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Monsta X Reaction: Pranking Them by Fighting w/ Another Member (+ Imagines)

Requested by Anon~  Monstax Reaction pls! :-) How would they react if you and and one other member prank him by pretending to have a really serious fight? Thanks so much <3

Jeez I don’t know why this took me so long. I apologize. I also for some reason felt the need to write little imagines of the situations. I don’t know why I’ve just been in a writing kind of mood I guess. I hope you enjoy it regardless and that you have a good day! This was a super original request so I loved writing it! Thanks! Much love <3 

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He’d sit to the side and watch you and Wonho hash out your disagreements because he didn’t think he’d be able to help that much by intervening. When Wonho gave you a quick wink before grabbing your shoulders and shaking you while yelling you’d hear Shownu’s rapid foot steps approaching the two of you. You’d feel his looming presence from behind you as he told Wonho in a very serious tone not to touch you like that when he was angry. To leave and to calm down.
When you and Wonho started laughing and imitating his robot like protection methods he would stare at you in confusion. When he realized the two of you had just pranked him he would crack a half amused smile in the midst of your laughter. Looking at you and just wondering why he was surrounded by children. 


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You and Minhyuk had been picking on one another all day as to go along with the plan. You wanted backstory to go off of when in the final moments Minhyuk decided to flick your ear a little too hard, causing you to stand and yell at him in an outburst. Wonho would immediately step between the two of you and would probably just pull Minhyuk away while jokingly telling him to stop bugging you because you were scary when you were angry. He’d come back right after and pick you up to take you to the opposite side of the room and sit you on his lap. He’d cuddle you to calm you down but you and Minhyuk would just look at each other and laugh because wow… he handled that really well. So he’d look at the two of you with a confused expression and you’d turn your head and kiss him on the cheek.
“We were just joking babe. But I mean, you dealt with that really well haha. Am I really that scary when I’m angry?” You’d tease him.
“That wasn’t for real!?” He’d burst out in laughter with Minhyuk and hide his face in your shoulder.
“You totally got me! I thought you were actually about to punch him!” He’d laugh some more and the three of you would giggle together while he hugged you tighter.
Afterwards he’d tell the story fondly to make others laugh. He’d praise you for your acting skills and when Minhyuk asked for compliments on his acting Wonho would add in a joking tone, “You were acting?" 


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you’re wonho be more gentle with mama

He’d be concerned about the reason you were fighting and would get the two of you to apologize and try to make peace between two of you. Definitely leading you to peace just because of his personality, he would take control easily. 

Minhyuk would walk into the dorm and Changkyun would give you and Kihyun the heads up to start fighting. Kihyun picked up a pot and tossed it on the floor with a very loud bang, "JESUS CHRIST Y/N WHY DON’T YOU JUST GET OUT OF MY FACE!?” He’d yell at you as he stomped out of the kitchen and into the living room of the dorm.
You would follow after him with your arms crossed over your chest.
“Is poor baby Kihyun getting angry now?” You’d condescend to him and Minhyuk would immediately ask what was going on to Changkyun. The maknae would shrug and tell him you two had suddenly just gotten into an argument and it had escalated to this.
When you shoved Kihyun into the coffee table and yelled, “Look at me when I talk to you!” it would snap him out of his interrogation with Changkyun and he’d rush to you. He’d hold Kihyun by his shoulders and ask if he was alright and would give you a look of disappointment.
“It wasn’t right of you to push him Y/N! What if he had gotten hurt?” He would ask firmly. It made you and Kihyun purse your lips awkwardly.
“I’d like you to apologize Y/N.” Minhyuk would tell you. Kihyun would hold in his laughter and nod to you because this was now about 10x more amusing for him because you were being scolded.
You would apologize for pushing Kihyun and he’d fakely accept the apology. Minhyuk would turn to him right after and it would be your turn to hold back your laughter.
“Kihyun, please apologize for whatever you did to upset Y/N. I have never seen them this angry before. They’d never lay their hands on someone unless they were seriously upset. So please apologize for you behavior as they have apologized for there’s and then make up. I don’t want to see my best friend and my significant other fight like this.” He would not break eye contact with Kihyun once. But this was the last straw for him as he began to laugh loudly in Minhyuk’s face.
The two of you would laugh together and point at Minhyuk’s serious and concerned expression. Changkyun in the background pulling off an impressive impression of the sweet victim of your prank.
“You just got pranked!” Kihyun would yell in between cackles.
Minhyuk’s face would turn red and he’d rake his hand across his cheeks as a grin grew across his face. He’d be embarrassed that you were able to prank him and he’d look at you with glee.
“I’m gonna get you back!” He’d tell you between giggles. He’d hug you and be a good sport about the prank. But you should definitely expect to be pranked twice as hard in the future. 


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You and Jooheon were texting one another while watching a movie with the rest of the members. When Kihyun got up to use the washroom Jooheon suggested that when he gets back you show him a series of fake texts where the two of you fight and exchange insults. You agreed and you looked up to see him grinning at you. You deleted your conversation and started over, but this time you sent one another malicious texts. You insulted his rap and Jooheon kicked it up a notch by sending you “Delete this text after you read it. I just want to apologize in advance if I offend you, everything I’m about to say is COMPLETELY fake. Love you hehe”
That’s when it got real….
Jooheon began insulting your relationship with Kihyun and when you read the texts your mouth hung over from the overflowing sass. You scowled at Jooheon and yelled suddenly “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? I WAS JUST GIVING YOU CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!”
“YOU CALL THAT CONSTRUCTIVE? SCREW YOU Y/N FOR REAL!!” He yelled back at you. Standing up.
You stood up and faced him and exchanged a look of is he falling for it?
When you felt Kihyun’s hands grab your sides and he started to speak you had to hold back your laughter.
“hey hey, what’s going on you two? Y/N show me your phone please.” He asked you politely. You handed him your phone with a huff.
As he was reading the text messages his face suddenly twisted into one of disgust.
“Jooheon, how could you speak like this to Y/N?” His tone was dark and serious.
“It’s not my fault YOUR significant other needed to be put back into their place. We’re stars Kihyun. Y/N is a peasant at best.” He said it with such a convincing tone that you knew you couldn’t just let this opportunity slide.
“PEASANT AT BEST!!? YOU LITTLE - ” You lunged for Jooheon and shoved him back onto the couch. Your hands rung loosely around his throat. Jooheon sold it by making choking noises and suddenly you felt two or three pairs of hands grabbing you and pulling you off at Jooheon.
When you were dragged to the floor and Kihyun was holding you by your waist you and Jooheon looked at each other and then around the room. Not only had you just pranked Kihyun, but the rest of the members as well. All of the concerned faces and serious glares towards the two of you made you and Jooheon burst into laughter.
Everyone looked at the two of you but as you got up and hugged Jooheon with grins on your faces everyone started to put the pieces together.
“GOTCHA!” You both yelled in unison and you saw the figurative weight fade from everyone’s shoulders.
“Oh my gOD!” Kihyun yelled! An awkward smile plastered on his face.
“DON’T DO THAT TO ME! YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!” He started to laugh a little bit and you high-fived Jooheon. You both hugged Kihyun.
“We’re sorry baby! We couldn’t just let the opportunity slip away!”
After everything calmed down you went back to the movie and cuddles with your Kihyunnie.


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Jooheon gets scared pretty easily so you and I.M decided to make his heart race a little by staging a fist fight for when he walks back into the dorm. You brought fake blood to the dorm and when Jooheon left to get food for you, you and I.M went into the bathroom and you made a fake cut going across Changkyun’s cheekbone. You put the fake blood flowing down the side of his cheek towards his ear and you coated your knuckles in the liquid.
When you heard to door’s lock start to click from the outside Changkyun laid on the floor of the living room and yelled loudly for you to get off of him. You giggled quietly while getting down on his body and holding his throat with one hand.
“SHUT UP!!!” You yelled and Jooheon turned the corner quickly as his eyes widened.
“OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING!?” He yelled in shock and pulled you off of I.M.
Changkyun was clutching his face and started to fake cry. You rolled your eyes behind Jooheon’s back, the diva maknae was really going all-out for this.
“Wuss.” You stated sharply while glaring at I.M.
Jooheon couldn’t even speak. He just crouched beside Changkyun and kept trying to pull his hands away from his face.
“Show him Changkyun.” You said seriously. Changkyun peeked up at you and smiled.
He pulled his hand away from his face and started laughing. Jooheon saw the bits of toilet paper coated in fake blood start to fall off of his face and just sighed with a defeated smile on his face.
“Jesus you two! You’re going to be the death of me!” He laughed and stood up to hug you. He grabbed your wrist to examine the hand coated in fake blood and just chuckled. He’d be a good sport about it.


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I.M. had gone to the bathroom and you heard Hyungwon shift in his bed. 

“Hey Y/N..” You heard Hyungwon mumble from the top of his bed. Sitting up and stretching.
“Yeah?” You asked nicely, a smile on your face.
“Wanna prank Changkyun when he comes back? You pretend to wake me up and I’ll swear at you.” You smirked lazily at you as he opened his big brown eyes.
“Haha, let’s do it!” You said enthusiastically.
Changkyun walked back into the room and Hyungwon tossed his pillow at you. “Seriously screw you Y/N. You’re just a shitty person, for real.” He said glaring at you coldly.
“Not my fault your only pass-time is sleeping asshole. Maybe you should get a life.” You said tossing the pillow to the floor and crossing your arms over your chest.
Hyungwon turned his head and dug his eyes into your soul. “What the fuck did you just say to me?” His tone was so convincing that you felt a chill go up your spine.
“I said.. you need to get a life.” You challenged.
Changkyun sat beside you. Looking a little uneasily at Hyungwon. He poked your side and gave you a look that just said don’t make it worse.
Hyungwon climbed down from his bunk and reached for the collar of your shirt. Changkyun batted his hand away and stood up.
“Don’t Hyung. Just let it go.” He mumbled to his friend.
“You heard what she said. I need to get a life. I’ll make it my life to put her in her damn place.” He said with a searing tone.
You brought a fist to your mouth that said daaaamn get it boo boo and Hyungwon smirked at you.
Changkyun suddenly grabbed your wrist and hoisted you up behind his back. “Like hell you will.” He said seriously.
He turned around and started guiding you out of the room. But that’s when you heard Hyungwon crack up and follow the two of you out of the room.
“ooooo look at big man here! Changkyunnie! It was a joke!” He said laughing wildly into his hand. He stretched as Changkyun turned to you with a pout on his lips.
“What is he talking about Y/N? Was this really a joke?” He asked still pouting. You giggled and nodded to him.
“But I’m glad to know you’d protect me!” You said wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him close to you.
Hyungwon went to the bathroom to wash up and Changkyun hugged you back.
“I’m gonna get you back Jagiya. You’ve declared war.” He said playfully while rubbing your back.
you pulled back and looked him in the eyes, “You’re on.” you smirked and he kissed your lips.


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You saw that Hyungwon was still asleep upon arriving at the dorm in the morning. Minhyuk however was wide awake and pestering poor Kihyun in teh kitchen. You popped your head into the room and said cheerfully, “Hey Minhyuk! Wanna help me wake up Hyungwon?”
He nodded immediately and followed after you. The both of you stood beside his bed when you suddenly grabbed Minhyuk and threw him against the wall. Pinning him in place with your body.
“WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME YOU LOUD MOUTHED DOOF!?” You yelled so loudly that Minhyuk’s eyes widened before he covered his mouth trying to muffle his giggles.
You heard Hyungwon stir in his sleep but you weren’t sure if you had succeeded in waking him.
“I SAID YOU DON’T BELONG HERE Y/N! NO NONMEMBERS ALLOWED, ESPESCIALLY GROSS ONES LIKE YOU!!” He grabbed you by the collar of your shirt and guided you to the side of the bunk across from Hyungwon’s. His back was turned to Hyungwon but you saw the darkness in his eyes as he jumped from his bunk and grabbed Minhyuk’s shoulders. Firmly grabbing him and speaking in a deep sleepy tone.
“Let. Her. Go.” He said it so seriously that Minhyuk’s face looked scared and shocked. He let you go and gave you a look of if he tries to kill me you have to say something.
Hyungwon gripped your sides and kissed you on the forehead quickly. “Are you okay?” He’d need confirmation of your safety. When you nodded and smiled to him, still a little flustered at the kiss.
“What the hell happened Minhyuk?” His voice was still sleeping and he encased you in one of his arms while he rubbed his eyes with his other hand.
“Y/N came over and asked me to help wake you up. So we came in here and they threw me against the wall and yelled. So I played along.” He said honestly.
Hyungwon gave you the side eye and you giggled. “Thanks Minhyuk.” You said playfully while picking up a pillow to throw at him.
“Did you hear the tone in his voice? I wasn’t going to get the blunt end of that!” Minhyuk laughed at you and then skipped out of the room. “Good luck Y/N!”
“You’re evil.” Hyungwon said while wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on your shoulder.
“Would you have gotten up otherwise?” You laughed.
“Noooooo.” He agreed with a chuckle. Sighing into your shoulder.
“Let’s go eat baby.” You said while pulling away and pecking his lips before leading him into the kitchen where Minhyuk was back to pestering Kihyun.

Sorry these were so long. I don’t know why I made them this long but it just sort of happened lol I hope they were still enjoyable! I hope you have a good day! Thanks again for requesting! Much love!

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the signs and their positions in seventeen
  • aries: leader
  • taurus: choreographer
  • gemini: diva
  • cancer: producer
  • leo: leader
  • virgo: maknae
  • libra: producer
  • scorpio: diva
  • sagittarius: maknae
  • capricorn: choreographer
  • aquarius: leader
  • pisces: diva
Nam fucking Taehyun!! Aside from your awesome SoundCloud account, what else is up your sleeve?

  • You have a silver tooth.
  • You have a tattoo.
  • You fucking DJ.
  • You fucking break dance.
  • You make electronic and house mixes.
  • You have a voice fit for drama OSTs.
  • You rock that middle parted hair.
  • You are pretty and you know it.
  • You are a diva… A lovable one.
  • And you’re WINNER’s maknae.

So anything else you want to add to this list?