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I'll ask... How do you see how Harry and Ginny balanced their work lives after she finished at Hogwarts? Bullet points are fine. 8-D

ooooo funnnn i love this <3 thank you

  • well ginny probably spends the last bit of school training like crazy so she’s really prepped for starting with the harpies
  • i imagine she gets recruited right out if school but idk if realistically she’d still have to do try outs or whatever
  • so she’s got a crazy schedule once training starts, and she spends most of her time in holyhead
  • but harry sneaks up to visit when he’s off
  • because he does shift work, so he’ll work a 2 days on and then have a day off or whatever so he can sneak away and ron is too busy snogging hermione to notice
  • until like 2 am when he’s like WAIT WHERE’S HARRY
  • and hermione is like ‘go back to sleep and stop being so nosy’
  • when the season’s on, the schedule is a little more manageable, and I imagine harry spends saturdays with teddy (at least part) and ginny comes and they spend the day just the three of them and sometimes they run errands and people say they’re such a cute family and harry blushes
  • plus weasley sunday dinners ARE A THING so they go for fun non competitive flies after dinner before dessert
  • but they always turn kinda competitive and end up racing each other but it inevitably ends with george coming to find them with his eyes covered (he learns to do this after the eyeful he gets the first time) to tell them molly’s serving dessert
  • even with all their usual stuff, they plan monthly floating dates just the two of them which can be anything from a dressy night out to a quiet night in at grimmauld place with telly and take out on the couch
  • and ron and hermione plan those nights to be granger family dinners so they get the house to themselves
  • ginny usually stays over those nights because they’re both so tired from their busy schedules that they end up asleep on the couch in a pile
  • then stumble up the stairs and collapse after harry lends ginny sweats
  • he’d offered to let her keep clothes there, but she likes stealing his clothes to sleep in
  • and he likes seeing her in his clothes so it works out
  • it’s not an official thing per se, but they do double date nights with ron and hermione, usually to the cinema and for dinner and drinks after to talk about whatever they saw and their lives
  • GINNY’S GAMES: harry’s a total fanboy with face paint and a WEASLEY jersey and foam fingers or whatever other quidditch paraphernalia he can find
  • his enthusiasm is perfect because he’s supporting ginny AND no one really recognizes him with all the junk all over his face
  • then when she’s on off season, they plan getaways which more often than not ends up being visiting charlie in romania because DRAGONS
  • I’m stopping myself here because otherwise it will never end lol

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I have a quick question if the admin, if you don't mind: Why do you draw Kaito, Meiko, and Luka as their V3/V4 designs (respectively), but draw Miku, Rin, and Len as their original release designs? Thank you in advance for answering! I love your blog! <3

((Aesthetic.  Nahhh I’m kidding haha well partially. The reason Kai and Mei are their V3′s is because when you meet them in Project Diva X they’re in their V3s! That’s really the only reason…I like their V3s though! The rest are in their original release designs because their models are in them for concerts and such. Except Luka…confession: I’m not a big fan of drawing Luka’s OG outfit and since she has a V4X module I figured I’d put her in that. I put a lot of thought into everything so I’m sorry there’s not more to why I chose the ones I did but yeah. I’m sure I’ll mix ‘em up from time to time. Put Miku in her V3, put Kagas in their V4Xs etc. c: those are just the ones I will consider their absolute defaults c: Glad you’re loving the blog! I’m doin my best~))

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Henrik is wearing the jacket like the feather thingie what is worn like that around your arms looool love him why is he like this



Hansol, please be safe. You are so loved. You’re lovely, wonderful, caring, talented. You make so many of us so so so happy, and have made us happy for so many years. You are so loved, worthy, supported. We’ll always be with you, always. We love you so much, Hansol. 

Please show Hansol your support. Please let him know just how loved he is. He deserves pure happiness. It crushes me to know he’s feeling this way. ToppKlass, keep showing your support like always. And even if you’re not part of the fandom or not even that familiar with Hansol/Topp Dogg please still keep him in your thoughts and send him nice things. Please. 

Sassy Assistants

“You’d better get used to this sort of thing… if you want to be Layton’s second assistant!”

Also, this is the first indication we’ve had of Ernest being ‘treated badly’… being subjected to Over-protective Dad  Sherl’s sass. If that’s the worst of it, I can live with that.

Every band or artist who’s playing at big venues has a list of items they’d like the venues to have backstage for when they arrive. And this one’s from Tyler Joseph which got recently leaked..