an impressive sense of speed… It still holds up strong and is absolutely awesome.

Slayer - Divine Intervention [Full Album]


1. Killing Fields
2. Sex. Murder. Art
3. Fictional Reality
4. Dittohead
5. Divine Intervention
6. Circle of Beliefs
7. SS-3
8. Serenity in Murder
9. 213
10. Mind Control
*11. Ungarded Instinct
**12. Atrocity Vendor

So I found another neat money making method courtesy of a guy on Reddit: Transmuting Adamantite Ore into Runite Ore! Energies aren’t in my GE history because I already had them, but worst-case scenario, the Incandescent Energies will run you 125GP each to get them en masse off of the forums, which is only 20GP more than their GE mid price right now. It requires 10 energies to do one transmutation, which in this case would cost 4,532,500GP, which when added to the cost of the Adamantite Ores adds up to 31,389,185GP for the supplies to do that. Given how much the Runite Ore all sold for, that’s a net profit of 7,821,540GP. And this only took me TWO HOURS to do, that’s like 3.9M an hour doing Div! Not to mention the XP isn’t half bad compared to normal methods. So how do we do this? Simple.

First we need: 96 Divination, some starting capital for supplies.

How we do it: 

*Set up a bank loadout to withdraw 24 Adamantite Ore and 40 Incandescent Energy.

*Set this loadout as loadout 1.

*Drag the energy to a slot on your ability bar which has 1 as its hotkey

*Move your mouse over the banker so you can click it.

*Click to bank.

*Press 1 to withdraw your loadout.

*Hold down space to auto-confirm the creation interface.

*Press 1 to bring up the creation menu for Incandescent Energies, then press 1 IMMEDIATELY after you see the XP drop. This allows you to transmute faster than you’d otherwise be able to just using the normal interface.

*Just do this four times, rebank and repeat.

Enjoy excellent XP and profit!