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"The awkward Redrom filling" A Shitty FanFic by Axelrd

[Now, before i put this here, lemmie explain. So, today on the MSPARP chat i had said “What if you went to your submit box suddenly, and there is a fanfic of your charecters there” cuase i was thinking of making one but never tought i would. And The mod of Sigmar and some other if i remember correct Got dissapointed that there wasnt an actual fanfic standing in the submit box. So It was 3 Am and i was crazy enough to actually attemp it. its now 6 am mind you ive been up for 2 hours to write this shit mind you, and a quarter of it was me not doing it So witouth furder ado, i will copy and paste it here And sorry if some of the mods dont actually want to see it, ive tagged it correct to what i know. I hope you like it~ itsl long, mind you, but its not nsfw dont worry]

Sigmar was having one of those days, where he would be bored or near depressed, since having nothing to 

do for some reason. He walked around randomly, until he got to where Ditesh was located at. She was just going out of her room, but knew that Sigmar was there. 

“Hell9 Ditesh!” He said with a smile on his face. He liked seeing her. She made him smile.

“Yo 2iigmar. How you doiin?” She tought of him as a friend. He also helped her get around because she  couldnt do it easly by herself.

“I am d9ing gr8. Thanks for asking” “And h9w might you 6e?” Sigmar usualy gets concerned about how she cant get around too easly. And he especially likes helping her. That…May or may not be because of his flushed feelings. Oh, ofcourse, he tries not to give much attention to them.

“Well, II’m ju2t iin a mood two walk around this place” She answered, not really expecting much of an answer from him.

“Well, if y9u want me t9, I can help y9u walk ar9und! Cause, y9u kn9w, 6umping int9 stuff w9nt 6e pleasant, and i kn9w y9u have a pr9blem with y9ur eyesight” Sigmar now tought that wasn’t the best thing to come up with to say. He blushed, more from embarrassment of his choice of words, since he could have triggered her with them.

“2ure, IIt would actually be very great of you to do agaiin, Haha” She told him with a smile, not really thinking about something as a trigger or not.

“I’m glad!” He was happy he could help, since he loved helping people.

Sigmar took her hand as she began walking. Detish didn’t feel much at the moment, except being thankful that he is helping her. Much to difference Sigmar was being bothered by his flushed feelings for her. He managed to ignore most of it, but it still bothered him abit.

So..They walked around, talked a bit. Sigmar was mostly thinking about what was happening.

Then, he started to notice how gorgeous Ditesh looked for real, and close.

Those beautiful eyes, the pretty clothes. Her delicate, but strong skin. And one of the most amazing things: Her long beautiful hair witch went down her back and ended  with the part where it was tied, so it dosen’t go everywhere.

He started to blush a lot more than a while ago. Ditesh noticed he was looking at her, and looked at him, but she saw none of that blush, as she was colorblind. Although noticing the glimmer in his eyes, she didnt pay attention cause she couldn’t focus.

“H-hey Ditesh..” He stuttered “C-c9uld y9u…C9uld y9u c9me with me t9 my r99m? I…I need to tell you something” He asked when he realised that its becoming hard to actually keep away the flushed feeling that he didn’t wan’t to do anything about before.

Dietesh was sort of suprised by this sudden question. “Hmm…II don’t 2ee why not…” She began wondering what he might need to talk about. Ditesh started thinking about a way to figure it out, but started to go out of topic, and found herself thinking of how sweet Sigmar is. Helping her walk around, staying with her when she need someone to talk to. And even bringing things she needed from time to time, like food, or even the nice jestures he makes and the nice way he talks and is aways concerned about her.

Sigmar was leading her slowly, while she silently was thinking to herself “To think about how i haven't noticed what a big sweet he is” Dietesh realised that she might have even the slightest feelings for him. Of course, she realised it couldn’t be much of pale, mostly because she has someone in it. Nor did she have black feelings for him.  No, this was the quadrant she wasn’t much interested before: The Redrom quadrant.

Sigmar finally got to his room, and he let Dietesh inside it. He led her to a place where she could sit on a chair, and he sat somewhere aswell.

“2o…W-what do you need to talk about?” She asked. Sigmar kept silent for a while. “

Well, I d9n’t want t9 bring up anything in particular that c9uld 6other y9u. And I certenly d9n’t wish t9 upset y9u with anything. But…”

“Ye2…?” Ditesh was curious to hear.

“Well…” Sigmar stopped for a few seconds “I…I have 6een having…Flushed feelings t9ward for a while. 6ut…I never really did anything a69ut it for a reason I’m n9t even sure a69ut now… And i was w9ndering…D9 y9u 6y any chance…Have any feelings str9nger than just ‘friendship’ As the humans call it? ”

Both of them were quiet for a while. Not saying a word.

“……..” She sighed. “2iigmar…II am not 2ure myself about the feeliing2 II have. But…II notiiced that lately II have been haviing 2imilar feelings. II may even have flu2hed feeliing2 for you too”   

“D9 y9u…D9 y9u want t9 have flushed feelings towards me? D9 y9u think you wan’t to 6e with me?” Sigmar managed to ask

Silence yet again.

“You are….2omeone great, and…II thiink II could be pretty happy wiith you…” She managed to say “…Ye2. II would be happy wiith that" 

Trough all that, both of them were blushing intensly, and even tho Dietesh could see colours, she could feel her face becoming hot with a pink-ish blush.

Sigmar, who had heard those last few words suddenly felt his blood pump go faster than before, and his 

face starting to almost glow with red. (occ:get ready cause this is the most intence moment)

Then, Sigmar, to finish this, he laid one of his knees on the ground and asked "Ditesh Wairth…Whale y9u fill my Redrom quadrant, and 6ec9me my Matesprit for as l9ng as y9u desire t9 6e with me?” Then he let his hand upwards, towards her, for her to take if she agrees.

“….Ye2 2iigmar. II accept wiith every flu2hed feeliing II’ve had for you” She said as she took his hand. Then she giggled. “Al2o, II heard what you diid there..”

Sigmar smiled widly and stood up on his height again, hugging Ditesh “Thank y9u…” She hugged him back. 

After that he looked into her eyes, and she into his. She decided she didn’t need to use the glasses she had to see that he really loved her. She took them off, and Sigmar saw the beuty of her eyes in all its glory. [kisskisskisskisskisskiss] They looked each other like that, until they both reached forwards, got close…And…They connected lips and had a long passionate kiss, that could not be connected or disturbed by anything.

At that moment, Kuruna entered “HE4E1 51Gm4R. EDGSDDSDO YOUUU W4ANNT TO-…OHOSDHH, 1 MMUST BEEAD2F 1DNAMTRUDING. HEHHHAHEA…” And after that, Karuna exited, thinking about how his moiral probably found a matesprit…And a bunch other random stuff in that wierd heado of his.

And the two didn’t even notice he was there and went away.

The end

A (shitty)fanfic written by tumblr user: Axelrd

(and yes, i did do research on alot of stuff, thank you very much)


- jamey