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Mozambique is located on the Indian Ocean coast of Southern Africa. It borders South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. With over 1000km of coastline, the country is a popular destination for scuba divers, fishermen, sailors and beach lovers. The climate is tropical, and even cold nights are rare to come by. 

Around the Year 1500, the Portuguese began establishing forts and posts along the coast of Mozambique, to benefit their trade routes. As a result, the official language of Mozambique is still Portuguese. Other languages spoken, include English (spoken in the main city and tourist areas), and Swahili (spoken in the north, near the border with Tanzania). 

Novorossiysk - Russia 

Located on the Black Sea, Novorossiysk is one of the largest sea ports in Russia. The main activity for locals and visitors in Novorossiysk is swimming, sunbathing, diving, and yachting. 

Novorossiysk is warmer than most cities in the area, due to a ring of mountains encircling the city, which help block the cold winds. 

falling for you
without the slightest intention,
diving deeper into your ocean

your eyes are the moon
pulling the tides higher
and soon enough
i am fully submerged
in your cooling waters

please do not let me drown

-arctic ocean 5/11

Molinere Bay - Grenada

Construction on the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park began in 2006, shortly after a hurricane devastated the bay, wiping out much of the tropical reefs. The park is made up of 65 sculptures, that now aid in relieving pressure on the remaining natural reefs in the area. With an average depth of 12m, the bay is popular with snorkelers & divers, and is easily accessible from Grenada’s capital city, St Georges, by boat.

The most famous of the sculptures, Vicissitudes, depicts 26 children holding hands in a ring, facing into the current. The ring symbolises lifes ongoing cycle, and the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. 

After the stress of this morning/this past week in general….

Thank you to those who have remained positive. Thank you to those who have remained respectful. Thank you to those of you who understand the amount of negativity that I *do* see and *don’t* post despite that which has been posted lately, and thank you to those who understand I will stick up for people I care about, always. Especially when a situation escalates in an apparent underhanded attempt to firstly insult me but then to take aim at my friends and multiple other people who are simply here to have fun. I had absolutely NO way of knowing that the original ask would escalate into the situation that it did – or if there was a way, I completely missed it, because looking at the first message…. 

This isn’t… this is a boy. And a band. It’s fantasy. Thank you for understanding that sometimes I also need to snap, especially after a fraught week. Thank you for understanding that it stresses me out, too, because honestly, the last thing I wanted when the album artwork came out was to spend time talking about how it isn’t a crime to think a man is attractive and to fantasize about what it would be like to have his company – no matter WHO you are. If you’ve been here for even a little while, you’d know that’s not the kind of content I’m here for. You’ve seen me attempt to shut things down, and for nearly 14 months I’ve been lucky enough to have this largely respected until this last week – a week that should be a very, very happy occasion for my fandom enjoyment but that has instead seen friends and others bullied and told to just ignore it when we ignore a *lot* already. If it takes away from your Tumblr experience… apologies, cause I sure as *hell* understand that. My experience is taken away from, too. People being insulted takes away from my enjoyment. Being personally insulted? It’s not fun but it is what it is and bothers me way, way less. 

I’m going to reiterate the previously understood ground rules for my blog: be nice. Be courteous. Be respectful in your disagreements. Do not presume to know me or speak for me unless I’ve given express permission and/or you know me *extremely* well. Do not drag others in my inbox, whether I know them or not. Do not talk down about other writers/their writing. I will (almost) always acknowledge your disagreements with me on something if you’re respectful, but I ask that you give that to me. I’ve always been light with the block button, but even though I’ve tried not to let it get to me, I feel like today has been a little bit ruined for me. That isn’t fair to me, and I won’t tolerate it when all I want to do is enjoy the music and the excitement around it. And to maybe think he looks cute, cause that isn’t a crime. I’ll block more liberally if you can’t conduct yourself politely and respectfully, and after that if it continues to be an issue… I don’t know. 

Have a pleasant Thursday. Be ready for preorder (whenever the hell that is). Good luck. xx

Boracay - The Philippines 

Only 7km long, and at points, only 500m wide, Boracay has become the most famous island in the Philippines. The island is a postcard perfect location, define by white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, palm trees, and luxury resorts. 

For those looking for a relaxing holiday, settle into the islands beach beanbags, and enjoy ice cold tropical cocktails. For the more adventurous, there is a wide range of water sport activities, including jet skis, wind surfing, and diving.