divergent thinking

au where little chubby Yuuri always has Phichit by his side.

Phichit always protects Yuuri from the bullies who shame him for the little extra shed of fat on his body. He assures Yuuri that it’s okay for being how he is and no, ballet is fascinating and doesn’t make Yuuri a “sissy” because Yuuri looks like a beautiful swan soaring through the clouds how could they deride him for something he loves!?

On the other hand, Yuuri always accompanies Phichit for all the shenanigans his friend put him through. Even when their peers claim Phichit “too obnoxiously loud for his own good”, Yuuri assures Phichit that yes, all the stories he tells Yuuri are interesting and please tell Yuuri more, he’d love to hear Phichit raving about that new golden hamster he’d just bought yesterday if that means ever smiling Phichit can stay as the ever smiling Phichit.

high school au (part two)

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Andrew has spent every Sunday since he got out of juvie either in church or at an Exy tournament. It’s not a future he would have predicted for himself two years ago.

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Teenagers are critically engaged and thoughtful readers.  They do not read Looking for Alaska and think ‘I should go have some aggressively unerotic oral sex.’ And they also don’t read The Outsiders and think 'I should join a gang’ or read Divergent and think, 'I should jump onto moving trains.’ So far as I can tell, that kind of narrow, prescriptive reading seems to happen only inside the offices of school superintendents
—  John Green (On the Banning of Looking for Alaska)

“Pardon the egg salad stains, but I’m in love.”

- Billy Collins, “Marginalia”

@cass-cass-fall-in-love requested: Ruby and Sapphire engage in some date night activities… perhaps they take a painting class together and make a bit of a mess?

This isn’t done yet, gotta clean up Sapph’s flats a bunch more and tweak Ruby’s a bit, then shade them and add some paint splatters but i’m working on it!!!  I think it diverged from the original prompt slightly more than I intended, but hopefully it’s still good ;)

(I’d give a timeline for when I think this’ll be done but honestly I’m not all that good with deadlines and I’d probably miss it anyways.  It’ll get finished, though, I promise!!)

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*canon divergence anon* I was thinking maybe like Lucius still believed purebloods were Better, but Narcissa didn't entirely buy into Voldemort's rhetoric? Maybe if Narcissa grew closer with Andromeda than with Bellatrix and it changed her views; Draco would've grown up under two conflicting sets of ideals. That sort of moral conflict could've been actually really intriguing, to see how Draco would manage it.

Oh, that’s actually a really intriguing idea! Draco idolizes his father yes, but he also loves his mother. That kind of conflict might have been what could have pushed Draco to change sides or seek help before it was too late, you know? That would push Draco and Harry’s dynamic to a relatively more positive standing without changing it entirely. I like it!

Function Development Challenge Week 1: Si-Ne axis

Si-Ne: is it more than random sentimentality? Yes. It’s actually neither of those things really or rather it kind of is, but it’s actually random and not omg I’m so random which has been annoying since I was a high schooler on America Online Instant Messenger.

Anyway. The challenge for Si and Ne is knowing when the old ways are the best and when they really aren’t; when someone is reinventing the wheel for no reason and when the wheel isn’t the right tool to use.

So: here are three exercises to try this week to get you using these functions well together. Do one or all three!

Note: these are more geared towards people who have Si-Ne in their main stack but Ni-Se users are encouraged to try them out too. After all I’ll be doing everything so I believe in you. Unless otherwise stated, NJs should do the SJ options (which are Ne divergent thinking/improv focused) and SPs should do the NP option (which are Si routine/linear thinking focused) to actually be challenged by these.

If you’re an SJ or an NP and you feel your dom or aux function is weak for whatever reason you can do the other option. For example, a looping INFP might want to use the SJ options, designed to engage Ne.

1. Journal. Write both what did happen and what could have happened or what you hope will happen. Consider writing a story with your day as a jumping off point.

SJs. you may want to focus more on making the story fantastical, and thinking about your day less as a narrative or list and more holistically to develop your Ne more.

If you’re an NP, you may want to focus more on what actually happened or consider how today was similar or different than other days and what might have changed.

(SPs and NJs, either of these options will challenge you to some extent, so just pick either the SJ or NP recommendation)

2. Do something that comes with directions (a recipe, craft, song if you play an instrument, whatever).

If you’re an SJ, build off them. Make an unusual substitution. Skim the directions and throw them out and work from there. If you play an instrument try doing some kind of riffing (when I played piano I was uniquely HORRIBLE at any kind of cadenzas or jazz improvisation so if you do this, more power to you).

If you’re an NP, follow them strictly. Don’t replace the butter with coconut oil. Don’t put pockets on your scarf. Consider why the instructions were made this way and what benefits they provide.

(SPs, do the NP option. NJs, do the SJ option.)

3. Rewatch or reread something (or just use something you’ve seen recently or frequently) and map out the plot. Or, if you’re more a nonfiction person, come up with a topic to map.

If you’re an SJ, use a mind map technique (check wikipedia for good examples). I want to see digressions. (Note: I do find I already think in a kind of ‘all at once’ manner but I also provide crazy amounts of context, which indicates both Si and Ne use. If you do this too, try to reduce that context. Be comfortable with nonlinearity.

If you’re an NP, do the opposite. Make things linear and focused on an end point. Show how everything builds towards the end result, with evidence. Consider making a numbered list.

Good luck guys, and if you’re doing this a. let me know and b. send feedback!

The Foxhole Twins

I am a twin. And it’s complicated, like all human relationships are, especially familial.

So can we just take a moment to appreciate Andrew and Aaron. Who are possibly the first pair of twins I’ve seen in media that are actual people.

Who are not the same person in double, literally speaking in unison.

Who are not opposites, looking into a mirror, proving how different they are.

They are similar, they are different. They don’t dress the same, and they don’t dress on opposite ends of a spectrum. They don’t expect to be addressed as a unit, nor do they lash out at anyone who might confuse them. Frankly, they don’t give a shit about how you view them.

They don’t have a secret language, they don’t intuitively understand each other. They can’t communicate. They cannot see eye to eye. But they have promises, the rules of which only make sense to each other.

Damn if they have to sit in the same room as each other and talk.

But damn, damn, if they wouldn’t kill for each other.

Damn if they already have.

  • Date: So what do you think about reading?
  • Me: *gasp* I fking love reading! I could read of hHOurs! The characters are just... ugh! I l0ve them, they're just so FKing hot and some I just wanna CUDDLE with! My books ARE. MY. BABIES-
  • Date *grabs the basket of bread sticks*: I have to go. Immediately.

“Think this though Peter, there’s too many witnesses.” You whispered you had one hand firmly grasping Peter’s arm and the other one placed on his chest holding him back. Right now going after Tris wouldn’t do him any good, if he wanted to be number one he’d have to be patient. 

“Looks like you got lucky stiff, next time she won’t be here to stop me.” Peter hissed out. You heard Tris’ retreating footsteps behind you. Molly and Drew were glaring at you, they were angry that they didn’t get to fight but that didn’t matter to you. 

“I’m fine.” Peter said as he let out a heavy sigh. “Can you leave?” You asked his two groupies irritably, you needed to talk to him and they were really starting to get to you. 

“We don’t take orders from you.” Molly spat. “Leave.” Peter said backing you up, he didn’t bother looking at them. They both gave you the evil eye as they walked away. 

“You can’t lose your temper like that Peter, not with so many witnesses. You have to be smart about this, I’m not saying you can’t kill her, just don’t be obvious about it.” You said trying not to sound too concerned. He nodded and gave you a quick kiss before he made his way back to the pit. 
“Well if it isn’t Peter’s little girlfriend, I’m surprised to find you not glued to his side.” Eric said tauntingly as you made your way back to the dorms. “Back off Eric, find someone else to annoy.” You said as you pushed him out of your way. 

Eric caught a hold of your hand and pinned you against the wall. “Remember who you’re talking to. Now, let’s talk about Peter. Peter shows quite a bit of potential, try not to drag him down and ruin him.” Eric said inches away from your face. 

“I don’t know–”

“Don’t play stupid, I saw what happened at the pit today, next time don’t stop him.” Eric said menacingly, he pushed you even further into the wall, the sharp rocks dug into your back, but you didn’t show him how much it bothered you. Then just as quickly as the assault began it stopped and he was walking down the corridor like nothing had happened.

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hey! i’m writing two more fics rn but i don’t feel good about either of them so i’m going to give you a lil piece of each so you can decide whether i should scrap them, keep them, or focus on them!

#1: canon divergence

“You think there’s something going on with me and Emma? I was talking about Abe!” Enoch defends, unsure why, because he was ruining his only cover in this situation where he’s, y’know, gay for an American prick from the future.

“Sorry, man, I just thought. Guess it’s you and Olive then?” Jake grins, trying to relieve some of the tension he created in the small kitchen space.

“It’s me and nobody as a matter of fact, so leave your fucking nose out of it unless you want to fucking date me, yeah?” Enoch spits. He hopes the rage and Scottish accent alleviates the fact that he basically outed himself.

#2: messin w the loop

“Yes, but there’s nothing to do on this island except, I don’t know, fuck in the ruins of the house.” Enoch replies, his voice casual. Jake furrows his eyebrows and leans down to look Enoch in the eye.

“That’s oddly specific.”

“I guess it’s a fantasy of mine.”

Jake kisses behind Enoch’s ear and as far down his neck as he can before he reaches his collar.

“Let’s fucking do it then.”

i appreciate ur input !

Things that I wanna tell my fellow ENTPs

The minute you start to stop worrying into others opinion is the minute your talents start to bloom. Don’t worry, they will be attracted to whatever bullshit you try to pull out anyway. Sooner or later. You have that Fe, that’s why.

Your charm is your divergent thinking. Don’t let anything sway it off. And remember, it is not like you will be able to fulfill any conventional standard of society expectation anyway.

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 from your super  secret stash,  ‘course.  wait,  wait you didn’t even  REALIZE  i opened it did you  ?  the legendary thief in me kicked in and i did too good of a job,  i guess.  ❜  he says,  the truth is  :  he ordered himself some online since Chewie still resists his advances to point him in the right direction in this damned statue.

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“Is Doflamingo present? I have a message to deliver to him.” Staring down at the much shorter male, Mihawk reached a hand inside his pocket to get the paper from the world government. He had been told not to read it and he wasn’t really interested in it to begin with. The bird had missed the last shichibukai meeting and now, the world government had decided that Mihawk was the most reliable to relay the message in their stead.