OFFICIAL AMKE 2k17 Cosplay Line Up!

With the convention this weekend be prepared to see a lot of new cosplays from the members of DKI!

We’ll be cosplaying from various fandoms such as Homestuck, Haikyuu, Silent Hill, Yuri on Ice, Steven Universe, Gorillaz, RWBY, Naruto. Lolita, Music Stars. Final Fantasy 15 with a possibility of DMMD and casual Voltron cosplay.

As you can see the group will be doing a variety of things throughout the weekend! Be sure to check some of the members out at certain events like the RWBY Dance, and Cosplay Meet Up Photoshoots!

We will be filming for a Con Etiquette video on and off during the con as well!


Geek Kon: Friday [Fantroll Meet Up]

krazorspoon hosted a Homestuck fantroll meet up and the outcome was fantastic! Everyone was so enthusiastic and it was really inspiring to see all the fantrolls everyone created! We’re planning another Fantroll Meet Up at 2016 Geek Kon! It’ll be by the fountain on the main floor, just like before! Keep an eye out for DKI! 8D


The footage from Anime Midwest has just been loaded into our video editor so we’ll be working on that as soon as we can.


There’s another convention coming up for us!


Nearly all the members of DitjyKotch-Inc will be there:
krazorspoon, oto-no-tenshi, lainedeer, digitalcrayon and gibblymoody

There’s no cosplay line-up yet but we’ll have one when the convention is closer like usual.


Though this time, however, some of the members will be in Homestuck panels at this convention!

The two below are the panels that are set but there might be another one. It’s unsure as of yet.

“Ask a Homestuck BETA” will have krazorspoon as Equius, oto-no-tenshi as Terezi and digitalcrayon as Nepeta

“Ask a Homestuck ALPHA” will have oto-no-tenshi as Meulin


DK-I will also be joining Promstuck as well. Known cosplays include krazorspoon as Prom!Equius, oto-no-tenshi as Prom!Sollux, digitalcrayon as Prom!Nepeta and lainedeer as Prom!Cronus


[S] Sollux & Karkat: Play in the Autumn Leaves

Back when there wasn’t so much cold weather and snow on the ground; Karkat and Sollux went outside to take care of the numerous amount of fallen leaves. After everything was said and done; they decided to play in their hard work and enjoy a hot beverage or two later.
This is their day.

Karkat || Sollux

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor and all other mentioned characters


Anime Midwest 2015: Sunday [Gorillaz]

Are you ready for a ton of Gorillaz footage?!!! HERE YOU GO!!! This is Anime Midwest on Sunday!!

2D || Paula Cracker ||Cherry

Jamie Hewlett & Gorillaz © 2D, Noodle, Murdoc & Gorillaz
Eliza Jäppinen & Studio Killers © Cherry


[S] Vriska & Aradia: Show Off Your Sweet Haul to Equius

Equius plays Skyrim while Aradia and Vriska watch on; they eventually leave to go shopping at local sweet shops as he continues to play. The girls come back and show off what they bought to Equius and Vriska tries Nik-L-Nips [wax bottles] for the first time.

Vriska || Aradia || Equius

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Vriska Serket, Aradia Megido, Equius Zahhak and all other mentioned characters