ditch the xbox

mellarkberries said she wanted a bit of Shy Peeta for her birthday, so here’s my attempt at something of the sort. I’m not even sure if this is any good, but I hope it’s enjoyed! Happy Birthday, once again, to one of the kindest, most awesome people in our fandom!


It was one thing for Madge to invite him out for a drink or two. Peeta didn’t mind the occasional Friday outing, hanging out with the few close friends he had, getting away from the apartment every now and then. It was another thing completely to be left standing alone in some corner of a packed club , clinging to his beer and hoping he didn’t look too much like a fish out of water.

‘Stay here, I’ll be right back,’ Madge had hollered to him over the thumping base. Right back, his ass. He hadn’t caught a glimse of those blonde curls for twenty minutes. What he had seen was too many people stumbling into him and drunkenly muttering out apologies. He was sure he was covered in at least a dozen different drinks at this point. He’d have to shower for a month just to get the reek of booze off him.

Letting out an aggravated sigh, he raised his beer to his lips. As he sipped, he decided that he’d give Madge another five minutes. After that, he was heading home. He’d text Madge and tell her he was tired or something. She wouldn’t believe him, of course. She’d know he was ditching her for his Xbox or one of the books he was reading. But he didn’t care at that point. She’d abandoned him, after all.

He could feel another person way too far into his personal space and he lowered his beer, fully intending to glare at the latest wasted newcomer. The less than friendly words on his tongue. Katniss, the girl from his Intro to Mythology class, stood before him, all wild black hair and grey eyes, which stared at him desperately.

“Tell me something interesting,” She whispered with urgency.

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010. the prince and the waitress.

The one benefit to having a rich family and a huge estate to call home was that birthday parties tended to be big, exciting, and glamorous. They had waiters and caterers and bar staff, entertainers and A-listers, and all Matt had to do was put on a suit and smile at a few guests. He had his friends over, but the event was more for keeping up appearances than actually celebrating his birthday. He didn’t mind though; he didn’t mind though, he didn’t much like being the centre of attention, so merely showing his face and exhanging pleasantries was enough for him.

The night had been going for a good hour by the time he started getting bored. He was perched on a chair by the buffet, half-listening to his dad and a business partner discuss some finanical investment. He’d be taking over the family business in a couple of years so he really should’ve been taking a genuine interest, but Matt really couldn’t have cared less. His party was boring, and all he wanted was to ditch and go play his XBox.