Hello tumblr witches! Does anyone have witchy book reccomendations? I’m looking to learn anything and everything. Anything you can suggest is greatly appreciated!

Stop Learning Tarot Cards Like Flash Cards (You’re Better Than That)

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve started teaching tarot cards to other people is that they have a tendency to think that every card has an individual meaning and it is their duty to memorize 78 complex sets of meanings before they can begin reading for others. 

That’s simply not true. 

It’s also incredibly inefficient and totally kneecaps you when you move on to learn another deck (and try memorizing ANOTHER 78 complex sets of meanings). Cards exist in relation to one another. Understanding those relationships lets you remember meanings quicker, better understand how cards in a spread might be connected, and give much smoother readings. 

If you’re learning Tarot for the first time or looking to bush up, here’s my advice after reading cards for 10 years. Please, learn from my mistakes. 

Tarot is a language

In the same way you learn letters and string them into words and then string words into sentences to communicate, tarot is a language you learn so your intuition can communicate more fully with you and others. And like a language, it’s often best to start with the phrases that you’ll use the most. 

Practice: Go through your deck and pick out no more than 12 cards that are really calling to you and look up those meanings. Write them down if you’re up for it. Go through your deck and pick out no more than 12 cards that give you a feeling of unease and do the same. Notice any reoccurring symbols?


Tarot is a story

How you understand that story may vary on your tradition, your experience level, your aims. Most standard Tarot decks follow the Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana as he becomes more skilled and then more enlightened. A similar pattern can be seen in each of the suits. The Court Cards are less narrative in my opinion but a similar progression can be seen. 

Practice: Take out each of the suits one at a time and lay them out in a row. Read the meanings of each card and see how the story progresses. Write down a summary. Do the same with each of other suits’ courts and the major arcana.

Tarot is a system

You aren’t fluent until you know the language well enough to speak smoothly and in most situations. Similarly, it takes understanding Tarot at a high level to give the best quality readings and read without a book. No card exists in isolation and just like when they show up in a reading, you must read them in relation to the rest of the spread - it helps a lot to know them in relation to the rest of the deck. 

Practice: Lay every card in your deck out like this (pardon my bad MSPaint job). Major Arcana up top and Court Cards off to the right and all the numbers lined up with the Fool and World left hanging. Pick one of the cards that resonated with you in the first exercise and look at how it relates to all the other cards in the deck. If it’s the 8 of Pentacles, what do the other 8′s look like and speak to? What do 8 (Strength) and 18 (the Moon) in the Major Arcana connect to it (if at all)? How does it relate to the rest of the story of the Pentacles? 

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 



🔮Personal Birth Chart

🔮 Personal Star Sign Overview

🔮Personal Practise


🔮Dream diary

🔮Personal Numerology

🔮Sacred Days you Participate In


🔮Personal Patronus Animal

🔮Deities - what deities you follow, how you honor them etc.

🔮Altar Layout

🔮 Protective Sigil (to keep your grimoire out of sight of prying eyes)








🔮Grounding and Centering




🔮 Magickal Tools - list and uses (wands, sigils, etc)



🔮 Aromatherapy

🔮Herb index + correspondences

🔮Drying herbs and Flowers

🔮Flower correspondences

🔮Essential Oils - uses, safety.

🔮Tea Uses and Correspondences

🔮Natural Remedies - recipes for salves, tinctures, etc.

🔮 Gardening

🔮Plants Index, Correspondences and Care


🔮Planetary correspondences

🔮Planetary/Stargazing Events



🔮Moon phases and guide

🔮Gardening by the phases of the moon

🔮Moon rituals

🔮Charging through the Moon


🔮How Crystals Work - Energy etc.

🔮Crystal Index and Uses/Correspondences

🔮Crystal Cleansing Methods

🔮Charging Crystals

🔮Crystal Safety + Maintenance. How NOT to charge and cleanse some crystals.


🔮 Tarot Cheat Sheet

🔮Palm Reading


🔮Pendulum Reading

🔮Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading)

🔮 Scrying

🔮Rune Stones

🔮 Dream Divination

🔮Dowsing (with sticks, etc)


🔮Bath Magic

🔮Sleep Rituals/Magick

🔮Glamour Magick

🔮Natural Beauty/Pamper Recipes - face masks, body scrubs, hair masks, bath bombs etc.

🔮Self Care/Pamper Checklist

🔮Stress Management Methods

🔮 Mental Health Coping Methods (if applicable)


🔮Kitchen Witchery - Recipe Book

🔮Natural Cleaning Product Recipes

🔮Cleansing Rooms and Spaces

🔮Cleaning Checklist


🔮The Five Elements




🔮Candle Magick

🔮Colors and Correspondences

🔮 Superstitions

🔮Wheel of The Year + Rituals (If followed).

🔮Mythology/Legends and Religious Teachings


🔮Knot Magick


The Witch Bitch Playlist

(these are songs that personally put me in a witchy vibe,feel free to add on)

Game of survival by Ruelle

Black out days by Phantogram 

Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

River by Bishop Briggs

Intro by The xx

Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine

Hanging on by Ellie Goulding

I Follow Rivers by Marika Hackman

The Devil Within by Digital Daggers

Up in flames by Ruelle

Evergreen by Broods

CopyCat by Billie Eilish

Bones by MS MR

In The Dark by Cathedrals

If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray

Interlude by Lights

Moonshine by Lights

Feral Hearts by Kerli

Bottom Of The River by Delta Rae

Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

Blossom by Kerli 

Black Magic by Magic Wands

Returning Fire With Fire by Mindy Smith

Give us a little love by Fallulah

House of the Rising Sun by Lauren O’Connell 

Burn the Witch by Queen of the Stone Age

Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore

Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars

The Seed.
a tarot spread for ostara.

1. The Soil.

Where have you grown? While it most certainly is the dawn of a new day, keep in mind your roots are proof that you have already come a long way. The soil is your past. What lesson can you learn from days gone by?

2. The Weed.

You wish to flourish and grow strong, but there is undoubtedly something that is stunting your progress. What are your obstacles, what’s holding you back?

3. The Seed.

Within your immediate future, which area of your life will you first see signs of growth? Which seed has taken hold?

4. The Sun.

The love and support of others is helpful. But the will to grow comes from within. Let the sun be a reminder of what you need to keep in mind in order to help yourself grow.

5. The Rain.

A blessing in disguise. Understand that not all things are always as they seem. Grey skies can sometimes bring you down, but like the sun, rain too is necessary. Through struggle, you will find strength. What blessing in disguise is upon your horizon?

What is Tumblr’s deal against paying divination readers what they deserve? I’m so tired of seeing my friends offering readings for a measly amount - I’m talking $1 to $3 - and people flat out refuse. But, of they offer free readings? They’ll get fifty requests!

A reading in real life can cost anywhere from $20 to $100, depending on how in-depth the session is. They are emotionally and physically draining on a reader, regardless of how big or small the reading is. You can get spiritually burnt out quickly.

I just want to see readers on this site respected. :/