-Anon request

Dating Eric would involve…

  • Being part of Dauntless
  • Rough sex- though Eric still kisses you lovingly and murmurs sweet nothings when you’re lying in bed together
  • Helping to organise training for the new recruits
  • Telling Eric that he’s working the new ones too hard and he might actually kill them if he continues
  • Him being overprotective of you
  • Sometimes so much that you have to remind him that you are ‘still a Dauntless’
  • Playing with his piercings
  • Hiding all his studs but bright magenta ones when he’s being annoying
  • Getting tattooed with him
  • Passionate kisses
  • Him holding you close when you miss home or worry about your family and the possibility rebellion 
  • Wearing his jacket when you’re cold