Divercity Productions just produced a really cool fictional short about the experiences of being asexual:

Confused about her sexuality, Teresa asks a few strangers on the internet some of her most pressing questions about herself – to find out that she’s not alone in her experiences.

content note: contains a short implied sex scene (nothing graphic), and a few frank verbal discussions of sex.

Please support the producers by viewing the video on their main page as well!

The Beauty

I wanted to make a plus size princess (even though +size on Belle looks like medium by real life standards) and chose my all time favourite princess for the test. I wanted to make her even fuller, but my skills weren’t up to the task…

I have been making a lot of GIFs lately… I should do something worth while instead…

(Goes and plays Dragon Age Inquisition)

GOT7′s Schedule

(This schedule is linked on my sidebar so pls go there if you need an up-to-date version)

11.15 『TURN UP』2nd Mini Album release
           LINE LIVE / 10PM JST
11.16 Zepp DiverCity Tokyo / 7PM JST
11.17 Zepp DiverCity Tokyo / 7PM JST
11.18 Zepp DiverCity Tokyo / 6PM JST
11.21 Zepp Nagoya / 7PM JST
           TMI lab / 7PM KST
11.22 Zepp Nagoya / 7PM JST
11.24 Zepp Namba / 7PM JST
11.25 Zepp Namba / 6PM JST
11.26 Zepp Namba / 5PM JST
11.28 TMI lab / 7PM KST
12.01 2017 MAMA in HONG KONG at AsiaWorld–Expo
           SBS Law of the Jungle [Cook Islands] JB♡ / 10PM KST
12.11 It’s Skin Thailand “Make & Meet with GOT7”
12.16 「TURN UP」PREMIUM UNIT EVENT #1 Jinyoung&Youngjae / 2PM JST
           「TURN UP」PREMIUM UNIT EVENT #2 BamBam&Yugyeom / 4:30PM JST
12.21 日本武道館(Nippon Budokan) Tour Final / 6:30PM JST
12.22 日本武道館(Nippon Budokan) Tour Final / 6:30PM JST
12.23 「TURN UP」発売記念ソロハイタッチ会(Solo Hi-Touch Event)
12.25 2017 SBS Awards Festival (SAF) at Gucheok Sky Dome / 8PM - 11PM KST

Upcoming Schedule


11/02  Kenzo Cocktail Party in Shanghai (Jackson)

11/03  Zepp Tour in Japan: Sapporo

11/04  Master Key (Jinyoung) broadcast

11/04  Budweiser & Tmall 11:11 Countdown Party (Jackson)

11/04  Youth Hostel (Jackson) broadcast

11/05  25 Years of Korea-Vietnam Friendship concert broadcast

11/05  Special Event:Yeongdeungpo

11/07  Fan Autograph Session: Jamsil

11/10  2017 Tmall 11:11 Global Shopping Festival Gala (Jackson)

11/11  Zepp Tour in Japan: Fukuoka

11/11  Jackson’s flight to London

11/11  Fantastic Duo 2 - broadcast

11/12-13  MTV EMAs in London (Jackson)

11/12  Zepp Tour in Japan: Fukuoka

11/15  Japan Mini Album TURN UP Release

11/16  Zepp Tour in Japan: Divercity Odaiba Tokyo

11/17  Zepp Tour in Japan: Divercity Odaiba Tokyo

11/18   Zepp Tour in Japan: Divercity Odaiba Tokyo

11/18  Lonely Night Concert held by Kilin Live (Jackson)

11/21  Zepp Tour in Japan: Nagoya

11/22  Zepp Tour in Japan: Nagoya

11.23 Netease Attitude Awards 2017 (Jackson)

11/24  Zepp Tour in Japan: Osaka

11/25  Zepp Tour in Japan: Osaka

11/26  Zepp Tour in Japan: Osaka

11/26  2017 EMP MUSIC FESTIVAL in Shenzen (Jackson)


12/11  It’s Skin Make & Meet Event in Thailand

12/16  Tokyo Premium Unit Event #1 #2

12/16  The 11th Migu Music Awards in Shanghai (Jackson)

12/17  Hyogo Premium Unit Event #3

12/21  Tour Finale in Japan: Budokan Tokyo

12/22  Tour Finale in Japan: Budokan Tokyo

12/23  Tokyo Soro High Touch Event

Racebent Cinderella

I had an interesting discussion with a fan regarding the ethnicities of the main characters in To Belong, sparked by the fact that all 4 of them are white/white-passing. The thing is, that even if I use white characters to tell the crossover version of the story, dose not mean that the original characters are white. 

There is however no way for me to have the luxury to portray their actual ethnicities in a believable way when using already existing characters.

 Where is my adorkable Korean prince?!! (O_Q)  . Anyway, anyway! That chat, combined with Lettherebedoodles’ final addition to the racebent Disney series made me want to test how hard it would be to change a character’s race in a video. Of course I used Cindy for this test, she is so easy to work with! :D And weeell… It WAS hard! Just a color changes wasn’t enough, some drastic plastic sugary and hair treatment was in order for it to look like a potentially new character. So no, even though she looks absolutely fabulous, this isn’t an option for a whole video. :( 


Soraru: Thank you for all your hard work at the XYZ Tokyo Performance! After such a while the live was so fun with everyone! See you next time XYZ

Mafumafu: Thank you XYZ Tokyo Zepp Divercity!! I was so nervous performing with everyone after such a long time… It was so fun… 

Doing stuff like this, mixing with everyone, having my song done, I’m seriously so happy

Ah, this photo shows the hierarchy of ATR

Soraru: RT Since this was taken from a high angle doesn’t my head look super big?

Mafumafu: Scary face… Today my costume looks like I’m eating in a posh restaurant! My hands are in a strong-boss-like pose, my eighth-grader disease is starting to come back   (  ・᷄ὢ・᷅ ) nihihi

In the dressing room I laid down and looked like a melted slime    I’ll have to withdraw for a bit     ahahahahaha ꉂꉂ(ᵔᗜᵔ*)

Conversation about Royz’ disbanding

Source: Cure Vol. 166 July 2017
Release Date:
May 2017
@nuigurumi-daisuki sent me photos of the pages xD thanks!
VerwelktesGedicht for Royz-yade
In this issue Royz explains that in the end of January 2017 conversations about them disbanding came up. I’ve translated a part of it, skipped a few sentences though, so it’s not a complete interview or even the complete paragraph about it. Still, I thought this might be interesting to read, so here you go! And please don’t repost.


Koudai: We didn’t want to say anything at the live on January 7th at Zepp DiverCity. But at that live for the first time I felt that the things we want to do and the things others think we (should) do were clashing together.
Subaru: And also we members… there were things we couldn’t agree on. We realized that we didn’t know anymore what we actually want to do. While talking about various things also the topic of disbanding came up.
Koudai: Our tourfinal this time will finally be at Nakano SunPlaza. For so many years we couldn’t sell out Zepp DiverCity… And while doing the same things all over again it’s just normal that our way of thinking about that was different among the members. It’s not that we came to dislike you and want to split up because of that! It was rather: “Will Royz be able to live on? And if so, in what way would it be?”

– Were the lyrics of RAVEN born during that time? [translation here]
Subaru: The day after we talked about disbanding I had to record the vocals of “RAVEN”. I worked the lyrics over and it turned into having such a type of meaning. It has a pretty real flair. It’s wanting to move forward but actually being really desperate. I wanted to put that state down in writing and never want to feel something like this ever again.

– How did you come to a result for the situation?
Subaru: When the conversations about hiatus or going different ways came up it would have been the easiest to throw it all away and start anew. But then we held lives and played also real old songs and I realized once again how huge the things are we’ve created during the past 8 years. We’ve created something amazing. And my feeling for that are so deep. I don’t want these great things to fade away. That’s what I think. “I will give my best the way it is now.”
I’ve also talked to Takemasa and Mahiro from Kiryu and they told me to better stop all those thoughts about hiatus. My mother said the same: “The bad and good things, you all created them yourself. I don’t want them to disappear.” I also wanted to change all these sad feelings into good ones.
Koudai: It was really a horrible time.

– So even if the talk about disbanding came up, deep in your heart you didn’t want to stop?
Koudai: We don’t. We don’t (laughs)
Subaru: Really not (laughs)