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Hekate: 30 Days of Devotion: Aspects and Regional Forms

This subject alone would take years to cover in depth, and I would likely still miss something. It is difficult to track down (and keep track of) this Goddess throughout her evolution to the Greek Goddess of witchcraft we know and love today. Instead of attempting to post a brief history, or in depth coverage of her many aspects, I will simply be covering the main four forms I see her in: The Dark Goddess, The Illuminated Goddess, The Protectress, and The Avenger.

Hekate Borborophorba (The Dark Goddess, eater of filth)

This is how I see Hekate in her chthonic form. This is the witch goddess, the mysterious and sometimes scary aspect that jolts the adrenaline and ignites curiosity. This is the form that takes your hand and says, “Do not be afraid, have a dance in the shadows.” She is a practical goddess, consuming that which others have tossed to the side and doing the work nobody else is willing to dirty their hands with. She is unyielding and unafraid. She calls her followers to confront their darkest aspects and make those demons work for them, with them, to befriend the darkest parts and gain the power that produces. There are no rules not meant to be broken, no boundaries left un-pressed. The Dark Goddess will take you to the brink and show you there is nothing to fear but understanding in the dark. There is nothing left to do but fly, after the fall. 

Hekate Ameibousa (The Illuminated Goddess, one that transforms)

Closely related to her darker aspect, Hekate Ameibousa illuminates the mysteries of both her followers and the worlds that surround them. In the lighter aspect, she will ask that you look within and truly know thyself (which, in itself, can get pretty scary). She encourages a brighter look at the world around you, allowing for possibility and magick around every corner. She respects curious followers, hungry to learn. Come to her with a curiosity and she will transform it into a passion. The Illuminated Goddess wants nothing more than to grow her followers into the most diverse, intelligent, and talented group that any deity can boast. She allows for a certain level of pride in her followers, because she knows she has cultivated the best. Make no mistake, this pride is weighted and carefully earned- she does not hesitate to knock her followers down a peg or two if they boast above their means. She expects work. In service of the Illuminated Goddess, you are constantly becoming. You will never reach your end goal, and that is okay. 

Hekate Apotropaia (The Protectress) 

Any who have worked closely with Hekate for an amount of time know that the goddess takes care of her own. The Protectress is a mother, of sorts, but not in the overly-doting and soft sort of way. She pushes her children to grow and can be harsh when they do not, but she also will not allow harm to come to those who she has chosen. There is a gentleness to her pushing and the ever-comforting knowledge that while she has you, nobody will harm you. She is able to be the Dark Goddess and the Illuminated Goddess because we inherently know she would not push us to break. No matter how scary or dark it may get, we will make it through and be better for it. We can trust in that and, in this way, she is Mother. 

Hekate Brimo (The Avenger, angry one, the terrifying, of crackling flames)

Seen most often when there is injustice (or a poor, unfortunate soul who has targeted one of her own), Hekate Brimo is fierce and terrifying. She is the aspect who condones and teaches her followers the darkest, most powerful curses for carefully applied use. She is the aspect that snuffs out threats before they make it to the door, the one that viciously punishes those who deserve it most, the one that protects her own by any means necessary and calls her followers to do the same. This is the aspect where nothing is off the table, and no thing is too cruel if it gets the job done. We are trained to carefully match punishment to crime, as our goddess does, but sometimes the crime is drastic. In these moments, we move forward with no remorse. Like mother, like child. Thou Art Goddess.     

Watch the Tumblr fandom mindset in action

Until you do something they don’t like, you can do no wrong. Last month, the Crewniverse was a diverse group of talented people who made an amazing show. Now Rebecca Sugar is sick because she drew Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddie porn at one point. Ian JQ is a disgusting pervert for liking lolicon. They’re all racists, fat-phobics, and terrible people because they promote artistic freedom in their own fandom, but none of it mattered before they got tired of the bullying. None of it mattered before the fans drove someone to a suicide attempt.

Lana, Charlotte, Alicia Fox, Tamina, Paige, Eva Marie, Summer Rae, Natalya, Becky Lynch, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks, Emma, and Naomi
[April 3rd, 2016]

Sincerely, I don’t think there’s been a more diverse, talented group of female superstars in the WWE’s history on the roster at one time. Of course, everyone has their favorites and those whom they dislike, but there’s no denying that everyone pictured fills their role to great prominence, and that the WWE hosts some of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

Imagine showing this picture to Jim Cornette. He would explode.

Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj Lead With BET Awards Nominations

Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj are the top contenders at the upcoming BET Awards with six nominations each.

Brown will compete twice for video of the year with the hits “Loyal” and “New Flame” at the June 28 show in Los Angeles, BET announced Monday. Minaj is up for the top prize with her eye-popping “Anaconda” music video.

Beyonce and Lil Wayne follow with four nominations each. Beyonce’s “7/11” also will compete for video of the year, along with Big Sean’s “IDFWU” and Common and John Legend’s Oscar-winning “Glory,” from the film “Selma.”

Brown’s nominations include best male R&B/pop artist and viewers’ choice award. He’s nominated twice for best collaboration thanks to “Loyal,” which features Lil Wayne and Tyga, and “New Flame,” which co-stars Usher and Rick Ross.

Minaj is nominated for best female hip-hop artist, best group as a member of Young Money and best collaboration for the remix of “No Love” with August Alsina. She’s nominated twice for the viewer’s choice award with her hit “Only” and as a guest on Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Some Mo.”

Other nominees include The Weeknd, Fetty Wap, FKA twigs and Sam Smith, who will compete for best new artist. “Empire” stars Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollett are nominated for acting awards, while Serena Williams and Floyd Mayweather Jr. earned sports nominations.

“This year’s nominees showcase a diverse group of talent that includes longstanding entertainers, breakout performers, and outstanding athletes,” Stephen Hill, BET’s president of programming, said in a statement.

The BET Awards will air live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.


why is nobody talking about the fact the fifth harmony, an extremely talented diverse group of women who’s number one single is currently taking over the world lost to four white boys who have only had one hit int heir life and it was over a year ago and it lasted for like three seconds? like do people genuinely think five seconds of relevance deserved that award??? or did u just let them win bc 5h are “sluts”

think about that

anonymous asked:

Stop ruining characters with that head rag. I don't understand how a shitty cosplay gets so many notes but I guess Tumblr will kiss your ass if youre a terrorist cunt

I’m sorry, are you jealous of these notes?

Does it bother you that the incredibly diverse and talented group of hijabi women and girls actually manage to enjoy themselves and incorporate their faith into what they love?

Do you feel threatened by young women not giving a flying fuck about your opinion, and just maybe realize that their right to express themselves may be more important than your perception of a fuckin fictional character?

That maybe if you did what we do and actually put effort into doing something positive for once in your life, and spent less time sending disgusting asks like this, someone might actually want to look twice at you?

Get your crusty, bitter ass out of my inbox.  

No one’s going to replace bigbang, they’re a phenomenon that happens once in a life. I feel so bless to witness them it’s been four years already I still haven’t found a group that satisfies me like they do. There’s something extra special all five of them together they make such a diverse beautiful talented group, so unique and inspiring, plus they also excel as solo artists. It’s such a joy to be a vip.


FFIX Week – Day 1: Favorite Character/Relationship

It’s difficult for me to pick any one favorite character or relationship in Final Fantasy 9. I may have been too obvious in choosing Tantalus for today (check out my Tantalus tattoo ((so nerdy))). This would cover both character and relationships, I imagine. Zidane’s adoptive family (on again, off again 9_9) really helped shape his life on Gaia.

And by “shape”, I mean Baku probably pummeled him until he got it right. Gotta keep those boys in line. (Anyone else think of Baku as Fagin and Blank as the Artful Dodger?)

For good or ill, this band of roguish actors played a big role in saving not only their home town, but the entire planet. How can you not love such a diverse and talented group?