divas knockouts challenge


Favourite face Diva (of all time).


I would say the best of all time she was the ultimate face diva that you always wanted to get behind. She commanded the audiences attention with her unorthodox style not just in looks but wrestling skills and her approach to the crowd. Lita was the best still is in my opinion iv'e not seen many recent divas even reach half of what she did in her prime she was truly one of the greats in womens wrestling. 


Most improved Diva (in your opinion).

Layla El 

         When layla first came into the wwe i loved he not for her wrestling ability but her energy was so very positive. But once i saw her match with kelly kelly which was botch central i was kind of like WTF But over time i saw her in ring ability take a drastic turn when she joined into a group with michelle mccool who herself was quite impressive in the ring and i guess it rubbed off because layla has been amazing ever since.