diva watch

reasons to watch Drop Dead Diva: 

  • plus sized genius female protagonist
  • who is also a feminine fashionista
  • body positivity out the wazoo
  • respectfully portrayed transgender lesbian
  • awesome poc characters
  • great humor
  • great plot 
  • more reasons but i’m running out of patience just fucking watch drop dead diva

Do you really think it’s very Christian to want to do Monday’s show?

something that annoys me is when haters put brie above nikki, saying that “brie tried to improve as a wrestler whereas nikki didn’t, brie cares about wrestling and nikki doesn’t” etc etc

like??? first of all neither deserve hate but nikki is the one who had/has more of a passion for wrestling (brie has said this herself) and nikki is the one who actually proper improved a lot (brie did too, but nikki did moreso, and both of them acknowledge this)

but people always put brie above nikki. always. why? bc internalised misogyny among other things. e.g.: “brie is a better wrestler bc she’s more ‘down to earth’ and less 'big headed’” (they think nikki = boob job = too high maintenance = not a good wrestler)

all you guys have to do is literally watch total divas, you can literally SEE how passionate nikki is about wrestling (brie is too, but no one accepts that nikki is) like yes, she is a businesswoman and she cares about her reality show and expanding the bella brand but??? how does that take away from her wrestling ability?? i’m exhausted lmao