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Little things

A rift growing between GCBC and the others, some feeling they’re just enabling Emmet, others feel they’re not trying hard enough, because they don’t see what they go thru

Unikitty being hurt when many citizens of Cloud Cuu Cuu Land don’t want nor care to help the Emmet situation, since it was yet to effect their home and was ‘full of negative emotion’

Batman and Superman going at it, constantly arguing over how to handle the Emmet situation, Superman asking him when a regular boy suddenly became more important than all the citizens they’re suppose to protect

Benny talking to fellow astronaut MB’s about the Emmet situation and how they’re going to bring him home, but they give him a look and a condescending 'sure you will buddy’ smile/look, setting him off on them, for never believing in him in the past, how Emmet was there for him, and how he’s not some stupid child, he knows how serious things are, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop believing in their success (this is post arm break)

Metalbeard losing over half his crew in an attempted mutiny and wondering if Emmet is really worth all this pain and conflict, looks at double decker couch(which Emmet insisted be left on his ship), and pushes back his doubts, because he won’t abandon a friend in need, even if the road gets rocky

Lucy hardly raising her voice or using dry wit, be constantly even toned and direct for a good while, keeping her voice cold, then  going home and collapsing/hyperventilating from holding in all her emotions, trying to play down how badly everything was effecting her. 

LB yelling at his robot for not working harder to fix any damage Emmet leaves, and physically running around himself to get shit done, because it’s the least he can do to help Emmet, since he can’t be out there personally. LB losing a great deal of weight from stress and not eating.