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Can we show some love for the anchoress Julian of Norwich of the 14th Century. Not only was she the first woman to publish a book called ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ in English, but she was the first woman to write a religious book in English so she could share with everyone her vision of an unconditionally loving God and her radical disbelief in Hell that was strictly against the beliefs at the time. It was revolutionary. Not only that, but she also inspired other woman to write books on religion such as the renowned pilgrim Margery of Kemp even after her book was suppressed because it was written by a woman and also considered heresy. Plus nine young female rebel nuns in the 16th century known as the founding sisters were also inspired and saved a copy of Julian’s radical manuscript from the destruction of religious reform under Henry VIII, fled to France from their Yorkshire monastery with a copy and founded a Benedictine convent where woman could gain an education, escape marriage and write freely, therefore protecting and keeping alive Julian of Norwich’s writing and beliefs for centuries- even through the French Revolution. Relations of Divine Love would later go on to inspire Emmaline Pankhurst the founding Suffragette, and thanks to countless women across the centuries, Grace Warwick whom re-discovered and translated a lost print of original manuscript made by those rebellious nuns in the 17th century, Revelations of Divine Love was able to translate and publish the original teachings of Julian which had been emasculated by male authors, and it has never been out of print since.

Just because I am a woman, must I therefore believe that I must not tell you about the goodness of God, when I saw at the same time both his goodness and his wish that it should be shown?” - Julian of Norwich

Bribery (RWBY AU Snippet)

Her Royal Highness Princess Weiss of Atlas was not having a good day. To be more accurate, the kingdom of Atlas was not having a good year. Drought had left their crops in a precarious state. War had left their armies teetering on the brink of defeat. Floods and other natural disasters had pushed their resources to the very limit.

Atlas needed relief, and there was only one god they could appeal to for help.

True, they could go to the gods of harvest for help with the draught, and the gods of war could help them with the battles still to come, and the various gods of destruction could be appeased to reduce the number of natural disasters. However, there was one god that could accomplish all of those things herself.

And that was how Weiss found herself being pushed into the temple of Death in little more than a silk robe with a large plate of the finest cookies in all of Atlas.

It didn’t make an iota of sense to Weiss. Well, some of it did. The gods were known to take mortal lovers from time to time, and she wasn’t being vain when she said she was one of the most beautiful women in the land. But what on Remnant was she supposed to do with a plate of cookies?

However, the priests and priestesses of Death had insisted on the cookies. She scowled and shivered as she walked barefoot toward the inner sanctum of the temple. They were a curious bunch, those priests and priestesses. They were always walking around in hooded cloaks that made them look supremely suspicious. And then there were the roses. The temple had roses everywhere, and the priests and priestesses could often be found scattering rose petals throughout the city. It was just bizarre.

And then there were the corgis.

Was it mandatory for every member of Death’s clergy to have a corgi? It certainly seemed so, but that didn’t make any sense. How exactly were Death and corgis related? Then there were the cookies. All of the clergy seemed to love cookies, and they were forever throwing money at the kingdom’s bakers to make better ones. 

A low growl left Weiss’s lips. The clergy of every god tended to be a bit eccentric - the less she thought about the clergy of Neopolitan, goddess of assassins, impersonators, and umbrellas, the better. They almost never spoke, and they had a tendency to dye their hair mismatching colours as well as to somehow change the colour of the eyes. They also liked stabbing people. It was bizarre. 

Weiss reached the inner sanctum and stepped inside past the large, gilded doors. The doors swung shut behind her, and she felt the first stirrings of unease. The priests and priestesses had instructed her to wait in this chamber in a silent vigil until Death appeared. 

With a sigh, Weiss settled down into as comfortable a position as possible. It was a bit drafty in the sanctum, and her lack of clothing made it difficult to get truly comfortable. Eventually, she settled into a sitting position and waited. 

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

At some point, she must have fallen asleep because the next thing she was aware of was the sound of someone munching on a cookie.

“What are you doing?” Weiss cried, leaping to her feet and jabbing one finger at the impudent fool who had decided to snack on Death’s cookies. She was trying to save her kingdom here! Was this idiot trying to ruin everything? “Those cookies belong to Death!”

The tall, silver-eyed woman with dark hair who was munching on the cookies turned to look at Weiss and then resumed eating the cookies, stopping now and then to dip them into a glass of milk.

“Hey!” Weiss shouted, raising her voice again. “I’m talking to you! Those cookies are for Death! You can’t eat them. As your princess, I demand you cease this foolishness at once!”

The woman held up one finger for silence, leaving Weiss to splutter in incoherent outrage as she continued to munch on a cookie before swallowing it and slowly turning to face Weiss.

“These are for Death, you say?” the woman asked, grinning. “Is that right?”

“That’s right,” Weiss retorted. “You’d best make an offering at once and beg for her forgiveness, or else she’ll claim your soul.”

“She’s pretty mean, right?” the woman asked, seemingly trying not to laugh. “Always waving that scythe around and stuff.” The woman looked at Weiss. “Were the priests and priestesses going to offer you to her as well? Yes, I can see it now, Death descending upon this shrine to claim you for herself. She’d go for the cookies first, I think, and then she’d get started on you. Who knows what she’d do? Probably ravish you senseless.”

Weiss’s mouth opened and closed. “How dare you! Who do you think you are?”

The woman grinned. “My name is Ruby, but I guess only my friends call me that. Most other people call me something else.”

“Well, what do they call you then?” Weiss hissed.

Ruby’s grin widened. “Why don’t I show you?”

Outside, every dog in the city began to howl. The wind whipped up into a hurricane. The roofs and windows rattled. Clouds covered the moon. A deathly chill fell over the inner sanctum. One by one, the candles lighting the sanctum went out. The shadows lengthened, growing and folding in on themselves until they were a writhing mass of living darkness that crawled across the floor and wrapped around Ruby.

From inside the seething miasma of shadows, Ruby’s eyes blazed like silver stars. The darkness around her exploded outward, and the whole kingdom shook. A vast, endless cloak of bloody red rippled into existence around Ruby as clothes darker than the dead of night coiled around her frame. A scythe, so black it seemed to radiate darkness, appeared in one of her hands, and Ruby gave a low chuckle before smiling at Weiss again.

“Like I said, most of my friends call me Ruby. But you mortals? You’ve got another name for me. You call me Death.”

Weiss fainted.

X     X     X

Ruby stared at the unconscious princess on the floor. Well… that hadn’t exactly gone to plan. Weiss was supposed to marvel at her divine awesomeness before getting her more cookies. Now, she had no more cookies, and Weiss was in no position to get her more. Even worse, the way Weiss had fallen had left her somewhat… exposed due to the lack of clothing underneath her robe.

Honestly, what were her clergy thinking? She’d been pretty clear on what she wanted in the way of offerings. Princesses were not on that list. Although… Ruby frowned. Yang had paid her clergy a visit recently. It would be just like her sister to add something like ‘sexy princesses’ to the list of acceptable offerings. It wasn’t like her clergy would argue. It was Yang. No mortal in their right mind would pick a fight with Yang.

Ruby knelt down beside the princess. It wouldn’t be polite to leave her all sprawled out on the floor like that with her robe out of place. The least she could do was prop her up against a pillar or something before looking for more cookies. Alas, the door of the inner sanctum opened up just as Ruby was adjusting Weiss’s robe into a more decorous position.

The eyes of her High Priest and High Priestess widened.

“Forgive us!” the High Priest threw himself to the ground. “We did not mean to interrupt you, Most Honoured Goddess!”

“Uh…” Ruby frowned. “You’re not really interrupting anything…”

“Silence, fool!” the High Priestess hissed at the High Priest as she dragged the man to his feet. “Can’t you see our Most Honoured Goddess is busy?” She turned to Ruby. “Please, forgive us, Most Honoured Goddess. We shall leave, so you may mercilessly ravish the princess to your heart’s content. By all means, make her your bride or failing that, perhaps a concubine. Only… please aid our kingdom!”

Ruby sighed. She was never, ever going to hear the end of this from Yang. In fact, she was pretty sure she could hear her sister’s laughter already. “Just… just go… and can you maybe get more cookies?”

Ruby covered her face with one hand as they scurried off. The princess gave a low groan but remained unconscious. “What am I going to do with you?”

Fabergé, Noble Ice Egg,1914

This Platinum and translucent white enamel egg is engraved with underglaze frost crystals. It’s surprise is a lazing-shaped diamond-set platinum and rock crystal watch similarly decorated. This egg was commissioned by Dr. Emanuel Noble, nephew of Alfred Nobel, of Nobel prize fame. Emanuel Nobel, one of the leading figures of the oil industry at the time, was amongst Fabergé’s most notable clients.

Looking at winter season titles...
  • Active Raid: Original, huh...
  • Ajin: CGI effects... COME AT ME I DON'T FEAR YOU!!!!
  • AssClass II: YAAAASSS, more tentacle he- I MEAN, Koro sensei ^^
  • Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Pretty art and key animation. YOU BETTER NOT DEFY ME!! I'm watching you Gonzo...
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi: Psychological, seinen, thriller, mystery, time-traveling and... A-1 PICTURES BAE!!
  • Dagashi Kashi: Feel, you guys've been doing good, plz don't.
  • Dimension W: KAH?! Another good-looking seinen!!! KAMI HAS FORSAKEN US FROM THE LAST FALL SEASON.
  • Divine Gate: People should learn not to judge an anime by its studio. Akatsuki no Yona, Baby Steps...Pierrot, I'm gambling on you!
  • Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: Eye-orgasm of the season.
  • Haruchika: Hanae Natsuki... EHEM EHEM. Promising premise, wind instrument... WHO AM I KIDDING? COME AT ME NAA-CHAN!!!!!
  • Prince of Stride: Sports? Check. Bishounen? Check. Madhouse? x1000000000 CHECK!!
  • Schwarzesmarken: Might be incredible or utterly disastrous.
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shijouu: Josei guys, how rare is this .~.
  • Gate II: Shall I? Shall I not?
  • Akagami no Shirayuki Hime II: Vanilla Ice-cream to me! **

New Darkness: Future to the Past: The Nine Divine Fruits’ Holy Fruit of Love, GESNIEL: Attempt 12 by Deadly-Sins-Writer:

Yeah I know 12 times I tried drawing this guy, but finally drew him successfully.