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Ratings Wars

Interesting that Maddow’s ratings were already giving FOX a run for the top.  No more than had the firing of O’Reilly been announced when the attack dogs have started tearing on Rachel.  The first shot seems to be her bringing attention to T^ump’s Russia ties.  It seems that some people are uncomfortable.

Well I guess it will be hard for the Ditto heads that used Bill to verify Rush, will hate the idea of a Gay Woman taking the top spot in the Infowars.

feelingsinwinter replied to your post:I’m sleep deprived yet creatively charged with no…

I don’t have many ideas (some that are a bit too long for just a prompt or others I don’t know if you’d like) but… HP AU ? Or maybe, less seen and because I’m actually playing the game like the giant child I am : Pokemon AU ?

As for the ship… I’m all for Winteriron but since you’re searching something less usuall… WinterIronHawk? 8D

Unfortunately my experience with Harry Potter is quite limited, so HP fics are pretty much a no can do for me. 

I’ve never done a pokemon AU before but I wanted to give it a try. The story is still a little rough, but it’s there. I hope you like it. :)

“Don’t you think you’re spoiling her, Tony?” Bucky huffed out a chuckle as he shadow boxed with his hitmonchan.

It was a sunny day, and Bucky, Tony, and Clint had come across a crystal clear river right next to a bunch of berry bushes. It was the perfect place to rest for a bit and let their pokemon out to play.

While most of their pokemon were running around like kids on a sugar high while a few others were napping, Bucky, Clint, and Tony were trying to spend individual time with their pokemon as well.

Tony scoffed, combing his beloved eevee, who purred happily at his ministrations. “When you’ve raised an eevee then we’ll talk.” Tony smiled down at the eevee in his lap. He slid his fingers down her pointy ears and scratched where the ears met the skull. “Isn’t that right, Poly? Bucky has no idea how to properly care for an amazing pokemon such as yourself.”

“Oh brother,” Clint chimed in. He threw his purple frisbee high into the air.

His fearow crawed and took off after the disk.

“How the rest of your pokemon are not jealous, I will never know,” Clint said.

Tony grinned. He brought his fingers to his lips and whistled. “Growlie! Pixels!”

There was a bark and out from the bush jumped Growlie, Tony’s arcanine. Growlie wasted no time bounding over to Tony and head butting him in the back. Tony laughed and reached behind himself to rub Growlie’s head. “That’s my Growlie. Now where did you lead Pixels off to?”

There was a beeping noise and Pixels, a porygon, floated out from the brush and rested next to Tony.

Tony lay his hand on the Pixels’ head and gave it a few soft pats. Pixels prefered just being in Tony’s presence over being smothered with affection, unlike Poly who always wanted attention from Tony.

Poly nipped gently at Tony’s arm, demanding his attention again.

Tony chuckled and did as Poly demanded. “They love me because I know exactly what they want and need, which is exactly why I’ll earn the title of Pokemon Master before either of you.”

Bucky stopped shadow boxing, causing his hitmonchan to glance at him with concern for a moment before going back to steadily punching at the air. Bucky put a hand on his hip and cocked his head to the side. “Oh really?”

“That’s so funny,” Clint said. His fearow cawed as it flew overhead and dropped the Frisbee above Clint. Clint reached up, and without even having to look, caught the Frisbee. “Because who here has the most badges?”

“I thought that was me, Clint, but I don’t know. Tony is pretty good with numbers. I can’t imagine he would miscount.”

Tony scoffed and tried to hide his embarrassment behind false bravado. “You two just had a headstart on me is all. Besides, being a Pokemon Master isn’t just about the badges.”

“No,” Clint admitted. “But you need them in order to compete in the league, which is what you need to win in order to obtain that title.”

Clint strolled over to Tony, bent down, and poked Tony’s cheek. “Sorry, Tones, I love ya, but your shit talk is shit. Next time, try a different approach.” Clint kissed Tony on the forehead.

Tony swatted Clint away. “No, boyfriends who insult me don’t get kisses.”

Clint looked at Bucky. “Do I still get kisses from you?”

“Considering we both insulted him, I think we are each other’s only options.”

Clint pouted. “Aw, but what about Tony?” Clint turned soulful eyes on Tony. “Who are you going to kiss if not your boyfriends?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Tony picked Poly up by the armpits and pecked her on the nose. “Poly.”

Poly trilled in the delight and suddenly a white light engulfed her.

Tony’s eyes went wide. Growlie barked behind Tony and growled threateningly. Pixels just stared–Pixels didn’t startle easily.

The tiny, fluffy body of Poly shifted. The ears charged shape, the fur shortened, the tail became two-pronged, and when the light faded Tony could see the brown fur had turned a shade of purple. Poly’s eyes had become a deep blue, and nestled on her forehead was a red gem.

Poly had evolved into an Espeon.

“Holy shit!” Tony beamed and hugged Poly with all his might. “I love you too, Poly!”

“Okay, now I am weirdly jealous,” Clint said.

Bucky nodded. “Ditto.”

Tony’s head popped up and he looked around. “Where?”

Miss Stanford [Sam Winchester AU] (Part 2)

Part 1 

Series Title: Miss Stanford
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester x female reader, mentions of Jess Moore, Dean Winchester, mentions of Castiel
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2,095
Short Description: Alternate Universe where you’re Sam’s girlfriend and you both go to Stanford. Dean comes to visit your apartment for the first time ever, and you’re worried you left a bad impression. Just fluff, but I promise the plot gets better in a couple chapters!

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your name

Your eyes opened of their own accord, which meant that it was a Saturday. You were sure of this because a blaring alarm didn’t wake you up, and your boyfriend wasn’t in bed with you anymore. Usually, you had to force him out of the comfortable bed in your apartment on weekdays, because Sam would stay up late studying and never got enough sleep, but on weekends, he was up and at ‘em not long before you.

Turning around, your eyes tiredly took in the ruffled blankets as your hand trailed up the empty spot where Sam had previously been lying. It was still warm from the heat he radiated, so you figured that he had gotten out of bed a little while ago. Sighing to yourself, you got out of bed and straightened the bed so it was tidy, because Sam hated making the bed and you knew it.

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Every single Poketale character ever of all time

Well, my headcanons I guess?I mean this is obviously not some definitive thing, I was just bored and felt like sharing my headcanons for every Poketale character in this awesome crossover.

Frisk Eevee->Umbreon

Chara Sylveon

Cyan Soul Glaceon

Orange Soul Flareon

Blue Soul Vaporeon

Purple Soul Espeon

Green Soul Leafeon

Yellow Soul Jolteon

Asgore Nidoking

Toriel Nidoqueen

Asriel Nidoran Male

Flowey Sunflora

Papyrus Lucario (lmao Bone Club)

Sans Riolu (w/ Aura Sphere)

Undyne Feraligatr/Swampert

Alphys Marowak

Mettaton a Shuppet moved into a robotic Mawile


Monster Kid Scraggy

Napstablook Shuppet

Nice Cream Guy Beartic

Snowdin Shopkeeper Lopunny

Temmie Lillipup

Gerson Torkoal

Bratty and Catty Krokorok and Persian

Snowman Regice???? Dummy Wobuffet

Froggit Froakie

Whimsun Karrablast

Loox Unown

Vegetoid Weepinbell

Migosp Durant

Moldsmal Grimer

Snowdrake Archen

Chilldrake Archen w/ black glasses

Icecap Bergmite

Lesser Dog Stoutland

Greater Dog Stoutland

Doggo Furfrou

Dogamy and Dogaressa Herdier and Herdier

Gyftrot Stantler

Glyde Eelektross

Aaron a really buff Seadra

Washua Wash Rotom

Moldbygg Muk

Shyren (and her agent) Chinchou and Eelektrik

Mad Dummy (Mad?) Wobuffet

Vulkin Camerupt

Tsunderplane Togekiss/Swanna/Skarmory

Pyrope Spoink

Muffet Ariados

So Sorry Heatmor

Royal Guards Golett and Golett

Final Froggit Frogadier

Whimsalot Shelmet

Astigmatism GengarMadjick MismagiusKnight Knight Golurk

Moldessa Muk

Parsnik five Ekans tied together around a skull

Migospel Venomoth{Amalgamates- all fusions w/ Ditto}

Memory Head Magneton

Endogeny Stoutland

Reaper Bird Honchcrow

Lemon Bread {Grimer Seadra Chinchou and Eelektross combined w/ the implied Ditto}

Snowdrake’s Mother Archeops

WB Gaster Lucario  

Your First and Last Love

Here’s some Growing up!Klaroline for Klaroweek. Fluff. Also, if Giulia finds this I did not write the angst… eheh.

“… Eight… nine… ten! Ready or not, here I come!” Caroline exclaims, a smile that holds the world’s wonders beams across her face as she turns away from the tree she previously leaned against.

She laughs freely as her tiny legs carry her against the wind, without a care in the world. Her honey blonde curls blow recklessly around her face and, normally, she has mini panic attacks at the sight of one stray hair, but she is far too content to pay it heed. This is her happy place, whenever she is with her best friends in the whole world.

She has to pick up her pink dress unless she wants to trip and taste a mouthful of dirt, like what happened to most children their age.

Her small mouth quirks up into a mischievous grin as her ears pick up the rustling sound from behind the giant oak tree to her left. She loves her friend, but Rebekah is far too predictable; always too capricious and never taking the time to calculate the probability of being found first.

With the stealthiness of a kitten, Caroline tip toes around the tree and pounces on the unsuspecting blonde. “Gotcha Beks!” She giggles, and Rebekah wiggles under her, agitated. “You lose again. Now you get to count after I find Nik.”

“How do you always find me, Caroline?” The other girl rises to her feet, taking Caroline’s hand, and smoothes her own sparkly dress.

Caroline makes a motion with her hand as if she were turning a key, locking her secret away forever. “I’ll never tell.”

Rebekah huffs, retreating back to the starting position, while Caroline continues her search for Klaus.

Caroline giggles, only a hint of sympathy wrapping around her heart. She would figure it out someday.

Unsurprisingly, about fifteen minutes pass and Caroline is still searching for Klaus. Ironically, this was her least and most favorite thing about him. Out of all her friends, Caroline surpasses them in most activities they partake in, albeit she practices until she’s confident she will come out the victor. However, it seems that Niklaus Mikaelson meets her in every skill she masters. It infuriates and excites her to have someone to go head to head against with as much drive as herself.

“Klaus!” She calls his name multiple times, scanning the horizon like a hawk. Her shoulders tense, all her senses go on full alert. She knows Klaus well, and knowing him, he will never pass an opportunity to test her abilities against his.

The wind fades and silence settles into the air.

Caroline jumps over a bushel, finding not a trace of human life. She puffs, certain that he would have been there. Maybe she should know better than to attempt to outwit Klaus; he is, in fact, older and more experienced in this game than she, but it only fuels her desire to beat him. He always manages to find her before she does him, and she would beat him one day. She swears.

Releasing an ear-splitting scream, Caroline feels lanky arms drag her to the dirt. Klaus’s familiar carefree laugh fills her ear, and she is wrapped in that safety net once more.

“Klaus!” She harshly chastises him, wriggling out of his arms. Taking note of her now marred dress, her face heated in anger. Her baby pink flowy dress is now stained by the dark soil on all sides. “My dress! How could you?”

“Sorry, love. It’s just a dress. No need to get your knickers in a twist.”

“It is not just a dress. My mom gave it to me for my birthday. She told me to take good care of it because I’m a big girl now and big girls should always have nice dresses.” Her eyes begin to water, and she sniffles.

“Don’t cry, Caroline.” He places a hand on her shoulder, his countenance appearing sincerely ashamed. “We’ll have a chat with my mum. She’ll have it brand new before you leave today. Your mum will never have to know.”

A smile breaks out across Caroline’s face as her tears dry. “Will you really do that for me, Nik?”

“Of course, I would. I would do anything for you, love.”

“Race you back inside!” She takes off, gripping her dress in her hands to run freely, laughing at the feeling of the wind running through her hair. Klaus zips past her and she groans, a smile still perched on her lips.

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@punkdraco and I have already had part of this conversation but I just wanted to put this out here & add some thoughts I’ve been having out here - 

the star wars novelizations are great and all but I’m sort of weirded out by the kind of information they insert about the characters into the text, but not in the films. Some of it, okay, it adds depths to characters - but I genuinely have questions about whether a film’s (and given that the film canon existed first) characters should be interpreted differently based off information given in the novelization of the film. Like, I’m currently reading the OT novelization & Han Solo the womanizer is very much played straight in the novelization - which like, the way Harrison Ford plays Han Solo in the films is very much a Han whose real self is at odds with the image he wants to project (he’s not a cool guy womanizer, he’s kind of a totally reckless and impulsive screwball who pretty much shouts about how much he likes Leia). Here he has a woman sitting on his lap at the start of the Mos Eisley cantina despite the fact that this doesn’t appear in the films. There’s bits of descriptors that are obviously channelling us towards the Cool Guy Han Solo reading, even though those sections, viewed purely on film, could be read very very differently.

And like, there’s shit in the TFA novelization I know of, for example, which alter how people interpret Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren - Kylo more so than Poe. 

So this is the question - which ‘canon’ is more canon and do filmmakers get to cover up on their inability to show onscreen by putting additional facts into a novelization? Do we have to accept that as canon or continue our conversations based purely on the films? What does it mean for fans who can’t get the goddamn novelizations or who don’t know of their existence? How does death of the author work when you have like, coded descriptors trying to guide your reading of a scene which was previously ambiguously coded on screen?

These are just questions, I don’t have answers. But it’s something that’s been niggling at me for some time.

Dear Rush Limbaugh and all your pathetic junkies.

Birth control pills are none of your business. What another person does with their body is none of your business.

But here is a protip. Birth control pills are actual medicine for people with medical conditions. I have endometriosis (sp). Hormonal birth control pills help regulate a cycle that left me throwing up from pain. At the age of 15 and still a virgin I needed these meds. They did not encourage me to have sex. I was able to keep jobs because of birth control pills. Not because of ‘all that sex" i was not having. But because I was able to get out of bed.  But I don’t think you and your pathetic friends care. I think you want to punish uterus bearers.

So sit down and shut up. If  you do not understand how things are… stop dictating how you think they should be.

christmas decorations

Harry: Your eyes flutter open, light from the rising sun peeking through the curtains of your bedroom. Harry was still asleep, breathing shallow and hair strewn across his pillow. You glance over to the boxes of decorations you two had pulled out the night before, only about half of them out of the box. You roll over, tracing over his numerous tattoos and hoping he would soon wake up. Before you knew it, his arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you even closer to him. “So much for decorating,” he murmured, voice raspy, a smirk tugging at his lips. “We really should finish,” you mention, sitting up. He shakes his head, dragging you back down and cupping your cheek as he brings his lips to your’s. 

Niall: “Whose idea was it to get this gigantic tree anyways,” Niall grunted, struggling to wrap the tinsel higher on the tree. “Once we’re done, it will look great,” you assure, carefully hanging ornaments. Niall finally tosses the last piece of tinsel up and it thankfully doesn’t fall. He sighs in relief and falls back into the fluffy cushions of the couch. “C'mon, you’re not gonna help me anymore?” You puff out your bottom lip, peering at him with sad, doe eyes. He huffs, “Fine. But I have a better idea.” He motions for you to come over and props you on his shoulders, you hold your breath as he shakily stands. “Niall, don’t you dare drop me,” you shout. He pretends to lose his balance and your heart skips a beat. He laughs loudly and you kick him in the side before finishing the tree and placing the star on top. 

Louis: “We should think of a theme for Christmas this year,” you suggest, sprawled out on the couch with Louis. “A theme?” he reiterates, “I thought Christmas was a theme in itself.” You shook your head, “It’s more in how you decorate. Like last year I had more of a neutral Christmas with beiges and browns.” “I always left the decorating up to my sisters so go crazy,” he said. “Perfect! I already had some ideas in mind,” you squeal, pressing a quick kiss to his lips and hopping up from the couch. “Where are you going?!” He called out as you ran down to your shared bedroom. “Grabbing my purse and going to the nearest outlet mall!” You shouted. He laughed, pushing himself up and slipping his shoes on while snatching his keys. “I’ve always wanted to do like a white and gold type Christmas with snowflakes and ribbons,” you ramble as he leads you out, listening to all your decorating dreams. 

Zayn: You and Zayn always made decorating for Christmas a very family-oriented activity. All of your younger siblings and cousins would come over and you’d have a huge day of arts and crafts where they would make their own ornaments for you to put up on the tree. But this year, the weekend prior to December 1st when everyone would come over, Zayn was not feeling great. So instead, you turned up the heat and pulled out all the decorations from previous years. He sat from the comforts of the couch and handed you the homemade ornaments, watching as you placed them all along the tree. “You know, babe. I can help,” he repeated, feeling guilty for already ruining your usual holiday plans. “Nope, you just need to rest so that you’ll feel better when Christmas rolls around,” you explain. “You know what would really make me feel better,” he says. “What?” “Cuddles.” You grin, placing the paper snowflake in your hand somewhere on the tree and snuggling up next to him. 

Liam: After an entire weekend dedicated to shopping and putting up decorations, you’re both exhausted. Still clad in those ugly Christmas sweaters you bought last year, you’re both huddled up in front of the fire Liam managed to light. “You should record a Christmas album,” you remark, wrapping your arms tightly around Liam’s waist. He chuckled, “Yeah, we could get Mariah Carey to make an appearance.” “That would literally be amazing,” you mention, laughing. “If my mom saw how great of a decorator you are she would never let you see the light of day,” he joked, glancing around at your handiwork. “You help,” you assure, resting your head on his shoulder.“We’re the Christmas dream team,” he chimed. “Let’s trademark that.” You both laugh again, his hand rubbing up and down your arm. “I love spending Christmas with you,” he mumbled, leaning down and planting a kiss to the crown of your head. “Ditto,” you smile, glancing up at him and pecking his lips. 

a/n: so i would love to have a little christmas type series so please send in some suggestions and i can get another preference up soon!