So I have finally decided to separate my blog between my work (music/theatre etc) and my random posts.

If you have followed me in the past and enjoy my random picture uploads then you can still find these at www.likerobins.tumblr.com

From now on I will post anything related to music/theatre and observational/personal on this blog, whilst www.likerobins.tumblr.com will just be about nothing in particular :)



1. to separate into parts, groups, sections, etc.

2. to separate or part from something else; sunder; cut off.

3. to deal out in parts; distribute in shares; apportion.

4. to cleave; part.

5. to separate in opinion or feeling; cause to disagree.


6. a division.

7. Physical Geography: the line or zone of higher ground between two adjacent streams or drainage basins.

8. Archaic: the act of dividing.

Etymology: Middle English (< Anglo-French divider) < Latin divider - to separate, divide.

I swore your voice
was the sound I would

but somewhere
I hit a fork
in the road

(a fork
in the road)

I never quite realized
that I turned one way
as you
the other.

That voice
that once dragged me to beaches
and drowned me
in seas

(you’ve drowned me)

left me parched and begging

all alone.
And so,
I had no choice
but to keep on walking.

I hope you’ll find me.

(I hope you’ll find me).

—  Michelle K., Your Voice.