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Geek Kon: Friday [Fantroll Meet Up]

krazorspoon hosted a Homestuck fantroll meet up and the outcome was fantastic! Everyone was so enthusiastic and it was really inspiring to see all the fantrolls everyone created! We’re planning another Fantroll Meet Up at 2016 Geek Kon! It’ll be by the fountain on the main floor, just like before! Keep an eye out for DKI! 8D


GEEK KON 2014: Homestuck [Saturday]

After surviving the fire alarm of 2014, we continue on our con-venture into Saturday! It’s just a big jumble of what we got up to!


ARQUIUSPRITE/Equius/Eridan || Aradia/Sollux || Nepeta || Aradia


Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, ARQUIUSPRITE, Equius Zahhak, Eridan Ampora, Aradia Megido, Tavros Nitram, Nepeta Leijon & all other mentioned characters


GEEK KON 2014: Homestuck/Silent Hill [Friday]

Lots of footage from Geek Kon! Here’s the entirety of Friday Day and Night.

There were a lot of events on Friday that we were a part of:

The Wedding of Eridan and Roxy


Waiting at Denny’s for Pre-Prom dinner/Prom Dinner 

and the best thing of all….


But best of all, this is the first convention ever that features EVERY member of DitjyKotch-Inc!!


Karkat/Equius || Meenah/Sollux || Cronus || Nepeta


Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, Meenah Peixes, Equius Zahhak, Sollux Captor, Nepeta Leijon, Cronus Ampora and all other mentioned characters

Konami © Maria and Silent Hill 2


[S] Sollux & Karkat: Play in the Autumn Leaves

Back when there wasn’t so much cold weather and snow on the ground; Karkat and Sollux went outside to take care of the numerous amount of fallen leaves. After everything was said and done; they decided to play in their hard work and enjoy a hot beverage or two later.
This is their day.

Karkat || Sollux

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor and all other mentioned characters


Anime Midwest 2015: Sunday [Gorillaz]

Are you ready for a ton of Gorillaz footage?!!! HERE YOU GO!!! This is Anime Midwest on Sunday!!

2D || Paula Cracker ||Cherry

Jamie Hewlett & Gorillaz © 2D, Noodle, Murdoc & Gorillaz
Eliza Jäppinen & Studio Killers © Cherry


[S] Vriska & Aradia: Show Off Your Sweet Haul to Equius

Equius plays Skyrim while Aradia and Vriska watch on; they eventually leave to go shopping at local sweet shops as he continues to play. The girls come back and show off what they bought to Equius and Vriska tries Nik-L-Nips [wax bottles] for the first time.

Vriska || Aradia || Equius

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Vriska Serket, Aradia Megido, Equius Zahhak and all other mentioned characters


Homestuck: Kitsune Kon 2014 [Friday]

A variety video of random Homestuck shenans with DK-I and friends!

Terezi/Karkat || Equius/Eridan || Dirk

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Terezi Pyrope, Equius Zahhak, Dirk Strider, Eridan Ampora, Karkat Vantas

COMING SOON: Homestuck Skit for 4/20

Hey oto-no-tenshi here just dropping by to say that I’m currently close on finishing a Homestuck skit I’ve been working on for a while with the group.

I don’t wanna spill too many beans but it’s going to be weird and funny as shit. The skit will include Meulin, Nepeta and Equius from Homestuck!

I’m hoping to have it done and uploaded to YouTube on 4/20 so stay tuned…. it’s coming. muahahahah!