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She wakes to an empty bed. The divet next to her is still warm so she knows she couldn’t have been gone long. She focuses and hears the faint rumbling of the television from the sitting room. She glances at the clock. 2:32am. She sighs.

She throws the covers off of herself. She runs a hand through her hair and rubs her eyes. She stands from the bed and stretches, cold air hitting the exposed patch of skin between her underwear and the relaxed t-shirt she stole from Laura’s drawer. She walks to the living room, where the television is bright and she sees the top of Laura’s head just above the back of the couch. Some Disney film is playing on the screen. From her spot on the doorway she says, “Was a Disney marathon really necessary in the middle of the night, cutie?” Laura’s head whips around and she smiles that’s hinted with just a little bit of guilt.

“I couldn’t sleep.” She admits and Carmilla nods. She knows that the nightmares have never fully gone away and she knows that often, Laura is too proud to tell her. She comes off of the wall and moves to sit next to Laura. Once she’s on the other side of the couch, she sees that the girl has a full bowl of fruity pebbles on her lap, the box sitting just underneath her feet and the milk jug is on the table. She raises her eyebrows as she sits down.

“What part of you thought that downing more sugar would help you sleep?” She asks with a small smile. Laura shrugs.

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i have a lotta stretch marks. ive collected them over the course of seven or eight years, so they are pretty much everywhere. since i was ten i hated them, i wanted them off me and i tried so hard to get rid of them and i broke down into tears more than a few times over the little pink divets covering my hips and belly. now im kinda reflecting on them and?? theyre so beautiful. its been so long that most of them have settled into lil shiny silver rivers all along my hips n pelvis and they remind me that holy shit im alive and on this earth and i have chemicals in me to fall in love with people and smile at cats like?????? whats cooler than momma nature givin u metallic tattoos to show that youve grown and matured and survived honestly ill fight anyone who points out stretch marks in a negative way

FUCK anyone who says rocky beaches aren’t cool like do you know how many tide pools they usually have??? all the fun creatures to explore??? yeah u can’t sunbathe but who cares when u find a horde of starfish and and a tiny ecosystem found in a divet of a large rock. rocky beaches are the best

It’s been a slow process.. Finally showing divets.. Slacked off for a while but have been eating healthier in the kitchen and it’s making big changes … Never gaining that freshman 15.. Or sophomore 15..junior… Ya feel me?

Hogwarts Aesthetics
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Hufflepuff:</b> those old favorite mugs with little chips and divets from all the times they fell but never shattered, the feeling of rugburn after laying on the floor and having an existential crisis with a best friend, slowly pulling on stray threads on clothing, lighting fireworks for the fun of it and somehow evading consequences, falling into a swimming pool while trying to "act natural", buying 40 packs of fruit snacks just to eat them by the bowl, cool spearmint tea and mahogany doors, hair and clothes catching on door knobs or closing windows or literally anything, comical and sarcastic banter with friends, hearing menacing shouts from other houses and starting a game of charades to ease the tension, enchanting statues to sing lullabies when insomniacs are struggling to go to sleep on time, needing just 10 more minutes of a book because the anticipation can kill within 0.0003 seconds, being in a group of friends that will murder for one another, painting encouraging quotes on the floor so when shy people look down they feel braver, photographing memories and looking back on them with fond nostalgia.<p/><b></b> Hufflepuff is resilience, self-confidence, and a knack for compromise that pleases everyone.<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> being in a dark room but having a strobe light party instead of sleeping, ceramics classes full of masterpieces but really about inside jokes, getting enchanted oragami birds to and from Gryffindors instead of passing notes, sinking into the couch at the end of a hard day, hair falling into mischievous eyes, beautiful calligraphy that are really just bad puns when deciphered, holding a small animal with gentleness and compassion, getting upset when people degrade others, running through a hallway blindfolded because "running inhuman tests of environment adaptation is essential to survival and will one day prevent apocalypse", dark sarcasm, sword fighting with pool noodles (elegantly), kindly asking a friend if plotting their enemy's death is allowed (secretly plotting the death anyway), sleeping half on the chair and half on the floor, opening presents and planning to write meaningful thank you cards, tripping in a crowded room and praying nobody noticed, having a tea party that turns into a movie night, helping a lost person find their room by pointing and speaking softly but firmly.<p/><b></b> Slytherin is determination, elegance, and a third sense that can detect both friend and foe.<p/><b>Gryffindor:</b> cursing at a table for stubbing toes and bruising shins, wearing all of one color because "the teacher said if we all wear mint green, there won't be an exam tomorrow", snarky sarcasm, feeling furious when seeing other kids getting picked on, hastily tying shoes and then having to re-tie them minutes later, the victorious feeling of successfully crafting an origami bird, off-key singing in a classroom but getting the whole class to join in, secret (but also not-so-secret) gangs, wanting to be a crime boss but simultaneously wanting to open a bakery, casting spells on the doors so that they yell odd things at whoever opens them ("Charles, you step over my threshold again and I'll fly off my hinges and you'll need to square up!"), climbing a tree to catch a butterfly, twirling around an enchanted candle and taunting its flame as it tries to nip at feet and toes, eating food too quickly because telling that cool story afterwards is more important, road trips that get cut short because the GPS is broken and map gets torn and no one has a good sense of direction, happily taking a sick day just to eat that leftover pie.<p/><b></b> Gryffindor is loyalty, open-mindedness, and a keen awareness of the emotions of those around them.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> opening a window and trying not to fall through it, engaging in conversation with strangers about anything (tea or coffee?, ketchup or mustard?, pie or cake?, etc), prolonged debates that last several days but with food/water/homework breaks, trying to fly a kite during a storm because "quite frankly, the winds are stronger now", witty sarcasm, treating others equally because no one is truly that different, creating a new sign language so that looking at friends across the room doesn't stall conversation, going to the kitchen for a midnight snack during the night owl reading, stumbling up the stairs and laughing at the lack of motor control, singing in foreign languages, sleeping in a homemade hammock, trying to build an indoor tree house but with pillows and blankets and a whole lot of magic, reading for days on end surviving only on hot drinks and jelly beans and the occasional slice of meat, singing in a beautiful and haunting way in empty hallways only to get stepped on by a...blindfolded Slytherin?, feeling like the world is too big but then realizing that its size is what makes it brilliant.<p/><b></b> Ravenclaw is inquisitive, free-spirited, and attune to the happenings around them.<p/><b></b> Hogwarts truly is a magical place.<p/></p><p/></p>