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Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast
  • Diversity slapped me in face and I welcomed it with open arms
  • The enchantress didn’t curse an 11 year old who obviously knew stranger danger
  • He was an actual douche bag who deserved to be cursed
  • Belle’s blue dress
  • “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”
  • “But she’s so well read and your so… athletically inclined.”
  •  I want that music box. TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY
  • Belle Doing laundry
  • Belle teaching the little girl to read
  • I love that it’s eternally winter there that just seems really cool to me

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Here on Tumblr I see so many people, rightfully so, demanding more representation of how our world is in Hollywood blockbusters, and superhero films especially. This weekend a film that did that organically and with love and realism at it’s core pushed that ideal onto the big screen, and not very many people went to see it. If you’re not being the change you want to see in the world, you’re failing everyone. Power Rangers is the film we have all been asking for, and it’s done what Marvel and DC outside of television are still struggling with. They put their all into diversity and character driven, beyond face level representation handled with care, but Hollywood will just see that it opens second to other films. It went beyond queer baiting and checking boxes. Don’t let love and hope lose again like it did in November. Bring a friend, bring your children, demand those around you to, in this world that feels increasingly less accepting with films that feel less inclusive to everyone, go support the movie about five completely different people of different skin colors, genders, and sexualities coming together to take on oppression and greed on the same level, pushing toward a better future. The future we all demand, but didn’t show up to support.


Bioware has the worst fandom hands down lol

3 bisexual romances
2 gay romances
1 lesbian romance
2 hetero romances


yes ignore the 3 bisexual romances you’re not happy with and profile characters based on their looks who ‘should’ have been gay.

Also they can change their mind about the sexuality of their characters because its THEIR CHARACTER. You werent promised nothing.

ALSO can i get a mother fucking shout out to all the POCs in this game? Everyone is too wound up with their entitlement and 'lack of representation of sexuality’ that they forgot the POCs in the game. Like holy hell, the hyperion alone has more people of color in a single area than ive seen in the entirety of most games. Also yeah the character creation is weak but the diversity of the faces are stellar! Who cares if your character isnt a super model, the fact that you can make a believable asian or African american person is fantastic to me.

Bioware actually tries to be different but when its not enough: witch hunt.

Ya’ll are babies


I want to do a day of Exquisite Enbies. I’ve seen amazing love going around for other minorities under such tags, and today has proven to me how important it is for the nonbinary people here on tumblr to get some love, regardless of how we present. I thought maybe if we can get enough high-profile enby-friendly bloggers supporting the idea, we could flood tumblr with photos (selfies and otherwise) celebrating the unique beauty and handsomeness of nonbinary folks. Text is of course welcome to accompany photos, but I want to see those diverse faces and bodies!

I’m more than happy to start it and reblog my heart out, but I need the support of as many folks as I can get.

How about April 30th? It’s close enough that hopefully this won’t be forgotten, but far enough off to build a good network of support.

So what I’m asking:

Reblog the hell out of this post!
Tag enbies and nonbinary-friendly bloggers and ask them to help spread the word!
Start snapping those photos!

This is needed. This is important. Help me spread the love.

colourspectrum1  asked:

Your sims are all so stunning!! My sims end up looking all the same - do you have any tips to increase the diversity of faces in the game?

Thank you so much! I’ve held on to this ask for awhile because I just don’t feel like an authority on this subject. I think everyone has a sim style, and I don’t always feel like my faces are as variant as I would like them. 

That said, I had a few tips and ideas to share!

1. Study Faces.
I’ve been fascinated by the human face my entire life. I studied to be a portrait artist so I’m always looking at people and imagining how I would draw them! 

You don’t need to be an artist to be fascinated by faces though. Start collecting images of people whose faces strike you - I have a whole Pinterest board of them! You can use these images to base entire sims off of, or you could find just one particular facial feature inspires you. 

2. Proportion.
Here’s a very basic guide to human facial proportions. I like to make my sims feel a bit more realistic, and I’ve noticed that the default sims 4 faces have very large eyes and teeny tiny noses. So the first thing I start with is reducing the eye size and increasing the nose. I’ll also usually reduce the head size as well. 

Then, once things are feeling more human, I mess with the proportions to create interesting shapes. Maybe one sim will have really wide-set eyes and a long nose; someone else might have a very small mouth and longer chin. Don’t be afraid to make non-conventionally attractive people. Play around and have fun! 

3. Use Different Presets.
This is kind of an obvious tip, but if you always use the same presets, it’s going to be hard to make different-looking sims. I am guilty of this - there’s a particular jaw that I prefer and I only use the eyes without eyelashes so I can use cc eyelashes. But try to stay out of preset ruts!

4. Profile.
Don’t forget to visit the profile. You can have the best looking sim from the front, and then you turn to the side and they look like a frog. You can adjust the individual features as well as the depth of the entire face. 

5. Touch Every Slider.
I make a point to touch every slider, including in the detailed view, for every sim I make. Some will just have small changes, but I don’t leave anything exactly how the preset is. 

6. Don’t underestimate the power of Skin Details.
Skin details bring sims to life. Freckles, eye bags, nose masks, mouth corners, overlays, etc. – they all contribute to making your sims feel alive and unique. I have a collection of my favorite skin details here.

7. Step away and come back.
Work on your new sim, then take a break and go do something else. When you return with fresh eyes, you will notice things you’d like to change that you didn’t see before.

Hope these tips are helpful. Have fun! 

THE GREAT BEAUTY SHAKE-UP: photography: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin - fashion editor: Tonne Goodman - hair: Pecis - makeup: Dick Page - models: Liu Wen, Ashley Graham, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Imaan Hammam, Vittoria Ceretti, Adwoa Aboah - Vogue March 2017

“The next wave of models is defying stereotypes by brining us faces - and figures - for an unconventional, post-diversity, ultra-inclusive generation.”

  • featured designers: Prada turtlenecks, shorts, belts - Miu Miu shorts

I thought it was interesting how people claimed that my latest edits made Frozen and Tangled look more like something Dreamworks would do. Let me remind you that they too have had cases of what I call the baby-face syndrome (more commonly known as “caricature”, but whatever). ;D

PS: Roxanne!!! Why you so lovely?!?! *whispers* - Call me! <3

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Elsa (GIF)ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelHoney LemonAunt CassColetteMeridaSusanLindaMavis 

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I LOVE the diverse way you draw faces and characters and I was wondering if you have any tips on how you do that? Too often when I practice drawing I get stuck in that "same face" rut and I struggle to branch out. It's hard for me to make it look natural and I usually end up so disheartened that I stop practicing for long amounts of time, which I know is not helping me at all. Again, absolutely love your art style. :)

Oh shucks ! Thank you friend. ‘Same Face TM ‘ is probably the hardest thing to break. Drawing in your comfort zone is relaxing and falling into patterns happens to everyone. I’m gonna tell you tho – it takes a lot of crummy drawings and tests to get into the more natural exploration. You just gotta keep pushing yourself! So here’s a little exercise I tend to do daily ( or every other day ). I give myself a time limit of about 10-15 minutes. I draw a bunch of random shapes 

And then I just take those shapes put faces in them. I don’t let myself think too much because the moment I start to they get harder and harder to draw! So here’s the result of my 10 minute time restraint

Voila! Just a bunch of random faces for kicks. And then you leave it and try it again the next day and so on and so on. I also tend to just look at people and their expressions / face shapes. Just observing can really go a long way for making it click. This is what’s helped me to look at faces and push / exaggerate things in ways that fit. I hope this is sort of helpful anon!

Funny how so many people on Tumblr love to reblog endless pictures of nearly interchangeable light-skinned, thin, very young, foreign East Asians while Asian-Americans with more diverse body types and faces are ignored at best and mocked at worst by the very same people.

The only reason you think we all look the same is because of you people self-reinforcing your own weird fetishes.

Have you ever tried to cast the perfect person for your character of color only to see the same couple of face claims over and over again? Well I have a solution for you!

Face Claim Diversity Presents: The Face Claims of Color Directory!

Face Claim Diversity is brand spanking new, fresh off the lot, state-of-the-art blog dedicated to providing resources just for face claims of color. For the past few months, I’ve been working on the directory and the themes and I’m ready to show-case it! 

The directory is easy to use, features tons of people of color (though it’s still very much a work-in-progress!), has plenty of options to narrow down your search, and has a guide in case you need help. I’ve tried to find lesser-known models, actors, and musicians to feature in the directory, though there still are some familiar faces. When you hover over the pictures, more information will show up.

As time goes on, I will add to the directory. But, since I am in school full-time and work, much of my time is taken up. To make things go faster for me, submit a face claim for me to add if you’d like! Also, if you’re interested, please consider rating the blog so I can make it the best it can be. You can also be a part of this project by sending me a message to apply to be a mod!

Please reblog this post if you’d like and to spread awareness! I’d appreciate it!

The directory can be found here!

su used to have a lot of diversity when it came to faces and i really appreciated that. for example amethysts eyes used to be catlike, pearls eyes used to be ovals and her nose used to be longer, lapis used to have oval shaped eyes as well

but i feel like the show has slowly dropped these features in favor of making everyone’s features look the same

it feels like a lot of the faces in the show seem to be gravitating to very large perfect circle eyes with a tiny dot for a pupil and a very low placed mouth very close to the chin. noses are getting smaller also

im not sure what the purpose behind the design changes are but it’s just kind of disappointing to see a show that used to have such interesting and different looking faces just decide to drop it

                                 FACECLAIM REFERENCES.

       okay, so i’ve been asked this often! chloe, where do you find your tolkien fcs? well,
     here’s a list of underused faceclaims for races/species which i think they would fit well!






Did Elsa too! :3 No more baby-face for our bellowed snow queen! >:D (Moahahahahaaa!!) PS: Updated her neck! 

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Elsa (GIF)AnnaRapunzelMother GothelHoney LemonAunt CassColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLindaMavis

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.

nourgelitnius  asked:

I searched your navigation and didn't see an answer to this. Do you know of any blogs or resources for POC face claims? I am a very visual person when it comes to creating all my characters, but this story idea I have has predominantly POC characters. Simply searching "(insert nationality/race) men/women/child" in google doesn't bring up very many varied or usable results that aren't based on Caucasian ideals of beauty. I have a few pictures, but would like more to work from.

Anonymous asked: I really enjoy ‘casting’ my characters, but I’m having huge issues finding POC male actors that are ~20. Do you know any sites with helpful lookups like this, or any actors you recommend looking up?

Sources for POC Face Claims

Howdy! As an artist I personally tend to scour ModelMayhem, since you can specify factors like race, height, age, eye, skin and hair color. 

- Rodríguez

We’ve got a Character Inspiration tag, organized by (WOC) (MOC) (POC). That could also be a start. Many of the sources come from blogs of models and submissions.

- Colette



Pinterest can be a great source for this kind of thing. Try searching for “character inspiration” boards (there are loads) and go from there. Some character inspiration boards feature mostly photos of white people, of course, but there are plenty of Pinterest users who collect images of diverse people on their inspiration boards.


So we FINALLY getting some diversity on SD with new faces of stars that been overlooked for years FINALLY getting some time to shine, yet you all are pissed off at Jinder because he gave a concussion to Finn Balor? The same guy who wrestled last night? And you all are mad? Ok..so where were you all when Seth Rollins broke John’s nose? Where were you all when Samoa Joe legit caused Tyson Kidd 2 years of his career and maybe never to wrestle again? How about when Aksana broke Naomi’s eye socket?

You all bitch and moan and cry that WWE is using the same people over and over. Now they are mixing it up, you get mad over something that they can’t control. They are professional wrestlers. They signed up for this. They know sometimes they will get injured. Proves that this is real what they are doing. I’m sure Jinder didn’t do it in purpose like one muscle bound man walking wellness violation who trying to purposely harm others…oh and people are quiet about that too. Just like those who are attacking Nia about Charlotte. Charlotte and Finn both aren’t mad or blaming them at all. It comes in the territory.

So Jinder getting a push? GOOD. Rowan and Harper? SPLENDED. Sami? WELL DESERVE. Mojo? OUTSTANDING. I hate it when fans trying to downgrade a star’s push because of an unplanned injury that happens. If that’s the case, Samoa Joe should been fired what he did to Tyson, Seth should be a jobber what he did to Cena, Orton should been long gone for injuring Cena, Cody and others. Oh lets not forget Jericho injuring Shawn’s eye. Wrestling fans are the most backward ass fans. You can’t please them with anything.

S7 finale thoughts/Storytelling

So it took me quite a while to formulate my first thoughts about the finale. I haven’t even had a chance to watch a second time yet because life has been pretty hectic but I do have a lot of thoughts from just the first viewing. Most of them revolve more around the beauty of the overall story arc and those implications for the story at large and less around the greatness of one single episode because what I am beginning to see about Gimple’s story telling is that you can’t take each individual episode and rate it on its overall quality. Gimple’s story telling is a much more complex thing that weaves together multiple story lines over many seasons and the overall story itself is satisfying as a whole even if individual episodes along the way are less than gratifying. I also think this has some really interesting implications for Daryl’s story which to me is the most unresolved story arc so far.

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