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Here are the claims: Oranges taste better in the shower. Eating oranges in the shower will make you happy. The shower orange experience could turn your entire life around.

Thousands of Reddit users have been finding out for themselves. And they have chronicled their adventures on the subreddit /r/ShowerOrange/.

To sort fact from fiction, White House Correspondent Scott Horsley, Science Editor Geoff Brumfiel and All-Around-Genius Sam Sanders stepped into shower stalls at NPR’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. (We wanted a diversity of expertise and opinions on the matter.) Then, they ate some oranges. Here’s what they learned.

Do Showers Make Oranges Taste Better? NPR Investigates

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Advertising follows public opinion, not vice versa. Was Gatorade making ads with the rainbow flag in the 90s or early 2000s? No. They only took the risk of “celebrating diversity” after public opinion had clearly shifted.

Tumblr has a diverse array of opinions and experiences, but there’s something very classic about interpreting “I don’t personally like this aesthetic style” to mean “people who like this aesthetic are ‘stupid’ and bad and I am better than them”.

in other news, DONT READ IF UR A PREPZ!!!1

A Catholic Take On The New Power Rangers Movie

For those of you who don’t know me in person, I was raised in a very conservative, white, Catholic household. If you are from a Catholic family in the Arlington area you are probably aware of the newspaper called “The Catholic Herald.” If you are not familiar it is a biweekly newspaper produced by the church. Typically it’s pretty harmless, just letting people know about church activities in the area, the scores of the Catholic high schools’ sports teams, and various editorials. About once a month the newspaper reviews movies. Again, pretty harmless. The reviews usually talk about the basic plot and the suggested viewing ages. Over the last four years, I’ve gotten a laugh out of these reviews. They are very nitpicky and point out very thing that can be a “sin.” The newspaper’s suggested viewing ages is almost always a step above the actual rating.
Now why am I bringing this up and what does this have to do with Power Rangers?
How about you read the review

“A popular Saturday morning children’s show of the 1990s makes its third appearance on the big screen. But this latest adaptation, by director Dean Israelite and no fewer than five screenwriters, replaces a relatively benign concept with an ill-mannered teen drama, replete with vulgarity and inappropriate sexual talk. Five ordinary high school students (Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Becky G) discover ancient artifacts that bestow extraordinary powers, transforming them into the eponymous superheroes. They are trained by an ancient deity (voice of Bryan Cranston) to lead the fight of good over evil, and vanquish a resurrected queen (Elizabeth Banks) hell-bent on world domination. Had the film taken a more wholesome tack it would have been mindless, escapist fun for all ages. Instead, an excess of bad taste prevails.

Watch out for: Much crude humor, rough language, sexual innuendo, references to homosexuality and masturbation.

Rated: L, limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling; MPAA: PG-13”

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community it is very disheartening to see this. This movie is very important to me not only as a queer woman but also as someone who is Hispanic. For once in my life I’ve found a character that I can truly see myself in, not only another Hispanic queer woman, but a superhero. Many people can relate to these updated versions of loved characters. A black, autistic teen, a loving son trying to keep things together for his mother, a “bad girl” trying to make up for past mistakes, an athlete without a career, and a queer teen trying to figure out who she is.

This is true representation.

The review does not mention the overwhelming diversity of the cast. Nor do the self-proclaimed champions of the “mentally disabled” applaud the positive and accurate depiction of being an autistic person. With articles supporting charities meant to help those who are homebound, they did not mention once how Zack stepped up to take care of his mother as a teenager.
While it may seem very redundant to mention how homophobic, and generally unwelcoming towards different individuals the Catholic church is, this is important. By reading this newspaper, parents can restrict what their children see. By reading this simple article, a teen will have to continue hiding in the closet. All of us, especially people of color and members of the queer community know what it is like to be outsiders. We have to stick together. Support positive diversity and representation in the media. Go and support this film.

Christian Ace Place

Calling all asexual Christians!

Do you wish you had a place to discuss your experiences at the intersection of asexuality and Christianity? Do you feel alienated in the Christian community because of your asexuality? Do you feel alienated in the ace community because of your Christianity?

Christian Ace Place is a space for you!

- Requirements: You must identify as a Christian and on the asexual spectrum (or questioning asexuality). You must also be 18 or older.
- Membership is approved by the moderators. To request membership, simply reply to this post.
- Anything shared in this password-protected, invitation-only blog group is confidential and cannot be reposted publicly.
- Members may not have come out publicly; don’t “out” them to anyone else.
- We welcome diverse opinions on the intersection of asexuality and Christianity as long as they are communicated respectfully — this is not a place to insist on winning arguments or shouting people down/out.
- No bullying or harassment of anyone for any reason.

Looking forward to talking with you!

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Shadowhunters: A Broken Fandom?

So you all know that I am a Dark Artifices account and I remain pretty strict about that in terms of content. But some of you may know I am also a fan of Shadowhunters (the show) because when I have gone off topic in regards to TDA, I am almost always talking about the show.
BUT, it has recently come to my attention that some people within the Shadowhunters fandom are blaming the “brokenness” of the fandom on people within the fandom who have voiced their disappointment with several issues addressed on the show.
LISTEN. During season 1 I defended this show so hard because of all the criticism it received from book stans that was ridiculous. I defended the cast who was attacked for no reason, I defended the producers who were attacked for no reason, I defended the writers who were attacked for no reason. And NO, I’m not talking about constructive criticism, because I still fail to see how calling Kat talentless and ugly is constructive or how calling Emeraude slutty was constructive BUT I DIGRESS.
This season, the writers, cast and crew have made a lot of mistakes that were absolutely avoidable. I have seen the fandom make reasonable and constructive requests and reviews. And I have seen the rest of the fandom tear them apart for it. (FOR EXAMPLE: the fact that serious issues such as sex slavery, sexual assault, suicide, etc were addressed only to never be addressed seriously again). I was one of the many people advocating for the writers room to apologize for the demon rapist plot line, and I was literally attacked by members of the fandom telling me I had no right to tell the writers how to do their job.
There were several members of the LGBT community upset that while hetero couples are given screen time during intimate moments/sexy time, Malec wasn’t. There was also disappointment because Magnus did not give full consent in the scene shown…
There has recently been disappointment with Emeraude stating that Izzy is not Latina, though se prided herself on playing a Latina character on TV that wasn’t stereotypical, after a Latina fan voiced her disappointment about Isabelle’s yin fen addiction.
The fact that people within the fandom have the audacity to say that the reason our fandom is so messed up is because of people who have voiced their disappointment, is pathetic.
The fact that you would rather put the blame on communities who actively advocate for issues that matter to be portrayed respectfully, rather than to admit that the cast & crew of Shadowhunters can DO BETTER is disappointing.
You do not have to share their disappointment. You may not even feel that their disappointment is valid. But don’t say that our fandom has turned negative because of those people. Do you know why our fandom has turned negative? It’s because of people like you who think they can decide for communities of people what they can be upset about and what they should probably shut up about.
If you are not part of the LGBT community and think their opinion on Malec & how they are represented on the show isn’t valid, keep it to yourself.
If you are not Latina and think their disappointment over Izzy’s yin fen addiction and Eme’s comment is not valid, keep it to yourself. And to those of you who are part of those communities who feel you need to have a different opinion in order to be accepted by the fandom, I feel sorry for you.
This fandom is not negative or broken because some have been disappointed by the mistakes made in this season. This fandom is negative and broken because of the way we treat other people in our fandom. This fandom is negative and broken because we have convinced each other that we must take sides and have uniform opinions rather than to encourage each other to have diverse opinions that are respectful and constructive.
So if you would rather those who have been disappointed by this season shut up and sit down, and you think that’s how our fandom will be healed, I’m sorry to tell you that you are completely wrong.
This is my first and final comment on the issue, and I promise to my TDA followers for this long rant on their feed. I promise strictly TDA from now on!

Respect the Slav

 I am Polish with a bit of Tatar blood. I strongly identify as Slavic and have genuine affection for any Slavic nation, but mostly I am Polish and so proud to be. I find it kind of hurtful how we are perceived in the Western nations and how we are depicted in mainstream media in America. I feel rejected both by the white community and the opressed community of People of color. Of course by no means Slavs are POC and by no means we have it as bad, but actually anyone who isn’t of Western European descend has it hard. Nevertheless we are painted with the same brush as those Western Europeans simply due to our race, but we’re not the same.

Have you ever notices the way Slavs are depicted in mainstream media in USA? Let’s start with the fact that you don’t really see other Slavic nations than Russians. I know that Russia is the big bad of the US generally, but not ever Russian is a villain or a villain-turned-hero. There are tons of amazing people. NOT EVERY RUSSIAN IS EVIL. Their authorities are evil, but the Russians are not. For example, look at the Russians in the MCU. First of all, we’ve got Natasha. As much as I love Scarlett Joahnsson and I am aware that she is of Polish descend, there are so many talented Russian actresses who could have got the role, yet as far as I’m concerned no actual Russian was even considered. Second thing is while Natasha is a Russian protagonist she despises Russia. Her homecountry is everything evil when it comes to the character. She doesn’t show young Slavs that being Slavic is cool. The rest of the Russians in the Universe are villains. Let’s start with Ivan Vanko. Again, Rourke is not Russian nd he doesn’t have ANY Russian or Slavic blood. The accent was terrible, the character was absolutely despising. While his motivation was weak it kind of made sense until the reveal that Anton Vanko was practically a leech. So yeah, evil runs in the Russian blood I guess. Russians in Captain America? Okay, I don’t have a fucking idea what went on there. The Russians captured Bucky and experimented on him, yet he’s a Hydra asset? Hydra was a Nazi organization and it makes no sense since the Soviets actually had a lot to do with defeating Nazis. Both were evil, but they’re not the fucking same. Actually Nazis hated Slavs almost as much as Jewish people and by the time “The First Avenger” takes place historically the Germans had already blocked Leningrad, so the Soviets would never work with them. Let’s take a look at “Arrow” now. We’ve got plenty of Russians here. Except they all are shady gangsters with good intentions only for themselves. Yeah, the brotherhood and severe loyalty in Bratva is depicted, but it’s still a criminal organization. Got to mention that they actually cast David Nykl who is Czech Canadian (so he’s Slavic) in the role of Anatoli, yet Kovar is played by a Swede. I’m in the supehero fandoms, so most of my examples come from there, but I guess you get the idea. I can’t recall many other Slavs with prominent roles in American mainstream media apart from Sophie and Oleg from Two Broke Girls and don’t even get me started on those. The Hollywood also didn’t care enough to cast somebody of the right ethnic background for the role of Nikola Tesla who was Serbian (so a Slav) with David Bowie playing him in “The Prestige” and Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming “The Current War”. Have you heard of the movie “The Zookeeper’s Wife”? It’s about the Żabiński family who hid Jews in the Warsaw Zoo during WWII. Yet the main roles of Polish people again went to actors with nothing Slavic about them.

I could rant more on this, but I actually want to mention one more thing. Dear People of Color, as I said we are not opressed like you, but please do not paint us with the same brush as those actually responsible for all the awful things that happened in America to your ancestors. And I am talking as A POLISH PERSON here. Specifically Polish person. We are not your enemy. We never colonised Americas. We never had slaves there. While your ancestors were slaves (actually the term “slave” derives from the word “Slav”, because Slavic people were often kept as slaves in Arab Spain in ninth century), mine were living in a non-existent country since it was literally stolen away from us by Prussia, Russia and Austria. For 123 years there was no independent Poland, Polish culture was opressed and depolonization was crazy. Yet we managed to survive. We fought for our freedom. One of our national heroes is actually also a national hero in US. His name is Tadeusz Kościuszko. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re missing out. He was a prominent figure in American Revolution. There’s actually a story that while he was in Philadephia, the leader of Little Turtle came to him and Tadeusz gave him guns with guide to use them against anyone who would want to conquer Little Turtle. Then he came back to Poland to fight for his own country which was being torn apart by their neighbours.

There’s also the story about Poles in Haiti. Let me start things of with saying that many Poles viewed Napoleon as a way to regain freedom. It kind of worked since the Kingdom of Poland came to existance, but don’t think it was any kind of independent coutry. It still belonged to Russia. Napoleon exploited the Poles in his army, seriously. He didn’t actually give a damn about us. So he sent them to help subdue the Haitian Revolution. As you may or may not know, the revolution was successful. Want to hear the story of the Poles’ role? Well, it’s simple. When they arrived there and saw that the Haitians fight for their freedom just like the Polish, they decided to actually help them. Not immediately, but it didn’t take them much time. They saw the Revolution as paralell to the Polish situation back then. Jean-Jacques Dessalines called the Poles (AND I’M LITERALLY QUOTING HIM THERE): “the White Neg***s of Europe” with was actually regarded a great honour. The Poles who fought there aquired Haitian citizenship and you can still find their descendants on Haiti. 

And the WWII. Oh, the WWII. It all started in Poland which was still weak. We actually existed as an independent country for only 20 years when Hitler attacked us. It’s no mystery that our allies (Great Britain and France) didn’t give a damn about us and didn’t help Poland at all. I could talk and talk about the Poles in the WWII, because our role was HUGE. Let me just say that Poland was the only country were hiding Jews was punished by death, yet so many Polish people (count in my greatgrandparents) still did it. Of course not every Pole was a saint back then and some actually did horrible things, but majority of Poles really helped the Jews. Just check which country has the most citizens who got the honorific of Righteous Among the Nations. (Spoiler Alert: it’s Poland) Poland is actually the only country and Germany conquered back then where they couldn’t form a SS force, because most of us would rather die than fight for the Nazis. A Pole, Jan Karski, risked his life when he was smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto to gather information. Actually when he reported those to Western leaders, they pretty much didn’t give a shit. Polish officer Witold Pilecki voluteered to go to Auschwitz to gain information on the camp. And please, NEVER say “Polish death camps”. The death camps were never Polish. They were on our territory which was taken from us by force.  Poles also fought in Britain (Polish pilots in Battle of England anyone?) and in other parts of the world. After the war ended no one gave a shit. Roosevelt and Churchill easily sold us to Soviets, so we actually became dependent on Russia yet again. We regained our independance in 1989 and were actually the first nation to break the communist regime. 

We’re no saints and the country is a mess right now. There are tons of rasist, homophobic and sexist people among us, but a lot of Poles actually fought for basic human rights for everyone, for freedom, for justice. We may be a mess, but if the times are hard, we’ll come together and fight for ourselves and for each of you, because in the end we’re all people, we all deserve the same treatment and opportunities. 

So what I wanted to say by this rant? I wanted to kindly ask POC not to paint every white person with the same brush and to not think that we’re the same as your opressors. We are not your enemy, we never were. I wanted to kindly ask opressed POC not to erase the beautiful Slavic cultures by saying that “white people have no culture”. I get you’re angry with your opressors, I can fully understand it, but it is hurtful for me as a person who doesn’t really identify with the Western culture.  I wanted to demand Western white people for more respect towards other cultures, also those of other ethnic groups of your own race. Slavs are the biggest white ethnic group in Europe, yet they are neglected and stereotyped. 

Just One Word April Book Photo Challenge 

Day 15: Gay

I was a bit hesitant to read yet another fairytale retelling, but as soon as I found out Ash was wlw, I jumped right on board! There can never have enough diverse retellings, in my opinion. Especially when they subvert the whole boy gets girl/girl gets boy trope. 

In fact, if you have any recs for retellings that feature diverse MCs (particularly those written by ownvoices), let me know! 

I have done my best to keep my politics and my platform as an entertainer separate. Honestly, it’s something I struggle with daily, but I hold that line out of respect for my fans and out of disgust for the state of American politics. I believe that today’s hyper-politicized world is a serious distortion of reality. I believe that neighbors who disagree with one another have the capacity to find common ground and regularly do. I believe the politicians we elect to represent us and the diversity of our opinions and lifestyles, are failing us by not seeking that common ground. I’ve chosen to stay publicly apolitical because there are few spaces left that have not been politicized. I have immense respect for those who use their platforms to rally people to that which they believe is right and true. Still, I feel in this climate, my greatest contribution could be to remind people as they stand side by side in a live music venue that we are not as different as our televisions and our political leaders would like us to believe. With this in mind I would appreciate it if politicians and representatives of political parties would refrain from the public use of my music as KellyAnne Conway and the GOP did today at their CPAC convention. My music is about uniting people through our common experience and is not intended as hype tracks for political dog and pony shows.

*beyonce, busta rhymes, meryl streep, john legend, etc talk about feminism, racism, black lives matter, police brutality, or being against the trump administration*


*some chick called joy villa wears a “make america great again” dress*

trump supporters: good for her! this talented woman is so brave. she has the right to her opinion. the entertainment industry needs more diverse opinions. freedom of speech!

anonymous asked:

I'm not a Berkeley College Republican, but I did attend a Milo event in a red state and stuck around for the meet-and-greet with him. For me his appeal is that he's charismatic, witty, and unscrupulous enough to be an effective attack dog against the sort of social justice activists that you criticize. If it wasn't for the Cultural Revolution-esque things activists did on campuses from 2015-on and the concern that engendered, his tactics in shifting the Overton Window wouldn't be as popular.

(from the same person as the previous Milo ask) Social justice tactics led to people self-censoring to avoid being made into the next Brendan Eich; Milo turns the tables and makes people on the left worry about being made an example of as well. It may be morally questionable, but it’s relieving from the perspective of someone on the right that being able to unilaterally target people without fear of retribution isn’t something social justice activists can rely on anymore.

I do not believe it to be the case that random cruelty to people, who are not even especially selected for being ‘on the left’ - trans women have a diverse array of ideological opinions! - causes ‘the left’ to learn that random cruelty is bad. 

I mean, if it did, then being targets of random cruelty would have taught the right that random cruelty was bad, and instead (going off your read of Milo’s appeal) it seems to have taught them that random cruelty is heroic when aimed at your enemies and contemptible when they aim it at you. 

This is not very surprising. Being horrible to people is not a good way to teach them that being horrible is wrong. Being horrible to people is not a good way to teach them anything. It’s not that it ‘may be morally questionable’ to bully a random young woman in order to make an abstract political point to an amorphous strawman of your political enemies, it is that it is definitely actually morally bad.

I’m open to the argument that saying offensive things is a way to combat an environment full of language-policing where people are terrified to ask questions or doubt or challenge things. But I don’t think there’s an argument for targeting specific vulnerable students who are not even chosen for being ideologically on the left in order to show the left that such targeting is wrong. And, uh, Milo said after the trans woman he harassed left the school that he considered this a ‘success’, so I am kind of inclined to think that he actually just derives satisfaction from having the power to ruin random peoples’ lives, and any claim that this is a legitimate or productive thing to do are secondary justifications for something that is actually just the satisfaction bullies derive from getting to bully people. 

when people do that ‘gotcha! Japanese people in Japan aren’t upset about so and so white person cast as Kusanagi Motoko or Light or whatever so no one in America should be” always conveniently leave out that a lot of those same Japanese people also add “better a white person play so and so character than another Asian person who’s from a different Asian country pretending to be Japanese.” Or the confusion over a black man cast as L, for example, because ‘it doesn’t really fit why’s he black now?” It shows how little they understand America. (I mean, of course this is even beyond the fact that Japanese people in Japan aren’t a monolith, and I have actually had conversations with people in Japan who understood why white washing stories in Hollywood is a big deal.) 

when Japanese people in Japan say they don’t really mind an Americanized version featuring white people it’s usually for a variety of reasons. First and foremost that Japan as a country has its own thriving media machine. They don’t need Hollywood or American media to reflect them or their values accurately because they already have their own Death Note films. They already have their Ghost in the Shell movies and manga and so forth.Those properties getting attention in other countries is just a cool thing- like, hey this is getting popular in other places cool.” Japanese creators do it with foreign properties too- Romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland, Gone with the Wind- adapted for and played by Japanese people. (The Gone with the Wind I saw in Japan included black face actually. That was… a thing.)The Howl’s Moving Castle film is a Japanese version of a British novel. Ponyo is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen. 

 But when people in America complain about how Hollywood handles this stuff, it’s because they are directly affected by the messages that are packed into media and how that media is produced. A Japanese person in Japan might complain about the inaccuracies in Memoirs of a Geisha and be derisive about it, but they may not end up being affected by it in the same way as an Asian person in America is. (The overwhelming controversy about Memoirs in Japan beyond the inaccuracies and exotified Japan was that they got Chinese actresses to play Japanese characters). But Asian people in America are dealing with the media in a different way. They have a totally unique experience where white people are taking Asian stories and adapting them with white people and leaving Asian people out of the equation. And approaching the issue of white washing without talking about poc experiences in America is ridiculous. 

And then when it comes to like- confusion that L is black in the new Netflix version, for instance. They see this as a ‘deviation’ from the ‘norm.’ That is one thing that they have gotten from American media in Japan- that most people in America are white and anything else is a deviation from ‘normal.’ I think a lot of the people I interacted directly with in Japan didn’t assume I was American usually- my hair and my eyes are dark. Hell I had a student who actually got sad that her mental image- that most Americans are white blonde folks with light colored eyes- was simply not accurate. And Japanese people in Japan usually don’t get a lot of narratives about the experiences of poc in america. they learn some of the history of course- slavery and Jim Crow and Native Americans historically. But they don’t usually have a wide understanding of American racial politics in the modern day. (Sometimes when big news makes it to Japan like the murder of black people by police, they’ll learn more about it in those moments, but in general i don’t they they really know much. Or for people who’s particular field in college includes sociological studies- like one of the men I talked to who was very upset with the casting of ScarJo because he understood the politics in the US) 

i’m going to end this because i’m rambling but like i wanted to acknowledge again that Japanese people in Japan still have diverse opinions as well and this is more addressing general trends of ‘why is it a big deal’ coming from the japanese public and the whole ‘well shut up about being irritated about white washing because japanese people in japan don’t care!” b/c its bull

DAY 3241

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 11/12,  2017                  Sat/Sun 1:57 am

Birthday Ef - Reshmi Philips 

Sun, February 12 ..to you we wish the happiness of your birth and the love that we send to you from all of the Ef ..

Namaskaar .. 

Folded hands in reverence of greeting and submission .. nothing sinister or complicated .. just simple expression of servility to them that hold you in audience .. a greeting, a departure, an acceptance, an acknowledged grace .. so many different attributes - unlike the Western hand shake .. a hand in joining greeting , the other on the sword !! 

Cultural differences and the inculcation of certain attitudes that were designed after great and valued thought, became our symbols of affection and love .. to some .. to others the understanding of its gesture was one of submission .. yes submission .. but a submission to that which was of a higher divinity .. if a human was of such quality, so be it .. if not then too a signal of distance .. so many other instinctive shapes and colors to the possibilities of the hand in fold !

The Hand … the most complicated machinery in the entire human body .. its absolute construction never to have been attempted or developed, for, its complicated history would never be able to be contained .. yet the importance of its robotic imagery ..

Lose a portion of the hand, and existing chores of the most simple kind, shall have failure and discomfort  .. how do they, that have deformation or accidental loss of this most important element of our body construct, manage and survive and thrive .. I know not .. all I do know is that personally I did face the challenge of loss many a time and was educated in the acute problems of that which is missing .. mine all came back, in shape and form .. but for them that had permanent loss, it has and shall remain a nightmare ..

Deformity be damned .. it cripples normalcy .. yet for them that suffer, normalcy takes on different and diverse hues .. size, opinion, stature, comparison with the other .. the knowing of the difference, and to live with it in the entire life, making amends and compensations .. finding excuses of not being able to do what normalcy does .. finding a spot among others that can accommodate the fissures of the self .. it is damning .. 

To stand apart .. to be deficient .. not of similar worth or kind .. handicapped by circumstances and biological wonder .. obtuse and unevenly triangulated, for the universe to see and be not able to repair .. of a region that stinks of ‘outcaste’ of a different birth, of a different community .. 

Strange .. 

Colors of our inward emissions be similar .. yet they that trade in supremacy, in values that match the rest are comfortable in their inners .. for those that do not they remain the outters .. always different and therefore subjected to a class and kind that has been ostracised through ages .. 

 Those who did and thought of this must have reason .. those that did not derive benefit of its presence, gave in to the norms of society .. discrimination !

Challenged by feature, they that have, are studied repression and therefore in isolation .. but the fear of its repercussions, instils a certain faith and it all falls into place .. but the stigma remains and burns inside each moment .. destroying the clarity that often should be within our range and type .. but NO .. it does not and so we suffer .. suffer in the silence of deformity .. in the wake of handicapped vision and form .. in the realm that has been forever not normal .. or what is and has been declared normal ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

anonymous asked:

Do you have any sexuality headcanons for the 104th?

Alright, my dear, here’s the thing. This is something I know that most people have their own headcanons on, so what you see here is just my interpretation. If you headcanon them differently, that’s fantastic and amazing and I’d love to hear them. Diversity of opinion is what makes fandom interesting!

Eren: Bi-sexual

Mikasa: Heterosexual

Armin: Bi-sexual

Jean: Bi-sexual

Marco: Homosexual

Annie: Bi-Sexual

Reiner: Homosexual

Bertholdt: Bi-sexual

Sasha: Heterosexual

Connie: Heterosexual

Ymir: Homosexual 

Historia: Homosexual 

try maximizing your potential

I am a female millennial studying political science at a seemingly very liberal institution. The ideals of feminism are so carelessly debated through the workings of my own life that my perception of what it means to truly be a feminist has become skewed and distorted. I struggle with the definition of feminism and what it looks like in practice.

The Women’s March on Washington, and the similar marches around the world, that occurred last Friday left me in complete perplexity. I am still perplexed. I can’t seem to deduce from their protests what they are truly fighting for. I was even more dumbfounded when I discovered a woman’s group in Washington advocating for their pro-life position was removed from a list of the March’s supporters. Apparently, you are only free to voice your opinion if it is the right opinion. Here again we see the hypocrisy of the left. The left praises diversity in race, gender, sexuality, but denounces diversity of opinion.    

There are those who love to tell me that as a Conservative I cannot also identify as a feminist. After what played out last Friday, I’m not sure I’m too upset by this statement.

I do not like the modern day form of feminism. I do not like this general perception of victimhood based on gender. I do not like the excuses, the complaints, the invalidated judgments. If you’re a modern day feminist apparently you have to be pro-choice.  Apparently clothes are optional, and “free the nipple” is a statement of feminine empowerment. Men are seemingly the enemy, and to protest this would make you the likes of a traitor, maybe even a misogynist. Those who choose motherhood over a career are suddenly labeled regressive. Those who choose careless sexual exploration and then documentation are exalted.

This should not be feminism. These women should not be labeled true feminists.

You know who is a real feminist? My father. My father the conservative, my father the realist, my father the traditionalist, he is a feminist.

My father, the man who pushed me to be better than my male counterparts, and who truly believed I could be better than my male counterparts, he is a feminist. My father, the man who expected me to excel in academics and accepted nothing less, now he is a feminist. My father, the man who supported my wild professional ambitions, he is a feminist. My father, the man who refused to allow me to be defined by my gender and by societal stereotypes, he is a feminist. My father, the man who worked his entire life alongside my mother to provide greater opportunities for his two daughters, he is a feminist.

When did feminism become about wildly exposing one’s body, instead of maximizing one’s potential through education, athletics, or the arts? When did feminism become an attack on society, instead of a practice of nourishment and growth for young women? When did women stop believing they were enough, and instead begin pointing the finger of blame at those who they presume to be the chosen successful ones?

Feminism must be better than this is if it is to survive. Women must be better than this if they wish to be successful. To the women who spent their Friday out protesting, I ask of you this. Go to work, go to school, better yourself through the acquirement of knowledge. Make yourself an asset in the workplace. Work to become the best version of you. This is how we as a gender progress. This is how humanity progresses. This is how we as a gender make strides in the size of our income. This is how we as a gender earn respect. Standing in the road on a Friday with a vulgar sign, that displays vulgar language, accomplishes none of this, and it might even in fact, regress your beloved feminist effort.