divas in the front

meet the k-pop star who’s ruling the front row

it’s never too early in fashion week for a new front row presence to emerge, and yesterday’s tommy hilfiger presentation in los angeles shined a spotlight on an impeccably dressed rising star: k-pop diva jessica jung. bringing her taste for youthful design to the front row at hilfiger’s show, jung stood out in a crowd filled with hadids, smith siblings, and lady gaga. as a former girl group member whose solo efforts have been embraced by fashion and fans, jung’s story is a familiar one, but it is her singular personal style that has people talking.

jung was first spotted at a shopping mall as a tween during a family vacation to south korea. she’s a california girl whose talents brought her to the top of the k-pop charts. a member of the record-breaking group girls’ generation, she and her bandmates spent years churning out hits, but by the end of 2014, jung left to focus on personal projects, including her fashion brand, blanc & eclare, and acting roles. though the breakup made headlines and came with its share of controversy, jung soon established herself as a solo act, topping the charts last year with a debut ep, with love, j, that was dedicated to her fans.

through it all, jung has displayed a quirky personal style that combines the best from the runways with select pieces from her own label. at hilfiger that meant a patchwork top and skirt from the tommy x gigi collection accessorized with striped espadrilles. a trip to macau’s international film festival in december called for a freshly dyed blonde hairstyle and a gucci velvet dress with an oversize pink bow. it’s that eclectic and colorful mix that makes jung’s wardrobe consistently watchable and endlessly enviable. chances are, there will be more attention-grabbing front row moments from this star in the weeks ahead.

source: vogue magazine

The GazettE members as parents

Ruki: Oh god! He’d definitely be like Mrs. George from Mean Girls. He’d be the stylish parent who likes to give his teenaged kid’s friends some makeup and fashion tips. I can totally see him saying, “I’m not a ‘regular’ dad, I’m a sexy cool dad” LMAO. I also think that the kid’s friends would totally be crushing on him. He’d embarrass his kid by acting like a diva in front of their friends.

Uruha: LOL, he’d be the parent who encourages his kids to have wild parties, and he’d even go as far as supplying the alcohol for the party. I think he’d also embarrass the kid by providing ‘live music’ for parties with his guitar while having eyeshadow on and wearing a particularly revealing outfit (the one from Cockroach), as well as grinding on his guitar, much to the kid’s embarrassment. Female friends would definitely be crushing on him as well, lmao.

Aoi: He’ll constantly make the lame dad jokes for the lulz. Lmao, he’d definitely do the whole “Hi hungry, I’m dad” thing. He’d also be the very chill dad who lets the kids watch TV instead of doing their homework. I also see him making lame puns and calling his kids weird nicknames to embarrass them.

Reita: I think he’d be a real softie towards his kids, lol. Other kids would be jealous of Reita’s kids because Reita takes them to school on his motorcycle and plays video games with them. He’d also be the parent who makes his kids exercise if they did something wrong. How he’d embarrass his kid? By acting like the overprotective parent when they bring home a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Kai: He’d be an awesome parent, of course! He’ll constantly make bento lunches for his children, be very welcoming towards other kids, and he’d impress many other parents with how dedicated he is towards his kids. I think he’d be the parent who would dote on his children a lot, and be very involved with them. He’d also embarrass his kid by acting like Riley’s parents from Inside Out at the hockey game, lmao.

Just a thought.

I know this may seem out of the blue, but I think the biggest thing people look over when it comes to Christi is how much she really cared for Maddie. 

There was a scene back during the whole Drop Dead Diva thing where Abby told Maddie to perform her solo in front of everyone, and the other moms thought that it was shoving it into the other girl’s faces. Melissa abruptly takes Maddie out of the room, and Abby quickly blames the mothers and their supposed “vulture” like nature. Christi quickly states that Abby is the reason why they appear so. She states, 

“You know what, you know who creates the vultures, it’s you! Because you try to turn all of these kids against their friend and that little girl is mortified all the time, but you don’t care … I have heard you say to her, to that little, nine year old girl, ‘no one would be happy for you, everyone’s jealous of you.’ Why do you do that!” 

And I think the whole scene goes to show that Christi is very aware that Abby is the one to blame for any misgivings the children may receive, whether it be blatant abuse, or feeling isolated from your friends. 

Just a thought, sorry to waste any time. 


Before everyone starts their theories about VIXX’s Hades…
you need to remember that the boys are known for being over excited and are prone to giving out hints and spoilers about their choreo or concepts
When Hyuk was asked to give a spoiler of their Chained up choreo, he actually danced to the choreo where they all bow down to Hongbin but we thought he was joking because he looked ridiculous doing that alone.
When Hakyeon was asked during a fansign to give a choreo spoiler about Chained Up Remix version he danced the part where OT5 tries to escape the dancers while the Cha walks in front of them like a diva (KBS 2015 Song Festival)
In a Show Champion bts video N was asked what was the meaning of the eye on his hand and he explain how it’s called “The Evil Eye” and how it plays a big role on the whole trilogy and Leo was behind him waving his covered hand in front of the camera as if he was saying ‘I also have it’ lmao.
Maybe if we go back to VIXX videos during Dynamite era and start taking their hints seriously, maybe we could understand what’s going on :)

Dating Taylor Caniff

would involve:

Fancy dinner dates
Playing with Panda
Water fights while washing his car
Him having a diva side to him in front of you
Inside jokes
Wearing his bucket hats
“Let’s go for a drive”
Coming home to expensive gifts
Movie nights
Ass grabbing
Neck kisses
Teasing each other
Tay attempting to make a romantic dinner at home
Camping in the backyard


Btw, speaking of Music Day, there a bit of trivia. Remember last time when Tegoshi was being all diva in the front? There’s a funny story behind that. During MC in Nagoya on May 8 Tegoshi said this:

T: I’m not good with all the gatherings at the Johnny Medleys. That is why I was at the very back but to my surprise the camera filmed from the back. After my Mum said: “It was like Tegoshi with Johnnys”

The latter photo suggests that is indeed what happened.