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Merry Pitchmas!

@princessxkaidence I was your pitchmas santa and i wote you a little (Not little at all) bechloe fic. I hope you like it and have a great day!

Holidays With The Beales

“Rough day?” Chloe said as Beca unpacked her laptop bag, back to her best friend who was sprawled out on her bed, scrolling on her phone.

“My dad called again, asking if I was coming for Christmas with him and Sheila again this year.” She began setting her laptop back up, taking her headphones out of her bag and placing them beside it before turning to finally face chloe.

“And?” Chloe moved over, leaving a Beca sized gap for the woman to crawl into, making herself at home in the gingers arms.

“I told him what I did last year. That I already have plans. Then he bitched at me about how family is important and that I’m always welcome there bla bla bla.” Beca let out a long sigh, pulling Chloe’s arm around her waist and playing with long fingers as they cuddled.

Chloe waited a few moments before responding, letting her friend calm down a little before suggesting something new. “You know, you could always come with me instead of staying here alone. My parents wouldn’t mind at all.” It was quiet, barely above a whisper, but Chloe stayed hopeful as she waited for Becas response, her other hand combing gently through brown locks.

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I realize that the Gwen Stacy storyline was a very critical one to the whole Spiderman saga.  But can we ditch the “fridged girlfriend” storyline for once, if we’re re-imagining Spiderman?

I present Jupiter Jones, Peter Parker’s best friend (no, not his girl friend, for crying out loud, yes, people, friendships between the opposite sex is a REAL THING).  Pete’s got no idea that his BFF is really a reincarnated space queen from Jupiter but then she’s just about to find out that Pete’s got super powers now. 

They’re going to have to exchange notes on “Weird Shit That Happens To Me OMG WHYYYY” but in the meantime, Jupiter will be introducing Petey to her space marine doggy boyfriend.  

(I haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending…. yet.  But my mantra is:  I CRACK WHAT I WANT.)

Fic: Motion (Visitor 7/?)

Title: Motion (Visitor 7/?)
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences for sexual situations and a few expletives
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Additional Tags: Angst, Spoilers, Speculation, Break Up, Therapy
Summary: On the road, they hadn’t had to hide any part of themselves from each other.

I think we turned a corner, everybody.

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