diva taehyun

[WINNER FACTS] (from WINNER TV - Episode 3) :

-Taehyun doesn’t eat seafood

-Taehyun is a creepy viewer (watching his hyungs secretly on camera)

-Taehyun acts cute only in front of Mino

-Taehyun is a super actor

-Jinwoo is a very bad actor and the worst liar ever XD

-Jinwoo is super caring and sweet

-Jinwoo is super cute even in the way he text and everyone agree even Taehyun the Diva

-Jinwoo and Seunghoon take a shower together

-Jinwoo walk casually naked after shower even when the other members are around

-Jinwoo always gets lost even at the hotel

-Seungyoon is a confirmed nagging ahjumma (his new target: Taehyun)

-Taehyun and Mino thinks that Seungyoon is the scariest when he’s angry

-Seungyoon is the best at cooking

-Seunghoon is the worst at cooking

-Seunghoon isn’t scared of YG but is scared from talking to girls

-Mino become angry when he’s worried and swears at the person he’s worried about (also he care a lot about Taehyun)

-Mino may be dumb and childish but he’s super manly and mature in serious situation (he’s super hot when he swears *o* )

-Seunghoon, Mino and Jinwoo are Reply 1994’s fans

Jinwoo asking Don to show him the way to the restaurant :’D adorable <3
Jinwoo is back with Grey Hoodies <3