ditch the boys

u might THINK that jin is untalented but DID YOU KNOW that when jin was 18 a kid asked for a pencil so he gave him one when no one else did and that VERY kid grew up to become william shakespeare??? and one time jin saw a boy ditching class and let him play on his flip phone. and that boys name…. was steve jobs. when jin traveled to america he sat beside a guy on the bus stop and started to teach him about the bicameral legislature of america. that guy? barack obama 

concept: delia delivers the turner baby along with sister monica joan during the series finale. patsy comes back, trixie ditches this new boy and realises she doesn’t need a man to feel validated, barbara is happy and thriving. patsy and delia have a romantic reunion and kiss. the turners can’t stop smiling. everyone is happy. i probably cry from joy and sheer pride. no one is sad.


Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: It all starts as a way to piss off Dean…

warnings: Cas x Reader, unprotected sex, grace!kink, oral sex (male receiving)

word count: ~2500

The four of you had just finished a hunt and decided to celebrate by going out to the local bar, have a few beers, and play some pool.

That was all well and good, until your two on two (you and Sam vs Dean and Castiel) game of pool had been interrupted by some blonde skank catching Dean’s eye.  You were now perched at a high top table, nursing a beer and seething.

So what?  You didn’t necessarily like Dean that way, but it still pissed you off when he ditched you and the boys for no good reason.  The feeling of jealousy and anger came from the fact that at the end of the day, these boys were yours. Dean, Sam, Cas – they were all you had, and you never wanted anyone to take that away from you.

Yeah, you could be a selfish bitch, but whatever.

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Cry on WSJ vs. Pewds
  • Cry on WSJ vs. Pewds
  • TGI Video Games: We RPG up in here [02/17/2017]

Someone makes a cheeky WSJ dig in the chat. Cry, Russ, and Angel discuss how they feel about it.

“You know what I love about the Wall Street Journal after that whole debacle? Never really cared about it, actually. My bad man, for not caring about the newspaper.”

Can I kiss you? (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Request: cinderella imagine where the reader is cinderella and holland is the prince. the scenes about the ball dance, and finding cinderella

A/N: I don’t know if this is what you wanted, so sorry if it isn’t! :( I really like the way it turned out at the end, so I hope you do as well! x

Being Tony Stark’s cousin is usually great, but sometimes, you just hate it. He always invites your parents and you to his parties, and considering how young you are, you can’t speak to other people nor drink. Everyone tends to be old, and people usually think you are Tony’s lost child instead of his cousin.
This time, you have had to ditch up a boy you are supposed to go on a date with because Tony is throwing a masquerade to celebrate an addition to The Avengers team. You have been waiting for the boy to ask you out for ages, and when he finally has, you have to ditch him. How life works.
You arrive at the party looking annoyed -just how you feel. People can’t tell, because your mask covers half of your face, but you are sending glares at everyone. You can only think about what you could be doing now -have dinner and then, maybe, kiss. But nope, you have to be at a party that you don’t even want to be in.
You make it to the bar and ask for a coke, just to have something to hold in your hands. Turning around, you see Wanda, wearing a really small mask, not caring about people knowing who she is, and you approach her, considering she is probably the youngest person in the room apart from you.
‘You don’t want to be here, do you?’ she asks just as you sit next to her. You shake your head and take a sip from your drink, looking around.
‘Who is my cousin using as an excuse to throw a party?’ you ask, trying to recognize somebody else from the team.
‘Oh, you’ll like him. He is your age, I believe’ Wanda says softly.
‘I don’t think I will. I was supposed to be on a date, and thanks to that person, here I am’ you say harshly, still mad. You jump as you feel a pair of hands on your shoulders, and suddenly, your cousin’s laugh rings through your ears.
‘Don’t be scared, [Y/N]! I just want to introduce you to the new addition! Peter, this is [Y/N]’ Tony says. You turn around in your sit, expecting to see some tall, big guy, like Steve, but you are met up with a short, scrawny boy, but who has beautiful brown eyes, which you see through his mask, and a shy smile.
‘Nice to meet you’ he says, a small smile on his lips. You say the same and shake his hand, smiling at him. Tony just keeps on talking to Wanda, and Steve appears, giving you some conversation. Peter is just standing there, and you can tell he feels awkward, both because of the fact that everyone is older and the fact that he knows nobody. You feel bad for him, because if it weren’t for the team, you would feel as lost as him.
Saying bye to Steve, you get up from your sit and look at Peter.
‘Follow me’ you say, and he thinks about it for a second before nodding and walking right behind you. You lead him to the rooftop, a place which is usually closed if it were not for the fact that F.R.I.D.A.Y. practically adores you. ‘I know you are feeling kind of lost. I feel like that most of the time my cousin makes me come, to be honest. I like to come up here when I feel nervous or stressed’ you whisper, looking at the city in front of you. You can hear the music from where you are standing, a slow song an old couple has probably requested.
‘It’s just… Everyone here has cool powers, and they all know each other, and I’m the new one and people are just looking at me waiting for me to do something wrong. I feel pressured to be perfect’ he whispers, looking at you. ‘Do you-do you want to dance?’ he asks, probably trying to erase the tension and offering you his hand. You take it, blushing slightly. You dance close to each other, your head resting on his shoulder. When the song finishes, the two of you pull apart, and you feel his lips getting dangerously closer to yours. You pull apart completely, shaking your head.
‘I-I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a part of this world. I always worry about Tony making it out okay -I can’t worry about you as well, Peter. I’m sorry’ you say, leaving the rooftop and leaving him standing there. You call a cab and go home, texting your parents and telling them you have left the party. You press your head to the cab window, and think, ‘how has he done it to have me falling in less than an hour’. You don’t know, but you surely want to.

Two weeks after, you still feel guilty about leaving Peter standing there. You have gone on a date with the boy you ditched, but he turned out to be an asshole who only liked you for your family’s money. You stand by your locker, looking at your phone when a message suddenly appears.
A driver will be picking you up after school. You are having lunch here with the team, your parents are out of town.
You smile at your cousin’s message -lunch with the team usually turn up to be such a mess, no matter how much everyone tries to be serious and mature. Taking your books, you walk to your next class, waiting for the school day to come to an end.
An hour later, you leave school talking to a friend about the plans you have for the weekend. You look around, trying to find the usual driver your cousin normally sends to pick you up, and while looking, you see a boy standing next to a car that belongs to Tony, his hands on his jeans pockets. He waves at you, a shy smile adorning his face, and you wave back, not really knowing who he is. He then scratches his neck, and you think about what makes him so familiar. You then realize Peter scratched his neck the same way, and it all makes sense. Blushing, you turn around to say bye to your friend, and she smirks at you.
‘So that’s the reason you have been so dreamy and unfocused’ she says, laughing.
‘Shut up’ you say, your cheeks a dark tone of red. ‘He’s just an intern at my cousin’s tower, I don’t even know him that much’.
‘Sure, hon’ she answers, still laughing. ‘Is he the one from the masquerade?’ you nod, still blushing. She kisses your cheeks and you part ways, you walking to the car.
‘Hi. Where is mister Sheperd?’ you ask Peter as soon as you approach him, trying not to look him in the eye so he won’t recognize you.
‘He’s on vacation, I think. Tony just said it’d be nice of me to pick his cousin up’ he says with a shrug. You can tell he is shy as well.
You just get into the car saying no more. You tend to sit on the back seat, but thinking it would look rude, you decide to sit on the passenger seat, next to Peter. After ten minutes in the car in complete silence, you decide to break it.
‘What’s the reason behind you working for my cousin?’ you ask, trying to discover his superpowers.
‘I-I’m just an intern’ he stutters.
‘You didn’t say that at the masquerade-oh, shit’ you say as soon as you realize your mistake. He pulls at the breaks harshly, making the car stop abruptly. You can feel your cheeks getting red, and you try not to look at him.
‘Wait, you are [Y/N]?’ he asks, incredulous. You nod swiftly and finally look at him, his eyes completely open and his mouth almost the same. ‘I-shit, it would’ve been so much easier finding you if I had known you were a Stark. I have searched through every [Y/N] in New York’ he says, mostly to himself. You laugh a little and his cheeks turn red as well. He sits straight and keeps driving once the traffic light turns green.’That sounded a lot like stalking. I didn’t stalk you. I just-I wanted to know who you were, you know?’ you smile and nod, looking at him. He is even more handsome without the mask on, and you can’t help but feel nervous. ‘You are way prettier without the mask on. I mean-you are not ugly with the mask, like, you are never ugly, you are really pretty, I mean’ he says, blushing. ‘I should probably stop rambling.’
You laugh and look at the road, waiting to get to the tower.
After lunch, which includes food being thrown across the table and you beating Steve at who ate the pudding faster, you go to the room your cousin has for you there and just sit on your bed, taking your stuff out of your backpack to do your homework. Just as you are about to start, you hear a slight knock on the door, and yell a ‘come in’ before looking back at your notebook.
‘Hey -oh, you’re busy. I’ll come back later’ Peter says. You look at him and shake your head.
‘No!’ you say, sounding desperate. You blush and Peter does as well. ‘Sit here’ you say, patting the spot next to you on your bed. He looks over your shoulder at your notebook.
‘I can help you with that,’ he says ‘if you want. I’m in AP Maths, so that’s pretty easy for me.’
You nod, happy that you won’t have to spend the next two hours trying to solve a problem, and he bends a little more, his chest somehow pressed against your back, his arm almost wrapped around you.
‘That x is wrong. It shouldn’t be there. And also this y…’ he keeps on talking, but you can only think about the warmth his body radiates. You turn your head, being met with his lips extremely close to yours. He automatically shuts up and looks at your lips. ‘Can I kiss you?’ he softly asks, his breath tingling in your lips.
Please’ you whisper, getting closer. You forget about all your worries once his lips are on your own, and you press your hand to his cheek, caressing it. The kiss becomes more heated, and you two end up making out on your bed, before pulling apart to breathe.
‘That was…’
‘Wow’ you complete, laughing a little.
‘I’m Spiderman’ he blurts out out of the blue, and you open your eyes and look directly at him. ‘That’s why your cousin chose me. I-I thought if we are going to, I don’t know, go out or something, you should know.’
You don’t know what to say. Can you just go back and act as if you had never kissed and everything was normal? No, you definitely can’t.
‘Well, let’s forget what I said two weeks ago. If I have to worry about one person, I might as well worry about two, right?’ you say, laughing softly. You feel him relax under you, and you just lay your head on his chest. ‘And about the going out part, I’m free every afternoon. I’m fine with watching movies at my place -don’t really want to do it in the tower with everyone. I’ll give you my address’ you say, snuggling right beside him.
Two hours later you wake up to the sound of Wanda’s voice saying, ‘see guys? I told her she’d like him.’ Opening your eyes, you are met up with the whole team looking directly at you, Tony looking pissed. You groan and laugh, throwing a pillow at them, and fall back to sleep in Peter’s arms.

got no reason, got no rhyme (you better get me to school on time) | Chapter 2/5 | amycarey
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The Lost Boys ditch her for a younger, hotter lead guitarist, and Emma Swan is adrift. Worse still, she’s struggling to make rent and risks having to move in with her former roommate—along with her husband and baby. When an opportunity presents itself to make some cash, she doesn’t think of the consequences of fraud, and finds herself pretending to be a teacher at Storybrooke Preparatory, an exclusive private school run by resident hard-ass Regina Mills. But the private school brats she’s supposed to be teaching are musical geniuses and Emma forms a desperate, ill-conceived plan to get her revenge and achieve glory.

Or, the ‘School of Rock’ AU no one wanted or needed.

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Hi! Pitching in ideas about ads Yuuri might do, he definitely did pocari ads, victor probably watch it religiously on youtube (throat movement! Beads of sweat! White t-shiirtt!!! V's inner taylor swift suddenly awakens) also wakai (or superdry) their clothes line is 100% yuuri's style..

(Cont) about pocari, i just realize that they doesn’t sell those in europe.. But will it stop Victor’s thirst.. He would probably go to asian market and buy a cart of those and bring them to practice (this is a sports drink, it’s totally had nothing to do with who endorsed them!). And your Victor definitely can embody taylor swift’s ‘i got ditched by a hot, dangerous boy and turn it into art’ sentiment

Omg,  ‘i got ditched by a hot, dangerous boy and turn it into art ‘ I’m crying         。゚(TヮT)゚。

got no reason, got no rhyme (you better get me to school on time) | Chapter 1/5 | amycarey
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The Lost Boys ditch her for a younger, hotter lead guitarist, and Emma Swan is adrift. Worse still, she’s struggling to make rent and risks having to move in with her former roommate—along with her husband and baby. When an opportunity presents itself to make some cash, she doesn’t think of the consequences of fraud, and finds herself pretending to be a teacher at Storybrooke Preparatory, an exclusive private school run by resident hard-ass Regina Mills. But the private school brats she’s supposed to be teaching are musical geniuses and Emma forms a desperate, ill-conceived plan to get her revenge and achieve glory.

Or, the ‘School of Rock’ AU no one wanted or needed.

my best girl friend is getting married at the end of april but i still have school then and an exam in mid-may, and i was planning to go home for a month or more in the summer, but now i don’t know, do i go home for a week or so to go to the wedding, not go to the wedding and go home for the summer, or do both and subject myself to a like 15-hour flight three times in a bit more than a month, and also spend all the money

wgm with j-hope
  • you already know that he’s smiling from ear to ear when it’s almost time to meet you.
  • he keeps on talking to the camera and saying how nervous he is.
  • “what do they look like?” “are they gonna like me????” “WHAT IF I DON’T FIT THEIR EXPECTATIONS??”
  • then he starts jumping around in circled because he’s so damn nervous.
  • when he sees cameras in the distance he decided last minute to hide behind a tree. he’s still talking to the camera like “O M G THEY ARE HERE WHAT DO I DO”
  • you notice him tho because the tree isn’t that wide so you decide to sneak up on him. but at the very last second, he turns around and you both scare each other. unintentionally.
  • has a hard time introducing himself because he is nervous af.
  • but after a while, he’s actually not shy at all and always initiates skinship.
  • really likes holding your hand even if you’re just on the couch. he says its a very couple-y thing to do and you guys are, in fact, a married couple.
  • he’s always like, “if you want to lay your head on my shoulder, it’s okay.” “lay your head on my shoulder, it’ll be cute.” “are you feeling tired? you want to lay your head on my shoulder???”
  • really cringe worthy aegyo from him if he wants you to do something for him.
  • makes heart with his arms a lot.
  • if he watches you do your work, he’ll be in the distance watching with a huge smile on his face. he’ll probably do the phone app thing where he write a message on the phone and it’s just flashing at you TT-TT
  • it says something like “I’M THIS PERSON’S HUSBAND! FIGHTING!”
  • the type to bring drinks to the cast and crew at the place you’re working at.
  • the type to steal sips for your cup when he has his own in his other hand.
  • at your wedding photoshoot, he likes to tease you at how you think he looks really good and that it’s okay to admit it.
  • he doesn’t forget to tell you how beautiful you looked and that he feels really lucky to do this with you. then goes back to teasing you.
  • when he introduces you to bts, he’s really protective of you and himself. if the members go near you, he goes off and is like “DON’T COME NEAR.” and if he feels attacked, he’ll assure you that he isn’t what his members say he is and continues to yell at everyone else.
  • pretends to know the history of the places you guys go to when in reality he googled them the night before. he even says the wrong stuff and you’re just like “yeah okay that sounds fake but okay”
  • if you feel tired, he dances in front of you no matter how bad. the terrible dances are the ones that make you laugh the most so he would always dance that way.
  • when you have to leave the show, he plans this extravagant dinner for you. and midway through the courses, mellow music starts to play and he pics up a mic under his seat and starts to rap about your time on the show together TT0TT
  • he holds out his hand at you and then walks you through a gallery of moments captured during your time together and at each moment, there’s a special part in his rap that talks about it  O M G.
  • after he finishes, he gives you a big hug and tells you to keep working hard and to take care of your health. he says it’s okay to rest if you feel tired and to not push yourself past your limit. keep going straight ahead at your own pace and he’ll always be right there with you.

more wgm scenarios

here’s ma boi, Poppet and his tiny bot(s)

He’s a defense character all about stealth.

Uses bots for infiltration and sabotage.

Age: 18 

Function: Bots can be set in a number of places and when near enemies, will latch on to them and after a short countdown will explode, dealing around 100 damage. However, if seen before they latch, they are extremely fragile and will break with one shot. If teammates noticed the latched on bot, they can shoot it off with two hits.

Smoke Bombs: Causes zero visibility for up to 3 or 4 seconds. Will stop abilities but not ults.

Ult: He constructs a 5ft tall bot that he can control remotely [like Riptire and just as fast]. Though no one can out run it and no matter what, it will explode, it is big and loud. It gives you an open window to destroy it before it collapses and explodes. Once destroyed the explosions renders snipers unable to get a shot within the small fog induced destruction for an extra 3 seconds.

Poppet isn’t a part of Overwatch and isn’t really affiliated with Talon. He tends to latch on to whatever pays the most at the time.


Traveler!Jimin x Homebody!Reader

1. Let’s ditch them (the boys)
2. A verse from Save ME, “Because within this pitch black darkness, you are shining so brightly.”
3. I miss you (reader)

- Lucas



NAME: Nina
PRONOUNS: she/her.
SEXUALITY: heterosexual.
ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius.
TAKEN OR SINGLE: Single pringle. Gotta ditch the bad boy thing and try and find a good guy :’)


1. I am actually nothing like Gyda XD which can sometimes make it a challenge to write for her. Yes, I can have my nice moments, sending love and looking out for my friends. But honestly I’m a crazy bitch with a short temper who is not afraid to be blunt.

2. I have done gymnastics, dancing and judo in the past. Recently I started doing Wing Chun and am looking in to seeing what MMA is like.

3. I do not know what I want to do with the rest of my life. See, I don’t have a dream job or a goal to strive towards because I have many interests and want to do them all! The last interest I did for a while was learning Japanese, who knows what the next will be? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I believe the best thing to do is just simply live your life, don’t be weighed down. Be free! The only thing that is certain is my love for all things historical / mythological and supernatural. 


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): I started writing Buffy fanfiction when I was 15 so a few years XD
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Bebo and Tumblr. ( msn, skype and k!k on mobile )

BEST EXPERIENCE: Finding fellow like minded people and making the best of friends!!


FEMALE OR MALE: Honestly, I’m down with writing either.


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: ANGST!! I’m a sucker for feels and pain! :P Though cutesy things can be nice as well ^-^
PLOTS OR MEMES: I prefer plots but don’t mind turning a meme in to a thread.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: I tend to get wordy, so I’m gonna say long. I do write short replies, but they usually end up becoming paragraphs anyways XD
BEST TIME TO WRITE: When I’m at work -_- ( seriously my muse is always highest when I can’t physically get on! ugh. ) but I tend to have more motivation at night time.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): haha no. I believe the only thing we share is our love for family.

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A conversation between a Gryffindor girl, a Slytherin girl, and a Slytherin boy (Standing up for Ravenclaw friend)
  • Gryffindor girl: *Yells to Slytherin boy* Hey, douche! Why'd you ditch our friend?
  • Slytherin boy: I know it looks bad, but-
  • Slytherin girl: Damn right, it looks bad! You'd better explain yourself, and it had better be worth it.
  • Gryffindor girl: There are very few things that would be worth it.
  • Slytherin boy: It's just-Look, *Picks up a box next to him* My family's cat was pregnant, and I knew she wanted a kitten, so I...*Holds out the box to the girls*
  • Gryffindor girl: *Gasps* Oh...it's precious. I'm going to die from cuteness.
  • Kitten: *sneezes softly*
  • Slytherin girl: ...Okay. You're back in our good books.
  • Gryffindor girl: For now.
  • Slytherin girl: Yes, for now.
  • Slytherin boy: I'll keep that in mind.


“Do you already have a partner?” You glanced up at the sound of Jaspers voiced, shocked to see him holding a makeshift spear. Strands of his hair were flattened against his forehead, trapped by the pair of goggles strapped to his head. His lips were pulled into a bent line. He was nervous, hopeful at best.

“You’re joining the hunting party?” You were too surprised to answer his question at first.

“Yeah, that’s the plan at least,” he smiled, an anxious laugh escaping him. His head ducked down and he grabbed the back of his neck, still waiting for an answer.

“Alright, just let me grab my pack and we can get going.”

This seemed to please him but the smile dropped as soon as Murphy’s mouth opened.

“Come on, you’re ditching us for goggle boy?” He said, his eyes briefly glancing over Jasper before returning to you. Bellamy was still waiting not too far off for you to join his group before setting of.

“I’ll catch up with you guys tonight at dinner,” you promised. Your voice took on a lighter, more teasing tone. “Besides, with the way you tromp through the forest we won’t be able to kill anything, and I’d like to actually eat tonight.”

Murphy shook his head but left you alone otherwise. You turned back to Jasper, an uneasy smile on your lips. “You’ve done this before, right.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, but his voice sounded forced. “I mean, I always scored well in Earth Skills class up on the ark.”

A laughed eased out of you and you punched at his shoulder, moving towards the treeline. “Just follow my lead, goggle boy. I’ll be damned if I let Murphy’s group bring home more meat than us.”

Types of Seventeen Carats

The sweet carats: They’ve been here since day one cheering the boys on and supporting them in every way possible. Never cause drama, never respond to it, just love

The carat squad: Just a fun group of stans that tag each other in cute pics, imagines,  and reblogging funny vines and memes. Group of carats here to have a good time

The shy carat: Loves seventeen but afraid to join the fandom out of fear of not being accepted. Wants to be in a carat squad but afraid to make the first move 

The 411 carats: Run fy! blogs, translates tweets, keeps everyone up to date on what the boys are doing. Cool beans

The carrots: In the fandom but will ditch the boys as soon as some other hot group comes along. Only in it for the notes and thrill of stanning a popular group

The baby carats: New to kpop and started stanning svt as soon as possible. Literally a carat since birth (kpop birth, that is)

The shipping carats: Jihan? They ship it. Jeongcheol? They ship it. Meanie? They ship it. Loves fanfics and fanart. Has a playlist of shipping videos on youtube. Has like 5 otps.

The karruts: Are you sure you stan svt? Y’all always starting shit with other groups for no reason. Puts down other groups while praising the boys. Favorite quote: When will your faves?

The Secaraty Gaurds: Will fight anyone who talks shit about the boys. Puts karruts in their place when they get out of control. Tries to keep peace in the fandom. Has a folder of sassy reaction gifs ready to attach to any post.

The multifandom carat: Carat, mixed with exo-l, mixed with igot7, mixed with army, mixed with shawol, mixed with ikonic, mixed with elf, mixed with so many other fandoms that they are always broke, crying, and tingly. Doesn’t have any space on their phone because of too many otp pics. Doesn’t read assigned books at school because too many fanfics. Despite their abundance of bias groups, they are loyal to svt no matter what.

 tag yourself I’m multifandom shipping carat

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bein tall aint so gr8 m8, btw ur perfect the way u r

Lol please. Every boy ever ditches me for some 5'whatever skank.
I wanna be a girl that boys ditch other girls for.

TIM SHEPARD; or the boy who grew up too fast. never let them know his emotions were buried with his father. his heart is trapped in a steel cage held together by scars. the walls guard his face; emotions are invisible and therefore, he has none.

TIM SHEPARD; or cold blooded killer. starting with himself and slowly, uncontrollably, taking everyone down with him. hard. cold. unfeeling. his body tells more stories than his mouth ever will. his tongue is a blade that can cut you down to nothing.

TIM SHEPARD; or the knight in rusted armor (but here’s the thing, his body is his armor). he chases dragons and ditches royalty. the boy who lives for the thrill and the fight. instead of a happy ever after he gets an ending in flames. instead of a kiss to the lips he gets a punch.

TIM SHEPARD; or the winter’s chill. new. exciting. the cool after the burning in your stomach. his touches leave goosebumps and his soul ices you. you forget what warmth feels like. you yearn for it. when he leaves, you don’t miss him. a few months later, the burn is back.

TIM SHEPARD; or another lost cause. who threw his conscious in the gutter to make room for lessons learned in the street. a name skipped over in roll call. he doesnt need school to know how to survive. he doesn’t need grades to know he’s smart. squinted eyes. clenched fists. he’ll teach you something teachers never could.

TIM SHEPARD; or the boy all alone. isolated in a jail cell. in his house. in this world. who trusts the fewest of people before trusting himself. premeditated destruction. theres nothing more hurtful to him than himself.

TIM SHEPARD; or the long scar. who fights fair and gets fucked over. bleeds out his last bit of trust. a gun trapped in a waistband. a blade hidden in a pocket. never take a chance. people know a shepard when they see one. this scar is just a target.

TIM SHEPARD; or loyal. knows a friend and an enemy. reads intentions like its printed on a book. his eyes see more than a face. attentive and smart. the only side he’s on is the winning one. if his scars have taught him anything it’s how not to lose.

TIM SHEPARD; or the strong presence. girls lust and guys glare. goes home with whoever he has eyes on. dark eyes and dark hair. people love a bad boy fixed by love. again and again, his footsteps are light and he disappears into the morning. hes grown good at killing things before they bloom. itll just die anyway.

TIM SHEPARD; or everything. hes with you and you feel full. he leaves you with nothing. a cursed name and a beautiful face. a story no one will understand.