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I will not say anything about it, I have already said something about Instagram and Twitter. You know what makes me angry? That those who called themselves her fans, now they say the worst things about Paige.
A real fan, like me, doesn’t care about these photos or videos.
A real fan only care about Paige’s happiness and a true fan wants Paige returns and hopes that she win the women’s title.

Respect her.

How the women's division has evolved

It started with:

• The brand of the division being called the Divas Division

• Women competing in bra and panties matches, evening gown matches, gravy bowl matches, eggnog matches, bunny matches, pillow fights, lingerie matches, bikini contests, and water balloon fights

• The era of the original Women’s Championship

• The retirement of the Women’s Championship and era of the Divas Championship

• The programming of Total Divas

Fast forward to 2016/2017 and we have:

• The retirement of the Divas Championship and birth of the new Women’s Championship

• Women no longer being called Divas and simply being called Superstars

• Smackdown women having their own Women’s Championship and all being involved in their storylines and being given decent screentime

• Women headlining and main eventing pay per views and their perspective brands

• Women competing in Iron Man matches, HIAC matches, steel cage matches, tables matches, ladder matches, No Disqualification matches, Falls Count Anywhere matches, Last Woman standing matches, and gauntlet matches

• A Netflix series inspired by women’s wrestling called GLOW

• The Mae Young Classic

And there is still so much more to come! There is still so much for the women of WWE to do! Let’s keep the revolution coming! May the progress continue!


💚This Is What A Queen Looks Like💚


Natalya & Carmella funny faces at the crowd😅😅