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“I sat with the director, Nicolas Winding Refn, at the Noho Star for four hours and told him why I wasn’t going to do his movie. I think that made him like me. As it was written, I hated the character. In the script, he was a Mexican, tatted-up guy who beat and gave alcohol to his infant son. When you saw this guy, you wanted the blond people—Carey Mulligan, who played my wife, and Ryan Gosling, who played my rival for her affections—to get together. I absolutely did not want to play that role. So Refn said, ‘Make him anything you want him to be.’ And I rewrote my character.” — Oscar Isaac.

Joker Game Drama CD 2: Track 2 Translation

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Sakuma: “Discontinue Azumacho’s sports day. If it isn’t cancelled, I will set up a bomb at the site.” A bomb warning was written on the 3 chan notice board. After receiving the report, a request came for the D Division. So, our next mission is this.   

Kaminaga: Are are we misconceived as a division that can do anything from the top?

Tazaki: A bomb notice at the neighborhood sports day… I have no clue why would anyone set up a bomb there…  

Amari: Could it be neighborhood troubles? I heard they can be quite scary.

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