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Review: Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Kit *Limited Edition*!

Hey lovelies! I’m a huge book worm & I love reading series, especially trilogies. Over winter break, my sister decided to buy the Divergent Trilogy & we became OBSESSED. We loveeeeeee the books so as soon as I got the email from Sephora of the Divergent makeup kits, I quickly took a screen shot of it & sent it to my sister. My sister originally wanted to get this kit for me, but because I have a lot of the same colors, we decided that we would  share it [one of the many advantages of having a sister]. I believe the movie is going to be in theaters next Friday.

So without further ado, here is my review.

This Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit is LIMITED EDITION. You can purchase it from Sephora; it retails for $59.50. I do not know when this is available for purchase to those who are not VIB members. This kit is a VIB EXCLUSIVE right now, & it is not in stock. I am extremely glad I bought it the day it came out. =]

Can we talk about the packaging for a minute? IT IS ADORABLE. If you are reading/have read/going to see the movie, you will understand the importance of the ferris wheel. ;] It is genius & super cute. 

The names of the products are SO cute too! Once again, they relate to the series as well, which is amazing & makes using them so much more fun. I have so much fun saying- “I created this dauntless look using Diverge & Erudite Sapphire on my eyes, Misty Rose & Gleaming Pearl on my cheeks, & Fear Not with Supreme Ritual on top.” How fun are those names?!

The box came with this handy sheet explaining the pieces in the collection.

When you open it up, the huge box is magnetic so it is extremely easy to open & close. Also, note that it is not a cheap box. I would totally leave my makeup in this box as it is because it is super cute & sturdy. If you want to save space, then you might want to take your products out of the box.

I love the “Divergent” placement on the eyeshadow palettes. It is really cute. The packaging of all the products are very sleek & super easy to travel with if you take it out of the box. The palettes are thin, lightweight, & have a hard exterior.

The kit also comes with sheets on how to do your makeup using the makeup. It lists the steps and each look corresponds to the names of the factions in Divergent. You can achieve a “Erudite” & “Abnegation” & “Dauntless” look. [The main character in the novel has that tattoo as well! Great job at nailing this set to the novel & soon-to-be-movie!]

Here are the corresponding eyeshadow palettes. 

All the palettes have 4 main colors, and then 1 color that is furthest to the left is the “High Gloss Transforming Eyeshadow” which draws immediate attention to your eyes. You can apply this wet to make it translucent. All of my swatches are applied dry, so please take note of that. I do not have a primer or a base underneath them. I will also note which shadows are matte, but most of these mattes have A LITTLE bit of shimmer in them, but they are not noticeable. I would definitely consider them as matte shades. The shadows are very creamy & blendable.

As usual, I will work my way from the left to the right.

–> Abnegation Eye Palette:

Transform, Bold Expresso [matte], Intrepid Moss, Golden Honesty, Altruistic  Almond [matte]

–> Erudite Eye Palette:

Choose, Burnt Mahogany [matte], Radiant Initation [matte], Peaceful Shimmer, Humble Sheen

–> Dauntless Eye Palette:

Diverge, Dauntless Ink [matte], Abnegation Stone, Erudite Sapphire, Serene Vanilla 

–> Divergent Cheek Palette:

Obscure Coral, Misty Rose, Gleaming Pearl, Intelligent Bronze

This cheek palette is super creamy & blendable. I am super obsessed with Gleaming Pearl! It is a very pretty highlight. Even though I have many eyeshadow shades that are similar to the ones in this kit, I wanted this kit because of this cheek palette, & I was not disappointed at all.

–> 4 Lip Glosses

Fear Not, Natural Virtue, Supreme Virtue, Temptation’s Choice 

These lip glosses are NOT sticky, which is something I absolutely love. They are smooth and I loveeeee the nude shade. It is perfect, & so are the other beautiful colors!

–> Double-Ended Eye & Cheek Brush 

I like how convenient this brush is because it is double sided. One side is an angled-cheek brush & the other side is an eyeshadow blending brush [you know you can never have enough blending/crease brushes, hehe]. The brushes are very soft & pick the product up well. They also do NOT shed, which is super great!

Well lovelies, I hope my review helps you out. Do I recommend this product? Of course! For $59.50, I think this is a perfect steal. You get many products that are amazing quality. You do not need to know of the book/movie in order to enjoy this product but if you are a Divergent fan, you will enjoy this kit that much more! 

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This is one of the Divergent palettes I own, the other is the enormous collector set that retails at somewhere between 50-60$.

This is a cute palette, but the white shade has lousy pigmentation, the bronzer could be better, and for $35 I expect more than three shadows.

But the blush in this palette, is outstanding. I absolute completely adore it and have worn it somewhere between 5 and 10 times, already.

This set also comes with a lipgloss. I’m really not a lip-stuff person, but I did model it above. The gloss does have a minty feel to it, but no flavor. If this is something that bothers you, this palette may not be worth your time or money.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend it since I mainly just like the blush, but it is in a good sturdy tin. Fans of the book and movie who want something small and light for travel might do well with this palette.

But hey, that’s why I’m here. I spend money so you don’t have to!

Stay pretty,