divergent squeal


( @uchihacollector | submitted )

Jiraiya was surrounded by many orange-haired Peins. And he scratched his code into the toad’s back - it jumped away. It splashed into the water, then it was gone.

From the water, another enemy arose. “Fool,” Orochimaru said as he slithered towards Jiraiya. He was drenched, hair clung to his face. “You died because you’re a fool.”

He looked up to the Peins, then collected the body of the Toad Sannin. He walked back into the water. They didn’t stop Orochimaru, they knew Jiraiya to be dead.

An hour later, at a hideout so humid and damp that the air itself felt like water, the genius Orochimaru finished the life-restoring operation. He injected one, then another syringe of liquefied chakra into Jiraiya’s veins.

“Jiraiya-kun, it isss time you reawaken.”

For one searching for peace for the duration of his life, having it so robbed from him by his once-friend and teammate was not the way Jiraiya saw his life ending. He died. He had already accepted his fate and embraced the death so easily handed to him, yet now–

Now, the hiss of long forgotten betrayal refused him that very thing.

His eyes didn’t open, not yet. A thrum of chakra through his body to confirm his suspicious; Orochimaru had healed him. The rods through his network were a mere memory as the surge of his chakra was as quick and ready as it had ever been. Trotting all over the man’s patience as he took a breath, acknowledging the humidity in the air to speak of the underground he loved so much.

And suddenly, Jiraiya missed the sun.

“You couldn’t even allow me a moment of peace, could you Orochi?” Voice raspy still from his death, yet his tease was evident. Let it never be said that Jiraiya didn’t laugh after his last breath. “What did I ever do to deserve you?”