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Request: “ Can you pls do a Peter one where theses no war and he falls for an amity-dauntless transfer, but Eric forms a crush on her so he makes then fight”

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Since your origins are from Amity, you try to keep everyone happy here at Dauntless just by smiling perpetually. Boy named Peter Hayes has fallen for this smile of yours, but so did one of the Dauntless leaders Eric - the ruthless one. You can’t say that Peter is one of the nicest people alive either, someone still can’t believe that you, the previous Amity, are dating a witty previous Candor, but you love him so for who he is. And then there’s Eric… You have caught his glimpses since the day you’ve arrived. You started with having conversations with him, because he would always come to you and give you the tips of training, even help you to develop your fighting by being your opponent. You just can’t reject him, because your heart doesn’t allow it - you’re too good for negative things, such like ignorance.

And that’s what makes Peter so jealous…He often picks a fight with you, bickering about how “Eric had touched you while training” or how “Eric stared at you” or how “Eric shamelessly flirted with you”… These are just a few reason, but you’re a level-headed girl, you always explain everything to Peter- that you love him no matter what and you communicate with Eric because you think no one deserves rejection. Peter eventually calms down and you spend the rest of the day cuddling.

These funny fights, if you can even call them that, are one of the many reasons you actually like about your relationship.


literary genres and tropes: dystopia;

                                        a form of literature that explores social and political structures. it is a creation of a nightmare world - unlike its opposite, utopia, which is an ideal world. dystopia is often characterized by an authoritarian or totalitarian form of government. it often features different kinds of repressive social control systems, a lack or total absence of individual freedoms and expressions, and a state of constant warfare or violence. many novels combine both dystopia and utopia, often as a metaphor for the different directions humanity can take in its choices, ending up with one of the two possible futures.


[…] I have never been in a room with somebody who emits more of like a radiant, positive light. Shailene is, is an incredible force of nature. I’m sure when she gets up here she would look to give you all a heart hug. Where you hug and your hearts touch. She can’t. She will just accept the award graciously. But Shailene I love you. I feel like I have written a bunch of speeches for you at this point. I am always happy to do it. You are an incredible actress, that is really only matched by your integrity and who you are as a person. […]

- Miles Teller


Request: “ Peter Hayes (divergent) fluff? :) where you’re both divergent and he likes you and is only nice around you, “

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Whole society is turned against the Divergents, and it is hard to keep the fact that you are one of them. The constant pressure, fear eats you up from inside. You thought that you won’t make it in the Dauntless faction, that you made a mistake going here, but you found a soulmate - Peter Hayes. You never thought that he could fancy such a fragile creature like you; he himself is cruel and witty, not caring about other people’s feelings at all. With the exception of you… He figured out the fact that you’re a Divergent, and didn’t last to tell you that he’s one of them himself. You remember that moment very clearly; your eyes lit up with hope, and since then you two are inseparable. Little by little you’ve developed stronger feelings that friendship towards each other. You managed to be with him because he’s nice and fluffy around you… When you fought in the prize ring and would get in bat condition, he always volunteered to change you, despite the fact that Eric didn’t support the idea at all, but Peter didn’t care, because all he cares about is you.

You know that more cruel things are going to come, but you also know that you’re going to outlive it with Peter by your side.


Request: “ hi I love your writing! can you do one where Peter is like your friend and you both like eachother , but he outs you, four and tris to save himself? And then when he finds out they’re going to kill you all he does all he can to try and stop it and apologize for betraying you and everyone else? Thank you if you do this!”

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Although the rest of your little refugee group were against Peter coming with you, you insisted on that with all your wit - despite Peter’s hard character, you were really good friends, and you felt like you might be more if you have let your thoughts open…

But one day, when Dauntless burst through the gate into the Amity grounds, Peter betrayed you. He simply went for himself, shouting that you’re running away. While the rest of you - Tris, Four and Caleb jump out of the window, you stared at Peter with tears in your eyes, not believing in what he had just done. You met his eyes which were full of sorrow but were dragged out the window by Four. You managed to get away, but this selfish and crucial act of Peter’s never left your mind.

However, not much time passed since you all got caught and transported to Erudite HQ. You were all put in the same cell, like things. And then he came. Peter did. It turned out that he proved himself worthy to Jeanine, and she basically employed him. Before Tris and Four started to punch him, he managed to justify himself.

“I know you want to kill me, and I know that you probably will, but before doing that you should know that I am sorry…” his eyes landed onto yours teary ones. “I will get you out of here and you will never see me again.”

While he led Caleb, Tris and Four out of the cell you didn’t move a muscle. Peter approached you and gently took your arm in his, still staring into your eyes.

“Come now, [Y/N].” 

“I’m going to stay with you.” You slowly shook your head.

“No you’re not.” he said a little bit more harshly and started to drag you out. Tris noticed that you’re not keeping up with them and grabbed your arm.

As she dragged you on, you left Peter standing there alone, thinking that maybe it’s for the best. You both were aware that you have true feelings for each other, but you guess that he just can’t cope with that act of cowardice he pulled on you in Amity - he can’t forgive himself.

And so you left Erudite HQ, with a stone on your chest.


Request: “ Four request: the reader is a virgin and has started dating Four. she casually mentions sex one day and tells him she wants to do it. Thanks :)”

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You sat in Four’s room waiting for him to return from some meeting with the other Dauntless leaders. He wasn’t actually a leader but everyone considered him one. You are dating him for half a year now and you two still didn’t have sex. You are afraid that he might leave you.

Finally he came back, you greeted each other with sweet peck.

“I have a silly question for you…” you murmured shyly.

“What is it?” he asked you with a sweet smile on his face; he’s completely different when he’s with you alone.

“You … you’re with me not because of sex, right ?”

Silence overtook for a while.

“What makes you think like that ?” Four seemed a little bit saddened.

“I don’t know, it’s just … we date for a while now, and I still haven’t –”

“[Y/N], I don’t care about sex. At all. Everything that matters to me is you.”

You looked at him smiling; that’s where you understood that he’s the man of your life.

“You know, let’s do it.” you stood up cheered up and started walking towards him.

“Wait.” Four chuckled. “You don’t have to force yourself. We will do it when you will be completely ready.”

You smiled again, glad that he understood every bit of you.