diva for life

Not gonna lie, one of my favorite parts about writing urban fantasy is determining how and where the fantasy meshes in with reality.

Like, I’m not saying Freddie Mercury WAS a siren, but have you ever heard anyone NOT sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody?

I rest my case.


Mei in RPG!AU… a paladin from the Inashiro guild :’)))) 

The media loves Narumiya Mei (the Prince of Paladins) for his charms, looks, and outstanding strength on the battlefield. He’s also revered for his stamina during tournament battles, winning round after round without break. 

He has a very loyal fanclub that attends all of his matches. Mei’s fanclub and Miyuki’s fanclub often bicker with one another. 

See RPG!Sawamura, RPG!Miyuki, and RPG!Kuraryou


Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku!
Thank you for giving us your voice through all these years, your songs and the creators songs have guided me through many impossible situations, I would not be here without her music and the many people that create music with her!! Happy 10th, cheers to many more!