divergent short stories


Since Taylor loves that we update her on how our lives are going, this post is mainly for her, because honestly I think she’d freak out if she knew this. So.. @taylorswift hi :) About a year ago you sent me this journal and commented on my acting which meant the entire WORLD to me (and still does). Since then, I’ve still been auditioning and training and working like CRAZY to be the best I can possibly be. About a month ago, I sent in an audition tape for a project called The Rejects. The cool thing about this project is that it’s not just one movie, it’s an entire franchise. So eventually there will be 4 movies total (kinda like The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc). Long story short, I made it to final callbacks. It was the best audition experience I’ve ever had, but don’t get me wrong…it was hard. I’ve never pushed myself as hard as I did in preparation for that final callback. I’ll spare the details since I don’t want this post to be 20 pages long, but basically………..I got the part. My character is one of the lead characters, her nickname is Ice, and she’s basically a badass with powers that could kill someone….and I GOT IT??? SWEET LITTLE MAC??? I’m so happy. Taylor, I just want to thank you for always ALWAYS inspiring me to go after what I want. You giving me this journal for me to “write it all down” has been my number one source of motivation. When we met and I told you I was moving to LA and there wasn’t ONE ounce of doubt or judgement in your eyes??? It just meant the world to me. Even if you don’t see this, I know you’re probably proud of me for reaching this milestone. My first role…is a lead. Keep your eyes peeled for The Rejects next year……Hope you enjoyed this #MacUpdate. :)