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so... hmm. I'm trying to think of a way to make a sculpture that's constantly changing its form, and I've come up with some ideas that include pinwheels and gears (used together and interconnected) to make a moving, shifting form that's never truly static. so do you think Elsewhere University would have a structure like that somewhere on campus?

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all the awesome creations ♡

f. hair • @kijiko-sims
f. acc • @s-sac @pralinesims
f. top • @ooobsooo
f. skirt • @puresims
f. socks • @kiruluvnst ( @the77sim3 )
m. hair • @elzascarlet-yan
m. acc • @s-sac @yeji-k
m. top • @ooobsooo
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poses • @dearkims

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Ecto-kids and thresholds

I think ectobiology removes your limiters

Think about it

John was expected to lift a safe and wields massive hammers
Rose is a super genius
Dirk can flash step

I think ectobiology gives you super charged evolution so you grow into what Sburb wants

If you are kinda good at something, through Sburb you could be beyond human limits

(If you ever worry about failing Sburb, just remember you would be superhuman)

Winwin: *places a book called ‘Dead End’ in the middle of the walk way*

Taeyong: *kicks the book by accident*

Winwin: looks like you’ve hit a dead end ( ͒꒪̛ཅ꒪̛ ͒)