Some Types of gay characters I want to see (more of)

So I’ve read a LOT of gay books (a little over 250 by my count) and while there’s lots of diversity in story, theme, etc but there are few areas where I’d like to see different kinds of characters:


Predictably lots of characters are white, that’s fine, whatever. thankfully a few of the popular writers of Gay YA books (Alex Sanchez, Adam Silvera, Benjamin Alire Sáenz) are Latino so books with hispanic characters aren’t hard to find. However if you’re looking for books with black characters? oh good luck, likewise Asian characters, Indeed I’ve read more books with Native Americans (Gives Light by Rose Christo) than with Asian main characters 


Oddly books with mute or deaf characters are pretty popular (Gives Light by Rose Christo, Silent by Sara Alva, A Broken Kind of Life by Jamie Mayfield, Signs by Anna Martin) But I’ve literally never had a book with a blind character (the outstanding and amazing movie “The Way He Looks” is the closest thing) Physical disabilities are also super rare, to date just two (Life as a Teenage Vampire by Amanda Meuwissen, character with a missing hand, and Felix Yz by Lisa Bunker a character with a muscular disorder) No wheelchair bound characters ever. mental illnesses and disabilities are pretty well represented depression (Vivaldi in the Dark, We Are the Ants, History is All You Left Me, Suicide Watch) PTSD (366 Days, A Broken Kind of Life) even OCD (Highly Illogical Behavior) anorexia (The Art of Starving) and Autism (Carry the Ocean) have a book. But more autism would be good


there are SO many books dealing with Christianity, mostly Protestant evangelical, with a dusting of Catholics. To date I’ve read just one where Judaism played a major role (The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew) there have been a few where the main character was a secular Jew (What If It’s Us comes to mind) only one with a Muslim main character (Hidden byTomas Mournian) and one with Mormonism as a major theme (Angels in America JK Autoboyography) so you know maybe some more in those departments?


There are books about trans boys, but in most of those they’re straight, almost in the terms that being a boy=liking girls, or the books avoid dating and romance all together. To date only one gay trans book (Peter Darling) which is good but is also a fantasy book without much real world grounding, so that needs to get fixed 

2018 was the worst year of my damn life

- this year literally started with logan pauls suicide forest video ALL OVER THE NEWS, in case you forgot.

- eating?? tide?? pods??

- everybody dying in infinity war

- giant spike in school shootings and shootings in general in america

- stephen hawking is dead. rip

- shadowhunters was cancelled (one of the few shows on tv to date with actual asexual rep, also freeforms ONLY good show imo)

- daredevil & luke cage were both cancelled

- iron fist was also cancelled

- stefan karl is dead. rip :(((

- avicii is dead. rip

- stan lee is dead. rip

- mac miller is dead, rip

- stephen hillenburg is dead. rip :(((

- all US toys r us locations in the us died

- YouTube hates all of its content creators

- tumblr shot itself in the foot and is now on its deathbed

- children being separated from their families and kept in cages for literally no reason

- wildfires murdering a giant part of california

- I knew 1 singular person on YouTube rewind and that was Safia Nygaard. wtf was that.

- whatever tf is even happening in Brazil right now (I don’t wanna think about it 🙃)

- nazis are being given more platform on most websites than any n/s/f/w content is

- hurricanes

- global warming is getting 100000x worse at a very fast rate and is causing those giant ass wildfires AND the hurricanes

- what’s worse is that the US is actively planning on doing absolutely nothing about the global warming issue, because our president is an idiot

- VOLTRON SEASON 8 ENDING JUST AS WE ALL EXPECTED (horrible. everyone is rioting right now. I am scared for peoples lives lmao)

- also the earthquake in Alaska??? good god

feel free to add more, this was a catastrophically terrible year and I’m 100% sure this isn’t all

DC’s Comics:

- confirm harley quinn and poison ivy gets married

- confirms supergirl’s bisexuality in comics

- produce female lead’s movie with wonder woman by a female director

- are planning other female lead movies with harley quinn and supergirl

- make a tv show about lesbian batwoman and hire a lgbt actress

- include lgbt characters in their dc tv shows

- introduce first trangender super hero in their tv show (supergirl)

- 3 female lead in tv shows out of 6

mar: vel

Languages featured in Crazy Rich Asians:

  • English
  • Cantonese (spoken by Nick’s mom and family)
  • Mandarin (spoken by Rachel, her mom, and Nick’s grandma)
  • Singlish (spoken by Peik Lin’s mom)
  • Hokkien (spoken by Peik Lin’s dad + in the mahjong scene)
  • Malay (in the street food scene + slang words)
  • French (when Astrid reads a bedtime story)

It was amazing to hear such a diversity of languages and accents!

Lesbians Make History

Sharice Davids makes history tonight as America’s FIRST EVER Native American openly lesbian Congresswoman, serving the state of Kansas! Look 👏🏻 at 👏🏻 that 👏🏻 bicep 💪🏻👀 I am so GAY for her 😍

Like full offence but wtf did we do to deserve anything and everything that Rick Riordan ever wrote???

Not only does it encourage kids to learn about mythologies and shit and other cultures (which children in specifically America definitely need more of) The amount of representation in his books is crazy and amazing. I mean he’s got gays, mental illness, disabilities, gender fluid characters, and a whole host of healthy platonic and romantic relationships that as a kid reading fantasy books I didn’t see a lot of. 

I mean every romance mainsub-plot that was in a fantasy YA novel was like “girl meets boy, girl hates boy, boy is hot, boy doesn’t respect girls boundaries, then girl falls for boy” it was creepy and was waaay too normal. Then Rick comes in with healthy relationships and a variety of not only romantic but also platonic ones. it’s amazing. 

That’s not even me starting on the character diversity. IT’S FANTASTIC. Oh my gods I could go on and on about it, but the whole deal with Nico and his coming out and the inner turmoil he faced, it was so real and I related with it way too much and it helped me get through shit in my life. 

TD;LR Rick Riordan is amazing and anything and everything he’s written should be read and loved because it’s amazing. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk


I think Scarlett Johansson never really meant to cause any harm. I’m not defending her in any way. I’m just saying she’s just uninformed on the issues and the lack of diversity. Hearing that she backed out was such a relief for me. I really hope they cast a transgender actor for the part instead. Backing out of that role was the best option. I just hope she learns from this and understand why it was bad and not just do it because it caused backlash.

Unpopular? Opinion: I hate when something uses diversity as a pitch.

Yo, im not a diversity-hater. 

My own novel is “diverse” filled with queer people of color, but you should never use “diversity” as a selling-point because then it doesnt feel authentic. It feels like its there just to hook people in and not because its an intrinsic part of the world or storytelling.

Everybody in my first novel is japanese, because its anime-inspired. Many of the chracters are queer or trans [or both] because I just like writing those kinds of characters. but when I have a trailer Im going to focus on the plot, on the lore, on the artwork [IF WE CAN EVER AFFORD IT C’: ], etc.

Because when you use diversity as a selling point it feels insincere. 

Give them the plot. Give them the characters. Give them the world. Give them your WORK and let them discover the “diversity” for themselves. 

ATLA didnt brag about how diverse the show was– it just gave you a show inspired by all kinds of asian and Inuit culture that featured people of color, disabled characters, and well-written female heroes as a natural part of the story. 

I never once went “omg atla is so progressive its got a blind girl uwu” 


And that’s what you want. 

If people are only interested in your show because it meets a diversity checklist, then you’ve done a poor job as a writer. :\ And thats not me trying to trash it, thats just my honest opinion. If you’ve done a good job then you could have every single character be a trans woman of color without needing to go “WE’RE TRANS-INCLUSIVE!!” once; and all people will care about is how much they love their favorite characters.

Let your work speak for itself.

I am still so salty about Power Rangers 2017.

People weep and moan for well written representation in film and I’m like “Power Rangers 2017 gave you a team with only one white member, a questioning queer girl, and an autistic hero that doesn’t have ‘magical autism’. He was just autistic and was just like, "Oh, I am autistic, so I’m not going to pick up on your sarcasm.”

They didn’t make autism into a superpower or some life ending tragedy, they had a character with autism who had that inform his character. Billy wasn’t ashamed of this. He was bullied and bad at social cues but the only shame he ever felt was guilt over his reaction to his dad’s death which makes perfect fucking sense.

Trini was in a questioning, confused state and her sexuality is just there and causing her some difficulty. Not because she might be gay, but because she is not sure and doesn’t know how to express this to her family.

Zack was the ultimate subversion of the model minority bullshit people assign to Asians and Asian characters. He was a tactless thrill junkie processing his own hardships.

Kimberly had a nuanced narrative regarding bullying. She was a VERY grey character who legitimately did something awful.

And Jason’s story is basically the ultimate disection of toxic masculinity.

Saban was even hinting that Tommy was going to be a girl in the planned sequel. WE MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN A FEMALE URBAN NATIVE GREEN RANGER. ANYONE who knows Power Rangers can tell you how huge that would be. Tommy was the fan favorite and one of the most interesting characters. Yeah, we might have gotten a superhero film with a female Urban Native lead.

And y'all just dismissed this movie and made Krispy Kreme jokes. Newsflash: the movie was making Krispy Kreme jokes that were better than your Krispy Kreme jokes. If you honestly think “Krispy Kreme… it is a magical place” was supposed to be taken seriously, you are lame and boring and probably like Air Supply.

And gaaaah! Do you know how bad this movie SHOULD have been? Take this from a girl who draped her room in Pink Ranger shit for two years: Power Rangers is pretty fucking dumb. I love it, but nuance, pathos, and realism WERE NEVER CARDS IN THIS FRANCHISE’S DECK. Then this fucking movie, which I went into expecting a lazy, stupid, nostalgia bait had like… real characters, and conflict, and a script written on empathy. People actually worked their ass off to not only make a good movie, but one that was genuinely diverse and respectful and EMPATHETIC.

The movie bombed and y'all wrote it off despite it being one of the most diverse, heartfelt, and nonstereotypical films in recent memory.

Now I’ll never get to watch Trini and LADY!Tommy flip back their helmets to make out with “Go Go Lesbo Rangers” playing in the background. I hope you’re happy with yourselves.