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Divide || Closed


Of all places, Rin wanted to bring him to Australia.

He could have gone. It was a free ticket, a week to get away from Iwatobi and the pressure he could feel steadily piling up on his shoulders with every passing day. Rin would definitely show him the coolest sights, the best places to swim. But Haru knew what this ploy was about, underneath Rin’s winning smile. He was sure, tucked away somewhere in Rin’s bag, was an acceptance letter from a prestigious University with an amazing swim team. Something sure to get him noticed by Olympic scouts. He was sure Rin had every intention of signing a contract with them.

He was sure this was Rin’s last attempt to get him to go pro.

Makoto’s pressuring for him to find a dream had been the final straw. Haru was done with people sticking their noses in his business and trying to make him do things he didn’t want to do. So he didn’t have a dream; so what? Lots of people didn’t have dreams, and they all went on to have ordinary lives, working ordinary jobs and raising ordinary families.

All he’d ever wanted was to be ordinary.

There was freedom in invisibility. He could live his life normally, without people’s eyes on him all the time - watching to see what he’d do, what steps he’d take, how he’d swim.

So he slammed the door in Rin’s face, refused to open it even when Rin started to shout, and then call his phone again and again. Haru went back up to his room, curled up on his bed and blocked him out for a solid forty-five minutes, until Rin was forced to either leave or miss his flight.

Haru wasn’t going anywhere.

Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received an official letter from the State Duma of the Russian Federation with a proposal to divide Ukraine’s territory. The news comes from the Wiadomości news program on TVP1 (the Polish state broadcasting company).