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A little fun fact: March 20, 2017 is when Jon Snow/Sansa Stark tag on AO3 reached an epic 2000 fan works. And now, 2 months later, the talented writers have added 169 to that number.

Thank you, writers, for the treasure trove of ideas you have for the Jon x Sansa ship. The feat of world building canon compliant, canon divergent, AUs, modern AUs, crossovers, etc. and keeping Jon and Sansa in character is astounding!

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I Like Your Face (Steve/Stiles)

yuhavash said: I was sitting at lunch from my friend and you sat across me from me and you keep looking up at me and hold on, are you drawing me? (Stiles + Steve)

This was a lot of fun to write! I like the dynamic between Stiles/Steve quite a bit! I hope you enjoy how it turned out, bb! Fic #18 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

I Like Your Face. Steve Rogers/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3. Crossover with MCU.

Stiles and Kira are having lunch in Manhattan when Stiles notices that a good-looking guy sitting nearby keeps staring at him.

“How can you be so wrong? I didn’t even know it was possible to be as wrong as you are right now.” Stiles shakes his head and gives Kira a sad look. “You disappoint me greatly.”

“I didn’t disappoint you enough to refuse my offer to pay for lunch,” Kira points out, smiling sweetly as she motions at the plate appetizer he’s been noshing on for the last ten minutes.

“I’m a broke ass grad student living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I might be disillusioned by your utter lack of taste, but I’m not turning away a free meal,” Stiles scoffs. “Besides, I bought last time.”

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For: Anon

Imagine: Escaping the maze with the Gladers and ending up back in your home, Dauntless. Your current boyfriend, Minho, and the boyfriend whom you don’t remember, Eric, fight for your love.

Note: For the sake of this imagine, just pretend that WICKED didn’t give you a fake name!  Oh and, @fandomvariousness​ also did a TMR/Divergent crossover and it was AMAZING so you guys should read that if you haven’t already, I’ll link it here: Part 1, Part 2

Minho gives your hand a squeeze as you approach a fence, which seemed to lead out of the ruins of the Scorch. You and the remaining Gladers, including, Minho, Newt, Thomas, Gally, Frypan, Teresa, and a few others, escaped the Maze, and were sent on a second phase of testing, you were sent out into the Scorch. Little did they know you would find this fence. Minho turns to you, “We’re finally getting out of here darling, maybe we can finally live normal lives!”

You look into his eyes lovingly, “I’m so excited Min!”

You walk through the fence and you’re instantly surrounded by a group of heavily armed guards, all of whom are dressed in black. One man walks up to you and Minho, carefully examining your face, after a moment, his eyes widen, “You-you’re the one! Hey Mark, isn’t she the one?!”

What? You exchange a few confused glances with the rest of the Gladers, and Minho pulls you closer. Another man walks up to you, you assume that he’s Mark, he gives you one glance, “You’re right Joe, it’s definitely her!”

Joe turns around and bark, “Someone inform Eric! We’ll get these kids to the compound.”

“Can someone tell us what the bloody hell is going on?!” Newt asks, expressing the irritation and confusion that you are all facing.

“We need to get you into the city; we’ll talk on the ride back.”

You and the rest of the Gladers climb aboard a truck with Joe and Mark.

The guys keep asking you what the men were talking about, or how they knew you, but of course, you had no idea.

You finally get off the truck about two hours later, and enter a completely black building, once you’re inside, you realize everything is black, the walls, the floors, everyone’s clothing, everything.

“What is this place,” Minho whispers in your ear.

“I don’t know, but I’m kind of scared,” You say honestly.

“Hey, don’t be scared babygirl, I’m here, I won’t let anything hurt you,” Minho comforts, and you believe him. You entered the maze about six months ago, and you and Minho had instantly clicked. He had soon asked you to be his girlfriend, and ever since then, the two of you had been inseparable, you loved him with all your heart, and he loved you just as much.  

Suddenly Joe and Mark stop, and you finally notice all the people who have stopped to stare at you guys. You hear your name mentioned in the conversation that Mark was having with someone. You slide your hand out of Minho’s and push in front of Newt.

You see a man, he looks like he’d be two years older than you, he’s covered in tattoos and piecing, he looks over Mark’s shoulder, and lets out a shaky breath when his eyes lock with yours, “Y/N?”

He literally pushes Mark and comes up to you, he wraps his arms around you, lifting you off your feet, “Oh Y/N, holy shit, you-you’re here and alive, I thought you were gone, I thought you left me, but you’re here!”

You strangely felt comfortable in his arms, he felt familiar, it made you feel at home. This feeling is soon interrupted by the sound of your boyfriend’s voice, “What the hell do you think you’re doing shank?! Get your hand off of my girlfriend!”

The man lets go of you, and his eyes narrow, “You’re girlfriend, I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but Y/N is definitely mine!”

“Yeah, well why don’t you just ask her?!” Minho spits pulling you further away from the man.

“Y/N?” The man looks at you hopefully.

“I-I’m sorry, but I really don’t know you,” His face drops, “Well, maybe I do know you, I just don’t remember you. When we were taken, our memories were wiped.”

He sighs, “So you’re saying you don’t remember me? You don’t remember your Eric? All of our memories, all our love, you don’t remember any of it?”

“No she doesn’t! All she remember, and all she needs is me! So please stay the shuck away!” Newt grasps Minho’s arm to pull him away from Eric.

Eric squeezes your shoulder, “I’ll talk to you later Y/N. I’m going to find some sleeping accommodations for you all.”

All of you are soon taken to a dormitory and are given a change of clothes, of course, they are all black, though you don’t really mind this look, once again you feel at home. Once you’ve all changed, Joe leads you to the cafeteria for dinner.

All heads turn towards you when you enter the cafeteria. You notice two girls, one with short blonde hair, and three black ravens tattooed on her collarbone, the other with short black hair, and tanned skin, they both quickly stand up. They run over to you, eyes flooded with tears, the blonde one speaks first, “Y/N?! Oh my God Y/N, I can’t believe it’s actually you! Eric wasn’t lying, oh my God Y/N!”

“Y/N! Tris, it’s really Y/N!” The other girl squeals, unable to control her tears, they both pull you in for a hug, “Is it true that you can’t remember anything from the past?’

The blonde nudges her in the side and hisses, “Christina!”

“It’s okay, but yeah, it’s true, our memories were wiped,” You say, as the rest of the Gladers awkwardly watch you. Joe decides to lead the others two a table in the corner of the room, allowing to you catch up with your old friends, but in all honesty, you’d rather sit with the Gladers. Tris and Christina join you over at the table with the Gladers to make you feel more comfortable.

Minho squeezes your hand under the table the entire time when you eat. For some reason your heart flutters when you see Eric walking over to you, Christina leans over and whispers, “I’ve never seen Eric look so happy, he’s acting like such a softie.”

“Shh!” Tris whispers.

“Alright, since you all are almost done with dinner, you can begin making your way to the dorms, and Y/N, I want to speak to you in my office, first thing in the morning tomorrow, Tris will bring you over.” Eric says, you and the others get up to leave, you stay in the back of the group and Minho comes next to you, gripping your hand. Eric suddenly gives your shoulder another squeeze, “Good night Y/N, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“This better be for a professional reason Eric! If you think you’re the only strong-ass shank in this place then you’re hella wrong, if you try to pull anything with my girlfriend, I will fucking kill you!” You grip Minho’s upper arm, trying to calm him down.

“Minho please, I was taken from my home, and Eric’s a leader here, of course he’ll want to know what happened to me!” I say. Why am I defending Eric?!

“Wait Y/N!” You turn back to Eric, “How did you know I was a leader, I never told you that after you came back.”

Realization strikes, “I-I don’t know, I just did.”

“And it doesn’t matter Y/N, let’s go back to the dorm,” Minho says.

“Well, Minho, you shouldn’t be speaking for her. She can do whatever the hell she wants, and if that’s being with me then so be it!” Eric says angrily, you finally decide to it would be best to leave with Minho.

Minho pushes his cot next to yours so that the two of you can sleep side-by-side and he wraps his arms around you as you pretend to be asleep. You don’t know why, but you find yourself missing Eric. The entire time you were in the maze, you always felt this empty void inside yourself, and now you feel as if you’re so close to filling it, at the same time, you feel like you’re so far too.

That night is a long one, when morning finally comes, Tris shows up to the dormitory and takes you to Eric. On the way to your way to his office, Tris tells you about when you chose Dauntless, initiation, falling in love with Eric, the war, everything, and all her words bring a sense of familiarity with them. You finally walk into Eric’s office and Tris leaves. Eric spends the next few hours getting you tell him about everything that happened, he then tell you about your past and shows you pictures of the two of you, and all your friends. Before you leave, Eric stops you.

“Y/N, I know you don’t remember me, but I also know that you are the girl that risked her own life to save mine, the girl who was willing to give up everything she had for my love. The girl that left me, the one that I thought was dead, I wanted to die after I found out you were gone Y/N, I even tried a few times, and I failed, just like I had failed to protect you. I love you Y/N, I fucking love you,” His voice breaks at the end, and he lets out a single tear.

You don’t know what makes you do it, but as soon as you see Eric cry you lean in and kiss him. You feel sparks fly, and your mind is flooded with snippets of memories, it not much, nothing you can grasp onto, but it’s enough to form love in your heart for this guy. It’s enough to leave you contemplating between who to choose, your current boyfriend, Minho, or the boyfriend whom you don’t even remember, Eric.

A/N: I’m just gonna leave you guys hanging here. You can choose your own fate. Minho or Eric? Mwahahaha. And I know Eric kinda sounds like a softie in this, but how would you expect him to react if his girlfriend basically resurrected from the dead, and didn’t remember a thing about him? Also I didn’t have time to proof read this, so I’ll fix any mistakes tomorrow! Anyways, enjoy loves!

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Break II


Rebellion, despair, hatred, shock

Fandom: The Maze Runner/Divergent crossover

Request: “ Hey I requested the Break part 2 request I just used scorch trials as an example I was just thinking like they could get news that they will be grouped into factions and possibly separated so they try to escape the city. XX -Anon😇💕 “

Word count: 1118

gif is not mine.

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Multi Fandom 🎉 😄. Love the Harry Potter James/Lily photos!! Have to find more!!


                                                                         ❝ it was such a delight to play
                                                                                THE PUPPET MASTER
                                                                        to all of your pavlovian panic! ❞

JOSHUA WASHINGTON of supermassive’s UNTIL DAWN. canon divergent. crossover & oc friendly. possibly triggering content. previously yourenotreal. big fan of pizza and sleepovers. aggressively bisexual. definitely did NOT kill your girlfriend.  loved dearly by tay since may 2016.

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so when are u gonna make a gen fic rec. list 👀👀👀 pull the trigger julieta

ok lets mcfreaking lose it

This is funny in so many levels! Imagine…
Sutter Keely (Spectacular Now): Hey! She only left me because I’m a drunk, but I can still take you!
Tris: Sutter, go home! You had way too much to drink again. You’re Peter now, okay? Wrong movie!
Four (Divergent): I will rip you to shreds, pansycake!
Augustus Waters (TFIOS): I’m outta here! I’m supposed to be dead.

The Fandom Games (Part 1)

“This year, you’re dealing with experienced killers.” Haymitch stands on front of the screen, remote pointed. “Why our esteemed President Snow chose these people, I have no idea why. They’re not even from the districts at all. And to top it all off, there’s an extra 24 tributes, like the last quarter quell.”

I glanced at Peeta worriedly. Not from the districts? “What do you mean?” I turned back to Haymitch, my mind whirling. Was District Twelve the only one sending in a pair of tributes this year? 

“Watch. It’s no good.” With a press of a button the screen came on.

“Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton. They say they’re from a place called Chicago.” He shoots us a look. “If I didn’t know better, i would say that they’re your Cato and Clove for this year.”  A girl, about 16 or 17 years, with long brown hair. There’s a shot of her throwing knives at human-shaped targets that reminded me sickeningly of Clove. A boy, about 18 years old, in hand-to-hand combat with someone else. The boy easily overpowered his opponent and won within four seconds.

”They sure do remind me of them.” Peeta mutters. I swallow loudly and wave Haymitch on. “Who’s next?”

“Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson. Now, this is where things start to get… interesting.” The girl with long blonde hair and strange grey eyes easily taking down targets with a bronze knife, reminding me of Cato. I swallowed the bile in my throat and forced myself to acknowledge the next one. The boy had jet black hair and sea green eyes, and there was a shot of him swimming. He quite literally jetted across the waters as if he could control them, and when he emerged on land, he seemed quite dry.

“He could give Finnick Odair a run for his money.” I say dryly. Haymitch barks out a humorless laugh before clicking on the remote again.

“Teresa and Thomas. These ones are strange - no last names, no one knows where they’re from.” The two of them were a pair - they ran through a deadly obstacle course that looked like a giant maze, pausing only to use long wooden spears to kill ugly creatures that looked cross between a mechanical spider and a black ugly worm. Their ease in escaping-though terror was clear on their faces - reminded me too much of Foxface. I rested my head on Peeta’s shoulder. Haymitch took our silence as a cue to move on.

“Clarissa Morgenstern and Jace Herondale. Some would say…” Haymitch pauses, looking as if he couldn’t quite believe what he was about to say. “… that they’re not human.”

Peeta scoffs, but it comes out as a nervous gasp. “W-what?” I glance up at Haymitch, brows furrowed. The Capitol had advanced technology, that I knew - but something otherworldly was completely new to me.

Haymitch pointed at the screen. “Watch.” The girl held up what looked like a glowing pen and drew on her skin. As she drew, swirling black lines seemed to spiral from the tip. When she finished drawing, she dissapeared. I stared at the screen, wondering if she had just turned invisible. The boy held two glowing swords, and he lept from a table to a thin wire to a chandelier while fighting hordes of what i could only describe as vampires. His jumps were impossibly high-ten, twenty, even thirty meters. 

“Who are they?” Peeta demanded, his face pale. “How will we kill them? They’ll best us in five seconds, tops.” 

Haymitch shrugged. “Make allies. It’s the best way.”

“They’re not human. They’re supernatural.” I blurted out. And looking at them, no matter how impossible it seemed, it was obvious. Percy-i think that was his name-seemed to control the waves. Clary had turned herself invisible. Jace had impossible speed and strength. “We can’t win.” I felt impossibly small, in the face of this obvious death. What a show it must be for the Capitol this year.

Haymitch, at a loss for words for once, opened and closed his mouth as he tried to say something. Finally, he gave up and continued. “These two are a bit more normal, though i wouldn’t underestimate them. Susan and Peter Pevensie. Siblings. Like Cashmere and Gloss.” The girl-about 17- had a bow and arrows. Too similar to me. Her skills in archery were matched to mine, if not better. As we watched, she killed three armored men, and then pulled an arrow from her quiver and threw it at another man, killing him. The boy-18 years old, i guessed- held a sword, easily besting a crowd of ten, fifteen armored men at once. At least they seemed a bit more normal-but they were still powerful, to say the least.

“Hermoine Granger and Harry Potter.” The two of them were holding sticks, running through a very damaged castle. I was about to laugh about it when they pointed the sticks and two jets of red lights flew from the tip and blasted a few hooded people away. My jaw dropped open. Magic. But that was impossible. Beside me, i could hear Peeta stuttering. 

“Th - that’s not possible.” He stammered, “Magic isn’t real. This is just a television.” I find myself holding onto his hand, my knuckles white. He’s holding on just as tightly, anxiety getting the better of him.

Haymitch cut him off. “Snow’s up to something. I don’t know what, i just know that he’s up to something, and with these tributes this year, he’s determined to see you dead.”

And he seemed darn close to doing it. How would I kill the girl who could turn invisible? The boy who controlled water? The two magicians?

“Sadie and Carter Kane.” The girl pointed at a pair of locked doors and spoke some gibberish. Egyptian hieroglyphics glowed where she pointed, and the doors blasted apart. The boy was holding a curved sword, and as he charged forward, he glowed and lifted off the the ground, encased in a glowing avatar with the head of a falcon.

At this point I was near vomiting . This was too much. Too much. But there was more. I swallowed hard and took a few deep breaths. Prim. Gale. My mother. I have to survive. For them. I glance up at Peeta. For him.

“These ones don’t have names. They’re just called Numbers Six and Four.” Invisibility, telekinesis, resistance to fire, super speed and strength, flashing hands. Too much.

I closed my eyes and ignored the flashing screen. I can hear Peeta’s heartbeat as I rest my head near his chest as he slumps on the sofa..

“Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate.” I opened my eyes and saw the girl swirling her hands, creating a storm. I closed my eyes again after seeing hers-one eye was green, the other was yellow. I didn’t care if I missed out on the boy - i didn’t want to see any more.

“Lena Haloway and Alex Sheathes.” They were a bit more normal. Vicious with the knives, through. I breathed a small sigh of relief and felt sick almost immediately. I was feeling relieved there would be easier people to kill. The games were changing me.

“And last, but not least, of the first batch, excluding you two, of course, is Jem and Tessa.”