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@uptownotakucosplay is a guilty sin ;;v;;

I was doing a homework project about Alzheimer disease, and it’s midnight and… I went to youtube to find the ‘My Dubsmashes’ by Uptownotaku, again, and ended up watching it… and then saw the 20k Live Stream …………and guess who ended up ditching her homework for the cute Adrien cosplayer that lasted over 6 hours? XD

I ain’t guilty. I love the cat puns. I love the smile. But mostly… I love her eyes… I ADORE her eyes *^* Idek why they are so beautiful… It’s really rare that someone’s eyes make me fall in love with them. First one was my girlfriend, and second was Uptownotaku… But the Chat Noir eye-contacts is worth to die for ;;;v;;; SO GO CHECK HER YOUTUBE IT’S WORTH IT SO MUCH AHHH <333

So yeah, in short I ditched homework, watched the recorded live stream and drew a copy of a photo she had of Chat Noir- and…just drew… topless Uptownotaku/Chat Noir… I want @uptownotaku now on a body pillow to hug 24/7 *^*

Who Were The La’s?

The La’s were a Liverpool four piece that existed, in one form or another, from approximatley 1983-1992. The band operated on a ‘revolving door’ approach to membership, with the only constant members being the mad and mighty Lee Mavers (vocals, guitar) and the frighteningly talented John Power (bass).

The La’s only released one self-titled album, and while There She Goes became an instant classic, further progress was scuppered by Maver’s notoriously obsessive perfectionism - once he made them ditch an entire recording session because ‘the earth’s magnetic poles had shifted over the weekend and interfered with the tapes’. Frustrated with their lack of progress, Power left the band to form Cast, and though The La’s have reunited sporadically since, new material has never been released.

Why Should You Listen to The La’s?

“There’s only one boy in this country who scares me and that’s Lee Mavers. He frightens the life out of me.” - Noel Gallagher

“My opinion of Lee Mavers ? Well obviously I think he was pretty fantastic, the La’s album is still great. Lee and I played together for a few days in ‘94 or '95. He came over to my place and we jammed on some La’s stuff and some Stones and old R 'n B (real R n B, Bo Diddley) and improvised a bit. I like “Calling All” and “Liberty Ship’…"Looking Glass” - Johnny Marr

The Album

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The B-Sides

The Unreleased Tracks

The Bootlegs

The Gigs

The Interviews

* = essential listening


AU: In the excitement of celebrating his birthday, Zayn lets slip his favourite kink on Twitter, sending the Internet into a tizzy. Several celebrities join in the rabid meme-making that follows as Zayn’s dear friend Janet Jackson gives a frank description of their sex life in an interview with Anderson Cooper. However Lady Gaga is outraged that Zayn ditched a recording session with her to instead get neck-deep in the Queen of Pop’s coochie and proceeds to kink-shame the happy couple with a vengeance