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She couldn’t have picked a better person to pass the torch to. The only acceptable person without question to end her amazing 295 Day reign. I’m excited to see the matches these two will put on and the promos that come with. These two set standards for the division. It shows that Hardwork and Dedication pays off sooner rather than later. Paige debuted in front of the right crowd with the only person she could’ve and should’ve debuted with. There was absolutely no exception, but AJ, for Paige to debut against. The reaction these two got just shows how invested the crowd will be into this. I’m really excited because we are about to see the most vicious and darkest AJ we’ve ever seen.
6/16/13 - 4/7/14 #ThankYouAJ #CongratulationsPaige #DivasRedefined


WWE NXT Divas - #LikeAGirl 

WWE NXT Divas redefine what it means to run #LikeAGirl, train #LikeAGirl and fight #LikeAGirl, empowering young female fans everywhere to defy labels and be the best they can be.