“This is a favorite of mine and a particularly quirky acquisition by the Museum. It is a provocative work that engages the public, by a highly innovative artist from Puerto Rico, adding to the diverse mix of artists represented in our collection.”

Arnold Lehman for Diverse Work

Pepón Osorio (Puerto Rican, born 1955). Fear and Denial, 1997. Brooklyn Museum. © Pepón Osorio #BKMContemporary

This is the final weekend to see 100 works collected during the tenure of our outgoing Director, Arnold Lehman. Catch Diverse Works now through Sunday.

“Upon seeing this extraordinary, unique screen, with its two beautifully painted and inlaid sides, we knew that it would be a spectacular highlight of the exhibition then being planned of the Museum’s outstanding collection of Spanish American objects. Behind Closed Doors: Art in the Spanish American Home, 1492–1898,” opened later that same year. Indeed, even among the extraordinary works in the exhibition, the screen drew enormous attention.”

#ArnoldLehman for #DiverseWorks

González Family. Folding Screen with the Siege of Belgrade (front) and Hunting Scene (reverse), ca.1697-1701. #BKMEuropeanart

“I have been an admirer of Nina’s work for more than a dozen years, always intrigued by her infinite creativity and her ability to actively engage viewers in her works. In a Room Full of Strangers, which was one of the stars of the Museum’s exhibition, #CrossingBrooklyn, epitomizes the artist’s talent for including the visitor.” 

#ArnoldLehman for #DiverseWorks

Nina Katchadourian (American, born 1968). In a Room Full of Strangers, 2013. Brooklyn Museum. © Nina Katchadourian #bkmcontemporary