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This is based on that really good art by @masdanii a little while ago captioned with “Words Were Said” and a conversation I had with @sovvung about that (awesome) art. This kind of started as an excuse for me to practice writing in Angry Stan’s voice and try to get better at it. Thanks to those two users for being awesome writing inspiration!!

Stan stumbled over something in the dying light of the shack’s living room. He caught his balance on the wall, stopping himself from face planting to the ground. Grumbling, he turned around to see what it was. A backpack. Jeez, thought Stan, Mabel must have left it down here. Stan was worried about the girl—she’d just come home and flung her stuff down, apparently, and tore up to the attic without even a ‘hello’ thrown back. She came home much sooner than he expected. Stan had noticed little things that seemed to be inconsequential, but were slowly stealing Mabel’s happiness. Mainly- Dipper spending so much time without her and with Ford instead.

Stan sighed and leaned down to pick up the pack. He was sure Mabel would miss her things soon, and he wanted to at least try and make her smile today. As he bent down, he heard a rush of static and the edge of a conversation.

Mabel will be fine on her own. She has a magnetic personality—“a rush of static came over the line and then cleared up into Dipper’s voice, “We’ve never really been apart before.” Another shift and Ford’s voice came over the line again “And isn’t it suffocating?” with another screech of static the walkie-talkie Stan found in the bag went silent. Obviously this conversation was not meant to be heard, the button was probably accidentally pushed down to communicate. Nevertheless, Stan crushed the walkie-talkie to pieces in his hand, his arm shaking with barely concealed rage. He set the bag down and flung the pieces from his hand. The plastic aggravated the cut he’d received a couple weeks ago from the portal on his hand, but this time he didn’t even wrap it.

Stan sat down unsteadily in his chair. His entire body was shaking with anger over what he heard.

How dare he say that about Mabel? How dare he! If she hadn’t dropped her bag—no she can never hear that—Dipper’s a good kid, he wouldn’t leave his sister, right? What is he doing to this family? He had one job, stay away from the kids, and now, n-now he’s, ugh… Stan’s thoughts chased themselves in circles as his body gave way to tears. He made no noise, just sat in his chair, letting his thoughts run wild circles through his brain, working himself up over the words he’d heard exchanged more and more, but trying to ignore the last sentence as it kept building within him.

Stan struggled to draw in a breath in between his quiet sobs, and suddenly Ford’s words hit him harder than before. Isn’t it suffocating? I’m SUFFOCATING? Did—did he ever…Was I always just…Too dumb, slowed him down, held him back, s u f f o c a t e d my brother?

Stan pushed down with his thumb on the new cut on his hand and hissed out an expletive. But the pain served his purpose and cleared his head. Looking around him, he swallowed the rest of his tears and stood up, straightening his Mr. Mystery suit. He grabbed the broom and swept up the broken walkie-talkie pieces, dumping it in the trash. Everything his right hand touched hurt, but he let himself feel that pain rather than keep thinking too hard about what he heard.

Finally, he wrapped it up, grabbed a pitt cola to hide the injury, and walked up to the attic to talk to Mabel. Stan listened to her sadness over growing up, her fears and her worries, and gave the best advice he could. He allowed his own vulnerability to shine through for a second, the old ache that his twin didn’t stick with him through thick and thin, before rubbing Mabel’s hair affectionately with a small smile. Mabel responded in kind, smiling up at Stan and told him thanks. When Stan left her room, she was smiling again, picking out pictures for the scrapbook and getting back to her normal, upbeat self.

And Stan was going to make sure that whatever had transpired after the static on that walkie-talkie, nothing would take that happiness away from his grandniece.


Finally as the sun was starting to go down, Dipper and Ford returned home. Stan saw Dipper covered in scratch marks and looking generally beat up. Stan swallowed another wave of anger and told him to go clean up and head straight to bed. Dipper dropped his bag and ran up the stairs, looking too excited about whatever they’d done that day to argue back at Stan.

Ford comes in behind him, not even sparing Stanley a glance, and heads to the kitchen. Stan hears him puttering around in there, probably making coffee. He stands and makes his way into the kitchen, coming to stand just behind his brother.

“Ford,” he starts, his gruff voice quiet. Ford doesn’t turn around, but a tensing of the shoulders means he knows his brother heard him.

Stan tries again, “Stanford,” and winces, his voice cracking. At that Ford turns around, his face hardening into a mask of annoyance, to ask what Stan wants with him.

Stan feels a tremor go through him and he shudders. For as much time as he’s had to think, he still doesn’t know what he wants to say. Luckily, Ford makes it easy for him.

“What do you want now, Stanley? I’ve had a long day and I don’t have time for whatever nonsense you’re giving me right now.”

Stanley feels his spine go rigid with resolve, an angry light in his eyes. His voice is low and strong when he speaks this time. “Ford, have you ever been choked nearly to death? Have you ever been thrown into such a tiny space that you can feel the air go stale and you start to panic, thinking ‘this is it, this is the end’? Have you ever been suffocated?” Another tremor goes through Stan and he lets it show, his arms shaking slightly. “Have you ever felt their hands close around your neck as you try to get away, only to be dragged back into them, to watch the look of glee in their eye as they slowly kill you? Or worse, the complete lack of caring as you’re slowly drifting into nothing, just another check mark on a list of things to take care of.” Stan takes a deep breath and raises his voice, “have you ever suffocated?

Stan never took his eyes off of his brother’s face. At first it was still that hard annoyance, then confusion, a flash of recognition, a wince of sympathetic pain, eyes wide and features going slack. When Stan repeated suffocated though, is when Stan saw a light click on in his big brain, and Ford’s expression turned defensive.

“Don’t be over dramatic Stanley. Where are these questions coming from?”

No puedo respirar!I know what it feels like to be suffocating, Stanford. All you know is a brother who has always had your back and stood by you! A brother willing to do anything for you, a brother willing to spend 40 years of his life making up for an accident! And you have the gall to call me suffocating?

“Stan, that’s not what I—“

“No! How could you say,” Stan’s voice cracked but he didn’t stop, plowing on, feeling his anger turn to sadness, “that about me? How could you j-just dismiss our entire childhood like that? Did you ever even like me—or was I just the dumb muscle in your shadow?” Stan’s voice was cracking and his gestures were less sporadic. He could feel the tears threatening to spill over, but still he waited for his brother’s words. If his brother could contradict him, he’d stay.

Stanford looked back, surprise and hurt written over his face. His jaw was slack, hanging open like a fish. But he didn’t say anything. Stanley swallowed hard and turned away. “I’ll be out of your space soon, then. Only one more week until this suffocating nuisance is away from you forever. Sorry I can’t make summer end faster.”

And with that he stalked out of the house, straight to his car, and drove away.

He didn’t see Stanford crouch down in the kitchen, one hand to his heart, the other to his mouth, stifling himself as he cried. He didn’t see Stanford stay that way for over an hour. He didn’t see Stanford rock himself to his feet and into the bathroom. He didn’t hear his brother retching into the toilet, sick at his own thoughts and actions. He didn’t hear the muffled gasps of pain as Stanford took care of his injuries. He didn’t see Stanford stop outside of his own room and lean his head against the old wood, guilt spread across the planes of his face. He didn’t hear Stanford walk woodenly down to the basement, snagging Dipper’s backpack as he went. He didn’t know his brother was finally sealing the problem they created in front of the machine that started it. He didn’t know everything he wanted from his brother was just subverted by the wrong set of twins fighting.

And at the end of the summer, after the twins had left (together—Stan hadn’t heard Stanford rescinded his offer to Dipper), he didn’t see Stanford offer him their childhood dreams. All he saw was the open road blurred by tears, barely choking out breaths between his sobs.

Stan almost laughed at how suffocated he felt.


padmay day 11:  Canon Divergence AU

based on original drafts, Padme brings a knife to mustafar. This time, however, the pregnant senator finds the courage to kill him instead. Padme stabs him in the back & subsequently saves the galaxy by herself.

Jill’s Fic Masterlist


  • Our Little Secret (Dean x Reader)- IN PROGRESS After Dean finds out you lack some experience in a certain department, he makes it his goal to rectify that. As friends, the two of you decide there are some kinks out there definitely worth trying. SERIES MASTERLIST
  • Break a Little (Alpha!Reader x ??Dean) IN PROGRESS You’re an Alpha Female, and that means your entire life you’ve been an outcast, an abomination. It’s been so long you don’t remember what it is like not to feel raw, angry and hurt. You’re aggressive, a little wild, and don’t play well with others. So when your only friend’s brother Dean calls and says Sam is missing, you are hesitant to work with him. After all, you have always been alone SERIES MASTERLIST
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  • Dirty Girl (Demon!Dean x Reader)- IN PROGRESS On Saturday your friends drag you to a bar. You’d rather be anywhere but here, this isn’t your scene. Your plan is to go home, not to hook up, that isn’t you. But there is something about this stranger, the stranger with the cocky attitude and dangerous vibe that you don’t want to walk away from. SERIES MASTERLIST
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  • Before We Go (Reader, Dean)- HIATUS You end up stranded in Minneapolis after you miss your bus, night quickly going to hell. There you end up dependent on the kindness of a stranger. (PART ONE)
  • What Are We Now? (Reader X Dean) - COMPLETE When Dean’s body disappeared from the bunker, you didn’t know what to think. Now, with Sam’s recent research, you are closing in on answers. Is what you discover more than you can handle? Can you save Dean? Can you salvage what you had?  ( PART 1) ( PART 2 ) (PART 3 ) ( PART 4) ( PART 5 ) ( PART 6 ) ( PART 7 ) ( EPILOGUE )
  • Anything & Everything (Reader Insert)- HIATUS You and your sister had met the Winchesters when you were younger, Bobby Singer calls you two in as reinforcements when the Apocalypse looms on the horizon. Canon Verse with Canon Divergence. Based off the feels I get when I listen to Cinematics by Set It Off.  (Prologue: Thoughts That Breath) (Double Dose) (Freak Show)
  • Amnesia (Dean X Reader)- COMPLETE You never knew how far you were willing to go to keep the Winchesters safe. Can you deal with the aftermath of your choices?(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Conclusion)
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  • Dating 101 (Castiel X Reader) - HIATUS After you go through a breakup, Cas is confused about how dating actually works. You take it upon yourself to show him. (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Drabble) (Part Four)
  • Forever Stuck In Our Youth (TFW High School, OFC)- HIATUS Dean and Sam begin their new life at Preston High. Jennifer Wesson has her life locked in to run like clockwork. When their lives collide, Dean learns that the world isn’t what it seems. *Multiple POV* SERIES MASTERLIST

One Shots

UPDATED: 7/22/2017

pleasantboat  asked:

hmm i think because of you talking about longfics in yoi fandom you should share a list of your favourites that you think are under-appreciated 👀👀👀 (all fics are great i will eventually consume them all)

in no particular order but organised by theme, i present to you a top 10 of some must-read yoi multichaptered fics in progress! consider this a primer. if you, too, want to read some good WIPs (and i’m limiting myself to WIPs here because they need more love!), then this is where to start. all of these fics have under 500 kudos at time of posting. btw, some of these authors have multiple WIPs and other yoi fics on ao3, but i’ve limited myself to one fic per author. make sure to check out their other stuff!

if you like AU stories with great scope…

  • the fall of this empire will be loud by elesssar is set in the late cold war and takes a look at what a relationship might be like between yuuri, raised in america, and viktor, firmly ensconced behind the iron curtain. i love the attention to detail in this fic. it’s so firmly grounded in its sense of time and place and the research that’s gone into making it accurate has the added bonus of making it wonderfully rich. there’s a great cast of supporting characters, and yuuri’s POV in particular is a real delight to read, in character and multifaceted.
  • i wanna take you to the stars, and then i’ll leave you alone by coyoten is a sci-fi au of the space opera variety, where yuuri and viktor are exes, thrown back together by circumstance. in space. this fic is descriptive writing goals. there is so much effort put into worldbuilding and every new setting—many of which are other planets created entirely for this universe—is vivid and unique. i love the dark sense of humour in this, too; the narrative voice is refreshingly forward but still expertly manages to tell you as much as you need and no more.
  • Lampadairs Sous la Pluie by xuantime is set in an exquisitely worldbuilt alternate universe where there are, well, alternate universes. yuuri works for an organisation in charge of keeping these universes in order—without giving too much away, mysterious things start happening, and viktor is right at the centre of it. this fic has so many levels of intrigue: political, intrinsic to the world, and character-based. it masterfully manages to keep all these threads going at once. and i love how each character in the large cast has a very distinctive voice and gets their own time to shine.
  • kiss and cry in the corners of my castle by unexpectedtrash is a crossover with the potterverse which uses characters from both canons to tell a politically charged and compelling story. i love this because it really doesn’t shy away from the harsher sides of the potterverse, especially given that it’s set during order of the phoenix. hufflepuff yuri makes for a great POV character, and all of the characterisation is pretty spectacular. much attention has been paid to backstories and worldbuilding, and the use of the setting is imbued in every aspect of the writing, making this an incredibly natural-feeling crossover.

if you like fresh takes on the canonverse…

  • are the stars out tonight by deathbycoldopen is a canon divergence au based on the events of the infamous banquet. it starts from the premise that phichit accompanied yuuri to the GPF that year, and goes from there into a funny and at times very touching story of yuuri making viktor’s acquaintance. i really enjoy the way this is written, well-paced and giving equal weight to its most important events. the focus is on humourous shenanigans but the characters and their relationships with each other are just as fun to immerse yourself in. plus, there is wonderful accompanying art by the author!
  • Before It Burns Me Numb by ilarual is an exceedingly clever cross between a missing scene and a pre-canon story, starting with a coda to episode 10 and the huge shifts in viktor and yuuri’s relationship, and then focusing on a certain aspect of it before then which i don’t want to give away because the twist is so good. i adore the characterisation of viktor in this fic; as a story that focuses on him and his inner life, it’s pitch-perfect. the writing style is fantastic too, and super engaging, the kind of chapters you can absolutely devour, and then read over and again.
  • The nostalgic feeling of the familiar by myoue is a canon divergence au and a fake dating fic of the “pretending to be engaged” variety. the set-up is that, at the banquet, yuuri asks viktor to come to hasetsu for this reason. viktor… forgets the reason. this leads to a lot of confusion and tentative overtures but it’s never played for laughs, rather used as an opportunity to delve into a very nuanced relationship study. i love the writing style; it seamlessly transitions between physical action and internal monologue, which creates a quite otherworldly feeling and which i find utterly engaging.

if you like well-crafted character-driven stories…

  • Without fear, without metaphor by reginar is a post-canon story about yuuri and viktor trying to find the words to express their relationship and feelings for one another. the story draws on themes of speaking english as a second language from the author’s own experiences, and uses miscommunication tropes in clever and unique ways to create a sombre mood. apart from the wonderfully rich writing style, what i love about this fic is how deeply and fearlessly it probes into both yuuri and viktor’s characters. don’t let the angst put you off, there are humourous moments too, and anyway it’s emotionally powerful and so worth it.
  • The Long Way Round by sixpences is another story that deals with heavy themes, a futurefic following viktor and yuuri on a scenic train trip from saint petersburg to hasetsu in the wake of makkachin’s death. again, i want to emphasise: do not let the angst put you off. the writing here is sad and evocative, the emotional world mingling beautifully with the physical world in their common trajectories as journey storylines, and some truly excellent descriptive writing and real world detail on display. i love the mood of this story. it’s the kind of writing that feels like there’s care put into every word, and all the themes being explored with such depth make it a really cathartic read.
  • no one is lost by Iambic is a modern fantasy au but i’m including it in this part of my list because the driving force behind it is the relationship, and the choice to use viktor’s POV for a story that closely follows their canon story arc shines yuuri’s character in a fascinating light. in this story, yuuri’s body literally makes music when he moves, and the writing is infused with a real sonority. this is the kind of worldbuilding where the details are never presented to you, but are painted implicitly by beautiful writing, and it’s done very skilfully. there’s a real sense that the language and setting are linked in this fic, and i love the overall atmosphere of it.
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Optional: Whether you are canon divergent, pre-52 based, new 52 based, cw-based, or DCEU based. 

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Requested by @dizzyowly :  Hi!!~ I really love your writings :) Can i request an imagine of Eric from Divergent based on the Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect? Thank you.

Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

Word count: 1.622

Song: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

 Eric is different. It’s everything you can think since you jumped off that net. You knew you’d find him here, but having him as an instructor caught you by surprise.

 He doesn’t remember you. He doesn’t remember how you planned to move to Dauntless together. But one long year apparently made him forget about this. One year and many different girlfriends. Well, a stupid dream like the one you’ve been holding on to could never be real. It’s time to grow up.

 “Harder, initiate.” He barks to a small girl from Amity. The poor girl barely makes the punching bag move, and thanks to that fact, she has Eric’s attention.

 *Eric’s POV*

 The Amity girl is too weak. I stand behind her, yelling at every move. But my eyes always end up on her. (Y/N). The only reason why I considered staying on Erudite. I never thought she would be brave enough to choose Dauntless, or strong enough to deal with the initiation. But there she is, on top 5, knocking down half of those idiots on the mat.

 I can’t approach her. The best I can do to help is keep distance. The thing is I didn’t think I still had this feeling inside me. Dauntless made me cold, I know it, but she’s bringing back a part of my life I thought I’d never miss.

 But even if I try, how could someone so loving like (Y/N) deal with the person I became?

I found a love for me

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

 *(Y/N)’s POV*

 When the training is done, you run back to the dormitory to take a long warm shower and keep your mind away from Eric.

 But it’s useless. When you’re done drying your hair, you follow the other initiates to the Pit. It’s something about a patrol on Amity tomorrow. As you walk fast to reach them, you can’t help but remember your days in Erudite, when you and Eric were no more the kids, struggling to spend all your free time together. You feel tears rolling down your cheek and quickly dry them with the back of your hand.

 Finally, you’re in the Pit, Eric and Max already explaining how the initiates will spend one night on Amity for a special training. You do your best to pay attention, but Eric’s eyes meet yours across the Pit.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

 “Why are you sad?” Mark walks by your side as you stare at your feet. Mark came from Erudite with you. He knows a bit about Eric, but it’s enough for him to notice that something is going on between you and the leader. “Is it about him?”


 “You know who.”

 “I don’t wanna talk about him.” Everyone stops and you do the same.

 Amity is absolutely beautiful and you don’t hear anything that Max is saying because you’re too busy looking around.

 Then you meet his eyes. You wait for him to look away, but he doesn’t. Eric keeps staring but you can’t read his face. Mark clears his throat to get you attention, but you just can’t stop looking at him.

 “I miss him so much.” You whisper before looking down at your feet.

 “I know, (Y/N), but focus on initiation. For now at least.”

 *Eric’s POV*

 I told them to go to sleep, but when I walk past the dormitory they’re using tonight, I hear them laughing. When I’m about to open the door, I hear her voice. Apparently, it’s only (Y/N) and her friends being loud in the middle of the night.

 “What are your plans, (Y/N)? Like, for the future.”

 “I don’t know…”

 She’s lying. I know exactly what she dreams about.

 Back in Erudite, when we decided to take a break to talk one evening, she spilled her heart out. (Y/N) want kids and a loving husband. She wants romance. I wish I could give it to her, but now, with this heart turning colder every day, I don’t think I can.

 “C'mon, Steve, you can do it.” The tone of her voice is different. I never heard her talking like that. “Our initiation is the hardest. But that’s just right. We’re going to be soldiers, protectors. They have to push us until we break so we can become stronger. I will make it and so are you.”

 That’s when an initiate swings the door open, making (Y/N)’s eyes meet mine immediately. I clean my throat and step in.

 “You better shut up and go to sleep, initiates.” I keep my voice cold, staring at everyone before turning around to leave.

 I can’t stop thinking about her words. (Y/N) is even stronger than I thought, and I’m very proud of her. I need to get closer somehow, talk to her.

 It takes all of me to walk back to my bedroom instead of going back to the dormitory and calling her.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fighting against all odds

I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be my girl, I’ll be your man

I see my future in your eyes

 *(Y/N)’s POV*

 You’ve been trying to sleep for one hour when you give up. Struggling to get tired enough to just drift off to sleep, you take your bag and start pulling everything off, laying it on your small bed. You find a black dress, the one Elaine gave to you a week ago. You don’t know why you let her convince you to bring it, but you did.

 Suddenly, you take the dress and run to the bathroom to put it on. You stare at the mirror with a small smile. You do look good. Choosing to be brave and a bit stupid, you carefully open one of the many windows to jump outside. The dress gets in the way, but you manage to get out without ripping the fabric.

 The wind is cold, but it feels good against your skin. The trees make you feel like you’re in a different world, and that makes you feel good too.

 “Get back to…” You jump at the voice, turning to your left to find him. Eric. He stops on his track when you look at him. “What are you doing here?”

 “Nothing, I…” You lose your voice when Eric comes closer instead of walking away. “Killing time. I’m sorry, sir, I’ll go back.”

 He grabs your arm when you turn to leave, forcing you to stop. Yet, you don’t look at him. It’s easier this way.

 “(Y/N), I have to talk to you.”

 “No. Eric, we’re over, okay?” Pushing back, you set free from his hand.

 “Is that what you think?” He moves so you’re looking at his eyes.

 “No. It’s what I know. I came, I left my family to… Hell! To meet you again and…” A small laugh escapes your lips when you step back, drying the tears that insist in rolling down your cheeks. “You don’t want to hear it, I’m sorry.”

 “Actually, you’re the one who needs to hear me.” The tone of his voice makes me stare back at him.

 “Just say it.”

 “If you really think I’m over you, you’re terribly wrong.” Taking a deep breath, Eric takes both your hands. “(Y/N), I… This faction made me cold. The person I am now… I can’t keep my promise, I’m not…”

 Raising your eyebrows, you lift your hands so he can see them, interlaced fingers. Eric’s voice fades, the wind playing with his hair.

 “Go on.” You mutter.

 “I would wait. We can’t during initiation, but after…”

 “Okay.” You cut him off. Eric was never good with words, so you decided to make things easier for him. “I’m happy you… You still… ”

 “Let’s dance.” He interrupts you.


 “I know you like to dance. I heard you some days ago.” Eric holds you close, his hands around your waist, slowly moving to the sides.

 “There’s no music.”  You smile, tilting your head to the ground. “And I forgot my shoes.”

 That’s when Eric finally sees it. You can tell by the look on his face. He spins you around, making you blush.

 “You’re beautiful.” He whispers, pulling you close again.

 “Actually, I’m awful.”

 “Shhh. You’re not.”

 You lay your head on his chest, moving along with him, using the cold wind as your melody.

 “I love you, (Y/N).” Eric murmurs, caressing your hair.

 “I never stopped loving you.”

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful

I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight


Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

I have faith in what I see

Now I know I have met an angel in person

And she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this

You look perfect tonight

       The Government of Zugeria is behind everything.

What do you do when you can’t trust your government? Your city is falling apart brick by brick, and the law can’t protect you? The paradise you once loved is now out to get you?

                                                                    You fight fire with fire.                     

                             Oscar Award Winning Film now on Amazon Prime!

                                                   Coming Soon | BeyondTheGlamRP

My Captain Swan Fics

A collection of my work

These are stories that are either finished or that I am currently working on. 

I also have a new story I am writing, but it is not published yet and also a one-shot I will be working on.

~*Future Works*~

Against the Stacks

Rated: M

3,000-5,000 words

Summary: Killian is the University librarian who’s been admiring the aloof blonde girl from afar ever since the fall semester. He knows nothing about her, other than the fact that she likes to wear fishnet stockings and black leather skirts, but he’s fairly certain of two things: One, she has nothing better to do than hang out at the library at 1am on a Friday night and two, she’s not actually a student there. So what happens when he finally summons the courage to approach her? A smutty one-shot with a nerdy Library!Killian complete with black-framed glasses. Based on a prompt.

To Play the Game (and win your heart)

Rated: M

10-12 Chapters

Summary: Some people would call it a job, but to Emma and her sister, Milah, it’s a game of the heart. Play by the rules and you’ll never get hurt. Whatever you call swindling wealthy men out of their money, this con-artist duo has it down to a tee. Milah sets up an available, rich man and gets him to marry her. Emma seduces and lures the husband into having an affair so he’ll get caught in the act. He then loses his money in the ensuing divorce.

The sisters wear a coat of armor around their hearts to keep them in tact, but when they set their sights on their next mark, professional golfer Killian “hook” Jones, Emma never imagined how hard the game could be and how easily her heart could be stolen. Especially when she switches roles with Milah and becomes the one exchanging vows with the gorgeous millionaire. Heartbreakers AU. (I have tweaked this since I first posted the story idea.)

~*One Shots*~

Nothing but a Dirty Pirate

Rated: M

Words: 2,031

Summary: Canon divergent post Neverland based on a prompt from anonymous. David walks in on Emma and Killian during lazy morning sex and completely flips out.

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mawichandoodles  asked:

Hello there! About your post 45 THINGS I WANT TO SEE LESS OF IN STORIES (WORLDBUILDING EDITION) could you give more info about number 1, 2, 5, and 36? I am probably not getting what those mean exactly or it's more that I don't know how would those look in a work of fiction. You probably get a lot of questions from other people and have a busy life and all, so I can wait or you can delete the ask. I am only curious about those items in the list. Thank you for your time :D

No problem. I know it’s pretty vague at the moment.

1. Dramatic religious shifts in <50 years

What I mean by this is dramatic changes in religion or religious beliefs of a peoples (including the creation of a new religion) that leads to a total overhaul in less than 50 years. I’ll break that down below.

The thing about religion is that, for the most part, religious change is slow, it is differentiated between region, and it is subtle. If you look at Catholicism and Anglicanism (Church of England), the shift was often bloody and never actually led to the entirety of England being Anglican, even though it happened in 1534 (though the lack of shift also has to do with immigration, etc.). Similarly (and on a much smaller scale), the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) allowed polygamy (plural marriages) from 1852 until 1890 (with a complete ban in 1904). That being said, there are still some people who identify as Mormons who practice plural marriages in modern day, 111 years later. The idea of an entire group of people (even in the thousands or tens of thousands rather than the millions) entirely shifting religion (whether in terms of religious beliefs or actual affiliated religion) in less than 50 years is unrealistic.

An example of this being used in fiction is in the television show Dominion (which is a sequel to the film Legion). Basically, evil angels tried to kill everyone, and now there are walled cities of the survivors. In these walled cities (or at least in the two that are shown), there are new religions (and I won’t get into them at the moment because they’re kind of complicated and not really relevant), but nobody still follows any of the religions prior to the pseudo-apocalypse. That means no Christians, no Jews, no Muslims, no Hindus, no Sikhs, (etc.). And it’s only been 25 years, which means that most (or at least many) of the people who are alive were alive before the pseudo-apocalypse, and somehow all of them stopped practicing their religion and joined (to a greater or lesser extent) the very homogenous religion now practiced in the city.

That (and anything that resembles it) makes no sense.

2. Arbitrary returns to Roman/Greek systems

Occasionally you’ll see stories in modern times where they just randomly return to something that resembles Greek or Roman political or social systems. For no reason. Which makes no sense. Because there’s no reason to go back to things like Consul systems (see: Dominion) when there are so many other political systems that have been used more recently. If you don’t want to use something that’s been used recently, make a political system up, but unless you have a very good (in-universe) reason, you shouldn’t be going back to political systems that haven’t been used in centuries.

5. Heterogeneous technologically-limited rural areas

Up until fairly recently, rural areas were fairly homogenous in regards to race, ethnicity, culture, religion, etc. With limited technology, rural areas (which are almost by definition spread out) aren’t going to attract a lot of people, and so groups of people would usually travel there together and start villages, and then people wouldn’t really come there. With the existence of travel devices that allow distances to be traversed relatively quickly (hours rather than days or weeks), you can move to a rural area without having been part of the original settles, but for much of history (and still in many parts of the world), you end up with villages and tribes with a relatively high degree of homogeneity that stayed that way. They developed their own customs and beliefs, or built on the ones they came with, and there wasn’t much room or enough people for a high degree of divergence.

36. Western-based organizational structures

Usually, when political or religious organizations are created in stories, they look like Western-style organizations. You have the equivalents or parliaments or senates or NATO or the UN (which, despite its encompassing the entire world, more or less, is very Western), but you rarely see the equivalents of ASEAN. Part of that is because most people are writing from a Western perspective, and part of that is because there are just fewer formal non-Western organizational structures.

It’s important to remember that different cultures have different organizational structures. I’m not going to go into the whole cultural-theory thing (mostly because I don’t remember it all that well), but there are some cultures that base their decisions more on long historical decisions, or family ties, or the age/experience of those making decisions, and they’re not going to base their decision-making bodies (if they have decision-making bodies, and they might not) on the same principles as the West does. Which means that if you have a culture with a big focus on the family and family ties and you have a decision-making body that has region-based electorates that hasn’t been imposed by a Western-style organization (as in places like Japan, where their entire system was created by Americans), you missed something somewhere.

You can have Western-based organizational structures in places that wouldn’t naturally have them because they’ve been imposed by Western imperialists and talk about the issues with that. That’s super interesting and relevant. But if you’re trying to present a naturally-forming Western-style organizational structure in a non-Western culture, you need to rethink your plan.

If anyone has any questions about any points on any of my lists (or if you want me to do any more lists), feel free to ask.

high school au (part two)

(read part one here)

Andrew has spent every Sunday since he got out of juvie either in church or at an Exy tournament. It’s not a future he would have predicted for himself two years ago.

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          “That is just as well,  Potter,  because you are neither special nor important,  and it is not up to you to find out what the Dark Lord is saying to his Death Eaters.
          “No  —  that’s your job, isn’t it?  Harry shot at Snape.
          He had not meant to say it;  it had burst out of him in temper.  For a long moment they stared at each other,  Harry convinced he had gone too far.  But there was a curious,  almost satisfied expression on Snape’s face when he answered.
          “Yes, Potter,  he said,  his eyes glinting.  That is my job.
            ❪ ind severus snape, written by eli. book based & canon divergent. ❫

       out of ichor. yes. it’s me, gay jesus !!!!! do me a favor && reblog/like (i prefer reblogs tbh) this if you’re up for rping with a heavy canon divergent, mixed-mythos mentaiko-based priapus. he’s a mix between greek && roman mythology && a fusion of both Pan, God of the Wild && Priapus, God of Fertility. this blog does not follow manga canon takes insperation from priapus comics && several other sources. they’re a wayward god who is known to hop from pantheon to pantheon (exiled by the greeks for aiding the romans in the divine war of gods.)



O DEAD  MAN  WALKING  /  what’s your anthem, soldier ? you never hummed it in the manholes  /  you never ushered it when pools of blood were your water  /  what’s your oath, soldier ? you never promised it to dying lips  /  you never pledged it while standing next to that flag on fire / you only marched forward and let bullets and corpses in your path.         •       independent, selective + private rp blog for soldier:76 from the overwatch franchise. headcanon based + canon divergent + mature themed

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A Reign RP Masterlist by ReignRPSource

Hi everyone! With the growth in the fandom lately, we just wanted to compile a masterlist of all the active canon accounts as well as bring you sources for your Reign RP needs! Please also feel free to reblog if you’re a Reign OC, a multi with Reign muses, have Reign verses, or have an account around the same time period! Reblog with these in your tags so we can organize the masterlist accordingly:

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HEY HEY HEY I’M ASH and this is a brand new roleplay blog for a very canon - divergent  headcanon based  yandere - kun from the game lovesick : yandere simulator  !   can you please give this a like and/or reblog if you’d be interested in interacting with him  ?   thank you so much  !!  

Trusted teddy bear fics

These are the fics I reread when I need a pick me up or just when I want a dose of unbearably awesome writing. Some of these start out angsty but then they go into fluff. Some of them are smutty. (Okay most of them.) enjoy!

All of these are available on Ao3.

Like Sugar by @luninosity (E, Evanstan) D/s relationships normally don’t do a ton for me but the way Luni writes them fills the space with so much love and respect from BOTH partners and AUGH it’s just too damn good. Plus there’s so much of this fic to read! Lots of chapters and extra bits. A little something for any taste.

Prince Charming by @brendaonao3 (E, Stucky, AU) Tattoo parlor AU with tattoo artist Bucky and filmmaker Steve and awesome banter and princess bride quotes and The Great Bisexuality Crisis of 2016 and JUST GO READ IT AND THE SEQUEL OK? This is one of the fics in the Stucky Big Bang 2016 that made me want to sign up for this year’s and I am so nervous about it. I hope I’m this good.

Targeting by @queenmabscherzo (E, Stucky, AU) Guys. GUYS. The best. The absolute best. It rips my damn heart out and stuffs it back in my chest. The two sequel fics are just as spectacular. Plus, I mean, @queenmabscherzo is also the nicest person ever and she deals with me messaging her all the time like HI WHEN THIS HAPPENED IN TARGETING I DIED

The Comeback Kid by @emphasisonem (M, Stucky, AU) Actor!Bucky is my fucking KRYPTONITE and this is so damn good. Plus, Pierce as a dick in every universe is a theory I ascribe to.

All Your Flaws and Scars by @hitlikehammers (M, Stucky, canon compliant) screams into the void JUST GO READ IT

The Life of Bucky Barnes by @stephrc79 (M, Stucky, canon-divergent) Based on the AMAZING art series by @petite-madame. A fic for every story. Legit every time this thing updates I squeal.

I just figure that I should do more recommendations up in here. All of these people are so damn good. And I’m probably forgetting a TON.

Oh. And if you’re thinking “what if I just want full on smut?” I have the fic for you.

Melt Into, Melt Until by @notoska. Oh. My. Gad. This fic is GOOOOOOOOORGEOUS. Talk about a slow burn!

Gifset 1 of ? by @titaniasfics

I went down my review history to the very beginning, when I first started reading fanfic. These were the first fics I read, the ones that made such an impact on me as a writer and fangirl. I have others but these stood out to me because they are the ones that drew me into writing. 

I’ve read so many more. I will likely make other posts! (Fun fact - Madam Beth’s When the Red X is on the Door is the first fic I ever beta’d for :) ) 

Links featured below are for fanfiction.net.

Clockwise from top:

Not in Our Favor (twilightcakes) -  Katniss thinks she had found her happily ever after with Peeta, but when a hunting accident lands her in the hospital, she wakes up discovers she has no idea who he is. Her memories of life for the last two years are all blurry, but she does however remember Gale. Will the baker that seems to be her polar opposite be able to win her over twice?

Rating - M, Words - 225,532

Fae (HGRomance) -  When they were children, he stole her heart. But then he vanished and she never saw him again. Many years later, Katniss finds a portal into an enchanted and dangerous forest, guarded by a fae boy who seems vaguely familiar.

Rating - M, Words - 71,689

When the Red X is on the Door (Madam Beth) -  Post Mockingjay. Katniss and Peeta rebuild their relationship while trying to deal with the trauma of having been through the horrors of their lives since being reaped into the Hunger Games. They are there for each other when nightmares creep in the dark, but how does Katniss know when it is not safe for Peeta to be near her because of his hijacking? When the red X is on the door.

Rating - M, Words - 374,836

When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun (Mejhiren) -  “It’s something out of an old tale: a golden young man in a white bearskin, striking strange bargains with desperate souls on the cruelest night of winter.” Peeta Mellark, winner of the 74th Hunger Games, returns from his Victory Tour to make the starving Everdeens an offer they can’t refuse. Canon divergent, based on the fairy tale “East of the Sun and West of the Moon.”

Rating - M, Words - 362,372

Attention: Fic Plagiarism

It was brought to my attention by a very kind Tumblr user that my fic, for the common defense has been the subject of plagiarism on AO3. A new work, Flipped  was posted this week, and the author claimed that it was their own. The plot points and story structure are identical, and a lot of the phrasing is directly lifted from my work. 

It appears as though the author of Flipped copy/pasted “for the common defense” and changed some words so as not to appear to have plagiarized. 

I’m writing now to clarify that I did not write “Flipped,” that I did not authorize the use of my content, and that I have reported the author and requested the fic be taken down. 

If you’re interested in the concept presented by Flipped (a canon-divergent fic based on the idea that Root took the bullets in If-Then-Else and Shaw was left in the elevator), please consider reading the original. 

You can find my actual fic here