diva for life

Not gonna lie, one of my favorite parts about writing urban fantasy is determining how and where the fantasy meshes in with reality.

Like, I’m not saying Freddie Mercury WAS a siren, but have you ever heard anyone NOT sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody?

I rest my case.

Got7 as Girls

Jb: jaeho in da HOUSE MUTHAFUCKA also is vary high even without weed

Mark: That’s one girl who goes to early prayers and wears pink GET HER SOME STARBUCKS 

Jinyoung: some hot/smart chick who will savage you also has a lot of hoes, hint the IDGAF attitude 

Jackson: hype/athletic girl that gets triggered easily also looks for attention, explains all the screaming 

Youngjae: doesn’t know what the hell is going on

Bambam: rich diva that comes to school with heels and pays ppl to do her hw

Yugyeom: the ‘daddy’ + ‘choke me’ typa girl