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Brainstorming Prince of Tennis Fic: A True Story
  • Hal: So, I need something cool for Momo and Kaidoh to do here.
  • Hal's Partner: What about if they played tennis wearing masks like Mexican wrestlers?
  • Hal: That would be great except it just happened in the manga at Nationals.
  • ...
  • Hal: Atobe needs to make a dramatic entrance here.
  • Hal's Partner: What if he skydives in and lands on the tennis court?
  • Hal: That would be great except it's how he gets to school every day.
  • ...
  • Hal: For this fic, I need---
  • Hal's Partner: (clearly having thought about this a lot) What if all the action takes place in a submarine? Or they're playing tennis while scuba diving? They've never played tennis underwater, right? RIGHT?
  • Hal: True, but there's a new movie coming out...
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Aka, how long is this fic going to go on for?

Answer: probably about 6-7 more chapters. Give or take

in 22 days, i’ll be able to actually put together my multi. it may seem like a lot, but i’m restricting all muses on this blog to plot only. and on the days i decide to start something random, it will likely be one muse at a time.

SONS OF ANARCHYcanons; Jackson Teller ( I’ve decided to just go ahead and move him ), JT Teller, George “Ratboy” Skogstrom, Chucky Marstein, Happy Lowman, David Hale, Ron Tully, Eric Miles, “Filthy” Phil, Quinn, Kip “Half Sack” Epps, more? ocs; All my Samarillo boys. So that’s Walker, Houten, Juan, and Jane. Finn keeps his standalone blog.

HAVEN — Reverend Edmund Driscoll, Simon Crocker, some of Duke’s half-brothers. Playing with the idea of more. Suggestions are welcome.

FALLOUT 4 — Soul Survivor ( aligned w/ Railroad, BoS, and Minutemen. Peace route on Far Harbor. Still trying to figure out wtf to do with Nuka World after being no-homo’d by Gage ), MacCready, Kellogg.

MISCcanons; Asa Farrell / WGN’s Outsiders, Jackie Cogan / Killing Them Softly, Dean Winchester / Supernatural & Sons of Anarchy crossover, Fox Mask / You’re Next, Jay Kulina / Kingdom, Keith / Kingdom, Paxton Fettel / F.E.A.R., Corvo Attano / Dishonored, more. ocs; Oliver Jones / Fandomless.

The ocean looks blue because water absorbs longer-wavelength colors of light more strongly than it does blue. When the sun’s white light enters the ocean, red/orange/yellow light dissipates quickly, and mostly blues remain. That’s why divers stop seeing reds around depths of 20 feet, but blues last until it’s too dark to see. Source Source 2