Swimming with EriFef!!

Swimming can be fun, drowning can be comical, but EriFef shenanigans are hilarious.

Eridan || Feferi


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2VGiSkQMfg)

Shamelsess self promotion for my new vlog! AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh hhh hhh h h h h 

Better late than never I guess.

@ditjykotch-inc @krazorspoon You inspired this. Thank you from @why-oh-me and I!

A Sad Farewell

We’d like to say goodbye to long time member lainedeer. We had a lot of good memories and great videos with you! 
Please continue to support them even when they’re not in our group!

That being said, as the AMKE 2k15 videos are getting ready to be published. We will still credit them in those videos so please don’t be too confused! We’re trying to make this transition as smooth as possible when dealing with credits!

- mectohoney


mectohoney here just letting everyone know that the group is still alive and well we’ve just been busy and haven’t been tending to editing and uploading videos.

We’re really sorry about the lack of footage and activity. 2015 has been quite a year. krazorspoon and I will be trying our best to get video edited and uploaded as well as posting new photos and keeping the page as updated as possible.

2016 should be easier for all of us to give the cosplay group a bit more focus!

New cosplays will be happening in the year 2016. So far we know members will be cosplaying from a variety of shows/series such as: Naruto, Animal Crossing New Leaf, DMMD [gibblymoody debuted her cosplay at Daisho], Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Undertale.

For all of the loyal Homestuck fans, there will still be more Homestuck. We haven’t given up; some are just branching out to newer cosplays!


Okay so to show everyone that we’re coming back to activity…. [slowly but surely]



The footage from Anime Midwest has just been loaded into our video editor so we’ll be working on that as soon as we can.


There’s another convention coming up for us!


Nearly all the members of DitjyKotch-Inc will be there:
krazorspoon, oto-no-tenshi, lainedeer, digitalcrayon and gibblymoody

There’s no cosplay line-up yet but we’ll have one when the convention is closer like usual.


Though this time, however, some of the members will be in Homestuck panels at this convention!

The two below are the panels that are set but there might be another one. It’s unsure as of yet.

“Ask a Homestuck BETA” will have krazorspoon as Equius, oto-no-tenshi as Terezi and digitalcrayon as Nepeta

“Ask a Homestuck ALPHA” will have oto-no-tenshi as Meulin


DK-I will also be joining Promstuck as well. Known cosplays include krazorspoon as Prom!Equius, oto-no-tenshi as Prom!Sollux, digitalcrayon as Prom!Nepeta and lainedeer as Prom!Cronus


Sorry for the lack of a line-up! I wasn’t able to acquire all the information in time.


I will say that if you’re going to the con you can be on the look out for these members of DitjyKotch-Inc!!!

[Maybe, it’s not certain yet]

Keep in mind that only digitalcrayon and lainedeer are going to be there all weekend.

krazorspoon, mectohoney, and gibblymoody are only going FRIDAY

Hope to see you guys there!!!

anonymous asked:

Aww, I was hoping for a good general area. But I don't want too much information of where you guys live because of, well, it's the internet and people are crazy. I think I am moving to the north eastern end? But I am going to Geek Kon, but I want better chances of meeting the group. But I heard you don't go to the meet ups (Usually, from the locals) HNNNNN ;w; I just wanna shake everyones hand and fangirl.

We usually don’t go to meet ups anymore [We used to!! And we still want to!! Don’t get us wrong.] because we either can’t afford to because it’s farther away or we’re working. .w.’’’ 

But Geek Kon isn’t TOO big of a con. At least in floor space. You’ll be able to find us easily, I think! Otherwise, we always post a cosplay line up before a con. If you read that, you’ll have a general idea of what we’re wearing or if we’ll be in any panels or photoshoots. Especially, if there’s another promstuck. We typically always go to Promstuck.

- mectohoney

No Brand Con!!

No Brand Con is just around the corner and DK-I will be attending!
Though the newest members, DigitalCrayon, will be working at her artist shop for a good portion of the con. You can bet there will be lots of fun to be had.

Speaking of which, if you’ll be attending No Brand; you should check out the artist shop Maple Simplicity which is owned by DigitalCrayon and RussianMaple [X] There you can buy quite a lot of fandom merchandise!


Cosplay Line-Up:

oto-no-tenshi =
Friday: Karkat Vantas
Saturday: Sollux Captor [Morning/Early Afternoon], Aradia Megido [Afternoon/Evening], Ravestuck!Terezi Pyrope [Night]
Sunday: Sollux Captor

krazorspoon =
Friday: Dave Strider [Normal during the day, switching to GodTier some point in the evening.]
Saturday: Eridan Ampora [Morning/Early Afternoon], Equius Zahhak [Afternoon/Evening], Ravestuck!Dave Strider [Night]
Sunday: Karkat Vantas

DigitalCrayon =
Due to working at the shop, she’ll at some point be cosplaying Nepeta and Kankri. Though there is the possibility that she’ll debut her Trickster!Nepeta or bring her Aradia cosplay along. 

Can’t wait to see everyone there!!

anonymous asked:

So what type of camera do you have now? Or whats some decent priced decent/good camera's, like the knes you use to take videos for your cowplay group

Personally, I have a Canon Rebel T3i camera and usually use the standard lens for any photography. I also have a Sony camcorder, but I don’t have much experience with that. @krazorspoon has a bunch of experience with his own. He and @mectohoney are usually the ones that film, and @gibblymoody now has her own too. (I’m not quite sure about the brands, and I’m afraid I can’t really answer video questions. I’m much more of a photo person.)

As far as decently priced cameras, I’m very partial to Canon and Sony. They make some great products, but it’s really about going out there and finding one that fits what you need to do. Normally, anything over 10 or 12 megapixels isn’t too important for point-and-shoots, and you don’t necessarily need a whole lot of quality for something to look decent on youtube. If you want to go all out, by all means, go all out and let the creativity flow! It’s always great to experiment with things until you know what you want to do. 

My best advice though is to make SURE to get a camera case. You will thank yourself later.