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Fluffy Dominance

I really wanted to get something written with Dark!Chica. Just because I absolutely adore the thought of her. Also, because she doesn’t have a name, (or one that I’m aware of) I’m just gonna call her Diva because I’m not creative enough to come up with something clever.

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The two of them have been playing the same game for about two hours now. What amazed you more about the goings-on, was the sheer amount of patience Darkiplier and his dog seemed to have. 
The man stared down at the floof ball of fur with a stern gaze.
While the pup returned the stare with just as much passive hostility. 
She stood with her head high, ears perked and tail still. Diva was so much different than Chica, it amazed you that they were once one creature. 
“Sit.” Dark ordered, for what seemed the hundredth time. 
Diva in fact, did not sit, but lifted her paw in a handshake motion. 
Dark’s layers were beginning to show. Sharpening around the edges when he heard you laugh. 
“This isn’t a comedy show,” Dark growled and you shrugged your shoulders. Seated on the couch with your laptop beside you, you had a clear view of everything the two were doing. 
This had been going on for longer than it should have. When Dark gave one command, Diva did another. 
She was a smart pup. It was overwhelming sometimes just how much the dog seemed to understand what was going on. 
“No, but she is beginning to make a clown out of you.” You stated and Dark turned his icy gaze you on. To which you smiled innocently. Unfazed by the glare that could curdle milk. 

Diva placed her paw back on the floor when Dark turned back to her. 
Her eyes were set on the treat in his hand, but the amount of defiance in her gaze suggested she wasn’t done disobeying. 
“Sit.” Dark tried again. 
Diva’s tail dipped, and for a second, you thought Diva was going to do it. But as her butt touched the ground, her front paws slid out from under her, and she settled down on her stomach. 
You erupted with laughter as the pup huffed impatiently. Tail smacking the ground lazily as she stared up at Dark.
Dark snarled and shoved the treat into your hands. “You try then. See if it’s so humorous when you’re part of the act.” 
Still snickering, you stood from the couch and replaced Dark in front of Diva. 
The pup was on her feet again. The same twinkle of defiance glittering in her eyes, dispersed as you offered the treat. 
“For being an annoyance.” You whispered to her. 
Diva for her part, wagged her tail with more enthusiasm and carefully took the treat from your fingers. The first time you had hand-fed Diva, she had torn off a fair bit of skin with her teeth. 
It was all by accident but Dark wasn’t exactly impressed, and Diva didn’t enjoy being stuck outside in the rain for three days. 

Dark glared at you. Crossing his arms over his chest and handed you another treat from the pouch in his pocket. 
You turned to Diva and held the treat out, just high enough she could see it, but just out of her reach. 
“Diva, sit.” You said softly. To which the dog instead sneezed and licked her jaws with a rather grey tongue. You frowned and the dog regarded you coldly.
“Not so easy is it,” Dark commented and you rolled your eyes. 
Returning your gaze to Diva, the two of you regarded each other. 
Ever since Dark brought Diva home, the two of you had danced around one another. You spent more time with Diva than Dark did. Since he was always working, and you came home earlier than he did. 
Diva had resented you for the first month of her stay in your home. Unsure of what to make of you. She could tell the difference between Dark and yourself. 
You were mortal. A human. Where Dark was something else entirely. 
But unlike Dark, you were kind and thoughtful. 
When Dark had kicked Diva out of the house for biting you, you had brought extra blankets for her in the dog house under the porch roof. Even after trying to argue that it was an accident, Dark refused to let the pup back in until the punishment was dealt.
You found this a little unfair, and thought it would be better if Diva understood you at least tried.
You even sneaked bits of cut up meat in her food. A way of forgiving and apologizing for what happened.
The two of you were still learning about one another, but Diva understood you weren’t like Dark. 

You smiled kindly and lowered the treat to Diva’s height. 
“Diva, can you please sit for me?” You asked, no longer using a soft tone. But speaking as if you would to Dark. 
Diva blinked once, waited for a moment, and then lowered her rump to the floor. 
You smiled broadly and opened your palm for Diva to take the treat.
Turning to Dark, who looked furious, you shrugged your shoulders. 
“She’s a little more than a dog, Dark. She’s family now. Maybe you should treat her like one.” 
Dark narrowed his gaze down at the pup as she stood and nosed your hand. Allowing you to briefly scratch her nose before she trotted over to her bed.

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harry so contours his chest when he leaves his shirt gaping open this diva

the visual image of him in front of the mirror trying to enhance his titties is so entertaining

Mural Mood Board as H+L Fics

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Top Left: Exes to Lovers Fic
Louis knew this was a bad idea, knew it from the very second Harry Styles had walked into that bar, but he couldn’t take it back now. Being tangled up in bed with Harry was better than he remembered, but the sinking feeling in his gut was something he couldn’t ignore. Harry was being his usual self, ignoring the conversation they needed to have, and it was making something ugly twist inside Louis’ heart. Harry was rambling on about needing to get out of bed, get the day started, when Louis couldn’t contain it anymore. “Are you even sorry?” Harry looked taken aback, but Louis barreled on. “You left, Harry. You left and you didn’t say a word. And now you’re back, and it’s like you don’t even care that you broke everything inside me that day.” 

Top Middle: Backpacking AU
Louis has been looking forward to this portion of the trip all summer. He and Niall have spent weeks in and out of hostels all around Europe, but they were finally going to get a home-cooked meal and a real bed when they visited Niall’s home country. Except Niall neglects to tell him that his best friend from childhood, Harry, will be joining them on the rest of their journey. Louis can’t believe Niall would fail to mention that a complete stranger was now going to be accompanying them on their trip, but he stops his complaining once he meets him. Louis’ spent the past three weeks talking nonstop, pulling pranks on Niall, and generally being a nuisance – but suddenly he’s quiet, letting Harry ramble on about the most mundane things. And really, Niall thinks, what in the fresh hell is happening to Louis? 

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“Fucking ridiculous diva, get your nightmarish ass in front of those fucking cameras,” Fili swore violently at Kili. He tugged this way and that at the suit he’d practically dressed his brother in, ignoring the bitching Kili had subjected him to, and shoved cards into his hand. “You are to stick to these. Say only what is on these, you got it? Hell spawn, I swear to fuck, no blow jobs for a month if you deviate and fuck this up.”

“I bet you sweet talk all your clients that way,” Kili sneered, furious. He reached back to adjust his ponytail and was promptly swatted by one of Fili’s assistants. Kili growled at them and, if it was any other situation, Fili would normally be extremely turned on.

Right now, though, Woods Security was under fire and Kili was about to be public enemy number one as the face of the Boston office. And there was no way his demon brother was going to pull this off. He was a PR Nightmare–capitals deserved.

“It’s time,” someone from production called.

“Kili,” Fili began. Kili silenced him with a quick kiss before stepping away.

Kili rolled his shoulders under the suit, straightened his back, and stepped onto the stage and raised platform. He wore a somber expression with eyes that actually made Fili a little weak in the knees with the focus and fierceness in them. Those were sniper eyes. Fili didn’t see them very often because the few times Fili had accompanied Kili to the gun range had ended in car sex…and almost getting caught.

Kili didn’t need the cards. He improvised the entire thing, smiling and being charming when needed but somber and stern when it called for it. Yes, there was a situation with several Woods Security teams and the possibility of war crime charges. Yes, these teams have been suspended and Woods Security is cooperating with international law as demanded. Yes, Woods Security was the one to report these incidents in the first place and hopes that other companies will follow their lead and keep close eyes on their own teams and report any suspicious activities to the international courts. No, Margery, I’m not single.

“What the fucking hell?” Fili whispered, turning to stare at Dirk.

“I quit,” Jessie, Fili’s assistant said, hands in the air. “I quit. This client is a nightmare. I don’t care that he’s basically your husband, he’s nucking futs.”

Dirk was trying not to snicker. “Angel in front of the cameras, complete mess for you guys. Don’t you love him?”

Fili growled. “I’m going to fucking kill him. Nightmare fucking ridiculous evil diva.” He continued cursing Kili as the press questioned the other man and his smooth brother didn’t fumble, not once.

He’d be proud, if he wasn’t so pissed.

#62: He's Your Teacher | Part 8


Last part of this small Teacher Series! Thank you to everyone who’ve liked and read this x

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”What is this place even.” Y/BF/N hissed into your ear as you dragged her now pretty much protesting body into the, not so fancy as she had expected, diner, the instant smell of coffee and fried food hitting your nostrils, her eyes going wide. ”What in the world are we doing in here?” She spoke under her breath as she took a look around in the diner, a few people sitting at some tables whilst others were sitting on bar chairs. ”I wanted to show you this.” You shrugged, walking past the familiar table of where you and Luke used to sit, walking to the tables a few steps away, sliding inside the booth with Y/BF/N. ”Who have you been with here, you know, since you know the place?” She questioned as her eyes scanned the menu card, looking up at you waiting for an answer. ”Just a friend.” You made a half shrug, hoping that she wouldn’t question into it more, and to your luck she only nodded her head before looking back at the menu. When the both of you had decided what to eat, the same waiter from the last time approached your table, taking in your menus and sending you a small smile in remember. Before you guys realized, the food was served in front of you, Y/BF/N cocking her head by the dish in front of her. ”Don’t be such a diva, the food is good enough here.” You mumbled, sending her a glare as she started to dig in, the other not so improved expression turning into a pleasant one. ”Better than I thought.” She mumbled with mouth full, the two of you eating in silence with a few chit chats between. When Y/BF/N placed her fork down, a weird expression came to her face as she looked behind you, you cocking your eyebrow by her, ”What’s wrong?” You spoke a little more quietly, freezing her out of her trance. ”There’s this really cute boy staring at you.” She mumbled, removing her gaze from the boy. Trying not the make anything obvious, you turned your head slightly but not too much and your eyes widened in surprise when Calum was sitting a few tables behind you with a skeptical expression on his face, his arms crossed as he glared at you. ”Shit.” You cursed, turning your head around fast, your heart starting to beat faster than expected. What if Luke was here as well? ”You know him?” Y/BF/N asked a bit too loudly, cocking her head to get a better view of him, ”That may or may not be correct.” You mumbled, starting to pack your belongings together fast. ”Ready to leave.” You mumbled standing up fast from the booth and pulling Y/BF/N with you. But before you could escape from Calum and his friends he grabbed you on the upper arm making you stop in track and roll your eyes. ”Y/N.” He spoke softly, but his expression said otherwise. You waved Y/BF/N so she could just start walking and she did, leaving you and Calum behind. ”I have no idea what happened between you and Luke, but he’s broke as fucked. He doesn’t wanna come out from his apartment, damn god he doesn’t even wanna touch his guitar. I don’t care what went wrong in your relationship but one of you guys has to be the responsible one.” By the mention of him being broke your eyes went wide with fire, making Calum let go of your arm. ”He’s broken? He’s fucking broken?” You questioned in disbelief but didn’t let Calum answer before you had stormed out of the diner towards Y/BF/N, ”Can you get home yourself? I have to go see a friend right now?” She barely nodded her head before you started to spring over to Luke’s apartment, ready to confront the blond haired boy.


”I broke you?!” Luke eyes widened by your petite form standing in front of him at his door, your sudden presence in front of him leaving a confused gaze on his beautiful features. ”Calum told me.” You scoffed by his confused stare, ”You think I broke you? You were the one breaking me!” You crossed your arms and glared at him until he would say something, but he didn’t, just pulled you inside his apartment before shutting the door. ”I thought you loved me!” You said in rage and at this point Luke turned furious, looking down at you deadly. ”Don’t you dare doubt my love for you at any point Y/N! I have never in my entire life met someone that could change it as much as it has now. You know how hard it was to be your teacher? Harder than what I would ever expect and that was the fucking reason why I choose to quit! Because having just the thought to think about that I would have to teach you with a broken heart would be devastating. I love everything about you, even when you’re mad at me! And nothing can change that and I won’t change it. I’ve fallen hard and heels for my student Y/N Y/L/N and there’s no doubt that my love towards her can compares to someone else.” When Luke finished speaking, he took a death breath before looking down at you with mouth open and wide eyes, yours wide as well as you stared at him in awe. Without further redo, you grabbed him by the back of his neck before pulling him down to your level, placing your lips against his but not in the usual lust full way. In the most passionate loving way that you guys ever shared. And Luke knew when he wrapped his arms around your body that he never wanted to let go again. And he didn’t.


Your stomach was pressed against the soft material of your flower printed covered duvet, your head spinning by the lack of water, trying to concentrate fully on the history paper in front of you. Homework was due to tomorrow but you fought the chance to avoid it, yet your mom came up to your room to check on your every third minute, still worried about your foot. It wasn’t like there were any more damages, you had stopped using crutches a week ago and the swallowing was far gone, the normal beige color replacing the before violet and red one. ”Y/N?” The sound of your mom calling made a small groan leave past your lips before you threw your pencil on the mattress, raising your body from the soft duvet and walking towards your door, opening it slightly and yelling out a ”What?” as you looked down towards the stairs where your mom were resting downstairs. ”I have a feeling that you’ve forgotten your Fitness appointment today.” She mentioned and your eyes widened by the sudden thought, your eyes scanning over the calendar that was hanging above your desk, the small print font of the appointment plastered on it. ”Shit.” You cursed, shaking your head in disbelief by yourself, how could you forget about this. Sprinting over to your closet, you ripped it open and dragged out some gym clothes, taking your gym bag out at well and throwing the clothes inside. To be honest, you hadn’t seen that bag since the injury of your foot with Calum at the hospital. And to be honest you hadn’t seen or heard from Calum since then. Besides the fact that you didn’t have gotten the chance to attend gym due to your foot, you hadn’t seen him otherwise. He wasn’t seen at hallways or at classes anymore. If it wasn’t for Y/BF/N telling you that he had actually quit his teacher job you would have started to grow worried. Yet it didn’t come as a shock to you neither that he quit his job. The constant thought of having to watch you every day was a clear pain just by having the thought. Of course you were sad about it as well but what could you do? Nothing, and that was why you knew that all you had to do was to accept it and not have any more thoughts about it. It would be the best for the both of you. Swinging you back over your shoulder you sprinted down the stairs as best as you could without having any pain in your foot, smiling at your mother as she was leaning against the dinner table of yours, her car keys hanging loosely on her finger. ”Waiting for me I see?” You mumbled, her leaning away from the floor as you headed towards the door, grabbing your shoes and jackets before walking out to her car and driving towards the nearest Fitness Center. There was no doubt in your mind that if this had been months ago and you didn’t have a retarded foot, you wouldn’t go to a Fitness by your own will. Your mom had suggested this, finding a coach on the Internet that could train up your foot again so it could function like it used to, and arguing with your mom would be pointless so saying no was not an option. ”Is it a woman or a man?” You questioned, looking out at the Fitness Center in your horizon next to you as your mom parked the car in the parking lot. ”I’m not sure, there wasn’t much details about him. But I think it was a male.” She smiled back at you as you mumbled out an okay and shutting the door as you had walked out, heading inside. Finding a free locker you threw your clothes inside, taking a look at the unfamiliar surroundings, switching into your gym clothes and ready to practice. The note in your hands were held in front of you in confusion as you walked around the different Fitness machines in the massive room, mirrors everywhere and people sweating their asses off. With the lack of information on the paper, you had a hard time trying to find your coach which made your eyebrows knit as you looked around, trying to find what could possibly be the person that would terrorizing your life for the next weeks. Noticing a dark haired person standing with your back towards you and the Fitness logo printed on the back of his black tee you shrugged your shoulders before walking towards him and poking him on the shoulder. ”Excuse me, but I’m looking for my coach can you help me.” ”Oh, you must be-” When the person turned around both you and Calum’s eyes went wide as you recognized each other, his lips parting as he looked you up and down. ”Sorry.” You mumbled with a blush on your cheeks, ready to walk away but he grabbed your arm, preventing you from leaving. ”No.” He mumbled, looking down at you. ”I’m your coach.” He admitted, a weird feeling going up your spine afterwards, your eyebrows knitting. ”Since when did you start working here?” He chuckled by your question, letting go of your arm and cocking his head. ”I’ve always wanted to do something like this. But I just never had an excuse to leave working at the school.” You nodded your head, the thought of wanting to leave now totally gone. ”I can get you another coach if you’re not comfortable with this.” He motioned between the two of you but you only formed a smile, a small giggle coming from your lips. ”It’s okay, actually.” You admitted and an award winning smile came over Calum’s lips. ”Well then, Ms Y/L/N, let us start out your foot’s rehabilitation.” His hand reaching out for yours and you couldn’t deny intertwining your fingers with his as you walked towards the treadmill, butterflies filling both of your stomachs as a pink blush came to Calum’s cheeks in happiness.


The only sound in the small living room around your dinner table was only the sound of your parents and Y/B/N speaking. You didn’t dare say a thing, just continued on digging into your food with your fork, but not letting any words split out from your lips. It had been like this for days now, since the incident with you and Michael. You had changed, and not only had your parents noticed it, Y/B/N had as well. And he felt guilty; He was blaming himself from all of this. You had turned into this life drained person. You didn’t make your homework, you never said anything anymore. All you did was to walk around with a dazed look, no emotions showing. And it killed him inside. He had regretted everything he had done. He thought it would be the best for you and Michael to not be together because he believed that he was only using you and you were too good for that. But god he was wrong. At this point he couldn’t take it anymore. So he pushed his chair out and stood up, looking down at your parent before announcing that you guys were going to talk. ”What’s wrong?” Your mother questioned, your dad cocking his eyebrow. ”We can’t continue like this.” He motioned towards your form making you look up at him as well. ”Look at her! She’s lifeless. Lifeless because of me! If I hadn’t told you guys about her love life with Mr. Clifford, she wouldn’t have been like this! I’m the one turning my sister into a zombie. And I feel so fucking guilty about it. She doesn’t deserve this! She deserves to be with Michael because it’s clear to me, and probably also to you guys that she’s half a heart without him. And I can’t stand watching my baby sister like this. I need you guys to accept their relationship for her, because at this point I do. I don’t care if he’s her teacher. He makes her happy and that’s the most important thing for her and me.” His speech made your eyes go wide, your parents shocked to say at least. ”Y/N uhm..” Your mother shifted in her seat, catching your attention. ”Do you uhm.. Love Michael?” Her question made your jaw drop, your face looking away from her now. Of course you did love Michael. But you had never realized it until now. ”I do mom. So much it hurts.” You admitted and her mouth went straight line, looking down at her plate. Your dad left out a sigh before looking down at your mom, her shoulders shrugging. ”If you feel this is the right thing to do. You have our approval.” Your head shut up fast by mention, your jaw falling again, ”You’re serious?” Y/B/N asked, his face shocked as well. ”We are.” Your mom nodded with a small smile making you sprint up from your chair and embracing the both of them, before walking over to your brother and pulling him inside for a hug as well. ”Thank you so much for doing this to me. I love you.” You whispered in his ear before pulling back. There was no doubt that you were looking forward to school now.


Sprinting down the hallway towards where Michael was waiting for his class you barked inside the room, startling the boy as he was sitting with his head down some papers, ”I’m sorry.” You spoke, making Michael looked up confused from the papers in front of him, cocking is eyebrow because of your sudden presence. ”I’m sorry for everything. Sorry for my parents’ way of acting. Sorry for my brother’s way of acting. And most important my own way of acting. I’ve been a jerk and immature. And if I could take back the way I’ve been I would but I can’t. And I’m sorry for that Michael. You have no idea how much I actually love you and I feel like I haven’t showed it and appreciated enough because of my parents. But here I am.” Your small speech made Michael roll his chair out as you watched him quietly, raising himself from the chair and walking towards you, ”You love me?” He asked in awe, standing right in front of you now. ”As the day is bright as the sun.” A big smile came across Michael’s face by your statement, his forehead now leaning against yours. ”But.. What about your parents?” He asked making you shrug your shoulders. ”Somehow, my brother made them realize how a fool they were for not letting me be with you. They saw how happy you make me. And that’s the reason why they approved us.” Michael couldn’t control himself anymore in happiness so he placed his lips brief on yours fast, wrapping his arms around you to engulf you in his warm embrace, his lips leaving yours to place his head in your shoulder, swinging the two of you around. ”I love you so much you have no idea.” He mumbled into your shoulder making a pink blush cover your cheeks. Michael looked up from your shoulder to notice your brother standing outside the hallway and to his shock he wasn’t angry or anything, all he did was giving Michael a smile before a thumbs up, walking down the hallway to Michael’s surprise. His smile turned even bigger. So this was how it felt to be approved.


”Mr. Irwin?” Matty cocked his head in a confused manor as she watched Ashton standing awkwardly at the front door, his curls sticking in front of his forehead as he placed his hands in his pockets. ”Yeah, Hi uhm..” Ashton mumbled, trying to find the right words to say. ”Have I done anything wrong?” He spoke fast, his eyebrows knitting in curiosity. ”Nono, that’s not it.” He reassured, holding his hands in front of him. ”It’s just that.. I was wondering if you knew if Y/N Y/LN is here?” At this point he knew this couldn’t get any more awkward, his hand coming to the back of his neck, scratching it. ”Wait why are you asking for Y/N?” He was ready to shut the door at this point, now realizing why you had arrived at his house in the first place. ”Because I just need to talk to her about some English assignments.” Ashton tried to lie but that was pointless due to the fact that Matty knew about your relationship. ”I’m not dumb Ashton. I know about the two of you. And now, I know why she’s so crushed into my bedroom, cuddling my pillow in a sad manor.” Ashton’s heart broke by the mention of you being sad, the desire to see you increasing. ”Listen Matty, I just need to speak with her it will only take 5 minutes.” Ash promised but Matty didn’t want to move a single bit. ”You broke my best friend’s heart. I don’t want you to go inside and what? Pick up the pieces just to break them again?” ”Matty, you don’t understand.” Matty stared at Ashton in disbelief, making Ashton let out a deep sigh. ”You have no idea how much I love that girl. She means more to me than every other girl I’ve been with! You know how she is! You know exactly how stunning she is! And she’s not the only here who has felt like they’ve been stamped in the heart at least 40 times! Do you know how hard it has been to see you guys so close together? I know you guys are only best friends and that’s it but it doesn’t change the fact that every time you get close that I won’t get insecure. I don’t like seeing other guys too close to her. Because I love her so much that I can’t have anything bad is going to happen to her. And I know she’s been insecure as well due to the fact that I’ve been really close with Hollie lately and I understand that! But what she doesn’t know is that there’s no doubt in my mind that I would never treat out Y/N with Hollie, hell no I wouldn’t treat out Y/N for anyone. She is and always will be my sunshine. And I can’t stand the fact that she’s sad and mad because of me. So would you please just let me in so I can continue and finish this speech in front of her all over again?” Ashton was panting lightly as he finished speaking, the gobsmocked expression almost making him giggle for a bit, but not in a serious situation like this so he continued staring at the boy, yet he didn’t speak up, just opened the door fully for Ash to walk in. He barely got the chance to walk fully in before him and Matty noticed your small form leaning against his kitchen counter, a confused look on your face. ”You heard everything I said outside didn’t you?” He sighed as you nodded your head, walking further towards you. ”I think I will leave the two of you alone.” Matty sprinted towards his room before shutting it tight, leaving the two of you to yourself. ”Ash.. I don’t know what to say.” Was the only thing you managed to say before his big hand grabbed yours, intertwining your fingers. ”You don’t really have to say anything. I just needed to get it off my chest. Y/N, I am 100% understandable of if you don’t want us to be together. I’m just really sad of how it ended. It’s just.. If I knew that the last time I kissed and had you embraced in my arms would have been the last time for forever. I would never have left go.” You stared at him gobsmocked by his words, not knowing how to handle the situation but were soon interrupted by Matty smacking his door open. ”Just kiss him for god sake, what the even are you thinking Y/N!” He yelled, startling your body, before you looked up at Ashton again. ”Didn’t you here his fucking speech! If you don’t kiss him I will.” The image of Matty kissing Ashton crossing your mind made you not even hesitate before you pulled him down to your lips, pressing his against yours and letting him wrap his arms around your form. ”Thank god.” Matty almost moaned with a smile before he walked inside his room again, satisfied. ”It will always be you. Never forget that.” He mumbled against his lips before placing another kiss to your lips before pressing pecks around the skin of your face, a small giggle coming from your parted lips making him smile as well, pulling fully away before leaning his forehead against yours.

The GazettE members as parents

Ruki: Oh god! He’d definitely be like Mrs. George from Mean Girls. He’d be the stylish parent who likes to give his teenaged kid’s friends some makeup and fashion tips. I can totally see him saying, “I’m not a ‘regular’ dad, I’m a sexy cool dad” LMAO. I also think that the kid’s friends would totally be crushing on him. He’d embarrass his kid by acting like a diva in front of their friends.

Uruha: LOL, he’d be the parent who encourages his kids to have wild parties, and he’d even go as far as supplying the alcohol for the party. I think he’d also embarrass the kid by providing ‘live music’ for parties with his guitar while having eyeshadow on and wearing a particularly revealing outfit (the one from Cockroach), as well as grinding on his guitar, much to the kid’s embarrassment. Female friends would definitely be crushing on him as well, lmao.

Aoi: He’ll constantly make the lame dad jokes for the lulz. Lmao, he’d definitely do the whole “Hi hungry, I’m dad” thing. He’d also be the very chill dad who lets the kids watch TV instead of doing their homework. I also see him making lame puns and calling his kids weird nicknames to embarrass them.

Reita: I think he’d be a real softie towards his kids, lol. Other kids would be jealous of Reita’s kids because Reita takes them to school on his motorcycle and plays video games with them. He’d also be the parent who makes his kids exercise if they did something wrong. How he’d embarrass his kid? By acting like the overprotective parent when they bring home a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Kai: He’d be an awesome parent, of course! He’ll constantly make bento lunches for his children, be very welcoming towards other kids, and he’d impress many other parents with how dedicated he is towards his kids. I think he’d be the parent who would dote on his children a lot, and be very involved with them. He’d also embarrass his kid by acting like Riley’s parents from Inside Out at the hockey game, lmao.

[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter Twenty Four)

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I sink onto the floor as the word echoes in my head, feeling like a slap across the face. The tears start to flow immediately. Oh, no. God, no. I can’t be pregnant, it’s not possible. Bea crawls to me and curls her arms around me, whispering reassuring words into my ear, but they’re no use. There is no way things are going to be fine. Mark is going to kill me, and my parents are going to hang me. There is no exit. No exit I know at least.

“What do I have to do?” I ask Bea through my tears.

“Tell him.” Tell Mark? No!

“He’s gonna kill me.”

“You don’t have a choice, Abby. Whether you want to keep it or not, you have to tell him.” I redoubt his reaction, like always. We’ve never talked about kids, but we didn’t have to for me to know he doesn’t want this baby.

“What if he leaves me?” The thought is frightening. I would never get over it.

“Listen, you can’t know how things are gonna happen, but you should know by now that the more you wait, the bigger the thing gets.” She refers to how I hid my relationship with Mark from her.

“I know.” I sniffle.

“You have to get ready.”

“I don’t want to.” I don’t want to see him; how will I look at him in the eyes? And I have to meet his mother.

“Listen, I’m here okay? We’ll find a solution, but there is an order. First, talk about it with him. Then your parents if you don’t have a choice, if they react badly you can come here, my parents will help you.”

“There is always a solution.” She wipes my tears away. It’s not the baby I’m most anxious about, it’s Mark’s reaction. I nod weakly, and she hugs me.

“I’m gonna throw this as far as I can, you go take a shower.” She says as she pulls away, holding the test in her hand.

“Thank you.” I wipe my nose on the back of my hand. After two hours I’m totally ready, I’ve given myself a mental slap and took a grip of myself. Bea took care of my hair and my makeup, my cheeks have more colors, and my hair is softer. I changed into my pale blue dress and put on my new pair and wedges; they’re not too high but enough for me to not look like a grandma, and the straps at my ankles and my toes are white. I chose to wear a white choker and finalized my outfit with a white satchel. When Mark calls and tells me he’s close, we both decide to wait on her porch where there is a rocking bench; we move in rhythm.

Mark’s car pulls at the end of the alley, and my heart skips a bit. Fear comes back to me, and I threaten to shake.

“Tell him today.” Bea squeezes my thigh, waking me up. I give her a small smile and kiss her cheek.

“I’ll text you.” I say, getting up from the bench. As I walk down the stairs, Mark gets out of his car, dark blue untucked shirt and black pants. He walks around his car as he sees me walking to him; he gives me a warm, teethy smile. His smile is contagious, and despite myself, I smile back at him.

“Hi.” I breathe once I’m in front of him. He dips down and kisses me wetly, his way to return my greeting.

“You look lovely.” He murmurs against my lips.

“Thank you.” His grin is infectious, and I beam stupidly at him. I stand by his side and turn to Bea; she waves energetically at us, smiling broadly. Mark holds his hand up as a greeting as I wave back at her.

“Shall we go?” He pipes up. Mark piping up? He looks excited. How can I ruin his mood by telling him now? I’ll tell him after meeting his mom. I want to enjoy myself before dying. I need to get that out of my mind for now. Mark opens my door and lets me climb in before taking place in the driver driver’s. And with that, we’re off to the south of LA.

“Your finals are coming up, you know.” Mark says while we are on the road.

“It’s in a month.” I roll my eyes at him. He’s not going to stress me out with this, is he?

“Did you start revising?” He asks me.

“More or less.” I shrug.

“More or less?” He raises an eyebrow. Oh, I know where this is headed. I need to change subjects.

“I have no time between cheer and my wonderful boyfriend.” I smirk.

“Does he distract you?” He plays along, his lips curled upward.

“Very much.” He turns his face to me, smirking arrogantly. His eyes are burning. Oh, this is getting sexual. I quickly change subjects before my uncontrolled blush gets visible.

“I bought this for your mom.” I proceed a cute box of chocolate out of my bag.

“You didn’t have to.” He smiles as if the gift was for him.

“You told me she loves white chocolate.” I open the lid for him to see.

“You sure know how to listen. She’ll love them.” At least that’s good news. I close the box and put it back in my bag.

“My brother will be there too.”

“Really?” He didn’t tell me about this.

“He was supposed to go on a trip with his soldier friends but he cancelled.” He shrugs.

“Why did he enlist?” Mark makes a clueless pout and shrugs.

“You’ll ask him.” He leaves me perplexed, is it a delicate subject?

Way too soon, Mark parks in front of a house in a residential neighborhood, and we both get out of the car. Mark clasps my hand and leads me to the door. He proceeds the keys from his pocket.

“Wait. Do I look okay?” I stop him before he can put them in the lock. I tuck one side of my hair behind my ear and comb it with my hand. My fingers slip through it like on silk. Wow, I’ll have to start buying Bea’s conditioner. Mark gives me a sweet smile.

“You look radiant, Abby. Don’t be nervous.” He kisses me briefly and opens the door. I follow him as we step in, and the first thing I notice is the beauty of the house. On the left there is the living room, with grey and dark blue furniture, a fireplace and a TV, there is a corridor in the middle, and a very spacious kitchen with grey and black furniture. From the couch, Mark’s mother rises. She’s the same height as me, she has big eyes and a sharp Bob. She looks young, she is radiant. Mark has her eyes.

“Hello!” She sings, rushing toward us as Mark closes the door behind us.

“Hi, mom.” I watch as she hugs Mark tightly, kissing his cheek. She lets him go and turns to me, a warm smile on her face. Her smile is contagious.

“She’s here!” She says in delight, taking me in her arms. I’m surprised but very amused by her enthusiasms.

“Hello, Dorice.” I say. She pulls away and holds me at arm’s length.

“Abigail, you look lovely!” I smile timidly at her. Oh, please stop.

“She’s pretty, right?” Mark says, wrapping an arm around me. He pulls me to his side and Dorice is forced to let me go. He kisses my temple.

“Gorgeous. Come on, come in.” She makes a welcoming motion with her hand and leads us to the living room.

“Dylan! They’re here!” She shouts as we walk past of the corridor. Dorice suddenly takes both of my hands.

“I have so many things to tell you, I already took the albums out, do you want to see baby Mark?” She says to me, making me giggle. I’m too overwhelmed by her joy, words fail me.

“Ma, I told you not to embarrass me with those pictures.” Mark whines.

“Who are you calling ‘ma’?” Dorice smiles sweetly at him, so sweetly that I get she is hiding her irritation.

“Geez…” Mark rolls his eyes. His mom is so funny!

“I reunited the most embarrassing one in one album, you’ll love it.” I crack up at her words. Oh, this is going to be funny.

“Big brother!” Mark’s brother emerges from the corridor, white T-shirt and chino pants. He’s shorter than Mark, but a little bit bigger. Aurianne would totally love. He hugs Mark and taps his back.

“Bringing us another victim?” He smiles broadly, pulling away but still holding him. Victim?

“Watch your mouth.” Mark does something I can’t see and Dylan flinches, amused.

“I’m joking. I’m Dylan, nice to meet you.” He turns to me and hugs me as well.

“Abigail.” I say politely, and he gives me a warm smile.

“This is for you. Mark told me you liked chocolate.” I proceed the small box of chocolate from my bag and give it to Dorice.

“Oh, darling girl, you didn’t have to. Thank you, I’ll enjoy them in front of an episode of Drop Dead Diva.” She takes then and hugs me once more. Her hugs are… warm.

“The meal will be ready in ten minutes, you can sit down.” She waves towards the couch and the two armchairs. Mark claps my hand and we sit on the couch while Dylan take the armchair in front of us.

“What will you all drink?” Dorice asks, walking to the kitchen.

“A beer.” Dylan replies first.

“Water for me.” Mark says.

“And you Abigail?”

“Apple juice.” Mark answers for me. I elbow his side.

“Ow.” He frowns at me, holding his side. Apple juice is too childish, I don’t want to look like a baby, not now at least.

“No, I’ll take water too, please.” I smile at Dorice. She nods and turns to the fridge.

“You don’t like apple juice anymore?” Mark asks me, concerned. I shake my head.

“There you go.” Dorice drops a tray with all our drinks on the coffee table.

Dorice really is a sweet person, she immediately put me at ease, but still asked me tons of questions. I got to see baby Mark, he was adorable as a baby, and he was a cute little boy. She also showed me a video of him after he got his wisdom teeth removed, it was hilarious. Mark seemed very relaxed, he loves teasing his mom, and they bicker a lot, but it’s cute to see. Oh, and Dorice is also an amazing cook. Her roasted chicken is amazing; I’ve never eaten so well at someone else’s house. I talked to Mark’s brother, he said he always wanted to be a soldier, he’s passionate. I don’t see why Mar made a mystery out of this.

“Dorice that was delicious.” I compliment sincerely after the desert. Ah! I’m so full. Eating so much should be a crime.

“Mom, am I allowed out of table? I want to give Abigail a tour of the house.” Mark asks sweetly, and I know he’s acting.

“We should clear our plates first.” I murmur into his ear.

“Oh, no, darling girl. He, will clear you plates.” Dorice prompts, surprising me. She heard me? Mark laughs but obeys and clears our plates before walking back to me.

“Come.” Mark claps my hand and leads me away. We walk into the corridor that separates the kitchen and the dining table from the living room. We walk past the stairs and Mark opens a door.

“That’s my father’s study.” He says as I step in. All I can see is the huge wall size library, full comics, only comics. What a collection!

“I barely put a foot inside.” Mark says to me.

“Why?” I turn to him and notice he didn’t step in; he’s still in the doorway. He shrugs simply. I turn to the books again. These are really old comics, I itch to take one out, but I discipline myself. Finally tearing my eyes away from the books, I look at the big wooden desk; it’s empty. There is just a small lamp and a frame.

“How long has he been gone for?” I ask, taking the picture in my hand. It’s a family picture.

“Two months.”

Mark’s father is always smiley, on every picture of him I saw, he looks like a good man.

“Do you think he’ll like me?” Mark smiles sweetly.

“He’ll love you.” He says. I put the frame back in place.

“Come. Let’s go to the backyard.” He holds his hand out for me. I take it, and he after we walk out, he slides the class doors at the end of the corridor.

“There’s a pool!” I exclaimed, enthusiastic.

“It’s cool, right?” Mark drapes his arm around me and pulls me to his side.

“We’ll come spend a weekend here.” He murmurs before kissing my hair.

“Come.” He clasps my hand and lead me back in the house. We climb stairs, there are five doors upstairs, Mark opens one.

“That was my room.” He says, and this time, he walks in with me. He has a small library too, full of comics, and a couple of novels. The comics are the only sign of his life here, there are no posters, no picture. I open his dressing, it’s empty. There is only a black sports bag.

“What’s in there?” I ask him.

“My old soccer stuffs. I don’t know why mom keeps them.” His soccer stuff? I eagerly open the back. I pull out his soccer jersey. It’s blue with black vertical stripes. He was number nine.

“Why did you stop?” I ask him.

“To focus on my studies.”

There are socks, shoes, protections, and I discover a picture. It’s a team picture. All the players are lined up, hand behind their back, Mark is kneeling at the front. He looks really young on the picture. I feel him curl his arms around me, and he rests his chin on my shoulder.

“I’d love to see you play.” I murmur.

“One day, maybe.” He kisses my temple.

“My mom loves you.” He says.

“I love your mom.” I reply, sincerely.

“I love you.” He kisses my cheek.

“I love your mom.” He laughs, loudly.

“Come, let’s go downstairs.” He says, still laughing.


Dorice and I are seated at the kitchen counter while Mark and his brother are playing video games in the living room. Mark playing video games, who knew?

“Mark says he’s a teenager in his head, but I find him quite serious.” I say to Dorice.

“Believe me, he still is a teenager.” She laughs freely.  Damn, she looks so young. Too young to be a grandmother. Oh, I’m so sorry Dorice. Oh, no. I said I won’t think of it now. I shake the thought away.

“He gets mad easily, and he’s very mercurial. He hates not getting what he wants. He struggles to think when a strong emotion hits him. He’s more likely to yell and then think.” She says. Yes, he does get mad easily, but I hadn’t associated that with being a mental teenager.

“My words seem to be surprising you.” She says. I put my raised eyebrows down.

“Haven’t you seen it yet?” She asks me.

“I did. Actually it’s constant. I didn’t know.” I reply.

“I knew it.” Dorice smiles to me. She knew what?

“Excuse me?”

“Mark was always acting, around his girlfriends. It was very awkward. None of them knew.

"Really?” She nods.

“You’re different. I’ve never seen him so carefree and relaxed; you’re doing something to him.” Woah. I turn and look at Mark makes funny comments about the little goblins that are attacking his character, saying they look like moving radishes. Suddenly he looks much younger to me. Maybe his past has may more importance that I thought. I need to know more.

“Do you know when I’ll be able to meet his dad?” I ask Dorice.

“Ray is supposed to come home in five months or less.” She replies. Five months?! I can’t wait five months. I’ll have to ask Mark directly.

“Are they close?” I ask Dorice. She shifts as if uncomfortable and looks at Mark. I frown.

“Am I being too indiscreet?”

“Oh, no, darling.” She snorts.

“Ray’s father was a soldier, he was looking forward to a third generation of soldiers, but Mark was more into books and numbers.” She says.

“He thinks his father isn’t proud of him, and that he loves Dylan more than him.”

So they don’t get along? He never told me that.

“Is it the case?” I ask her, and she giggles. Oh, what a lovely sound.

“Raymond is proud of his children, both of them. He actually thinks he’s the one who did wrong.” Wrong?

“Your son is perfect.” I murmur.

“I know.” She smiles sadly.

“But he’s wounded.” We both look at him. Mark his making his bother laugh loudly, making comments about how awkward this game was.

“Mark is very sensible, really. And because of his relationship with his dad, he hates to disappoint people, and he hates to hurt them. But at the same time he’s mercurial and impulsive.” That explain lots of things. That’s why he hates when things don’t go his way, because things never went his way, since his childhood.

“Mark didn’t have a lot of friends at school, only at the soccer club, and I was worried when he quit. He had to act mature and strong and serious at school and in front of his dad.” That’s why I find him so young in his head sometimes, he does act childish with me. Like his petulant demands so I would tell him how I got raped. It was childish, a bit like a tantrum, but then I love him so.

“He never really enjoyed his right to be childish. And now that he’s an adult, he can’t possibly make up for all that lost time.” I look at Dorice. She looks melancholic. She turns to me.

“Except with you, I think. He is happy.” She says, giving me a tight smile. I smile back at her. It’s great to know she thinks I’m good enough for her son in spite of my young age.

“Ma, what are you telling her?”

“You’re going to get your ass beat so hard, Mark.”

“Ma, are the bikes still in the garage?” Dorice glares at him.

“Mommy.” He corrects, wrapping his arms around her neck and dropping a kiss on the crown of her head. He’s giggling, he really likes playing with her.

“Yes they didn’t move, go away.” She wriggles out of his embrace. Mark walks around the counter and holds his hand out to me.

“I’m taking her out for a ride, we’ll be back in less than an hour.” He says to Dorice. I take his hand and stand up.

“With those shoes? And I’m wearing a dress.”

“The neighborhood is deserted, you’ll be just fine.” Mark reassures me.

“Have fun.” Dorice sings, and I wave at her. Mark leads me out of the house then to the garage.

“Where are we going?” I ask Mark as he opens the garage.

“It’s a secret.” He winks at me before disappear inside.

“Here.” He brings me a red bike. I take him his hand and watch as he goes back into the garage. He comes back with a silver bike for him, it has a basket with a rag… no, a blanket in it.

“Follow me.” Mark hooks his bike and speeds away, taking me by surprise, but I manage to catch up with him. I catch up with him but still remain a little bit behind so he can lead the way.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your relationship with your father?” Mark briefly turns to me, his brows furrowed.

“I never told any of my girlfriends.”

“Wow, I feel so special.”

“Don’t be mad at me. It’s something I want to talk about, and I barely see my father, it’s not the first thing I want to talk about.” He says, briefly turning to me. I keep silent.

“What did mom tell you?” He asks me.

“That your father loves you, even if you think the contrary.” I hear him scoff. He’s probably rolling his eyes.

“You told me he would take you to your soccer practices, and that he would give you a comic book.”

“My mom told him to do so. I heard her say it on the phone.”

“I knew my dad wouldn’t just do what my mom told him to do. When I told him I knew everything and asked him why he gave me those comics, he said it was because Andy is a marine, Bella’s brother is a marine and Charles is ex-army, and that he really hoped I would wake up someday because he didn’t want his son to be a fucking nerd.” Mark bristles.

“He said it like this?”

“Those are pretty harsh words to say to a nine years old boy.” He was nine when he said that?! That’s worse than what I thought.

“Your mom says he’s just mad because he thinks it’s his fault.”

“His fault that what?” Mark asks. His fault that… his fault that what? There is nothing wrong with Mark.

“Exactly.” Mark says as I keep silent.

“I could be a fucking billionaire he would still call me a loser.” Mark butters bitterly.

“Don’t say this, you-”

“Enough, now.” I scowl at him even though he can’t see me. Geez, was I dad difficult?

“Well, I told you everything.”

“My mom told you everything.”

“I want to know how you feel.”

“Slightly annoyed right now.” Jeez!

I roll my eyes at him and he sighs. He makes a U turn in front of me, obliging me to stop in my tracks. He stops so he’s at my level, facing me. His eyes are soft.

“I’m sorry, Abby. My mom never talked about that to my exes. I’ve never had to talk about it.” He reaches out and stokes my face.

“You know everything there is to know now, I just don’t want to talk about it.”

“You understand?” He asks me. I’ve been like him, of course I understand. Maybe I should give him a break, for now.

“Of course you do. You’re an angel.” He kisses my forehead, then my lips.

“Let’s go.” He says, making another U turn and pedaling away. I follow him to a small lane between an old house and a field, then through a small forest, then we enter a big but beautiful peace of greenery. It’s like a small stain in the middle of the forest. Its isolated and perfectly round. Green, just greenery and flowers… poppies!

“Woah.” I exclaim, amazed by the view. I follow Mark as we adventure ourselves further in the small garden, stopping right in the middle. We both get off our bikes and put them on the floor.

“This place is so beautiful.” I murmur.

“I know right? It was my quiet place.” Mark says. He takes the blanket from the basket at the front of his bike.

“Looks like the field in Twilight-”

“Oh please!” He laughs. Oh, right, he hates Twilight.

“Sorry, but that’s what you get when you date a younger girl.” I giggle. Mark unfolds the blanket and stretches it out on the grass.

“It’s been years since I’ve been there. Hasn’t changed at all.” He says is we both sit down.

“A picnic here would be lovely.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He replies before kissing my temple. He grabs my ankles and pulls them so my legs lay over his, and he takes one of my shoes off.

“What did you do when you came here?” I ask him.

“Nothing.” He replies, placing my shoe next to him. He brings my foot to his lips and kisses the place where my toes start; it tickles. I smile to him even though he’s not looking at me. He’s so loving, he even loves my feet.

“Nothing?” I repeat. He removes my other shoe and kisses my other feet and my ankle.

“At first I would sit there and think, for an hour or two.” He says.

“Then I started spending mornings, afternoons, nights even, just laying here.” He lays down on the blanket, folding his arms behind his head.

“Nights?” I wriggle my toes in the soft wind, my legs still over his.

“I had a small tent. I would put it in my backpack with a couple of comics and a flashlight.” I imagine little Mark in a tent reading book, what a cute picture. But going missing like this, his mom must have had a hard time. I lay down beside him, and he gives me his arm as a pillow.

“Your mom must’ve been worried.”

“At first she was. She would call the cops.” The cops? Oh, that must have been difficult to live for his mother. How worried she must have been?

“Why did you do this?” He moves so his laying on his side, facing me.

“At least here I didn’t have to pretend,” He strokes my lower lip.

“Like when I’m with you.” He says. I can’t help but grin. He doesn’t pretend around me, he’s not like how he was with his exes.

“Your mom told me you were pretending with all your exes.” Mark smacks his tongue.

“Geez, what did she not tell you?” He sighs, rolling on his back. I choose to ignore his mood.

“You didn’t have any choice during your childhood, but you choose your girlfriends. Why did you choose girls you that forced you to pretend being someone you’re not?”

“I’ve always being attracted to older girls.”

“Since Mrs. Cooper?” He nods.

“Did you pretend around her?”


“Did you bring your exes here?”

“I told you, it’s been years I’ve been here. Since I moved out.” He says. That’s reassuring.

“How many exes do you have?” Oh, why does it feel like talking about Christian’s subs? I know it’s not the same thing, but he had a lifestyle.

“You want to discuss my exes, now? Here?” He asks, telling me how I’m ruining the moment. I don’t care.

“Yes.” He sighs. Running his hand through his hair.

“Six.” He sighs. Six?! I don’t know shit about relationships, but that’s a fucking lot! Six! Fuck!

“Six?!” I choke on my oxygen. He gapes at me but says nothing. I scoff, incredulous. Why doesn’t he say something? What do I want him to say? Oh and fuck, it won’t change anything.

“Are you still in touch with Mrs. Cooper?”

“No.” He sighs, clearly exasperated. At least she’s old news, not a Mrs. Robinson. I wonder how young she must have looked for him to fall in live like that.

“How old was she at the time?”

“It was her first year teaching, she was 24.”

“She was eight years older.”

“The girls you dated, how older were they?” Mark keeps silent; I look up at him.

“Answer me.” I plead, even if his silence gives the answer away. He places his free hand on my cheek, his thumb caressing me.

“It doesn’t mean anything.” He shakes his head. So they were all eight years older than him. At first I’m hurt, but then I feel angry. It changes everything! He doesn’t have a dark past, but he had a lifestyle, and I don’t fit anywhere. How could he not tell me? About his dad, about his exes?

“It means a lot, you know it.” I can’t help my reproaching tone.

“No.” He breathes. I scowl at him.

“I’m eight years younger than you.”

“I didn’t choose that.” He says.

“I didn’t choose you, Abby. I fell in love with you.” His words sound sincere, what do I say to that? Deep down I know he loves me, but I’m obviously not his style. And it’s not about preferences, it’s about that woman. She influenced his whole life in a certain direction, and yet he’s with me. This is so confusing.

“Mrs. Cooper, my exes, they’re all old news. Don’t compare yourself to them, you’re more. You’re so much more.” More? My heart swells at his words. He kisses my lips.

“Forget about this, please.”

“I just-”

“Abby, drop it. I love you, don’t doubt me, please.” He pleads. What’s the point of arguing over this? I can’t change his past after all.

“I love you too.” I murmur, and he smiles at me.

“Cool.” He kisses my forehead and puts his chin above my head. I snuggle closer to him and inhale his divine perfume. He smells… manly.

“Do you still want to come here sometimes?” I ask him, and he hums negatively.

“You have another quiet place?”

“I have my apartment.”

“It’s your quiet place? Like a secret garden?”

“A secret garden?” He raises amused eyebrows at me.

“Yes. Somewhere you go when you want to be yourself, somewhere where you feel carefree and away from everything.” Mark doesn’t seem to relate to my words. His brows are furrowed, his eyes plunged into mine, he’s in deep thoughts. What is he thinking? Suddenly, something changes in his eyes.


He shakes his head and one corner of his mouth quirks, his eyes are tender. He reaches out and caresses my face with his knuckles, then with his thumb, then he skims it over my bottom lip. Suddenly he kisses me, passionately, taking me by surprise. He shifts so he’s lying on his forearm, towering over me, and his lips claim mine. Oh, dear. He makes his free hand slide down my neck to my hip and my thigh, then up to my breast. I gasp in his mouth.

“Mark, no.” I mumble against his lips, grabbing his shoulders. Does he really want to do this now? Outdoors? He ignores me and takes place between my legs, and I can feel his erection growing against me. Oh, he wants me. This knot of desire inside of me unravels despite me, and my libido explodes. He shifts once, his arousal rubbing against me, and I moan.

Still kissing me, he tangles his fingers in my hair around the nape of my neck, then he fists his hand and tugs, tilting my head bag and making me gasp in surprise. He tugs at my necklace with his teeth and slides it down so my scars are exposed to him. He kisses my neck and worships my scars with his mouth, nipping and sucking, and his lips sending tingles everywhere in their wake. I writhe under him, helpless as he bites me softly.

“Ah, please.” I mewl as he nibbles at my swollen skin. I’m so aroused, the feeling his heady; but we can’t do this here.

“Someone could see us.” I try to reason him despite my body’s response to his impromptu assault.

“Shhhh.” He rasps into my ear, taking my earlobe between his teeth and tugging gently. Mark makes a sexy sound low in his throat as I writhe beneath him once more, finding a precious friction. Oh, I want this, in bed.

He runs his hands on my tight, hitching my dress up and exposing my lower body.

“No, Mark, wait.” My voice betrays my arousal. He nips at my throat, his tongue running over my scars, teasing, loving… oh my. His hand slip in my underwear, and he discovers my wetness. I gasp as his finger parts my lips, sending waves of pleasure everywhere.

“Baby, you’re deliciously wet, all wet for me.” He growls appreciatively, his fingers caressing my dampened flesh up and down, slowly. I mewl at his obscene words. His thumb skims over my clitoris, and a bold finger of his slips inside of me.

“Ah…” I buck my hips and push toward his hand, savoring the intrusion.

“You’re so responsive when I touch you. See by yourself, baby.” He leans down, pulls his fingers out of me and offers me his index. I take into my mouth and suck, tasting my silk saltiness. Mark groans, burying his face in the crook of my neck as I circle my tongue around his finger. Pulling his finger out of Mt mouth, he closes his lips over mine, his tongue meeting mine, searching, exploring, dominating. His hands are not me but his mouth completely subdues me.

“We’re gonna get caught.” I say, panting, as he breaks away. He’s breathless, his scattered breath tickling my lips. Mark grasps my panties and pushes then to the side, and before I know it, he eases himself inside of me.

“Ah!” I cry out in surprise.

“Oh, Abby.” He groans, his eyes closing themselves. He stays still inside of me, and this feeling of fullness… the friction deep down… Oh, yes! Oh, no! Not here.

My body takes over my mind, and I moan as Mark starts to move, slowly, tentatively. He thrusts and thrusts slowly, pushing me, getting me going, and I love. The friction creates sparkles, and I love. I should be ashamed for loving this so much, but it’s him, only him can see me like this. Mark worships my scars again, biting me, his teeth sinking into my skin and he adds the hot caress of his tongue.

“Ah…” My hips start to move on their own, and I push up to meet him thrust for thrust. And, Ah! It feels good like that, more friction. It starts to burn.

“There’s only you and me here, just us baby. Let me hear you.” Mark trails his tongue from the dip base of my neck to my chin as he speeds up, pounding inside of me, deeper.

“Oh, Mark!” I cry out, savoring his relentless rhythm. He’s doing me so good.

“Yes. Yes, baby.” The air hisses between his teeth, and he moans loudly. I close my eyes, and I’m sensations, just the pleasure, just the fire. He’s everywhere, inside of me, on me, in my neck, his lips, his breath… Ah! I’m starting to build. This familiar sensation starts again, a torturous crescendo.

“You are so, so beautiful.” He rasps into my ear, and his mouth is on my scars again, hungry and aggressive. He hits this particular spot in me, and it’s like an electroshock, pushing closer to the edge.

“Ah!” I moan, feeling my orgasm coming. Mark grasps my wrists and pins them above my head, staring at me intently.

“Give it to me, Abby. Come on.” He growls, and his words are my undoing. My eyes still plunged in his, my brows furrows and my lips part as my body surrenders to the sweet pleasure. I come and come, and it’s magical, blowing me away, like a shockwave from m center to my head and my toes. Mark screws his eyes shut as I detonate around him, soon finding his release after me.

“Oh, baby!” He cries out before thrusting sharply into me, stilling as he empties himself. He collapses on top of me, as worn out as I am. Outdoors sex… that’s definitely something to do again.

“I love you so much.” Mark kisses my jaw, my cheeks, my nose, and my lips.

“I love you too, you insatiable thing.” I reply. Geez, he seemed so desperate to make love to me, I wonder how he managed to hold himself back for almost five months.

“You don’t know how right you are.” He says, freeing my wrists.

“Actually I do have a secret garden.” He says to me.

“Do you, now?” I raise my eyebrows at him. He nods.


I smile at him.

“That’s a lovely thing to say.”

“It’s the truth.” He kisses my nose.

“And you are mine.” I murmur.

“I know.” He says, pulling out of me and sitting up.

“You do?”

“Sexwise at least.” He zips his pants up. I laugh at his words.

“Am I funny, young girl?” He crawls back to me, his eyes dancing with wicked amusement. He pokes my side and I squeal, tensing up instantly. Oh, no.

“Don’t, Mark. No.” I hold my hands up to protect myself and press my arms on my side. There. His eyes light up with mischievousness and he makes his fingertips dance along my sides, thwarting my protection with ridiculous ease. Ah! No! I squirm and giggle beneath him.

“Stop! Mark, please!” I plead, breathless, and the loud chuckle of wicked delight he makes makes me understand he won’t stop until I pee my panties. I start to tickle him.

“Ah!” He says, his action ceasing immediately. He grabs my wrists and pins my hands above my head, leaning close to my face.

“You’re fighting me back?” He smirks, his eyes darkening. Oh, this is getting hot.

“I hate tickling.” I breathe.

“In my memories you were giggling like a schoolgirl.” He brushes his nose along the length of mine, then against my earlobe, down my neck.

“I am a schoolgirl.”

“A sexy schoolgirl.” He kisses the place where my neck joins my shoulder. His words travel straight to my center and all the muscles inside my belly start to twitch. I sigh and try to free myself from him.

“I love to hear you laugh.” He kisses one of my scars, and I writhe beneath him.

“Oh, Abby. What you do to me…” His voice is low and sexy, I pull on my wrist again. Letting me go, he sits up.

“Come, let’s go.”


“It’s getting late.” He says. I watch, speechless, as he gets up.

“What?” He cocks his head to the side.

“You know what.” He smirks down at me and stretches his hand out to me.

“All in good time, baby. Come.” I groan. Why is he doing this? I know it’s to be discussed, so I follow him.


Dylan and I are talking animatedly about music, he’s a fan of Spyair too.

“We should leave now.” Mark says from next to me. I want to pout.

“Oh, no!” Dorice exclaims, speaking for me.

“Mom, it’s getting late. I have to bring her home, we both have to go to school tomorrow.” Mark replies as if he was speaking to a kid.

“Where do you live, Abigail?” Dorice asks me.


“It’s close!” She exclaims, making us laugh. No, it’s not close at all.

“Sorry, 'ma. I promise we’ll come back soon.” Mark says before hugging his mother. Dorice gives in and returns his hug. Dylan and I stand and he hugs me.

“Was nice meeting you.” He says.

“Me too, I hope we’ll see each other again soon.” I reply. I turn to Dorice and she hugs me warmly

“Good bye, honey.” She kisses my cheek.

“Goodbye, Dorice, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for everything.” I reply. Mark clasps my hand and Dorice and Dylan follow us to the door.

“You’re welcome darling. Take good care of my son, he’s a good boy.” I can sense Mark rolling his eyes, and I start to giggle.

“I will, I promise.” I reply. Mark opens the door.

“Bye.” I wave quickly at them.

“See you.” Dylan says before Dorice closes the door.

“It’s not even six pm.” I whine as we’re left alone.

“Let’s go grab something to drink.” He says, ignoring my pout.

“Can we go to your apartment?” I ask. I don’t want to tell him in public.

“Yes, why?” He asks me. I shrug and wrap mark arm around his waist as we walk back to the car. I feel sour again. I’ll have to tell him. I hoped we would have stayed a little bit longer, maybe forever, but instead I’m going back to reality. God help me.


Mark and I sit on his couch, watching TV. After giving myself some courage with a glass of Coca Cola, I burp through my nose and decide to go for it and tell him before I get too scared.

“I have something to tell you.” I say to Mark, getting his attention.

“What is it?” Suddenly I feel stuck again. Oh, no, no, no, I can’t tell him. Can I find a parade? What if I waited a little? I try to imagine the scenario where I tell him later, his reaction would be… nuclear.


“I’m pregnant.” The words are out before I can stop them. Mark startled me during my deep thought and I panicked. Mark frowns.

“You’re what?” His tone is wary. It’s a I-give-you-one-more-chance-to-say-it’s-a-joke tone. I swallow.

“I’m pregnant.” I repeat.

“What?!” Shit, he’s mad. Oh, Abigail, what did you expect?

“How?” He asks me.


“You were on birth control, Abby. How?!” He snarls, and I look down at my knotted fingers.

“I forgot to take my pill last Saturday.” I mumble, ashamed.

“Fuck, Abby!” He slams his hand on the leather of the couch and gets up. From the corner of my eye, I see him starting to pace up and down.

“You had one thing to do, Abby. Just one simple thing.” He says, and I remain silent. I have nothing to reply, he’s right. I’m so stupid. Tears prickles at my eyes, but I do NY best to hold them back, it will make him even more mad if I cry.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper. He sighs, running both off his hands in his hair. He paces for a long moment, and I keep silent, making myself as small as possible. Time seems to have slowed down. What is he thinking? The same anguish grips at my heart, and it starts to haunt me. I’m itching to ask him.

“You’re gonna leave me?”

“Don’t be stupid, Abby. You know me better than that.” The bitter tone he has prevents me from feeling relieved. I don’t want him to leave me, but seeing him so mad still makes me feel bad, and I can’t hold my tears anymore. Silently, I start to sob, covering my eyes with my hands.

“Shit, no. Abby, don’t cry.” Mark says, his voice soft, and I feel him sit next to me.

“I went too far, I’m sorry, Abby. Don’t cry.” He takes my hands in his and puts them down before grasping my chin and tilting my face up. I meet his soft eyes, hiccupping like a kid.

“I’m sorry I got mad, I’m really sorry. Stop crying, please.” He wipes my tears away.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were going to leave me.” I wipe my nose in the most unladylike way.

“I’m never leaving you, Abby. I’m sorry I got mad.” Mark kisses my temple and gets up. He comes back with a tissue box and hands me one.

“What are we gonna do?” I ask him after wiping my nose.

“What do you want to do?” He puts his arm behind my head on the back of the couch.

“It’s your baby, too.” I can’t help the scolding tone of my voice.

“I know,” He caresses my face. “but I’m fine with whatever you do.”

“Then why did you yell at me?”

“I would’ve wanted a little bit more of just you and me, that’s the only thing, you know how impulsive I am.” He gives me an apologetic look.

“You want me to keep it or not?”

“Do you want to keep it or not?” He obviously avoids my question, returning it to me. He wants me to answer first so he can adapt his?

“Stop that.” I scowl at him through my tears, wiping my nose on the back of my hand.

“Stop crying.” He wipes my nose with another tissue.

“Tell me.” I demand.

“Baby, I’m twenty-six, I have a salary, a roof, I can take care of this baby. Now or later, it doesn’t change anything for me, but for you…” He caresses my hair tenderly. It’s true that having a baby at the age of 18 and 26 isn’t the same thing.

“I do want kids with you, I don’t think right now is the right moment, for you at least, but if that’s what you want, I’d me more than happy to be a dad.” He gives me comforting smile, and it warms my heart.

“You wouldn’t be mad if I aborted?” I ask quietly, and he shakes his head.

“If you want to keep it, you’ll have to tell your parents about us.” He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I imagine the scene. Oh, god. I’ll end up dead. For dating my math teacher, and for being pregnant. Just the thought of it makes me weep.

“Enough now, Abby. No more crying.” He dries my tears again.

“I’m not leaving, in either case. If you want this baby, you can come live with me, I’ll take care of both of you. If you want an abortion, I’ll pay it for you. You’ll come live with me anyway.” Oh, Mark!

“You’d do that?” I sniffle.

“I want you happy, Abby. I can’t stand you crying, especially when it’s my fault.” He caresses my cheek with his knuckles.

“I’m here for you, whatever you do. Tell me, what do you want?” His words are soft. Can I have a baby now? Of course my parents are going to react badly, they’ll probably hate him, but beside that, is there really any problem? I love him, and he loves me. I give myself a mental slap. We’ve been together for five minutes, a baby already? Like Christian and Anastasia?

“I don’t know anymore.” And I’m crying again. Mark wraps his arms around me and pulls me close.

“It’s okay, take all your time to think.” He says softly. I inhale deeply, and his perfume soothes me. Mark is not leaving me, and for now that’s what matters the most.

“Since when do you know?” Mark asks after a moment, and for the first time I can feel the 'pleasure’ of not having hidden anything from him.


“Why did you say you were on your period?” Oh-oh. Well, the pleasure was short.

“I was scared.” I murmur.

“Of me?” He moves so he’s looking down at me, his eyes filled with concerned. Well, I was scared of his reaction

“Do I scare you?” His voice is tight. He looks… hurt.

“I was scared of your reaction.” I reply quietly. He sighs, and runs his hand through his hair. Oh, I’d do that.

“I’m too impulsive. I’ll try, I promise. But you should always talk to me.” He says, gazing down at me. His thumb skims over my lower lip.

“I know.” I murmur, and he kisses me. I tuck my head under his chin and he holds me close. The whole day that passed cones back to me like a movie. Mark, actually a wounded teenager? Why didn’t he tell me? Now I know how he must have felt with me. How did Anastasia deal with Christian? I need to deal those books again. Also, I am pregnant but he’s not running away, he even made us official in front of his mother. Progress, progress. Will this baby kill our progress? How about his numerous exes, those older women, do they represent a threat?

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what I never understood about carlotta is... isn't she supposed to be a bad singer? in many adaptations you see the phantom blocking his ears to not hear her and even in the musical it's clear he doesn't think she's a good singer ("she's singing to bring down the chandelier" and all that). so why do they keep casting amazing opera singers who are often even better than the christines to play the part?

Pet peeve: featuring Carlotta as a poor singer to make Christine stand out is sloppy and lazy. It’s bad directing. And it’s not what Gaston Leroux wrote. He writes that Carlotta possess a perfect instrument, she’s a technically brilliant singer - but she puts no heart and soul in what she sings. She sings everything the same, all roles, all styles. To quote Leroux: 

“Carlotta possessed neither heart nor soul. She was merely an instrument - a wonderful instrument, but an instrument nevertheless! Her repertoire included everything that might benefit an ambitious diva, be it the work of German, Italian or French masters. Until then she had never sung out of tune nor lacked the vocal strength demanded by any part in her vast repertoire. In short, the said instrument was wide-ranging, powerful and perfectly tuned. But no-one could have said to Carlotta what Rossini told Krauss after she had sung "Selva opaca” in German for him: “You sing with your soul, my child, and your soul is beautiful”. 

Oh, where was your soul, Carlotta, when you danced in the brothels of Barcelona? Where was it later, in Paris, when you performed coarse, roistering songs in seedy music-halls? And again, where was your soul when you let that supple and extraordinary instrument of yours - which could sing, with equal perfection, of sublime love and orgiastic pleasure - demean itself by performing in the salon of one of your lovers? O Carlotta, if you had ever possessed a soul and come to lose it, you would have found it again when you became Juliette, when you sang Elvira, Ophelia or Marguerite! For others have risen from lower depths than you did and were purified by art, attended by love.” (Page 97 in Ribière’s translation)” 

I asked Rachel Anne Moore (Hamburg Carlotta) about her interpretation of Carlotta. I loved her answer, it very much corresponds with what I think: 

“I see her as a very vulnerable person who puts up a tough front, like the famous diva, Maria Callas, who was quite talented but could be very headstrong and angry if provoked. I feel she is quite jealous of Christine’s talents and youth as well as how she steps so easily into filling Carlotta’s place. Perhaps she spent many years cultivating her voice and position to get such an excellent job only to see it snatched away by an upstart
.” ( X )

I personally think a talented Carlotta adds a lot of dynamic to the show, just like I think a strong Raoul is a more believable competitor to the Phantom. We must get a reason to think Carlotta would be the queen of the Parisian stage. Would a mediocre or even bad soprano be the prima donna of the leading opera stage of the era? No. NO. Carlotta NEEDS to be talented, both for logical reasons and for the dynamic of the show. The Phantom’s dislike for her isn’t because her voice sounds bad. It’s because she has no heart and soul in her singing. Christine POURS her heart and soul into her singing under the Phantom’s influence, and it’s what makes her triumph. It’s what makes him love her, initially anyway: 

Christine: Oh, tonight I gave you my soul, and I am dead.
Erik: Your soul is a beautiful thing, child. No emperor received so fair a gift. The angels wept to-night.”

It’s difficult to find a routine at first.

She’s busy with Quidditch practices and managing her very first paycheck, and he has his Auror training and endless dodging of interviews and evading questions. They only get to see each other at night for weeks on end, and though they wake up in each other arms, with his hair tickling her nose and his arm full of pins and needles from her rolling on top of him, they know it’s not enough.

So they do the unthinkable and request time off.

It only seems unthinkable because no one would even start to think of them as people who need time off of anything. He is the hero who has always been for others to gather around, a legend before he even knew who he really was, and he has never asked to be alone because he remembers being shut away in the cupboard under the stairs, with no friends to give himself for.

And with her being the only daughter, she has always been the one to calm others, helping them with finding their center while Mum needs time to cook and Dad needs time to work and her brothers simply insist on being absolutely useless prats.

They aren’t in the habit of putting themselves first, simply because they’ve been needed by so many. 

But now they do, and they decide the best course of action is to camp out in the flat for a bit. He manages to find a small telly set, and she laughs at the sound of the static and doesn’t fully appreciate the appeal until he finds an channel dedicated to black and white movies and she becomes so entranced by Some Like It Hot that she ends up cradling his head as he snores on the sofa, while she watches with rapt eyes and giggles to herself.

She tries cooking with no magic, some nights simple recipes and some nights grandiose french ones that Fleur passed onto her. Surprisingly, she has more success with the french ones. Her attempt at treacle pudding sticks to the pan and has a nasty burnt taste to it, but he eats it anyway. He tries cooking one night, and they both get surprised when he turns out to be the better chef. 

They bring the blankets and sheets and pillows from their bed onto the hardwood floors, and make a nest in front of the telly. He tells her about the shows he would try to watch while Dudley was away from the house, and she ends up singing along to the music in one of the movies, though she can’t hold the tune at all. They bring her mother’s dandelion wine out, and some fire whiskey that Ron sneaked past Hermione, and they belt out songs, loud and intentionally out of tune, and soon she’s helpless with laughter as he balances on the couch in in a grand operatic pose, his hair even more of a mess than usual, imitating the grand diva on the screen in front of them. She twirls around the flat, laughing and stumbling and swinging her arms, and knocks over the hideous lamp that Percy passed onto them.

The let the sheets slide about them and the wine and whiskey makes both of their stomachs burn pleasantly, and she drags him into a sloppy and heartfelt kiss that soon deepens into something else entirely. They have taken every precaution before now, and he is achingly gentle with her, and she holds him afterwards when he needs a moment, needs to come back from the realization that he almost never got this, that a flash of green light almost separated them forever…

It comes to an end, but not entirely. They each go back to work, but the rhythm has changed. She starts watching the telly late into the night when there’s no early morning practice the next day, and he gets into the habit of exchanging notes with Fleur about alterations to classic recipes. Each weekend, they end up on the floor in front of the telly, and sometimes they lose some clothing in the process and sometimes they simply hold onto each other.

They’re both extremely independent people, and it isn’t a fully established routine. 

But Harry and Ginny both agree that it’s a fine start. 

I Got a Boy - Chapter 26

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Tray of breakfast in hand, Annabeth met the guys over at the usual table where Frank, Leo, Nico, and Jason were already sitting. She put her tray down next to Nico and smiled at him when she took her seat beside him. He smiled back and moved his napkins so she could have room to eat.

She hadn’t had anything since ice cream from the night before and she was starving. A heap of pancakes, a mountain of scrambled eggs, a cup of yogurt, more than her fair share of bacon, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate would hopefully be enough to help her get through the day.

Everyone at the table greeted her, all of them mid-way through finishing their food, and Annabeth ate while they talked. Mark’s words still followed her, even though she was a whole building away from him. At the time, she didn’t really think anything of it, but in hindsight his words were more menacing than she had realized. Did she seriously miss a threat when it was so obvious? He basically told her to watch her back. That was definitely worth some nervousness, right? She didn’t want to think that it was anything more than just talk, but the energy coming from him didn’t feel right.

She looked over her shoulder, suddenly aware that he could storm into the cafeteria at any time, but he was nowhere to be found amongst the dozens of other faces entering the cafeteria. She mentally kicked herself for getting startled over something as stupid as a conversation. Mark was just a guy… a guy who was overly competitive and jealous of Percy. She shook her head and returned to her breakfast.

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