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Paratroopers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division and the 16 Air Assault Brigade await guidance from the jumpmaster and U.S. Air Force personnel before boarding the aircraft for a combined jump on Fort Bragg, N.C., April 13, 2015. Over 2,000 paratroopers exited 20 aircraft, which initiated Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise 15-01, the largest bilateral exercise held on Fort Bragg in almost 20 years. (Photo by Sgt. Flor Gonzalez, Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

YOI not!fic: White Collar/Mr & Mrs Smith fusion AU

Okay so I am already suspecting this may be a terrible idea, but whatever, I have a lifetime subscription to the poor life choices club and those terrible people known as my friends egged me on, SO.

Background: I’ve been doing not!fics for YOI off the cuff in chats for the lols because I enjoy coming up with the plot for elaborate AUs without the effort of actually writing them. (I am mostly too lazy to actually write them, especially when I should theoretically be writing something else.) @of-sevenseas put in a specific request for a Mr & Mrs Smith AU to distract her from spoilers before she could watch episode 11.

I maybe went all out. It sort of turned into a White Collar fusion along the way. BUT THAT IS OKAY.

So without further ado: I give you a ridiculous thief!Victor x Interpol!Yuuri not!fic. (Still in chat form FYI.)

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Head’s Up for Visual Kei Fans

They really do read your letters, if you write them/send them.

I went to an in-store event 4/3/16 for DIV. I wished Chisa a happy belated birthday, participated in the event and moved along. In between events, I left a pretty simple (in basic Japanese) note for him in the fan present box with his name on it. (They have them outside every event a VKei bands does) And since it was drizzling, they collected my letter to him shortly after I placed it in there.

Included with my well wishes, was a simple request. One I was too nervous to verbalize to the group, mostly because I get ridiculously nervous speaking Japanese to celebrities. Anyway.

I wrote/asked “i’ll be attending your shows in Chiba and Saitama, would you be so kind as to play “Taste of Life”? You guys haven’t played it recently, and it’s my favorite song…”

And tonight. 5/3/16, Heaven’s Rock Saitama show, as their second to last song; they really did play it. Much to my surprise, and the other fans delight. Needless to say, I cried. I’m not sure if it was always part of the agenda (maybe it was) or if they did it just for me, but I can’t help but think it was my note.

They do care. For as ‘far away’ as a musician feels to you, despite language barriers (for me probably grammar errors too); they DO read those notes.

So go ahead and send that less then perfect letter. Short, long, whatever; send it.