diversity appreciation week

So Disney Diversity Appreciation Week has come to an end. I didn’t get to do all the edits I wanted too (but I’m still going to continue them anyways). But I hope you enjoyed these past days in celebrating the diversity that Disney does have, and hopefully they get more appreciation and recognition that they deserve! 

Also hopefully Disney continues to create more diverse characters and more diverse casts! SO thank you for sticking with me, no one sent any nasty messages about my choice to do this week. Diversity Appreciation Week was to celebrate the people of colour in Disney movies, and will continue being appreciated even after this week! 

“We Deserve Better” = Ladybug Diversity Appreciation Week?

The power of a fandom.

So. I don’t know if you guys have heard of the latest controversies surrounding a dystopian show called The 100, but long story short, they employed a tired, overused trope called the “Bury Your Gays” trope. Shortly after bisexual lead character Clarke finally consummated her relationship with openly gay character Lexa, Lexa was killed off (IN THE NEXT SCENE) by a stray bullet meant for Clarke, by her father figure who disapproved of her relationship. This is a trope that has dated back decades in literature, television, and now, it’s being perpetuated by choice in the 21st century. Not to mention the killing off of minority characters in disgusting fashions (Lincoln Deserves Better) reminiscent of colonization history. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

If there’s one thing that I’ve seen from this fandom, it’s the beautiful amount of appreciation and creativity. The openness and tolerance for different pairings, friendships, and scenarios involving the characters we love. From personal experience, the amount of positive reception garnered from my own stories, from the one of Marinette being genderfluid, to the story where Adrien wore a skirt from a gender-neutral clothing line, was beautiful. The characters who are not white are often celebrated and popular within the fandom, and the general love we have for these characters is wonderful.

Thomas Astruc has stated that he will do his best to include LGBT characters. I will not blame him, or the creative staff, if he is unable to include it as much as he would like to. He has already created a wonderfully diverse children’s show with a biracial main female character who is not sexualized. I will forever be thankful for that.

But I began to think the other day. About how we, as a fandom, can do more.

When I was beginning to get into fan-culture online, the amount of hate toward female characters was staggering. It lead me into unfair bias for years. But if kids and teens alike today stumble across people celebrating these diverse groups–be them LGBT or ethnically diverse–we can create not only a positive reception to the show, but also lead as an example to other fandoms online to do the same. I want to create a sideblog that helps with this. That celebrates the ethnic diversity in the show, but also shows our beloved characters in different gender identities, sexualities, and the concept of Ladybug in different cultures. But I need to  know I’m not alone in this idea first. I’m not an artist, I’m just a writer, but I know this fandom is so wonderfully inclusive already. It deserves a chance to shine more.

What do you think?

Disney Diversity Week 2.0

I planned on doing this again for a while, and this weekend seemed fitting since I’m busy and want to keep a constant queue going, so it’s going to be Disney Diversity Week again!

These four or five days ( or maybe more -depends on how much things I can queue up. And if my computer doesn’t break any more) are here to celebrate the wonderful People of Colour within the Disney Canon. I mainly focus on the Walt Disney Animation Studios movies with the few characters of colour in Pixar movies. But I also decided to include the fairies too (Iridessa and Silvermist) since I also have my Disney Fairies Blog and can make content for both that blog and this one. 

So everything I will reblog/create edits for will be for Diversity Week, just as a celebration for the diversity we do have in these movies. 

If you have any requests or anything, that’d be neat! Depending on my computer, I’ll hopefully have time to get things done :) 

Neat blogs dedicated to PoC/Representation in Disney Movies (I took these from Kenya’s blog; culturaldisney).

I did this last week and people seemed to enjoy it, so thought why not do it again. Plus it means that I have a bunch of things that i could make edits of. If you have suggestions of what characters you want to see, feel free to send requests my way! 

Hope you enjoy it!