Preferences Master List

Hi! I thought I’d post a mobile version of the one I’ve got linked in my blog [HERE], just for all of you mobile users. Can’t believe I haven’t made one sooner. Anyway, the preferences-

Avengers Preferences:

Divergent Preferences:

Supernatural Preferences: [Includes Dean, Sam and Cas for all preferences]

Happy Birthday

Pairing: Reader x Eric

The sun is already peeking through the curtains of the bedroom windows when you wake up. Today is your birthday!

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  • Person:They can't die! They're the main character!
  • Sherlock Fandom:
  • Supernatural Fandom:
  • Torchwood Fandom:
  • Doctor Who Fandom:
  • Game of Thrones Fandom:
  • The Avengers Fandom:
  • Harry Potter Fandom:
  • Merlin Fandom:
  • Divergent Fandom:
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fandom:
  • Tumblr:You must be new here.
The Fandoms On Tumblr
  • Sherlock:We need season 4!!!!
  • Supernatural:We got a gif for that.
  • Harry Potter:New movie, new movie,...
  • Star Wars:BB-8!
  • Shadowhunters:Thank god for our show not being canceled like the 2nd movie.
  • Game of Thrones:everyone keeps dying...
  • Divergent:last movie, hahaHAHAHA, nah we're fine
  • Doctor Who:a Tardis for everyone
  • Percy Jackson:fuck movies and fuck official art
  • The Fault In Our Stars:*still sobbing*
  • Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit:*literally only Thranduil*