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Surprise Pt. 8

Summary : You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence that’s pretty much all for This chapter guys 😖😅

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader


“where the hell am I ?”

“ a hydra facility .” He simply states .

“ you’re enhances right ? That’s how you poofed us here? ”
He nods ‘yes’,

“ what did shock me with ?”

“ electricity that hold opposite bonds than your powers .”

“ why are you answering all my questions ?”

“ there’s no reason to hide anything , you’ll be with us for a while dear .”

You dryly chuckle at his answer .
“ hate to break it to you, but no I won’t. You really think my friends aren’t going to come for me ?”

“ This base is hidden particularly well, has been for years . If they haven’t found it before they won’t now .”

The door to the lab swings open , revealing a new man wearing tactical Hydra gear. Shocker

“ welcome to Hydra .” He does the stupid ass salute towards you and it takes everything in you not to sucker punch him in the nuts.

“ welcome to No, assmonkey.” You let purple and blue shocks fly from your hands to the new man, sending him to the floor .

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As soon as your power stops from your hands, you feel the same familiar pain from earlier bolting through you . You fall next to the man, staring up at the enhanced individual pointing the shock gun at you once again

“ you gotta stop doing that.” You mumble, trying to shake off the pain 

“ you will join us, willingly or forcefully dear. ”

You scoff , slowly picking yourself up off the ground .
“ I will never join you. Ever . You’re a group of monsters hell bent on chaos and murder . When the avengers find me, and they will , this base will be in flames with all of you inside it. ”. You growl . You feel your hands flaring with sparks , but before you can shoot them at the man he whips the gun forward, blasting you with higher volts until your vision fades .

Steves POV

“ How -w  they just vanished ?!?” I shout . We watched the security footage dozens of times while Tony tries to track y/n . How could this happen ? She was suppose to be safe here , how did hydra even manage to get to the compound !
Sams hand on my shoulder drags me from my thoughts

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,“ tony will find her steve . She’s a fucking wildcard, she can handle herself until we get her .”

I sigh, dropping my head into my hands . I should of stayed in bed with her this morning , I should of ditched the damn workout .

“ this isn’t your fault.” I look over to Bucky and I swear sometimes it’s like he can read my mind .
“ you couldn’t of known steve , so don’t you dare blame yourself .” His tone is harsh but I know it’s just because he cares . But it doesn’t stop me from doing it .

“ where would they take her ? ” I don’t ask anyone in particular , it’s more to myself . But I get an answer from wanda
“ I don’t remember much of our time with hydra , when they were experimenting everything blurred together. But I do remember they took us out of sokovia. They had a special unit for enhancements , I don’t know whether it was to house them or create them . But it was underground , and impossible to locate . It was somewhere cold , whenever we arrived it was always covered with snow . But it was in the middle of nowhere , no towns , no people . Nothing to be able to recognize the area .”

 Well that’s something .
“ Friday run all locations based on Wanda’s descriptions.”

Within minutes the list was down to three possible areas . But knowing hydra it was likely the one we’d expect least. Looks like we are going to Alaska .


Fuck everything hurts . You try to move but find yourself unable to even budge .

“ morning sunshine .” You open your eyes to see the agent you dropped to the floor with your powers alive & kicking . You roll your eyes at the man and stay silent .

“ It appears you won’t do this of your own free will, so we will have to get you to pledge your allegiance the other way miss y/n . It worked very well on winter . ” bucky? Oh hell no, I am not being brainwashed .

“ your enhancements are very interesting . When we extract the Tahiti elements from your blood for our new experiments i wonder if they’ll get the same powers you did .”
You know their plan is pointless , Tahiti can’t be separated from your blood, it’s glued to the particles . You just smirk at the clueless man.

“ so what? You’re going to make an army of enhanced soldiers? That’s hydras master plan?”

He nods “ when this is done , hydra will have complete rule . We will have the upper-”

“ alright chatty Kathy, just get on with whatever you’re doing , I don’t feel like hearing the almighty hydra speech.”

His hand whips out, making contact with you cheek in a brutal smack.
“ that all you got buddy?”

You were always told your mouth would get you in trouble , but hey, no pain no game right ? The man dished out hit after hit , until blood is pouring from your nose , your eye is swollen and lip split .

“ you foolish bitch. Hydra doesn’t deal with -”

“ sanity ? Because that’s old fucking news dicklips.” You spit blood at his feet , chuckling to yourself .

He roughly grabs your chin, turning your face to his
“ you will abide by our ways, or you will die here .”

“ I’ll go with choice b .”

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Steves POV

It’s been hours , anything could of happened to her by now . The jets finally landing in Alaska , we flew over head scanning for heat signatures over the unpopulated areas of Alaska until tony found heat signatures . Lots of heat signatures . The base is under a large empty field. It takes a while to locate the entrance but when we do, the show begins . Tony blows the entrance way open , and we all burst through. The alarm lights begin flashing and we know there’s limited time . Wanda’s goal was to locate you, reaching out for your mind . But so far she’s been silent over the comms . Me and Bucky have taken out nearly a dozen agents, but none of them seem to be enhanced and that doesn’t sit right with me , isn’t this suppose to be an enhancement unit ?

“ I found her , but-”

“ take pietro and get her out of here, NOW.” I bark . Please be okay.


This man spent hours sending electricity through you . You can barely keep your eyes open , and You  have to keep chanting your name in your head . Everything You know , keeps fading away ; names , days , You can’t even think of the name of the team your friends are on , or their faces . After every round of shocks the man asks what your name is, and every time you answer . It’s getting harder and harder to do it , but you’ll fight until death .

This round hits hard , the bolts burn even hotter now .
“ what is your name ?”

“ y/f/n y/l/n , and you are - you’re - ugly as hell. “You send him a weak smile , he reels back his fist for a punch, but stops when red lights begin flickering through the room .

” there’s no way. “ he mutters , you laugh loudly at the shocked look on his face .

” I told you- didn’t I? I’m not too sure how , but I feel like I warned you about someone saving me .” Your words are slurred and you vision is hazy. Your memory is slipping at an alarming rate and you’re barely holding on to your name . The man angril throws the shock cart into the wall, smashing the machine . Over the last couple hours you’ve been trying to wiggle the restraints loose , it’s taken this long but they might just be loose enough to slip your feet and wrist out of .
Please work please work . His back is turn to you and you wiggle one wrist , then the other free, then quietly bend over to quickly release your feet . Your physical strength is at a 2/10 right now, your body is begging for you to just shut down . But you refuse . You conjure up all the anger you can , until your hands behind glowing the beautiful purple blue .  You release a loud , high pitch battle cry before releasing the sparks from your body. The man turn just in time for you to see his face as you electrocuted his body. Even as he hit the ground you continued , waiting until smoke was rising from his lifeless body.

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You hear the lab door open and whip around coming face to face with a woman and man . She has reddish long hair, and red glowing eyes , while he has silver hair and vibrant blue eyes .

” take one more step, and you’ll regret it.“ You growl out . Their eyes go wide at the threat

” what do you - its us !We’re here to take you home !“ The man says , his accent was thick .

” they wiped you.“ The girl whispers, tears falling down her cheeks

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Do I know them? Why do they look so sad ?

The girl lifts her hand to her ear and speaks ” she doesn’t - she doesn’t know us . They wiped her and she’s hostile . She took out he hydra agent that was in here with her.“ Who is she talking to ?

” we need to go , and you’re coming with us.“ The girl looks directly at you now .

” I’m not going anywhere with you . “ you hands begin flaring out but the red from the womans hand engulfs your hands , creating bubbles around them.

” we don’t have time for this sister , Stark placed the bombs . “
Bombs ?! You watch his arm wrap around his sisters waist , then in a blur of silver his other arm is around you . You don’t get a chance to push him away because everything in your sight is blurring together . In seconds it’s back to normal , but you’re not in the lab , instead you fall to your knees into the snow . Holding back vomit from the intense nausea that’s sweeping over you.

” what the hell just happened !“ You shriek , sparks emitting from your entire body at your anger and fear . It’s not just the two from before around you now , there’s a jet , along with a group of other people . They slowly approach you , but your spark grow bigger the closer they get .

A man moves  closer than the others , he’s tall with blonde hair and blue eyes with a giant star on his chest. Well that’s fucking weird .he puts his hands up silently showing no harm, but you Keep your sparks cracklings as he moves closer . His mouth is set in a frown , his eyes glazing over with something you can’t recognize . Sadness maybe? The look on his face send makes your heart ache and you can’t figure out why . Something about him strikes you as familiar , but you can’t tell why.

“Y/n.” He calls softly , the sound of his voice saying your name sending waves of recognition through you , along with waves of warmth . You fight the strong instinct to smile at him , instead looking him with fierce , cold eyes .

“ we have to get out of here , you can trust us, you can trust me .”

“ who the hell are you ?”

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ok but!!!! let's just all take a moment to imagine mikey's smol filipina Zumba Tita™ mom who's so enthusiastic about zumba that mikey finally relents and goes to a mother/son class with her IM SCREAMING

UR SCREAMING?? IM SCREAMING!! ANON THIS IS THE CUTEST FUNNIEST IMAGE EVER. dfjhksdf he’d be unwilling at first because it’s zumba with his mom like “Nanaaaaaayyy, :(((((.” but then i imagine he’d slowly get. super. into it. IT’S HARD NOT TO GET INTO WHEN YOUVE GOT THE BEATS GOING AND SOMEBODY YELLING AT YOU ONE AND TWO AND THREE AND FOUR AAAAAAND.



Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Word Count: 2007

A/N: Thank you to @imaginingwwesuperstars for the broken promises idea! This is going to be a multi-chap fic and I’m just going to let it write itself whenever I feel a muse. Hope you all enjoy!

If there’s one thing that Seth has noticed since he broke his promise, it’s that her smile hasn’t been as genuine for him anymore. 

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