ditzy blond(e)

Hypnosis progress

Been doing hypno a lot the last couple days. Seems to be starting to have an effect now, and ive been more ditzy. Like the other day my bf asked me where I put the tv remote, I just giggled and said I didn’t know when it was right in my hand:)

I got my nails and brows done the other day, think its really helped me to get in the bimbo mindset, and I’m gonna go to the tanning salon sometime this week.

Cant wait to get my boobs done:)

I can’t remember where I saved this from.

But look, in today’s adorable news: John’s wearing that pretty blue shirt and the smart shoes from when he gave Rick Wakeman that award.  For at least the second time on this tour.  Honestly, at least with John you know he does his laundy regularly.

…sometimes I think I could list out all the five or six outfits he must have in his wardrobe o__O