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[Very important !!] Official announcement about Versailles come back

We have made you wait , everyone ! After 3 years Versailles finally will be revived! All details will be announced on 12/28 Zepp DiverCity Tokyo live in the ritual of Versailles revival. Please stay tuned.

Versailles Ritual of revival will be broadcasted to whole world!
2015/12/28 around 21:00 (Japanese time)

For URL please follow official twitter . 

Only revival ceremony will be shown not full live of KAMIJO . Broadcasting can be cancelled in case of internet problems.


CREDITS FOR LIVE REPORT: @eternally_vivid

  • All five changed for the encore again. Uruha and Ruki were the same as before. Reita wore the black tour shirt and the holdie. Aoi and Kai wore the Jesus shirt. 
  • During Kai’s MC before the second encore, Aoi accidentally played a note on his guitar. Everyone laughed and he looked embarrassed.
  • When Kai started talking again, Uruha then purposely played a note and smirked. Then a few moments later, Aoi played another note, on purpose this time, but tried to blame it on Uruha & pointed at him like, “IT WAS HIM!”
  • For the part before Uruha’s solo in TND, he went to Ruki’s step up and Ruki put his arm around him, then nuzzled his neck / whispered to him
  • Aoi went over to Uruha during the encore and leaned against him. They played back to back for a while.
  • Ruki’s MC: “We’ve forgotten what standing lives are like. I guess it’s the same for you. There are no seats? No seats… No seats, right?”
  • Reita went over to Uruha, and they played back to back, then Uruha turned and nuzzled Reita’s hair.
  • They played Kantou Dogeza again for the second encore.
  • During the beginning of TND, Ruki tried to make Uruha scream into his mic, but Uruha turned his head away like, “No! Don’t wanna!”
  • When Ruki stood next to Uruha during TND, he hit him in the face with the brim of his hat.
  • When Reita came close, we could see black makeup smudged all over his neck under his chin and jaw.
  • Ruki rolled up his sleeves during the encore and front rows could easily see his tattoos.
  • Ruki came to the front of the stage during the main set, crouched down, reached out teasingly, then actually grabbed some fans’ hands. 

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