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harry so contours his chest when he leaves his shirt gaping open this diva

the visual image of him in front of the mirror trying to enhance his titties is so entertaining

Mural Mood Board as H+L Fics

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Top Left: Exes to Lovers Fic
Louis knew this was a bad idea, knew it from the very second Harry Styles had walked into that bar, but he couldn’t take it back now. Being tangled up in bed with Harry was better than he remembered, but the sinking feeling in his gut was something he couldn’t ignore. Harry was being his usual self, ignoring the conversation they needed to have, and it was making something ugly twist inside Louis’ heart. Harry was rambling on about needing to get out of bed, get the day started, when Louis couldn’t contain it anymore. “Are you even sorry?” Harry looked taken aback, but Louis barreled on. “You left, Harry. You left and you didn’t say a word. And now you’re back, and it’s like you don’t even care that you broke everything inside me that day.” 

Top Middle: Backpacking AU
Louis has been looking forward to this portion of the trip all summer. He and Niall have spent weeks in and out of hostels all around Europe, but they were finally going to get a home-cooked meal and a real bed when they visited Niall’s home country. Except Niall neglects to tell him that his best friend from childhood, Harry, will be joining them on the rest of their journey. Louis can’t believe Niall would fail to mention that a complete stranger was now going to be accompanying them on their trip, but he stops his complaining once he meets him. Louis’ spent the past three weeks talking nonstop, pulling pranks on Niall, and generally being a nuisance – but suddenly he’s quiet, letting Harry ramble on about the most mundane things. And really, Niall thinks, what in the fresh hell is happening to Louis? 

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The GazettE members as parents

Ruki: Oh god! He’d definitely be like Mrs. George from Mean Girls. He’d be the stylish parent who likes to give his teenaged kid’s friends some makeup and fashion tips. I can totally see him saying, “I’m not a ‘regular’ dad, I’m a sexy cool dad” LMAO. I also think that the kid’s friends would totally be crushing on him. He’d embarrass his kid by acting like a diva in front of their friends.

Uruha: LOL, he’d be the parent who encourages his kids to have wild parties, and he’d even go as far as supplying the alcohol for the party. I think he’d also embarrass the kid by providing ‘live music’ for parties with his guitar while having eyeshadow on and wearing a particularly revealing outfit (the one from Cockroach), as well as grinding on his guitar, much to the kid’s embarrassment. Female friends would definitely be crushing on him as well, lmao.

Aoi: He’ll constantly make the lame dad jokes for the lulz. Lmao, he’d definitely do the whole “Hi hungry, I’m dad” thing. He’d also be the very chill dad who lets the kids watch TV instead of doing their homework. I also see him making lame puns and calling his kids weird nicknames to embarrass them.

Reita: I think he’d be a real softie towards his kids, lol. Other kids would be jealous of Reita’s kids because Reita takes them to school on his motorcycle and plays video games with them. He’d also be the parent who makes his kids exercise if they did something wrong. How he’d embarrass his kid? By acting like the overprotective parent when they bring home a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Kai: He’d be an awesome parent, of course! He’ll constantly make bento lunches for his children, be very welcoming towards other kids, and he’d impress many other parents with how dedicated he is towards his kids. I think he’d be the parent who would dote on his children a lot, and be very involved with them. He’d also embarrass his kid by acting like Riley’s parents from Inside Out at the hockey game, lmao.

#62: He's Your Teacher | Part 8


Last part of this small Teacher Series! Thank you to everyone who’ve liked and read this x

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”What is this place even.” Y/BF/N hissed into your ear as you dragged her now pretty much protesting body into the, not so fancy as she had expected, diner, the instant smell of coffee and fried food hitting your nostrils, her eyes going wide. ”What in the world are we doing in here?” She spoke under her breath as she took a look around in the diner, a few people sitting at some tables whilst others were sitting on bar chairs. ”I wanted to show you this.” You shrugged, walking past the familiar table of where you and Luke used to sit, walking to the tables a few steps away, sliding inside the booth with Y/BF/N. ”Who have you been with here, you know, since you know the place?” She questioned as her eyes scanned the menu card, looking up at you waiting for an answer. ”Just a friend.” You made a half shrug, hoping that she wouldn’t question into it more, and to your luck she only nodded her head before looking back at the menu. When the both of you had decided what to eat, the same waiter from the last time approached your table, taking in your menus and sending you a small smile in remember. Before you guys realized, the food was served in front of you, Y/BF/N cocking her head by the dish in front of her. ”Don’t be such a diva, the food is good enough here.” You mumbled, sending her a glare as she started to dig in, the other not so improved expression turning into a pleasant one. ”Better than I thought.” She mumbled with mouth full, the two of you eating in silence with a few chit chats between. When Y/BF/N placed her fork down, a weird expression came to her face as she looked behind you, you cocking your eyebrow by her, ”What’s wrong?” You spoke a little more quietly, freezing her out of her trance. ”There’s this really cute boy staring at you.” She mumbled, removing her gaze from the boy. Trying not the make anything obvious, you turned your head slightly but not too much and your eyes widened in surprise when Calum was sitting a few tables behind you with a skeptical expression on his face, his arms crossed as he glared at you. ”Shit.” You cursed, turning your head around fast, your heart starting to beat faster than expected. What if Luke was here as well? ”You know him?” Y/BF/N asked a bit too loudly, cocking her head to get a better view of him, ”That may or may not be correct.” You mumbled, starting to pack your belongings together fast. ”Ready to leave.” You mumbled standing up fast from the booth and pulling Y/BF/N with you. But before you could escape from Calum and his friends he grabbed you on the upper arm making you stop in track and roll your eyes. ”Y/N.” He spoke softly, but his expression said otherwise. You waved Y/BF/N so she could just start walking and she did, leaving you and Calum behind. ”I have no idea what happened between you and Luke, but he’s broke as fucked. He doesn’t wanna come out from his apartment, damn god he doesn’t even wanna touch his guitar. I don’t care what went wrong in your relationship but one of you guys has to be the responsible one.” By the mention of him being broke your eyes went wide with fire, making Calum let go of your arm. ”He’s broken? He’s fucking broken?” You questioned in disbelief but didn’t let Calum answer before you had stormed out of the diner towards Y/BF/N, ”Can you get home yourself? I have to go see a friend right now?” She barely nodded her head before you started to spring over to Luke’s apartment, ready to confront the blond haired boy.


”I broke you?!” Luke eyes widened by your petite form standing in front of him at his door, your sudden presence in front of him leaving a confused gaze on his beautiful features. ”Calum told me.” You scoffed by his confused stare, ”You think I broke you? You were the one breaking me!” You crossed your arms and glared at him until he would say something, but he didn’t, just pulled you inside his apartment before shutting the door. ”I thought you loved me!” You said in rage and at this point Luke turned furious, looking down at you deadly. ”Don’t you dare doubt my love for you at any point Y/N! I have never in my entire life met someone that could change it as much as it has now. You know how hard it was to be your teacher? Harder than what I would ever expect and that was the fucking reason why I choose to quit! Because having just the thought to think about that I would have to teach you with a broken heart would be devastating. I love everything about you, even when you’re mad at me! And nothing can change that and I won’t change it. I’ve fallen hard and heels for my student Y/N Y/L/N and there’s no doubt that my love towards her can compares to someone else.” When Luke finished speaking, he took a death breath before looking down at you with mouth open and wide eyes, yours wide as well as you stared at him in awe. Without further redo, you grabbed him by the back of his neck before pulling him down to your level, placing your lips against his but not in the usual lust full way. In the most passionate loving way that you guys ever shared. And Luke knew when he wrapped his arms around your body that he never wanted to let go again. And he didn’t.


Your stomach was pressed against the soft material of your flower printed covered duvet, your head spinning by the lack of water, trying to concentrate fully on the history paper in front of you. Homework was due to tomorrow but you fought the chance to avoid it, yet your mom came up to your room to check on your every third minute, still worried about your foot. It wasn’t like there were any more damages, you had stopped using crutches a week ago and the swallowing was far gone, the normal beige color replacing the before violet and red one. ”Y/N?” The sound of your mom calling made a small groan leave past your lips before you threw your pencil on the mattress, raising your body from the soft duvet and walking towards your door, opening it slightly and yelling out a ”What?” as you looked down towards the stairs where your mom were resting downstairs. ”I have a feeling that you’ve forgotten your Fitness appointment today.” She mentioned and your eyes widened by the sudden thought, your eyes scanning over the calendar that was hanging above your desk, the small print font of the appointment plastered on it. ”Shit.” You cursed, shaking your head in disbelief by yourself, how could you forget about this. Sprinting over to your closet, you ripped it open and dragged out some gym clothes, taking your gym bag out at well and throwing the clothes inside. To be honest, you hadn’t seen that bag since the injury of your foot with Calum at the hospital. And to be honest you hadn’t seen or heard from Calum since then. Besides the fact that you didn’t have gotten the chance to attend gym due to your foot, you hadn’t seen him otherwise. He wasn’t seen at hallways or at classes anymore. If it wasn’t for Y/BF/N telling you that he had actually quit his teacher job you would have started to grow worried. Yet it didn’t come as a shock to you neither that he quit his job. The constant thought of having to watch you every day was a clear pain just by having the thought. Of course you were sad about it as well but what could you do? Nothing, and that was why you knew that all you had to do was to accept it and not have any more thoughts about it. It would be the best for the both of you. Swinging you back over your shoulder you sprinted down the stairs as best as you could without having any pain in your foot, smiling at your mother as she was leaning against the dinner table of yours, her car keys hanging loosely on her finger. ”Waiting for me I see?” You mumbled, her leaning away from the floor as you headed towards the door, grabbing your shoes and jackets before walking out to her car and driving towards the nearest Fitness Center. There was no doubt in your mind that if this had been months ago and you didn’t have a retarded foot, you wouldn’t go to a Fitness by your own will. Your mom had suggested this, finding a coach on the Internet that could train up your foot again so it could function like it used to, and arguing with your mom would be pointless so saying no was not an option. ”Is it a woman or a man?” You questioned, looking out at the Fitness Center in your horizon next to you as your mom parked the car in the parking lot. ”I’m not sure, there wasn’t much details about him. But I think it was a male.” She smiled back at you as you mumbled out an okay and shutting the door as you had walked out, heading inside. Finding a free locker you threw your clothes inside, taking a look at the unfamiliar surroundings, switching into your gym clothes and ready to practice. The note in your hands were held in front of you in confusion as you walked around the different Fitness machines in the massive room, mirrors everywhere and people sweating their asses off. With the lack of information on the paper, you had a hard time trying to find your coach which made your eyebrows knit as you looked around, trying to find what could possibly be the person that would terrorizing your life for the next weeks. Noticing a dark haired person standing with your back towards you and the Fitness logo printed on the back of his black tee you shrugged your shoulders before walking towards him and poking him on the shoulder. ”Excuse me, but I’m looking for my coach can you help me.” ”Oh, you must be-” When the person turned around both you and Calum’s eyes went wide as you recognized each other, his lips parting as he looked you up and down. ”Sorry.” You mumbled with a blush on your cheeks, ready to walk away but he grabbed your arm, preventing you from leaving. ”No.” He mumbled, looking down at you. ”I’m your coach.” He admitted, a weird feeling going up your spine afterwards, your eyebrows knitting. ”Since when did you start working here?” He chuckled by your question, letting go of your arm and cocking his head. ”I’ve always wanted to do something like this. But I just never had an excuse to leave working at the school.” You nodded your head, the thought of wanting to leave now totally gone. ”I can get you another coach if you’re not comfortable with this.” He motioned between the two of you but you only formed a smile, a small giggle coming from your lips. ”It’s okay, actually.” You admitted and an award winning smile came over Calum’s lips. ”Well then, Ms Y/L/N, let us start out your foot’s rehabilitation.” His hand reaching out for yours and you couldn’t deny intertwining your fingers with his as you walked towards the treadmill, butterflies filling both of your stomachs as a pink blush came to Calum’s cheeks in happiness.


The only sound in the small living room around your dinner table was only the sound of your parents and Y/B/N speaking. You didn’t dare say a thing, just continued on digging into your food with your fork, but not letting any words split out from your lips. It had been like this for days now, since the incident with you and Michael. You had changed, and not only had your parents noticed it, Y/B/N had as well. And he felt guilty; He was blaming himself from all of this. You had turned into this life drained person. You didn’t make your homework, you never said anything anymore. All you did was to walk around with a dazed look, no emotions showing. And it killed him inside. He had regretted everything he had done. He thought it would be the best for you and Michael to not be together because he believed that he was only using you and you were too good for that. But god he was wrong. At this point he couldn’t take it anymore. So he pushed his chair out and stood up, looking down at your parent before announcing that you guys were going to talk. ”What’s wrong?” Your mother questioned, your dad cocking his eyebrow. ”We can’t continue like this.” He motioned towards your form making you look up at him as well. ”Look at her! She’s lifeless. Lifeless because of me! If I hadn’t told you guys about her love life with Mr. Clifford, she wouldn’t have been like this! I’m the one turning my sister into a zombie. And I feel so fucking guilty about it. She doesn’t deserve this! She deserves to be with Michael because it’s clear to me, and probably also to you guys that she’s half a heart without him. And I can’t stand watching my baby sister like this. I need you guys to accept their relationship for her, because at this point I do. I don’t care if he’s her teacher. He makes her happy and that’s the most important thing for her and me.” His speech made your eyes go wide, your parents shocked to say at least. ”Y/N uhm..” Your mother shifted in her seat, catching your attention. ”Do you uhm.. Love Michael?” Her question made your jaw drop, your face looking away from her now. Of course you did love Michael. But you had never realized it until now. ”I do mom. So much it hurts.” You admitted and her mouth went straight line, looking down at her plate. Your dad left out a sigh before looking down at your mom, her shoulders shrugging. ”If you feel this is the right thing to do. You have our approval.” Your head shut up fast by mention, your jaw falling again, ”You’re serious?” Y/B/N asked, his face shocked as well. ”We are.” Your mom nodded with a small smile making you sprint up from your chair and embracing the both of them, before walking over to your brother and pulling him inside for a hug as well. ”Thank you so much for doing this to me. I love you.” You whispered in his ear before pulling back. There was no doubt that you were looking forward to school now.


Sprinting down the hallway towards where Michael was waiting for his class you barked inside the room, startling the boy as he was sitting with his head down some papers, ”I’m sorry.” You spoke, making Michael looked up confused from the papers in front of him, cocking is eyebrow because of your sudden presence. ”I’m sorry for everything. Sorry for my parents’ way of acting. Sorry for my brother’s way of acting. And most important my own way of acting. I’ve been a jerk and immature. And if I could take back the way I’ve been I would but I can’t. And I’m sorry for that Michael. You have no idea how much I actually love you and I feel like I haven’t showed it and appreciated enough because of my parents. But here I am.” Your small speech made Michael roll his chair out as you watched him quietly, raising himself from the chair and walking towards you, ”You love me?” He asked in awe, standing right in front of you now. ”As the day is bright as the sun.” A big smile came across Michael’s face by your statement, his forehead now leaning against yours. ”But.. What about your parents?” He asked making you shrug your shoulders. ”Somehow, my brother made them realize how a fool they were for not letting me be with you. They saw how happy you make me. And that’s the reason why they approved us.” Michael couldn’t control himself anymore in happiness so he placed his lips brief on yours fast, wrapping his arms around you to engulf you in his warm embrace, his lips leaving yours to place his head in your shoulder, swinging the two of you around. ”I love you so much you have no idea.” He mumbled into your shoulder making a pink blush cover your cheeks. Michael looked up from your shoulder to notice your brother standing outside the hallway and to his shock he wasn’t angry or anything, all he did was giving Michael a smile before a thumbs up, walking down the hallway to Michael’s surprise. His smile turned even bigger. So this was how it felt to be approved.


”Mr. Irwin?” Matty cocked his head in a confused manor as she watched Ashton standing awkwardly at the front door, his curls sticking in front of his forehead as he placed his hands in his pockets. ”Yeah, Hi uhm..” Ashton mumbled, trying to find the right words to say. ”Have I done anything wrong?” He spoke fast, his eyebrows knitting in curiosity. ”Nono, that’s not it.” He reassured, holding his hands in front of him. ”It’s just that.. I was wondering if you knew if Y/N Y/LN is here?” At this point he knew this couldn’t get any more awkward, his hand coming to the back of his neck, scratching it. ”Wait why are you asking for Y/N?” He was ready to shut the door at this point, now realizing why you had arrived at his house in the first place. ”Because I just need to talk to her about some English assignments.” Ashton tried to lie but that was pointless due to the fact that Matty knew about your relationship. ”I’m not dumb Ashton. I know about the two of you. And now, I know why she’s so crushed into my bedroom, cuddling my pillow in a sad manor.” Ashton’s heart broke by the mention of you being sad, the desire to see you increasing. ”Listen Matty, I just need to speak with her it will only take 5 minutes.” Ash promised but Matty didn’t want to move a single bit. ”You broke my best friend’s heart. I don’t want you to go inside and what? Pick up the pieces just to break them again?” ”Matty, you don’t understand.” Matty stared at Ashton in disbelief, making Ashton let out a deep sigh. ”You have no idea how much I love that girl. She means more to me than every other girl I’ve been with! You know how she is! You know exactly how stunning she is! And she’s not the only here who has felt like they’ve been stamped in the heart at least 40 times! Do you know how hard it has been to see you guys so close together? I know you guys are only best friends and that’s it but it doesn’t change the fact that every time you get close that I won’t get insecure. I don’t like seeing other guys too close to her. Because I love her so much that I can’t have anything bad is going to happen to her. And I know she’s been insecure as well due to the fact that I’ve been really close with Hollie lately and I understand that! But what she doesn’t know is that there’s no doubt in my mind that I would never treat out Y/N with Hollie, hell no I wouldn’t treat out Y/N for anyone. She is and always will be my sunshine. And I can’t stand the fact that she’s sad and mad because of me. So would you please just let me in so I can continue and finish this speech in front of her all over again?” Ashton was panting lightly as he finished speaking, the gobsmocked expression almost making him giggle for a bit, but not in a serious situation like this so he continued staring at the boy, yet he didn’t speak up, just opened the door fully for Ash to walk in. He barely got the chance to walk fully in before him and Matty noticed your small form leaning against his kitchen counter, a confused look on your face. ”You heard everything I said outside didn’t you?” He sighed as you nodded your head, walking further towards you. ”I think I will leave the two of you alone.” Matty sprinted towards his room before shutting it tight, leaving the two of you to yourself. ”Ash.. I don’t know what to say.” Was the only thing you managed to say before his big hand grabbed yours, intertwining your fingers. ”You don’t really have to say anything. I just needed to get it off my chest. Y/N, I am 100% understandable of if you don’t want us to be together. I’m just really sad of how it ended. It’s just.. If I knew that the last time I kissed and had you embraced in my arms would have been the last time for forever. I would never have left go.” You stared at him gobsmocked by his words, not knowing how to handle the situation but were soon interrupted by Matty smacking his door open. ”Just kiss him for god sake, what the even are you thinking Y/N!” He yelled, startling your body, before you looked up at Ashton again. ”Didn’t you here his fucking speech! If you don’t kiss him I will.” The image of Matty kissing Ashton crossing your mind made you not even hesitate before you pulled him down to your lips, pressing his against yours and letting him wrap his arms around your form. ”Thank god.” Matty almost moaned with a smile before he walked inside his room again, satisfied. ”It will always be you. Never forget that.” He mumbled against his lips before placing another kiss to your lips before pressing pecks around the skin of your face, a small giggle coming from your parted lips making him smile as well, pulling fully away before leaning his forehead against yours.

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what I never understood about carlotta is... isn't she supposed to be a bad singer? in many adaptations you see the phantom blocking his ears to not hear her and even in the musical it's clear he doesn't think she's a good singer ("she's singing to bring down the chandelier" and all that). so why do they keep casting amazing opera singers who are often even better than the christines to play the part?

Pet peeve: featuring Carlotta as a poor singer to make Christine stand out is sloppy and lazy. It’s bad directing. And it’s not what Gaston Leroux wrote. He writes that Carlotta possess a perfect instrument, she’s a technically brilliant singer - but she puts no heart and soul in what she sings. She sings everything the same, all roles, all styles. To quote Leroux: 

“Carlotta possessed neither heart nor soul. She was merely an instrument - a wonderful instrument, but an instrument nevertheless! Her repertoire included everything that might benefit an ambitious diva, be it the work of German, Italian or French masters. Until then she had never sung out of tune nor lacked the vocal strength demanded by any part in her vast repertoire. In short, the said instrument was wide-ranging, powerful and perfectly tuned. But no-one could have said to Carlotta what Rossini told Krauss after she had sung "Selva opaca” in German for him: “You sing with your soul, my child, and your soul is beautiful”. 

Oh, where was your soul, Carlotta, when you danced in the brothels of Barcelona? Where was it later, in Paris, when you performed coarse, roistering songs in seedy music-halls? And again, where was your soul when you let that supple and extraordinary instrument of yours - which could sing, with equal perfection, of sublime love and orgiastic pleasure - demean itself by performing in the salon of one of your lovers? O Carlotta, if you had ever possessed a soul and come to lose it, you would have found it again when you became Juliette, when you sang Elvira, Ophelia or Marguerite! For others have risen from lower depths than you did and were purified by art, attended by love.” (Page 97 in Ribière’s translation)” 

I asked Rachel Anne Moore (Hamburg Carlotta) about her interpretation of Carlotta. I loved her answer, it very much corresponds with what I think: 

“I see her as a very vulnerable person who puts up a tough front, like the famous diva, Maria Callas, who was quite talented but could be very headstrong and angry if provoked. I feel she is quite jealous of Christine’s talents and youth as well as how she steps so easily into filling Carlotta’s place. Perhaps she spent many years cultivating her voice and position to get such an excellent job only to see it snatched away by an upstart
.” ( X )

I personally think a talented Carlotta adds a lot of dynamic to the show, just like I think a strong Raoul is a more believable competitor to the Phantom. We must get a reason to think Carlotta would be the queen of the Parisian stage. Would a mediocre or even bad soprano be the prima donna of the leading opera stage of the era? No. NO. Carlotta NEEDS to be talented, both for logical reasons and for the dynamic of the show. The Phantom’s dislike for her isn’t because her voice sounds bad. It’s because she has no heart and soul in her singing. Christine POURS her heart and soul into her singing under the Phantom’s influence, and it’s what makes her triumph. It’s what makes him love her, initially anyway: 

Christine: Oh, tonight I gave you my soul, and I am dead.
Erik: Your soul is a beautiful thing, child. No emperor received so fair a gift. The angels wept to-night.”

It’s difficult to find a routine at first.

She’s busy with Quidditch practices and managing her very first paycheck, and he has his Auror training and endless dodging of interviews and evading questions. They only get to see each other at night for weeks on end, and though they wake up in each other arms, with his hair tickling her nose and his arm full of pins and needles from her rolling on top of him, they know it’s not enough.

So they do the unthinkable and request time off.

It only seems unthinkable because no one would even start to think of them as people who need time off of anything. He is the hero who has always been for others to gather around, a legend before he even knew who he really was, and he has never asked to be alone because he remembers being shut away in the cupboard under the stairs, with no friends to give himself for.

And with her being the only daughter, she has always been the one to calm others, helping them with finding their center while Mum needs time to cook and Dad needs time to work and her brothers simply insist on being absolutely useless prats.

They aren’t in the habit of putting themselves first, simply because they’ve been needed by so many. 

But now they do, and they decide the best course of action is to camp out in the flat for a bit. He manages to find a small telly set, and she laughs at the sound of the static and doesn’t fully appreciate the appeal until he finds an channel dedicated to black and white movies and she becomes so entranced by Some Like It Hot that she ends up cradling his head as he snores on the sofa, while she watches with rapt eyes and giggles to herself.

She tries cooking with no magic, some nights simple recipes and some nights grandiose french ones that Fleur passed onto her. Surprisingly, she has more success with the french ones. Her attempt at treacle pudding sticks to the pan and has a nasty burnt taste to it, but he eats it anyway. He tries cooking one night, and they both get surprised when he turns out to be the better chef. 

They bring the blankets and sheets and pillows from their bed onto the hardwood floors, and make a nest in front of the telly. He tells her about the shows he would try to watch while Dudley was away from the house, and she ends up singing along to the music in one of the movies, though she can’t hold the tune at all. They bring her mother’s dandelion wine out, and some fire whiskey that Ron sneaked past Hermione, and they belt out songs, loud and intentionally out of tune, and soon she’s helpless with laughter as he balances on the couch in in a grand operatic pose, his hair even more of a mess than usual, imitating the grand diva on the screen in front of them. She twirls around the flat, laughing and stumbling and swinging her arms, and knocks over the hideous lamp that Percy passed onto them.

The let the sheets slide about them and the wine and whiskey makes both of their stomachs burn pleasantly, and she drags him into a sloppy and heartfelt kiss that soon deepens into something else entirely. They have taken every precaution before now, and he is achingly gentle with her, and she holds him afterwards when he needs a moment, needs to come back from the realization that he almost never got this, that a flash of green light almost separated them forever…

It comes to an end, but not entirely. They each go back to work, but the rhythm has changed. She starts watching the telly late into the night when there’s no early morning practice the next day, and he gets into the habit of exchanging notes with Fleur about alterations to classic recipes. Each weekend, they end up on the floor in front of the telly, and sometimes they lose some clothing in the process and sometimes they simply hold onto each other.

They’re both extremely independent people, and it isn’t a fully established routine. 

But Harry and Ginny both agree that it’s a fine start. 

Rachel Anne Moore was kind enough to answer my question on her interpretation on the character of Carlotta. And I’m loving the answer:

“I see her as a very vulnerable person who puts up a tough front, like the famous diva, Maria Callas, who was quite talented but could be very headstrong and angry if provoked. I feel she is quite jealous of Christine’s talents and youth as well as how she steps so easily into filling Carlotta’s place. Perhaps she spent many years cultivating her voice and position to get such an excellent job only to see it snatched away by an upstart.

I think Piangi and her are not lovers but rather fiercely loyal colleagues. They have worked together so long that they don’t want to be separated. She feels like he needs her, and she loves that. I think she probably slept her way to the top, to some degree, or at least flirted a lot. She had a big dream and she wasn’t going to take any chances getting there.”

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=715017931854296&id=647029788653111
I Got a Boy - Chapter 26

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Tray of breakfast in hand, Annabeth met the guys over at the usual table where Frank, Leo, Nico, and Jason were already sitting. She put her tray down next to Nico and smiled at him when she took her seat beside him. He smiled back and moved his napkins so she could have room to eat.

She hadn’t had anything since ice cream from the night before and she was starving. A heap of pancakes, a mountain of scrambled eggs, a cup of yogurt, more than her fair share of bacon, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate would hopefully be enough to help her get through the day.

Everyone at the table greeted her, all of them mid-way through finishing their food, and Annabeth ate while they talked. Mark’s words still followed her, even though she was a whole building away from him. At the time, she didn’t really think anything of it, but in hindsight his words were more menacing than she had realized. Did she seriously miss a threat when it was so obvious? He basically told her to watch her back. That was definitely worth some nervousness, right? She didn’t want to think that it was anything more than just talk, but the energy coming from him didn’t feel right.

She looked over her shoulder, suddenly aware that he could storm into the cafeteria at any time, but he was nowhere to be found amongst the dozens of other faces entering the cafeteria. She mentally kicked herself for getting startled over something as stupid as a conversation. Mark was just a guy… a guy who was overly competitive and jealous of Percy. She shook her head and returned to her breakfast.

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Just a thought.

I know this may seem out of the blue, but I think the biggest thing people look over when it comes to Christi is how much she really cared for Maddie. 

There was a scene back during the whole Drop Dead Diva thing where Abby told Maddie to perform her solo in front of everyone, and the other moms thought that it was shoving it into the other girl’s faces. Melissa abruptly takes Maddie out of the room, and Abby quickly blames the mothers and their supposed “vulture” like nature. Christi quickly states that Abby is the reason why they appear so. She states, 

“You know what, you know who creates the vultures, it’s you! Because you try to turn all of these kids against their friend and that little girl is mortified all the time, but you don’t care … I have heard you say to her, to that little, nine year old girl, ‘no one would be happy for you, everyone’s jealous of you.’ Why do you do that!” 

And I think the whole scene goes to show that Christi is very aware that Abby is the one to blame for any misgivings the children may receive, whether it be blatant abuse, or feeling isolated from your friends. 

Just a thought, sorry to waste any time. 


no but can we please talk about loki’s god form because come on look at this fucking diva

just fucking look at those booty shorts pants dealio and the fuckin front and back windows and the fluffy flaming boa and those fucking horns and them heels i just ajfslf



“His deity costume is inspired by Loki’s mythological children: Fenrir the wolf for the fur, Hel for the heart brooch, and the midgard serpent Jormungand for the overall appearance.”


Btw, speaking of Music Day, there a bit of trivia. Remember last time when Tegoshi was being all diva in the front? There’s a funny story behind that. During MC in Nagoya on May 8 Tegoshi said this:

T: I’m not good with all the gatherings at the Johnny Medleys. That is why I was at the very back but to my surprise the camera filmed from the back. After my Mum said: “It was like Tegoshi with Johnnys”

The latter photo suggests that is indeed what happened.

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Seventeen reaction to their gf being close to male idol

Seungcheol: Protective and probably cautious, even though he doesn’t show it, he’s constantly worried about it. 

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Jeonghan: Side eyes, he would be glaring the whole time, and he wouldn’t keep silent about it. He’d complain in front of everyone if he thought it was too much. 

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Joshua: He’d be slightly upset, but wouldn’t necessary take the two of you hanging out as a bad thing.

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Jun: He would openly walk over and flirt with you, no matter who was around. You’re his and he’s gonna prove it to everyone.

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Hoshi: Clingy, not to where he’s gripping your arm, but he’d always be near you guys. 

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Wonwoo: He wouldn’t have much of a reaction and he’d be happy that you’re friends with an idol, but he would check on you guys occasionally just in case. 

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Jihoon: A bit of protectiveness mixed with the fact that he would need to be close to you two just in case. 

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Seokmin: Completely oblivious to thinking you two are anything but friends. He knows you would never do anything to hurt him. 

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Mingyu: He would be similar to Jeonghan, he would glare constantly, yet would keep the complaints between the two of you. 

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Minghao: Probably talks shit in Chinese, very protective, probably has his arm around your waist the whole time.

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Seungkwan: Compete diva mode, he would make a complete scene in front of everyone until he had your full attention. 

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Vernon: To lost in his own world to even notice, probably too busy talking to one of the other members or listening to music.

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Dino: A pouty boy, would probably have his head on your shoulder the whole time and would be very upset for the next few hours.

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Before everyone starts their theories about VIXX’s Hades…
you need to remember that the boys are known for being over excited and are prone to giving out hints and spoilers about their choreo or concepts
When Hyuk was asked to give a spoiler of their Chained up choreo, he actually danced to the choreo where they all bow down to Hongbin but we thought he was joking because he looked ridiculous doing that alone.
When Hakyeon was asked during a fansign to give a choreo spoiler about Chained Up Remix version he danced the part where OT5 tries to escape the dancers while the Cha walks in front of them like a diva (KBS 2015 Song Festival)
In a Show Champion bts video N was asked what was the meaning of the eye on his hand and he explain how it’s called “The Evil Eye” and how it plays a big role on the whole trilogy and Leo was behind him waving his covered hand in front of the camera as if he was saying ‘I also have it’ lmao.
Maybe if we go back to VIXX videos during Dynamite era and start taking their hints seriously, maybe we could understand what’s going on :)

The Charade

Aaron sighed and rubbed his eyes. He had less than a week to come up with a date for the big family party. The party was to celebrate the Kennedy family’s new scholarship.

While Aaron was excited about the scholarship; it was part of his Kennedy Community Center’s outreach program, he was dreading the party. For years Aaron’s mother Katherine had been trying to set him up with the daughters of their wealthy friends. They wanted him to find “true love” with a girl who had money of her own; well her family’s money.

Aaron had caved once, and gone on a date with Ellen Dwyer. The date had been terrible, and Aaron had vowed to never let his parents set him up with anyone else ever again.

That’s why he made up a girlfriend. His parents seemed happy with the fictional partner he created, a woman who also came from money and who ran a charitable organization that helped feed the food insecure residents in their town.

Now Aaron needed to produce this wonder woman girlfriend, and she didn’t exist. His work at the Kennedy Community Center didn’t leave much time for dating. Well, it really would if Aaron wanted to date. He just didn’t feel the need to at the moment. Not that he could admit to his parents that he made up his mystery girlfriend.

That was why Aaron let his friends set him up on a blind date. Well, three different blind dates which all turned out quite terrible, and lead him to sitting in his office in front of his computer.

He had the Diamond Divas Escort website open, a site recommended to him by a friend when he had confided to him about his dilemma. Aaron needed to hire an escort to take to the party. Someone that he could pass off as his amazing girlfriend so his parents would leave him alone.

Easy, right?

Only Aaron was being quite indecisive. He was browsing the pictures on the website and reading the little blurb about each girl. Finally though, he came across a gorgeous brunette with lively brown eyes.

“Candy”, he muttered to himself.

Before he could talk himself out of it, he booked her for an evening. Aaron wanted to be able to meet with her before the party so he could figure out if she was a good fit for him, and to fill her in on what she would need to know if he did decide to hire her for the party.

Their date set for the next evening, Aaron logged off his computer and headed home for the night, wondering what he had just signed himself up for.