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Hi I think you're amazing! I love your Robert and liv fics. Could you maybe write something about aaron catching them spending time together? Something fluffy and sweet.

this is utterly ridiculous but i love robert and liv more than life itself so i’m posting it anyway


There’s gentle music playing, that’s Aaron’s first clue that something isn’t right.

He freezes in the doorway when he sees them, keys hanging forgotten from this thumb.

They’ve pushed the kitchen table over to one side, turned on all the lights.

Liv’s got her hand fisted in the shoulder of Robert’s jacket, holding on for dear life as he twirls her across the kitchen floor.

Aaron’s mouth is hanging open, he knows it is, can’t seem to close it. What the hell?

He shuts the door as softly as he can, keeps close to the wall. They haven’t noticed him come in and there’s no way he’s going to disturb this. This is brilliant.

Robert swings her round, her feet skimming the floor until she’s laughing, kicking her legs like a little kid. It makes Aaron smile in response.

“Put me down!”

Robert’s grinning too, cheeks flushed. He sets her down, barely even out of breath. “You need to relax, it’s not rocket science. Just let me lead.”

Liv flaps her arms. “Lead what? I don’t know what we’re doing.”

Robert sighs, steps away, hands on hips. Aaron can see him trying not to get frustrated. Robert spends a lot of time being patient with Liv these days. Sharing DNA with Aaron buys you a lot of leeway when it comes to Robert and she takes great pleasure in pushing at it.

“Ben knows how to dance right?” Robert asks.

Aaron’s lip curls. Fucking Ben.

Liv gives Robert a dark look. “Obviously.”

Robert nods. “So you don’t need to. You just need to follow his lead. It’s only a party, you’re not on Strictly.”

Liv runs a hand down her ponytail, pulling it over her shoulder like a blanket. “I just don’t want to look like a prat,” she huffs. “I’m already going to look like a prat. I don’t know who I think I’m kidding.”

“You’re going to look beautiful,” Robert tells her, voice soft, “And you’re only going to make a prat of yourself if you don’t listen to me. Come here.”

Aaron has to put a hand across his mouth, chest swelling with something he can’t name when she steps up to Robert’s chest again, lets him lead her in an awkward little slow dance over to the sink and back again. She’s looking at her feet the whole time and he can see Robert biting back a smile.

The whole thing makes Aaron feel impossibly fond of the pair of them. He’s proud of the little family they’ve built together, dragged together really, from the scraps of them all.

He moves forward, wanting to be with them. Pockets his keys casually like he’s just coming in.

Liv steps on Robert’s foot when she spots Aaron mid spin, and Robert grunts as though she isn’t just in socks.

Liv puts a good amount of distance between herself and Robert with impressive speed. “What are you doing here?”

Robert looks equally mortified. Another treat.

Aaron gives her a look. “I live here. What are you doing?”

She folds her arms, cheeks on fire. “Nothing.”

“Really?” Aaron says, delighted, can’t help himself. “Because it looked like you were dancing.”

A sulky shrug. “Must be seeing things.”

Robert recovers better, rolls his eyes at the pair of them. “She’s going to that thing with Ben tomorrow, the charity thing Vic’s catering. I was just helping her out.”

“Showing her how the other half live?” Aaron says.

It’s funny really, that Liv’s the one with an arrogant arse of a boyfriend living up at Home Farm these days.

“Well she could hardly ask you, could she?” Robert points out, grabbing Aaron round the waist and pulling him in close.

It puts Aaron right up again his chest, where he’s broad and firm, too warm through his shirt.

Aaron slaps at him when Robert tries to shuffle him into a little sway, plants his feet. “Get off.”

Robert settles for holding him close and Aaron lets him. He’s quite content to be cuddled in his own kitchen, what else is it for?

“You two get more revolting every day,” Liv announces, pushing between them. “Now go away, I was just starting to get it.”

Eventually Aaron agrees to leave them to it, there’s bound to be a pint with his name on at the pub. He can’t wait to tell his mum about this.

Black Jewels Trilogy

I’m just wondering why so few people have read these amazing books.  Especially those who are fans of Sarah J Maas, who was heavily influenced by them.  I mean, Rhys couldn’t be more Daemon without it counting as plagiarizing.  Likewise Lucivar and Cassian.  The books are twisted and disturbing and hilarious and brilliant.  There aren’t many books with scenes in which a woman gets her clitoris bitten off and then in which two characters get so drunk one ends up with a fish in his boot and has no idea how.  Plus you get really amazing talking animals and a kick-ass female assassin with an incredibly snarky sense of humor.  

Serial killer  and cannibal Albert Fish with Detective Will King who relentlessly pursued Fish, who at the time was only known as ‘The Brooklyn Vampire’, despite the fact that the murder of Grace Budd, Fish’s best known victim, was written off by the rest of the police force as a case that would never be solved.

King repeatedly leaked apparent new details and leads about the case, and eventually this prompted Fish to write to Grace’s Budd mother to inform her of the exact details of the crime. The disturbing letter was a brilliant new lead, and the stationary it was written on would ultimately lead to Fish’s identification.

Mycroft: The Original Moriarty

I was talking to @mollydobby about the Dread Pirate Moriarty theory – ie, the idea that “Moriarty” is a name passed on from one criminal to the next in secret in order to build up dread/influence of the name. She mentioned the possibility of Mycroft as the original, and I’ve been thinking about it, and….hmm. I feel like evidence for this really stacks up.

1. We’re first introduced to Mycroft as a villain. Sherlock even tells John that Mycroft is his archenemy.

2. It suits Mycroft’s character; a powerful man who prefers not to do legwork. Introduce the idea of the brilliant consulting criminal, then find others to serve as the face. Chaotic good: he establishes Moriarty’s network so that he, ie the British government, can keep tabs on the who’s who of criminals.

3. Who better to pass on the mantle to than Jim, that disturbed, brilliant man Mycroft knew killed Carl Powers as a child? Jim is a charming psychopath, the perfect Moriarty. 

4. But Mycroft didn’t count on Jim’s obsession with Sherlock that began back with the Carl Power’s case. Jim literally shot himself in the face to beat Sherlock. Sherlock is Jim’s pressure point, clearly.

5. So before TRF, Mycroft let Jim out after torture “failed” to get any information from him. He needed Jim free. But he also wanted to protect his brother. He helped Sherlock fake his death and sent him on a two year meaningless quest to “dismantle” his own network. Spoiler: Sherlock wasn’t as successful as he believes.

6. In the meantime, Mycroft needs a new face. Worked for the CIA…now she’s gone freelance. Bad girl. AGRA gets a new name and identity. And hers is even more convincing than “Rich Brooks.” She fools everyone.

7. Maybe Mycroft sics her on John. “Keep a weather eye.” Maybe she does that on her own. Ultimately, Mary is more than Mycroft bargained for. He can’t reel her in. Magnussen knows that Mycroft is the original Moriarty, followed by Jim, followed by Mary – hence Mycroft’s insistence that Sherlock stay the fuck away from Magnussen, hence his genuinely frightened expression when Sherlock says he’s going after him, hence his threatening Sherlock and John and Anderson and everyone to forget even hearing the man’s name. 

8. Mary knows Magnussen knows, too. And fuck that. John can’t find out about that. You won’t love me when you’ve finished. Mary thinks there’s a chance John could forgive her after she shot Sherlock, but not after he learns whatever’s on that hard drive – that she’s the next Moriarty. She’ll do anything to keep that happening.

9. John is Sherlock’s pressure point. Sherlock is Mycroft’s. Mycroft knows that if John Watson dies, his suicidal little brother will more than likely die as well. Mary’s got him now. He’s lost control. (All this time I thought the M-theory was on it; that Jim had Mycroft under his thumb. But now I’m wondering if Mycroft had Jim under control after all. It’s Mary who’s got him trapped.)

10. Mycroft knows it’s only a matter of time before Sherlock works this out. He allows him to go to Appledore, knowing there are no actual files to incriminate him. He doesn’t count on Sherlock killing Magnussen. Mycroft releases MISS ME both as a an excuse to keep his brother in England and to distract him from working out the truth. Look! Jim is back! And he IS Moriarty, after all! Focus on that, slow little brother! But TAB shows Sherlock is working this out. Mary is working for Mycroft. M. “England.” “None of this is real, it’s all in your mind…” “Once the bride/Jim had risen, anyone could be her/him…”

11. Mycroft is the spider at the center of a web, pulling all the strings. When Mary dies, that doesn’t mean Moriarty will as well. Ultimately, Sherlock will end up at the source…and then what?

12. Tick tock.

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I thought TSK Story was simply about Hockey too and only wanted to see it because of Noel. But then it blew me away especially because of Noel's acting considering the material he was given and his age at the time. Some of his scenes with his coach were quite disturbing but Noel is so brilliant. The scene were he leaves his family is simply heartbreaking. That is one of the reasons i'm always so angry when people reduce him to Mickey from Shameless. He's so much more than just that!!!

he was so so so so good especially considering it was his first movie. in the scene when he asked the coach why they had to do that stuff and was like “if you loved me you wouldn’t do these things” i was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god

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"Spill it, what do you think of me?~"

                    💔 𝐀 𝐓𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄 💔

                  |♚M A J E S T Y ♚|                

♥  ┅┅┅┅┅┅| ᵏᶤᶰᵍ ᵒᶠ ʰᵉᵃʳᵗˢ |┅┅┅┅┅┅  ♥

     His scowl returned, agonizing expression morphing into that of one completely unimpressed. Lips sealed tightly together as glowing-amber eyes glared daggers at the lithe scientist in question. It hardly phased Asgore that Maze would be in on this little interrogation.. and he would certainly keep that in mind for a later date..

     Still, he couldn’t prevent himself from telling the truth.. not that he cared at this point. At least.. not for this inquiry. He had nothing to hide in regards to the demented, disturbed skeleton..

❝ You’re brilliant. More genius than any Royal Scientist or Adviser I have seen in a life time. You are more than deserving of your position..

     His voice carries no merriment though, only bitterness and distaste. White fangs crept through his deepened frowned, a soft growl climbed up his throat as he spoke again.

❝ That said.. I find your behavior and perverted fantasies.. particularly towards me.. HORRID. Nothing short of fucking disgusting. And the only instances where I will indulge any minor yet deplorable acts is when it serves as an instrument to get you to do what I fucking wantHAPPY, Mazikeen?

♥  ┅┅┅┅┅| ᵇʳᵒᵏᵉᶰ ᵇˡᵉᵉᵈᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵉᵃʳᵗˢ |┅┅┅┅┅  ♥


Some clips from the 2007 Australian horror film ‘Storm Warning’!! This marks David’s very first feature film and he completely transforms himself for this character!!  

Disclaimer: I always issue a warning anytime I post about this film because it is one that most would consider quite disturbing.  David’s performance is just brilliant but please be cautioned that it is not a film for everyone and especially not for kids!!

Poulterguist (Dean Imagine)

Hi ! Sorry to disturb, but I sent a request few days ago with Dean overhearing y/n tell at sam that she’s in love with dean but she knows that he doesn’t feels the same and dean gets sad cuz he loves her too. So idk if you didn’t saw it or if you just don’t want to write it. Anyway, you’re amazing, keep going 

I didnt see this before, sorry about that! Btw.. don’t be sorry to disturb.. love when my assbutts disturb with brilliant ideas for me to attempt to write. Hope i wrote this ok for you! X

“Get your lazy ass up, y/n its 11:30” Dean shouted to you through the paper thin motel room walls. Waking up to Dean’s voice with out a doubt would brighten your day which had only just begun. You were in love with Dean Winchester, the great hunter but never in a million years would you tell him.You told his brother Sam but he swore that he wouldn’t tell, because you threatened to neuter him if he did. You had never felt like this before, it was beyond a crush but he wouldn’t feel the same, so you suffered in silence.

You did as Dean said and got up, got dressed into skinny jeans, a hoodie and your hunting boots then went next door to the room where Sam and Dean where sleeping.
“What’s the plan guys?” You asked them through a yawn
“poltergeist” Sam said, closing a book that he was previously reading and resting it on his lap.
“Thank god. I’m sick of demons”
“You and me both” Sam scoffed.
“Come on guys, quick i want to get back before KFC closes” Dean said, then put on his black coat and grabbed his keys off the night stand. You followed behind him, leaving all your stuff in your room as you were going to be coming back here tonight, and all your guns were in Dean’s trunk except your pistol that was in the back of your jeans.
As soon as Deans car arrived in the drive way of the poltergeists crib, you didn’t even have time to investigate as you heard screams coming from the house. Dean grabbed his pre-packed bag and ran straight into the house to the aid of who ever was screaming, he was caring like that. You and Sam opened the boot and got a shot gun, salt and some iron then followed in behind Dean.
You met him in the living room beside an woman who was curled up in a ball in the corner. The room was a mess of turned couches, smashed mirrors, and broken vases. Everything was a catastrophe. Dean guided the woman out to his car, where she would be safe then returned to the house again.
“Definitely a poltergeist” He confirmed after talking to the woman.
“Well where the hell did it go?” You asked, but your question was soon answered when a flying picture frame came towards your head. you ducked, barley on time and felt the little glass particles and wood hit around your boots as it landed on the floor.
Sam shot into the air, in the general direction that the picture had came from.
“Come on, don’t be a pussy. Show your self” Dean shouted into the room. Suddenly a shadow appeared on the wall, and then slowly morphed into a more visible face. He was tall with scraggly grey hair, a massive nose and rotten teeth.
“No wonder you stayed hidden” Dean said turning his face up. You went to shoot your gun but it flung it out of your hand.
“Dean stop insulting the ghost and just kill it!” Sam yelled as his gun got flung as well. He picked up and iron bar and swung it, but as he did the ghost flung you and Sam up to the wall.
“Dean he hung himself in the attic” Sam screamed over the noise of the clunking metal of his iron rod hitting the tiles on the floor. Dean left the room and darted up the stairs, but the ghost vanished with him. You were still practically nailed to the wall along with Sam.
“I hope he’s ok” You sighed. Despite being stuck to the wall, i didn’t hurt like when a demon done it.
“I’m sure the love of your life will be back” Sam teased. You just shook your head and returned to trying to get off the wall. After about 15 minutes you dropped to the floor, and your legs tangled up with Sam’s. But you weren’t there for long as you jumped up and sprinted up stairs to find Dean. He was just climbing down the ladder and you reached the landing
“You’re ok” You smiled. He walked down the stairs and drove home, but stopped at KFC first. You went into Sam and Dean’s motel and ate all you food then talked for a while.
“Im going to get a shower, i have ugly dead ghost all over me” Dean said then took his t-shirt off, revealing his abs and toned body. He left the room and you just fell back on the bed and let out a loud moan.
“Still got a crush?” Sam asked you.
“Unfortunately. It’s like he knows, he takes his top off right in front of me as if he’s teasing me”
“Its only his top half…” Sam said trying to help, but managed to make things awkward.
“Imagine Scarlet Johansson walking about here with no shirt on” Sam tilted his head up, picturing the image
“Now imagine your hopelessly in love with her, but can’t do anything about it because she wont like you like that”
“Yeah tough break. I could talk to Dean, find out if he likes…or loves you back”
“Sam, my machete is within arms reach” He gulped and sat back, leaning against the head board.
“Why do i got to fall in love with fucking Dean Winchester” You sighed then sat up from the bed. You heard a door slam as soon as you did. Sam’s ears peaked as did yours, his brow knitted closer together in confusion. You instantly jumped off the bed
“No no no no no no no no” you panicked, You walked over so you were facing the wall and leant your head against it.
“He heard me. Oh my god Sam, please shoot me” You lightly banged your head against the wall, then spun around and slid down it.
“Maybe he didn’t hear” Sam said
“Ok, ill go here and you talk” You jumped off off the floor and walked down to just outside the bathroom door where he would have been standing.
“Im y/n. Im in love with Dean. I suck at soccer and drive bad”
“Ok i heard that perfectly which meant he did too. Also fuck you” You put your hands over your face.
“This is horrible” You whined, suddenly you heard Dean sniff.
“Shit he can still hear me, Sam book me a plane ticket to Africa. I can’t stay here” You joked, but there was some seriousness within the remark. You didn’t want to stay here with Dean after possibly the most embarrassing moment of your life.
The bathroom door opened, and (still topless) Dean was standing in front of you.
“You’re going to Africa?” He asked smugly stepping towards you
“There was something i wanted to do first” Before you could even react Dean had his hands on your hips and his lips on yours. You stood there still in complete awe, taken back by his actions. You eventually reacted to put your hands around his neck, and after a moment he stepped back from you with a smirk on his face.
“So you heard me?”
“I did. You think i am as hot as the male equivalent of Scarlett Johansson and that is the best compliment i have ever received”
“That wasn’t exactly my point, but very true” You smiled, then kissed him again. He kissed your lips, then your cheek and went back into the bathroom to shower. You plodded back over to Sam who was on the bed still and jumped up beside him, squishing his legs.
“Ow!” He flinched his leg up, making you roll off
“Im sorry, Sam. I’m just possibly the happiest i have ever been”
“I’m happy for you, now my privates aren’t under constant threat either so its a win win”
You smiled up at Sam and he patted your back. You lay closed your eyes for a second, you couldn’t believe your luck. You hoped and prayed to god that a relationship between you and Dean would work, so you could live the hunting life with your actual night and shining armor helping you along the way.

The Sunday Times are trolling well by introducing this interview by calling Mark the ‘high priest of darkness’ and including his jokes about strangling things and being all sinister, suggesting 'there’s definitely something darker going on under the surface of Gatiss’ and then illustrating it with an old photo of him looking at his most twinkly and adorable.

I’m also uploading this because most of the time, you see people’s finished, fluid sketches & it used to make me super self conscious that I couldn’t draw like this without making a super rough sketch first. 
(Maybe they do draw this way & I’m just not good enough, though, haha)

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Thoughts on the Batman villains? All of them? (Take your time if you like.)

Let’s see…

  • Scarecrow: tragic, dangerously brilliant and cunning, psychologically terrifying but often short-sighted and the cause of his own downfall.
  • Harley Quinn: highly intelligent but naive, often underestimated, fun-loving and infectiously bubbly even while committing horrific acts. 
  • Joker: darkly humorous, incredibly dangerous, easily-bored, intriguing and charismatic but sometimes is overused to the point where he becomes redundant and less amusing. 
  • Poison Ivy: sexy, alluring, loyal, bitter but not cruel, conflicted over her disdain for human life and her love for people like Harley.
  • Solomon Grundy: gives me the sads.
  • Mad Hatter: creepy, disturbing, brilliant yet often side-tracked by his obsessions and delusions.
  • Riddler: somewhat annoying, obnoxiously clever.
  • Clayface: underrated, smart but desperate, extremely terrifying in regards to body horror, high-octane nightmare fuel. 
  • Black Mask: ruthless, violent, money-driven, arrogant, extremely possessive and egotistical, sociopath. 
  • Ventriloquist: poor puppet-beaten bastard.
  • Deadshot: mission-driven, highly capable and skilled, very clever and resourceful but sometimes underestimates his opponent. 
  • Killer Croc: misunderstood, often victimized, emotionally wounded and complex despite often being depicted as a one-dimensional beast. 
  • Firefly: crispy.
  • Hush: scary, gifted, driven by greed and revenge, possibly an even bigger sociopath than Roman Sionis.
  • Man-Bat: a sad example of when science goes wrong. 
  • Mr. Freeze: same, but even sadder.
  • Two-Face: conflicted, tragic, dangerous and intelligent but made vulnerable by his obsessive behavior. 
  • Victor Zsaz: just plain creepy. 
  • Ra’s al Ghul: extremely knowledgeable and experienced, arrogant, willing to sacrifice loved ones for his own sake, kind of a dick.
  • Hugo Strange: perhaps the most intelligent out of all Batman’s enemies, ruthless, conniving but underestimates his rivals. 
  • Bane: intimidating, powerful, smart but sometimes relies too much on his physical strength rather than his mental prowess. 
  • Penguin: highly materialistic and greedy, sadistic, vengeful, sometimes lecherous and sleazy, easily insulted and overpowered. 

I think that’s most of them! 

about russian eurovision song

I’ve read a lot of hate on that topic, heh
But I totally LOVE this song. I really did cried while listening to it
You know why? Cause I’m Russian. And I’m an LGBT person in a closet. My younger brother is the only member of my family who know about me and who supports me as much as he can. I can be arrested for that according to the laws of my country. Cause omg so much propaganda - I once just told him that I’m in love with a person of my gender and that it’s normal. And he’s just “okay. wow - but okay. you’re still the same and I love you”
And that song,”A million voices” - for me is somehow a sign of hope. And the fact that Polina protected Conchita in her twitter (or Instagram? not sure exactly what it was) and got A LOT of shit from homophobic people - that’s important to me. Our homophobic deputy Milonov even insulted her on the radio in front of the whole country..
Russian laws and whole life here may be really problematic and disturbing - but this song is brilliant. I wish more people here would be like Polina

I MEAN REALLY: On Hannibal, Mads and Gillian both play these buttoned-up, immaculately presented, deeply disturbed, hyper-intellectual, brilliant, exaggeratedly cultured, terrifying people. In real life, Mads is a big sports-loving happy-go-lucky stoner (I mean, I’m just guessing) dork who barely speaks English and has self-deprecatingly referred to himself as Jenny from the block, and Gillian is…Gillian. My overall impression of the Hannibal fandom is that they’re quite fun-loving actually, and I’m sure most of them don’t actually expect Mads and Gillian to be scary larger-than-life stonefaced supermurderers, but I hope there are at least a couple that are in serious goth mode and are taken aback when Mads is probably wearing cargo pants with sneakers and dirty hair and a gym shirt and Gillian is wearing a sundress with a sweatshirt and a belt. And also dirty hair. I shall look forward to this blessed event.