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theastronomicalwitch  asked:

Hey! Random question here. But saw that you are playing ME:A, and I was wondering if it is good? I mean, all the articles and videos I have tried to avoid but ultimately seen the titles of, seem to think little of the game. I won't have the opportunity to play it until exams are over in June, so I am bursting with curiosity, but don't really trust game critics. I love Mass Effect and would rather hear the opinion of a fellow tumblr-fan

TL;DR it’s just fine. If you’re an obsessive Mass Effect fan, you’ll probably obsess about this just as much.

A lot of the complaints about face animations are just gamergaters complaining that Sara isn’t a superhot bimbo.

Driving the Nomad feels like trying to water houseplants with a fire hose. I spent my first five minutes in sheer panic, trapped in a ditch. But I still love it.

Introducing companions seemed to have been given a lower priority to introducing the plot. But OMG PLOT! …And there’s more companion content than any other game, so I can be patient.