diva maknae

the signs and their positions in seventeen
  • aries: leader
  • taurus: choreographer
  • gemini: diva
  • cancer: producer
  • leo: leader
  • virgo: maknae
  • libra: producer
  • scorpio: diva
  • sagittarius: maknae
  • capricorn: choreographer
  • aquarius: leader
  • pisces: diva
Nam fucking Taehyun!! Aside from your awesome SoundCloud account, what else is up your sleeve?

  • You have a silver tooth.
  • You have a tattoo.
  • You fucking DJ.
  • You fucking break dance.
  • You make electronic and house mixes.
  • You have a voice fit for drama OSTs.
  • You rock that middle parted hair.
  • You are pretty and you know it.
  • You are a diva… A lovable one.
  • And you’re WINNER’s maknae.

So anything else you want to add to this list?

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Throwback Tuesday: Nam Taehyun - Snow Flower (cover)

Disclaimer: Writing this because nobody really talks about Taehyun’s beautiful voice. And I’m trying to profess my love to all the WINNER members. It’s maknae’s turn now.


Snow Flower is still my favorite song, so far, from Taehyun. I fell for his voice before I’ve even warmed up to his diva attitude. His cover of It’s so Nice by 10cm is a close second.

Taehyun has a really nice and soothing voice which is a bit underrated with i-fans compared to k-fans. Maybe his flawless face overshadows his vocal talent. Go figure. Anyway, I don’t know how many times I thanked the k-pop gods when he hit that falsetto in Smile Again. I can understand why Teddy wanted him in and even told Papa YG to not cut him. See, Papa YG has some off days. I’m forever thankful to Teddy for talking some sense into the CEO the day Nam Taehyun auditioned to become a trainee.

In my opinion, this chingu did well holding his ground ‘til the very end. He’s still not emitting that stereotypical YG vibe (hip-hop/swag vibe), but he fits right in YGE because Taehyun is one helluva unique and talented mothafuckah. If you disagree, go jump off a cliff you poor excuse of a human being.

This is WINNER’s pretty (awesome) maknae, NAM fucking TAEHYUN.