The memory of the people is very short. I knew I was there to carry their message, their stories, but at the same time it was all wishful thinking, in one place so you’re worthless, you have to feel useless. I’m just a fucking actor, I was an idiot. But I wanted to help them and I fought this feeling. They are people who have lost everything, lawyers, doctors, are like you and me, they’re afraid, they are alone and full of doubt.- Theo James. 


get to know me meme: [5/10] actors » Miles Alexander Teller

“For me, I still have feelings for all of my ex-girlfriends. In different parts of my life, I would miss that person. There’s something that drew me to that person, and I shared something with them. It was tough knowing that this character was falling in love with me, and knowing that I was going to let her down. I’ve had certain moments in my life where I’ve felt really, really bad about shit I’ve done to an ex-girlfriend. I’ve written long letters, and you almost want them to say it’s okay, and sometimes they don’t say it. Sometimes they say, “I never want to talk you again.” That’s tough to deal with.”


“I’ve always been an instinctual sort of person so I just kind of left and I’m very blessed, so I was able to meet a woman who really took me in. I mean, I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t be here without her. It took place in Hong Kong. She took me in, I slept on her floor, she bought my food. [On how she met her] somebody gave me her number, I called her and I randomly went to her office and I just said, you know, "here I am. I’m a broke student, I don’t know what to do.” And she said, “well, let’s see what happens." Maggie Q’s Audience Surprise on The Late Show with David Letterman.